Free Agency – Areas to Address

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Free agency begins in a couple of weeks. The Eagles have enough cap space to make some moves, but they won’t be going crazy. If they shop wisely, a few moves can help this team to take the next step.

Free agency is about filling holes. Find the weak spots in your roster and see what you can fix by adding a veteran player. With that in mind, let’s talk about the holes on the roster.

  • Safety
  • Receiver
  • Pass rusher
  • Linebacker

There are plenty of other areas that need to be addressed, but they are more about depth and the future. These are the biggest holes that need to be addressed right now when I look over the roster.

Marcus Epps is the best safety on the roster right now. He showed real progress in 2021, but is hardly the level of player you want to count on. He deserves a chance to compete, but you cannot guarantee anything beyond that. The team could re-sign Rodney McLeod, but he’s hardly at the top of his game anymore. Age and injuries have taken their toll. McLeod is terrific off the field and a key leader so there is an argument for bringing him back. With or without him, the Eagles need to bring in a veteran safety.

Receiver is more complicated. Nick Sirianni says DeVonta Smith is a true #1 wide receiver. Sirianni also is high on Quez Watkins. But there is a need for more talent at WR. Jalen Reagor has been a massive disappointment. You can’t count on him for anything. Watkins might be a terrific #3. It seems simple then. Go get a veteran who can be your #2 receiver.

The problem is that we don’t know what offense the Eagles will run in 2022. For now, we’ll assume the running offense will be be returning. If that is the case, you can’t spend too much on a receiver who won’t be catching all that many passes. All the receivers aside from Smith combined for 85 catches. This isn’t a volume passing game. There is no need to throw a bunch of money at a star receiver.

Pass rusher is another tricky spot. Josh Sweat and Brandon Graham are your projected starters. Graham will turn 34 in about a month and is coming off a major injury. The only real backup is Tarron Jackson. Milton Williams can play DE, as he did much of last summer. The market is full of older veterans. I don’t see the Eagles going after any of the older guys at this time. If a player is unsigned in the late spring and could be a good deal, that might change things.

I’m sure the Eagles will bring in a rusher in the draft. They could double dip and add a free agent as well. There is a need for depth. I’m also curious about what they might want in terms of size, speed and skill set. Pass rushers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

The Eagles are functional at LB with TJ Edwards, Davion Taylor, Alex Singleton, Patrick Johnson and Shaun Bradley. The goal is to get…good. Crazy, right? The Eagles need speed and/or playmakers in the middle of the field.

Beyond looking for starters, there is a need for depth at some key spots.

Who is the TE if Dallas Goedert goes down? The team seems to like Jack Stoll, but I think he’s better served as the #3 guy for now. There is a strong set of TEs in the draft so the team could look for one of them to add depth. If that doesn’t work out, they can hunt for a veteran in May or June, or even later. I’m pretty sure Howie has Richard Rodgers phone number.

Miles Sanders is a gifted RB, but he’s not meant to be a workhorse. Jordan Howard was terrific last year until he got hurt. Do you bring him back? Do you trust him to stay healthy? The Eagles could draft someone or they might try to find a rotational RB in free agency.

If there is a young backup DT the Eagles like, they could make a move there. Javon Hargrave and Fletcher Cox are older players. Williams is a promising young player, but there is room for another player on the inside.

Is there a surprise position that could be addressed? The only thing I can think of would be CB. I don’t see the Eagles going this route, but it is possible. We know the pass defense must be better in 2022.


Wren is listed at 6-5, 318. I love adding guys with that kind of size. They can push the pocket, bat down passes and affect the eyes of the QB.

When they’re good.

Wren has been disappointing in his short NFL career, but I do like taking a chance on someone with his size and quickness.

The raw tools are there. He needs a lot of coaching, but this is the type of player you take a chance on.




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