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Howie Roseman does a great job with pre-draft trades. He works well with other teams and isn’t afraid to take chances. Deals get done. When it comes to trades during the draft, things get a lot more complicated.

The work on these trades has to start before the draft. Teams have to talk to see who might be open to moving, up or down. Teams try to leak rumors of players they might be interested in so other teams will feel the need to trade with them.

I’m sure the Eagles are curious about Willis. He is a gifted prospect with big potential. Unless you have a stud QB, Willis is the kind of prospect you have to be interested in.

Willis is far from a sure thing, though. He has a higher ceiling than Jalen Hurts, but there is no guarantee Willis will pan out at all. History is filled with very talented QBs who failed.

My guess is that the Eagles are trying to make other teams think they like Willis. There is a real possibility he will last until the middle of the first round. If so, other teams might suddenly covet pick 15 or pick 18.

Saints – pick 16, 19
Steelers – pick 20
Titans – pick 26
Lions – pick 32

Lions – pick 34
Giants – pick 37
Texans – pick 47
Seattle – pick 40
Atlanta – pick 43

There could be other teams in the mix, but those are the ones who stand out as potentially interested.

Willis could go as early as #2 to the Lions. I don’t think he’s worth that, but teams do crazy things when it comes to QBs. If Willis does last until the middle of the first round, the Eagles could be in a prime position to make a deal. With the Eagles having two picks so close, Howie Roseman might be less likely to ask for a king’s ransom. He can still get a player in the middle of the round and then could drop back and add resources.

Maybe the Eagles shock me and take Willis. My guess is that they hope he’s on the board and they can make a deal.

We’ll find out in a few weeks.


Jordan Davis vs Devonte Wyatt. They were stars on the Georgia DL and the Eagles have expressed an interest in both. I’ve been watching them a lot recently, trying to figure out who would make more sense.

Davis was a dominant NT at Georgia. He put on a show at the Combine, displaying unbelievable athleticism for a guy his size. He might remind you of Akiem Hicks, the DL who starred for the Saints and Bears. He played NT, DT and DE. Hicks finished his career with 40.5 sacks. He was much more than just a run-stuffer. Davis focused on the run in college, but he has the potential to affect the QB on a regular basis in the NFL.

Wyatt played NT, DT and DE for Georgia. He is a gifted athlete for his size (6-3, 307). I think Wyatt would be a terrific fit with the Eagles. He could play DT in 4-man DLs. He could play DE in 3-man DLs. Wyatt doesn’t have the ceiling that Davis does, but he’s a more natural fit for the NFL.

The Eagles could use a disruptive force like that on the DL. I’d be thrilled to get either of them, but I lean toward Wyatt as the guy I prefer.


The Eagles brought DE Kayvon Thibodeaux to Philly for a visit. Back in August he was expected to be the #1 overall pick. Thibodeaux didn’t have a dominant season and now teams think he could slide a bit.

Thibodeaux will still likely go in the Top 10, but if he does slide, the Eagles should be interested. I wondered about him vs Jermaine Johnson. Who is the better prospect?

Johnson is taller, longer, was more productive and was dominant at the Senior Bowl. Thibodeaux is two years younger and looks more explosive on tape. My guess is that he will go higher. This is another case where both prospects make sense for the Eagles.


The Eagles had a visit with Deangelo Malone. He played DE and LB for Louisiana. At 6-3, 243, he’s more of a LB in the NFL. I thought he would be an ideal SAM candidate right up until Hasson Reddick got signed.

The Eagles could be looking at him as a DE, SAM or possibly an off the ball LB.

Malone would be one of the non-first round players I would really covet. Great athlete. Great motor. Highly competitive. Take Malone and figure out the best way to use him.




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