Gameday – PHI at DAL

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It is Christmas Eve and we get to watch the heroic Philadelphia Eagles take on the evil Dallas Cowboys. That might be a tad biased, but I think most would agree it is an accurate statement.

The Football Gods have given Gardner Minshew a huge opportunity. He’ll be a free agent in March and would love a chance to start for someone. Minshew has a good OL and good weapons. He’ll be facing a good defense and playing in a meaningful game.

If Minshew can lead the Eagles to a win and he plays well, that will go a long way to convincing someone to take a chance on him next year.

Dallas will likely be a fired up team today. Last week’s loss was embarrassing and I’m sure they weren’t happy about losing to the Eagles in the first meeting. Dallas must have this win to have any shot at the NFC East title. This will be a motivated team.

The Eagles have enough good players to win without Jalen Hurts. They can’t afford to make mistakes, though. The Eagles must protect the ball and limit penalties.

History might be on the Eagles side. Back in 2006 backup QB Jeff Garcia led the Eagles to a 23-7 win over the Cowboys on Christmas day in Dallas. In 2011 the Eagles played in Dallas on Christmas Eve and won 20-7. Backup QB Mark Sanchez led the Eagles to a 33-10 win in Dallas on Thanksgiving in 2014.

John Madden used to believe that home games around holidays were bad. Players had to make plans with their families and try to do something. When you’re on the road, you know can’t do anything that day. You accept that and move on. Players aren’t distracted by domestic issues. We’ll see how things play out.

No real surprises on the inactives.

Expect Minshew to throw to the TEs a lot.

I’ll be curious to see how much the Eagles run the ball. Dallas can struggle with run D, but the Eagles do love to throw it and I’m sure Minshew will want a chance to show what he can do.

This game will be a big test for Jonathan Gannon and the defense. How will they do against a team with a good QB, good WR, good OL and good RBs? Dallas can beat you in a variety of ways. The counter to that is that the Eagles have a very talented defense and they can shut down a variety of players.

Let’s hope we get a great game today and can enjoy Christmas with a big Eagles win.


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