Trade Rumors

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Pro Football Talk has some interesting news this morning.

* The Eagles are looking for a starting caliber Safety via trade.

* The Eagles are one of several teams that has called the Bucs about WR Vincent Jackson.

Is this true?

Sam always brings great perspective.

Jimmy Bama makes a relevant point as well.

I don’t doubt for a second that the Eagles called about Jackson. You call to find out his price. You want to know for your own curiosity, but also to know which teams around you might be willing to make that move.

Are the Eagles genuinely interested? I just don’t know. What would happen to Riley Cooper? Would he move to the slot or slide down to being your number four receiver? It’s easy to say “Who cares”, but the Eagles have had good chemistry over the last 2 years and Cooper, believe it or not, has been part of that. I think his best trait is that he’s willing to block and isn’t going to complain when the ball doesn’t come his way. Not all WRs fit that description. Part of what makes the Eagles offense work so well right now is that there is no player they have to force the ball to. Chip Kelly can switch gameplan from week to week and the skill players are fine with it. There are no Dez Bryant meltdowns on the sideline.

All that said, there is no question that Jackson would be an upgrade at WR. He is huge at 6-5, 230 and Kelly does like big WRs. You would think Jackson would make a difference in the Red Zone, where the Eagles are really struggling. If the price is right, dealing for Jackson does make some sense. I don’t feel like this is likely to happen, though.

I do think the Eagles could have interest in adding a Safety. I think they hoped Earl Wolff would push Nate Allen this year and that one of the two would emerge. Wolff has been limited by nagging injuries, and I don’t think the coaching staff is happy about that. Allen has not taken a step forward from last year’s performance. He is an adequate starter, but nothing more. The hope was that playing in the same system for a second straight year would help him to improve. It hasn’t.

Who would they add?

There is all kinds of speculation going on with fans on Twitter. This is pure guesswork since no names were directly linked in the report. We do have a few things to keep in mind. The most important is availability. You are probably looking at someone from a bad team. Someone who has a losing record makes more sense when it comes to dealing a player for a future pick.

This is also a pretty good angle to keep in mind. We know the Eagles also like versatility, but with limited options they may be willing to go for someone who is less of an ideal fit.

Check out the standings and then some depth charts. I think you’ll be disappointed at the options. Michael Griffin and Dashon Goldson just aren’t names to get excited about. But they are physical players and could be an upgrade on Nate Allen.

Don’t get too excited about the team making a move. In-season trades are rare. And the Eagles aren’t desperate. Think of them maybe as curious shoppers that are open to making a deal if the right situation is there.


Big Game Atmosphere

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The 5-1 Eagles are in Arizona to take on the 5-1 Cardinals. Those are impressive records, but this is an October game. It’s too early for a big game, right? For some reason this game has the feel of a big game.

Eagles fans are in Arizona in droves.

The Eagles are coming off a big win over the Giants, including a shutout. Confidence is sky high.

The Eagles are coming off their bye week. They are rested. The team is also getting healthy, which adds to the optimism.

For some reason, I feel good about the game. And that has me nervous. I prefer to be on edge.

What’s the feeling out there with Eagles Nation?


What’s Next for the Defense?

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The Eagles have not allowed a single point over the last 2 weeks. Some of you will point out that one of those weeks was the bye, but I still think Bradley Fletcher gave up 4 catches for 62 yards. I kid, I kid. We can do that when the defense is coming off a shutout. Life is good and everyone is confident.

The question is whether the shutout was an anomaly or the sign that the defense finally put it all together. Clearly I don’t expect another shutout. I’m talking about the outstanding play of the defense. I wrote a piece for BGN on whether the Eagles can build off the Giants game.

I’m certainly hoping the defense can get into a groove and play well. The Eagles have traditionally been a defensive team. 34-28 shootouts are fun from time to time, but it would be good to see some outstanding defense on a regular basis.

One oddball note…I was surprised to look back at 2011 and see the team finishing 10th in points allowed and 8th in yards allowed. Then I remembered that Derek Landri was here. I wonder if he’ll go into the Hall of Fame as an Eagle…

* * * * *

Fran Duffy has his Eagle Eye preview up. This is All-22 must read material every week.

* * * * *

Here is a good article on the Cardinals and their focus on stopping the run.

As LeSean McCoy began watching tape of the Cardinals earlier this week, he was baffled.

In Week 12 last year, the Eagles’ star running back was held 21 yards under his season average by Arizona’s tough run defense, which led the NFL in that category at the end of the year. To him, that made sense.

The Cardinals had standout defensive linemen Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett up front, with athletic linebackers Daryl Washington and Karlos Dansby on the second level.

This year, though, has been much different. Washington, Dansby and Dockett haven’t taken a snap for the Cardinals – and won’t – while Campbell has missed the past two games with a knee injury.

For 36 defensive plays against Oakland on Sunday, defensive tackle Dan Williams was the only member of last year’s starting front seven to see the field. On the other 15, it was an entirely new group made up of low-cost veterans and inexperienced youngsters.

Yet despite the heavy turnover and decrease in star-power, the Cardinals held the Raiders to 56 rushing yards, and have again moved atop the rush defense chart, giving up a paltry 72.5 yards per game.

“That’s the crazy thing I’ve been wondering,” said McCoy, when asked how the Cardinals are keeping this up. “I think every player on that defense plays together, whereas sometimes where guys want to make the plays and get all the attention. They play as a team.”

It is shocking the amount of turnover that defense has had due to moves, suspensions and injuries. Yet, they continue to play well. Todd Bowles sure seems like one terrific defensive coordinator. Kudos to him for coming out of the messy 2012 Eagles situation and finding a good landing spot for himself.

* * * * *

I was on the EaglesFanCast with Chuck, Todd and Steve Brown from the UK. About an hour of football talk. Good stuff.

I know many of you want more shows from me and Jimmy. I will talk to him about that. Our schedules got complicated and we had some weird technical issues, but we need to get back to doing shows. I promise I’ll talk to him and we’ll see what we can work out.


Detailed Game Review – PHI 27, NYG 0

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(Sorry for the delay in getting this full DGR posted. Crazy stuff with the day job last week and this week cut into my night time writing schedule.)

The Eagles shut out the Giants 27-0. Connor Barwin is the player who got a ton of praise for his 3 sacks and overall good showing. Others talked about LeSean McCoy and his season high 149 yards. Some pointed to the Eagles O-line and the great game they played.

I think the MVP of the game was Brent Celek. He was flat out fantastic. Celek has been up and down as a blocker this year. He came alive against the Giants and played a terrific game. Jason Pierre-Paul, once the most dominant DE in the league, was limited to 4 tackles. He had no sacks or QB hits. Jason Peters blocked him most of the time, but Celek blocked JPP more than you would expect. And Celek did an outstanding job on him. Whey your TE can neutralize the other team’s best defensive linemen over and over, you are going to win.

Giants players complained about the Eagles tempo getting the best of them. If you watched the mic’d up piece on Chip Kelly and Nick Foles, they kept pushing tempo. They talked about it on the sidelines. They talked about it on the field. Faster, faster, faster. This wore on the Giants physically and mentally. The Giants knew it was coming, but it is hard to simulate what the Eagles do when their offense is clicking.

The shutout wasn’t just on the defense. That was a team accomplishment. The Eagles controlled the ball for 32:26, which is rare. You just don’t see the Eagles winning the time of possession battle very much. The STs play was good, which meant the Giants had to deal with a long field most of the time. Only one drive started outside their 24-yard line and that came on Foles INT. There were 3 drives that started inside the Giants 10.

What a glorious night.

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Q & A

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There isn’t one overwhelming storyline for this morning so let me answer some questions I’ve been getting.

Should the Eagles trade for Vincent Jackson? Ian Rappoport tweeted out on Sunday that the Bucs have been getting a lot of calls about veteran WR Vincent Jackson. The team isn’t looking to dump him, but they are having an awful season and might be open to moving him for a pick or two.

The Eagles WR play has been solid. There have been some impressive games and some below-average showings as well. I would certainly have no problem with adding a player like Jackson. He is a big, physical WR that would almost certainly help the struggling Red Zone offense. That said, Jackson is 31. I’d be careful about acquiring an older WR. If the price was right, he might be of definite interest. I just don’t see the Bucs as having a fire sale. I’m not looking for the Eagles to deal a high pick for an older WR.

Is Nick Foles right for Chip Kelly’s football culture? He is darn near perfect. That’s the frustrating thing with Foles. As a person, he is exactly what you want for this team and city. He’s got kind of a boring personality. He’s not going to say the wrong thing and get the fans or media riled up. Foles is a gym rat type of player. He enjoys practice and loves working. He’s not obsessed on money or stardom. He’s not looking to develop a “brand”, like Cam Newton or RG3. Foles just wants to play football.

As perfect as he is off the field, Foles remains inconsistent on it. A lot of non-Eagles people see him on a Sunday or Monday night game and get on Twitter and talk about how unimpressed they are. I think Foles is an acquired taste. He looks odd. You have to get used to watching him to get over the fact he’s not Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers. Think of him as a poor man’s Philip Rivers. His style is odd, but he’s able to get the job done.

I get the feeling Kelly would really like Foles to show that he’s “the guy” on the field because he values him so much off it.

Is Arizona a must-win game, to avoid falling behind the Cowboys? I don’t think of any October game as must-win. The Eagles still have 2 games left with Dallas. Sweep those and you will likely win the division. The Dallas defense is still very vulnerable. This isn’t a juggernaut team, but I do give them credit for playing better than I ever expected.

Is there any chance Nolan Carroll gets a shot to start over Bradley Fletcher? We thought that might be the case earlier this year, but Kelly and the coaches seem content with Fletcher for now. Carroll is doing a good job of playing a LB in the Dime defense. The Eagles also talked about having Carroll rotate in at both corner spots to help keep Cary and Brad fresh. I don’t think they’ve done much of that recently. I’m not sure what is going on there.

What’s up with Marcus Smith?  Should we compare him to Lawrence Timmons, who failed at OLB, but became a stud ILB. Can he be like Bjorn Werner, who struggled as a rookie, but is emerging as a good pass rusher in his 2nd season? I still think Smith can be an outstanding OLB. He was disappointing this summer, but that’s where you have to be careful about mistaking results and ability. A rookie can struggle without getting you too concerned. The big thing is to see if he showed potential. I think Smith absolutely showed potential. He showed the ability to be quick off the ball. He covered well and was athletic in space. He played hard and didn’t show any issues of being overwhelmed.

It seemed to me that Smith was just having problems with the mental side of things. It looked as if he was thinking too much, and that caused him to play slow. Playing OLB in the 3-4 isn’t easy. Smith got to play that position as a Senior at Louisville, but that’s not the same thing as playing in an NFL defense. Brandon Graham was slow to adjust to the 3-4 and he had a full offseason and NFL experience. Graham looks light years better now than last year. Hopefully Smith will make a similar leap next year.

It is disappointing that Smith is such a limited contributor this year, but let’s give the guy a chance to develop before we even start to write him off. Remember, Smith is big and athletic. That’s usually a good combination for a pass rusher.