Cuts Coming? – Updated

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This time of the year is exciting. Young players are stepping up. Some unknowns are becoming known. The regular season is right around the corner and everyone is ready for football.

But this is also a sad time of year.

More than a few dreams will end, or be put on hold, in the next 10 days. Sometimes we forget these are real people that are living their lives out right in front of us. Getting fired is never easy. Imagine if it was from a dream job and you knew the general public would be discussing it for several days? Yikes.

I hope the players who do get cut find some way to keep their dream alive. Another team. Another league. Working out and waiting for another summer of hope. Or maybe making the transition to coaching. Good luck to all.

With that said, let’s talk about cuts. The Eagles have to get down to 75 by August 26. It sounds like some cuts will happen today. I’ll take a stab at the first 15 cuts.

WR B.J. Cunningham
WR Kadron Boone
WR Will Murphy
TE Blake Annen
OG Karim Barton
OG Michael Bamiro
OT Donald Hawkins
QB G.J. Kinne
DE Alejandro Villanueva
DE Frances Mays
NT Wade Kelikiipi
LB Josh Kaddu
DB Davon Morgan
S Daytowian Lowe
PK Carey Spear

These are not necessarily the 15 worst players. There are 2 things to keep in mind. A guy like Cunningham might be getting cut to give him a better chance to catch on with another team. He’s been with the Eagles for a couple of years and they may be trying to help him out.

The other consideration is the Jets game. Starters don’t play in the preseason finale. That means you need backups who can handle all those snaps. I’d rather keep a guy like Frances Mays than Emil Igwenagu because I’ve seen Iggy play and I know what he can do. I’d love to see Mays get one final set of snaps. But the Eagles need 2 or 3 TEs to get through the game. I’m guessing Ertz sits so that means James Casey, Trey Burton and Iggy will stick around.

We’ll see what happens.



The Eagles only made 14 cuts. I was off on a few who did get cut.

DE Joe Kruger
ILB Jake Knott
TE Emil Igwenagu

Here are the guys staying that I had going.

QB G.J. Kinne
WR Will Murphy
NT Wade Kelikiipi
LB Josh Kaddu

Let’s talk about the most surprising cut…DE Joe Kruger. We had a long discussion about him the other day. Many of you love his potential. That’s understandable, but the bottom line is that he just didn’t play well enough to earn a spot. The face the Eagles cut him this early may be a sign from them that they feel he is best suited to play in the 4-3. If they wanted to keep him to develop, they may have held on to him as long as possible.

Knott hasn’t been healthy and has a suspension to deal with. He could be back with the team by the middle of the season, but there are no guarantees. Iggy is a FB/TE tweener with limited athletic ability. The Pats will sign him and turn him into a good role player, infuriating all of us to the nth degree.

As to the guys sticking around…Kinne is here because the Eagles are going to sit both Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez this week. Matt Barkley will play a ton on Thursday. Kinne is the backup and might play late in the game.

The final 3 players are all Oregon guys. Why did Chip keep them? My guess is that he knows Murphy and Kaddu aren’t likely to land elsewhere. By cutting BJ Cunningham now, he can go look for work. Murphy will play as needed on Thursday night. Kaddu is emergency depth at ILB and OLB for the Jets game.

Kelikiipi is a different story. He might have an NFL future. The Eagles also may have kept him so he can eat up snaps on Thursday and save some wear and tear from Beau Allen and Damion Square. Allen sure looks like a guy you want as part of a regular rotation. I think Square is still battling for a job. Should anyone get hurt on Thursday, Square could be roster material. Kelikiipi could be useful depth. And he could be practice squad material as well.

I don’t have a major problem with any move the Eagles made today. I’d love to have kept Kruger around, but if the team doesn’t think he’s going to fit in, it is better to move along and give those reps to someone else.


More Postgame Thoughts

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Let’s talk some more about the game and what we learned.

* The pass rush was better. The Eagles only got 2 sacks, but they affected Big Ben. Sometimes that meant moving him off his spot. There was a play when Mychal Kendricks pressured Ben and he lobbed a pass downfield that Nolan Carroll picked off. Sacks are fun because you see the QB go down, but pressure has a value as well. That INT is worth a handful of sacks.

The Eagles still need to get better, but at least this was a step in the right direction.

* Rookie WR Jordan Matthews caught a pass out of the backfield. The cool thing about that is that the play was designed to specifically get him the ball. It is obvious the coaches don’t see him as a typical rookie. It is important to mix him into the offense and to help him grow this year. God forbid anything happens to Mac or Coop, the Eagles need Matthews to be able to contribute. Get his feet wet when you can so that if things do go wrong and he’s needed, Matthews has a better chance of handling the situation successfully.

* It was good to see Coop out there. He has an excellent size-speed combination and is a good fit for this offense. It also helps that Foles trusts him. You could see that on the deep ball that went to Coop in the end zone. He was covered, but Foles put the ball in there to give Coop a chance to make a play.

The drops need to stop, obviously. Let’s hope that was some rust from all the time he’s missed this summer.

* OLB Marcus Smith is a good run defender. He can set the edge. He can shed blocks. He can make tackles. Smith still needs a lot of work as a pass rusher, but there is something to build on. His most impressive play came when he covered WR Antonio Brown down the sideline on a route. Smith had pretty good coverage. You don’t want that matchup, but there are times when the offense is going to come up with something that works perfectly. You hope that whatever defender is put in a tough position can do a reasonable job. Smith did more than that. Heck, he looked better than Curtis Marsh in coverage. Smith is a talented OLB.

* RB is a complicated position. I think the preseason finale vs the Jets could be a huge factor in making decisions. The backups will play a lot. They will be judged as runners, receivers, blockers and STers.

There is a compelling case for Chris Polk, Matt Tucker, Kenjon Barner and Josey Henry. The most simple factor here is health. If Polk can’t play, he’s in big trouble. The other 3 need to stay healthy.

One possibility would be going light at WR and keeping 4 RBs.

I need to study the game and see how these guys looked from an overall standpoint. STs play will be a huge part of that.

* My guess is that the Eagles would like to trade Brandon Graham. He certainly doesn’t appear to be part of the future here. He can rush the passer, but not is that enough to keep him? You already have one pass rush specialist in Vinny Curry. Beyond the starters at OLB, you have Marcus Smith, Bryan Braman and Travis Long. Smith isn’t going anywhere. Braman is supposed to be a key STer. Long is a player the team is interested in keeping, as you could see by having him play ILB and OLB vs the Steelers.

Graham can be a good role player and he’s a nice insurance policy for Trent Cole, but is he worth spending a roster spot on for that vs dealing him and getting a pick in return? There is no easy answer to this. Of course, the trade scenario only makes sense if some 4-3 team shows you they want Graham. I think some team would.

* DeMeco Ryans got flagged for an illegal hit. Then the Steelers had several questionable plays, but no flags. There were 2 hits on Brent Celek where his helmet popped off. There was also a hit on Shady’s TD that was awkward at best. Maclin was blocking near the goal line. Troy Polamalu came over and knocked the crap out of him, even though Mac was already engaged with someone and it didn’t affect the play. That to me was penalty material. Isn’t that the definition of unnecessary roughness?

Celek’s helmet popping off made those hits look worse than they were. I’m pretty sure at least one was completely clean, even though it looked bad. I need to check out the tape to be more sure.

* The running game was beautiful last night. Every RB had a run go for at least 14 yards. Those guys averaged more than 5 yards per carry as a group. I’m looking forward to seeing the OL in action. It looked like Kelce and Mathis had some really good blocks.

Even crazier was the way the backups handled the Steelers starting defense. I was shocked as Andrew Gardner and Matt Tobin opened big holes for backups to run on Lawrence Timmons. Polamalu and company. That’s insane.

But it did happen. And it was beautiful.


Quick Take – Eagles are the Best Team Ever

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It sure is a lot more fun when the Eagles play well, huh? They certainly did look good on Thursday night. That said, we cannot ignore just how bad the Steelers looked. Was Mike Tomlin coaching that team or Mike McMahon? Yikes.

Quick thoughts on the game

* Nick Foles was erratic early, but then seemed to get into rhythm. Played well overall.

* Welcome back, Jeremy Maclin. That was his best showing since the 2012 season. He didn’t do anything great, but had a good game. I was encouraged to see him block well and also work the middle of the field.

* Goodbye Jeremy Maclin. Or so it seemed for a moment. He went down awkwardly in the 1st quarter and all of us were scared. Luckily, Maclin was able to come back to the game and he’s just fine.

* The OL had another good outing. RT Allen Barbre struggled in pass pro early, but it looked like he settled down after that.

* The defense eliminated many of the mistakes they’ve been making and suddenly they look worlds better. Also helped to have Nolan Carroll in place of Curtis Marsh.

* Beau Allen got time with the starters and looked good.

* Mychal Kendricks was terrific. He flew around the field and made tackles. He blitzed on one play and forced an INT.

* I have no idea what to make of Chris Polk vs Matt Tucker vs Henry Josey. Polk has the most experience and is the most versatile. Tucker has looked the best this summer. Josey is the most explosive of the group.

* Travis Long played a lot of snaps at ILB. The Eagles want to know if he can handle both ILB and OLB. That would give him a boost in his quest to make the roster.

* Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham played well. Graham beat the LT for a strip sack.

* LT Andrew Gardner and LG Matt Tobin had another good game. Remember when OL depth was a major concern?

* WR B.J. Cunningham had a terrific TD catch wiped out by a penalty.

* TE Trey Burton flashed. Definite PS candidate.

* OG Michael Bamiro is playing like he’s ready to get on with his post-football life. Ugh.

* Alex Henery had better depth on his kickoffs. And then he missed a chip shot FG. Ugh.

* The Steelers were just 17-58 on the ground. The Eagles were 35-182-3. The Eagles were more talented, but also seemed like they were the more physical team.

* Mark Sanchez had another strong outing. There shouldn’t be any questions about backup QB.

All in all, it was a good night.

2nd Half – PHI 17 , PIT 0

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This is the Eagles team we’ve been waiting for. Productive offense, solid defense.

The Steelers look like a mess. Preseason road games tend to bring out the worst in teams (just see the previous 2 weeks).

Lots of interesting stuff to discuss after the game. Fingers crossed on staying healthy.


PS #3 – PIT at PHI – 1st Half

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Stay healthy. Get the ball to the WRs. Keep the opponent under 40 points.

How are those for some goals?