Super Bowl Eve

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I am ready for the game to get going, but we’re still a day away. I thought I would share some random thoughts. Every time I think I’ve covered every angle, I see something else or have a new thought. I can’t imagine what this must be like for the players and coaches.


Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL. He’s also a human being. When you read predictions and previews, they sometimes sound like Mahomes is infallible. His Chiefs didn’t win the Super Bowl in 2021 or 2020. In his last three playoff games, KC has scored 24, 27 and 23 points.

Mahomes is a great player. The Chiefs have a great offense. They are a good team.

But this is not a juggernaut that can’t be beat. They have a great TE. The rest of the offense is solid, but nothing special. Mahomes works his magic and makes this group play at a high level. That’s worked to this point. We’ll see if it carries over to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs needed an insanely dumb penalty by the Bengals to avoid overtime last week.

The Eagles are the better team.


Something made the Denver-Seattle SB pop into my head on Friday. I went and watched the highlights of that game. I forgot what a beatdown it was. I started to wonder if the Eagles could do that to KC, but I don’t think so. Peyton Manning was known to have some postseason meltdowns. Mahomes doesn’t always win, but he generally plays well. As much as I would love to see a blowout, I think there is little chance of that happening.


Harris is just getting activated so the Eagles can give him more money. That’s his reward for signing to the practice squad.

Siposs will almost certainly be the punter.

Ward was activated in case Britain Covey can’t go and they want another WR/PR. Ward hasn’t played this year so it would be wild to see him on the field, but he is a veteran player. And he would strictly be a role player.


Good stuff from Ted on the Eagles offense.


This preview has some good stuff and some junk. Mike is a good writer, but not all of his sources were compelling or insightful.

The best item in there is a reminder that the Eagles DL will have fresh legs. That can be critical when going against Mahomes, who can hold the ball to extend plays or scramble around to buy time. The Eagles DL is unusually deep. Even better, they didn’t have to play a ton of snaps the past two games and had a bye week in there as well. This could be the freshest pass rush in the Super Bowl in a long time. That could prove to be important.

KC will use several D-linemen, but they aren’t as deep or well-rested as the Eagles. And they’ll be chasing around a healthy Jalen Hurts.


A couple of OL/DL gurus talking. They like the Eagles lines (shocker).

The more I think about it, the Eagles OL might really be the key to the game. If they control the LOS, the Eagles should move the ball and score points.

One DL note…I will be interested to see if the Eagles mix in more stunts. They know the Chiefs want to help the OTs. If you have the DEs looping inside, that can throw off the blocking assignments. Josh Sweat and Haason Reddick are outstanding on stunts. Both run exceptionally well.


I was surprised to read this.

I’m guessing that info would shock Jerry Jones, who keeps trying to build a team around the RB position. Thankfully he hired offensive genius Brian Schottenheimer to give the Dallas offense the spark it needs. What a weird offseason for them.


Do the Eagles really belong in this group?

We’ll find out in 24 hours.


Bo Wulf wrote a good piece on DeVonta Smith. Would love to see the Slim Reaper have a big game on Sunday.


Reed has been terrific this year. His tackling could be a big help in limiting Chiefs RAC yards on Sunday. We’ll have to see how Jonathan Gannon uses him.

Reed’s college coach was Brian Dawkins position coach at Clemson. Very cool nugget I wasn’t aware of.



The site is loading slowly so I’m doing some maintenance on Sunday morning. Hopefully should be all good for the big game.


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