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The Eagles came up small in a big game, losing to Dallas 38-27. Frustrating game. It was great to see the team battle back from being down 21-0 and actually take the lead. Unfortunately they had no answer for Dez Bryant and the Eagles turnover problem once again proved very costly.

In a word, ugh.

This doesn’t mean the season is over. This does mean the Eagles need help if they want to win the division or get a wild card berth. The key for now is to win the final 2 games and finish 11-5. That guarantees nothing, but puts them in position to take advantage of whatever breaks may come their way.

The bottom line with this team is that it is good, but not good enough to overcome the mistakes they’ve been making all year. Turnovers and coverage breakdowns are game-changing types of plays. You have to be exceptionally good to make those mistakes and beat good teams. The Eagles didn’t do that vs SF, ARZ, GB, SEA and DAL.

Let’s hope Nick Foles gets healthy in a hurry. I know he’s had his issues this year, but Mark Sanchez has really shown his limitations.

This is going to be a long, crappy week. The media will be blowing sunshine up Dallas’s skirt like nobody’s business. And there’s nothing we can say about it. They won. Barf.


DAL 21, PHI 10 – 2nd Half

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Dreadful 1st quarter. Whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. The Eagles came alive in the 2nd quarter, but still need to play a lot better.

The defense allowed Dallas to convert the first 4 times they faced 3rd down situations. That is the game as much as anything. You just can’t let Dallas keep their offense on the field. The Eagles did stop them the final 2 times so maybe that offers hope for the 2nd half.

The Eagles need a player or two to step up and make plays. The TEs helped the offense come alive in the 2nd Qtr. Connor Barwin got a key sack. We need more of that. And stop with the penalties. Ugh.

Go Eagles.


DAL at PHI – 1st Half

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Game time is here.

No surprises with the inactives:

D Kelly
J Vandervelde
J Maehl
T Hart
J Watkins
J Couplin

Mark Sanchez needs to have a good game. And the OL must get Shady going early.

Let’s go pound on Romo.

Go Eagles.


Game Preview – The Boys Are Back in Town

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Are you ready for the NFC East showdown of the year? The Giants somehow beat the Skins, 24-14, guaranteeing that Washington will have the better draft pick. Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning came through in a big game.

You didn’t think I was talking about the Dallas-Philly game that will take place tonight did ya? All that’s at stake in that game is first place in the division and a more likely path to the playoffs. But if that’s the game you prefer, we can talk about it.

I wrote my preview for

I feel pretty good about this game, but admit my nerves are all over the place. I hate Dallas so much that my ability to think logically becomes erratic. As much fun as it is to beat them in situations like this, it is also a huge relief.

I’m curious to see how Chip uses LeSean McCoy. The Eagles ran wide quite a bit in the first game. That worked well. Dallas may emphasize players setting the edge and trying to contain plays. If so, the Eagles may counter by running inside more. I also wonder if McCoy is mixed into the passing game more. We haven’t seen him on the wheel route much this year. That’s a way to isolate him on a LB.

The Eagles have not had a rematch yet this year and now they have 3 in a row. Chip Kelly isn’t big on holding things back, but that doesn’t mean he won’t have some tweaks to try and keep the opponent off balance. The Eagles were 2-1 in rematch games last year. The only loss came to the Giants in a game where Foles was out and Mike Vick was less than 100 percent.

There is a stat being talked about how the last 7 teams to play Seattle all lost the following week. That doesn’t bode well for the Eagles. It also doesn’t mean anything. Most of those teams had losing records. Others were struggling at the time. We’ll see if pans out tonight. Besides, you have nuggets like this that favor the Eagles…

In the end, the team that plays best tonight will win.

The simple keys are controlling the line of scrimmage and getting good play from Mark Sanchez. He struggled in a big way last week. He needs to bounce back tonight. I don’t see the Eagles holding Dallas to just 10 points tonight so the Eagles offense is going to need to do some scoring.

Just a few hours to go…


Catching On

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I saw this on Twitter and was surprised by the stats.

Jeremy Maclin is having his best season.

Jordan Matthews is playing better than expected for a rookie.

Riley Cooper’s overall numbers are down, but he will have a career high in catches.

For comparison’s sake, the big 3 last year of DeSean, Coop and Avant combined for 167-2614-19. Those totals will all be exceeded this year, barring a major disaster. Explosive plays are down. Eagles pass catchers last year averaged 14.2 yards per catch. This year that is down at 11.9. Deep balls and big plays aren’t happening as much.

Chip Kelly recently explained that the Eagles are getting a lot more zone coverage. That means DBs play off and keep things in front of them. When receivers are getting open deep, the QBs aren’t seeing them or are off target.

If the Eagles can keep Maclin, the WRs could be very productive next year. Jordan Matthews will be a year wiser. Josh Huff will be more a part of the offense. And hopefully Riley Cooper would be playing better than this year. (no, that doesn’t mean only one dropped pass)