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The Eagles came into 2022 trying to figure out if Jalen Hurts was the answer at starting QB. That question got solved. This offseason has an easier QB question. Who will be Hurts backup?

Gardner Minshew held that role the past two seasons (with Joe Flacco for a few weeks). It feels like his time in Philly is overe. Minshew was an adequate backup, but nothing special. He went 1-3 in his four starts. To be fair, the defense was the problem in two of the losses. Minshew would certainly love a chance to get more playing time. That won’t happen with the Eagles (barring injury).

The Eagles claimed Ian Book last summer when he was let go by the Saints. Book is a good athlete and has some playmaking ability. He doesn’t have experience. He started one game and went 12-20-135 with a pair of INTs. The Eagles like his upside, but I don’t think you go into the season with Book as your primary backup.

Backup QB isn’t treated the same by all 32 teams. The Eagles believe in having a good backup, even if that means investing resources. They drafted Hurts as a backup in 2020. They signed Flacco in 2021 and then traded for Minshew.

One free agent who makes sense is Jacoby Brissett. He played for Nick Sirianni in Indy, starting 15 games in 2019. The two of them developed quite a friendship.

Brissett started 11 games for the Browns this year. He may want to go to a team where he’s got a better chance of getting on the field. If he’s comfortable being a backup, Philly would make a lot of sense. This would be the most talented offensive unit he’s ever played on. He would be with a coach he’s comfortable with. Brissett has a good arm and solid mobility. He ran for 243 yards last season. He would be a good fit in the Eagles offense.

Brissett isn’t making that play on a regular basis, but you can see he’s more physically gifted than Minshew.

Money will be a factor. The Eagles can’t just sign anyone. I’m sure they want a veteran, but the price has to be right. When you’re getting ready to pay the starter huge money, the backup will need to be cost-effective.

I suppose it is possible Minshew and his agent will talk and figure out there won’t be great options for him and he might stay in Philly. There are a slew of veteran QBs who will hit the market. None of them are compelling. Maybe the Eagles like one of them more than we know.

I do not think Nick Foles will be of interest. He’s 34 and is just 3-11 as a starter since leaving Philly at the end of 2018. He hasn’t been on great teams to be sure, but hasn’t looked good.

Don’t even ask about Carson Wentz. I wonder if he’ll be in the league in 2023. No team will want him as a starter. Can he handle being a backup?

The Eagles could draft a QB on Day 3, but I don’t think you’d want to count on a rookie to be your backup when you expect to be a contender. Brock Purdy was a great story for the Niners, but he’s an anomaly. Rookies tend to struggle, especially in the playoffs. We’ll talk about draft prospects in a separate post.

One of the key questions in all of this is what the Eagles are looking for in a backup. Minshew was nothing like Hurts. Flacco wasn’t either. The Eagles might decide they would rather have an athletic QB. Book certainly fits that description.

Ravens QB Tyler Huntley is a free agent and is a mobile QB. The Ravens may keep him as they have needed multiple QBs in the past couple of years. Sam Darnold has been a disappointment, but is athletic and has experience. He would be interesting. I don’t know that anyone will target him as a starter.

It will be interesting to see what the Eagles do at backup QB.


I’m glad the Eagles are looking around. This is a critical hire.

I know Joseph seems crazy because he loves to blitz, but if you give him Reddick, Sweat and whoever else gets re-signed, he wouldn’t need to blitz as much. At the very least, it will be good for Sirianni to pick his brain and see what he’s got to say.

For now, the only candidates we know of are Dennard Wilson, Sean Desai and Joseph.


Whoever gets the job will need to find a new LB coach.

You hate to lose a good assistant. Rallis got good play out of his LBs in 2022 and he should get a lot of credit for that.


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