Covid Strikes the Eagles

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We knew this would happen at some point.

We don’t know what is going on with Gerry and Mailata.

Lane Johnson spilled the beans on his situation.

Johnson is young, healthy and in great shape, but Covid can have long-lasting effects on anyone. This goes beyond football. Let’s hope the best for Johnson as he deals with this situation.

In terms of football, the good thing about this is the timing. Johnson could still be ready to go by the start of the padded practices. The Eagles need him back with a new LT and Jason Peters making the switch to RG. They need the returning starters to stay healthy and play well. Johnson is arguably the best RT in football. The Eagles need him to be a force up front if the offense is going to thrive this season.

The team does need to figure out who the backup RT is going to be. If they are going to use a swing tackle, they need to make sure to get that player reps on both sides. Dillard last year focused on LT and when he had to play on the right side it was a disaster.

Mailata and Gerry are young players who need every rep possible. Hopefully this is just a precaution with them and they can return quickly.

Mailata is especially in need of reps. This is his third season and he has yet to carve out a real role on the team. Injuries have limited him the first couple of years so it is crucial for him to stay healthy and show progress this season.

The NFL seems to be handling these situations well. They need to if they want to have a 2020 season.



The Eagles have a young set of receivers and those guys need all the help they can get.

Avant is the kind of former player you want as a coach. He was a good slot receiver, but not overly gifted. He carved out a career by being smart and tough. He ran good routes and learned how to get open. He was also a good blocker.

Some receivers are divas. Avant did all the little things well and can help teach those things to the young receivers.

Eagles receivers have not gotten very good coaching since 2017. That could change this year with Aaron Moorehead taking over the the receivers coach and Avant lending his time/talent this summer.


The NFL Network has released its Top 100 players list. Some people get really ticked off at how bad the rankings are. For example:

73. Fletcher Cox
51. Todd Gurley

There is no planet in the universe where Gurley is a better player than Cox. This is beyond ridiculous.

Just as crazy, Carson Wentz didn’t make the Top 100. That is pure insanity.

Rather than being offended, this is simply a sign not to take the rankings seriously. They are a popularity contest among NFL players.

In case you’re curious, here is the Top 10.

That is a reasonable list, with the exception of Mahomes at #4. I’m guessing the rankings were done before the playoffs. I don’t see how anyone could have watched the postseason and put Jackson ahead of Mahomes.


Goodwin Opts Out

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We are seeing players opt out of the 2020 NFL season. Several Patriots players made the announcement on Tuesday. The Eagles got their first such news as well.

I had forgotten about Goodwin’s situation when I recently mentioned I didn’t expect any Eagles to opt out. This makes total sense. He and his wife do not want to take any chances after their previous tragedies.

Goodwin will be under contract next season. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out to know if he’ll have a chance to make the team.

Honestly, there were no guarantees Goodwin was going to make the team this year. He’s older and has had durability issues. If the rookie receivers all looked good, Goodwin might have found himself on the outside looking in.

This move is good news for the rookies. They will get extra reps and have an increased chance to make the roster. John Hightower was a fifth round pick. Quez Watkins was a sixth round pick. They were going to fight for roster spots. Now that fight should be easier.

We also shouldn’t overlook Rob Davis and Deontay Burnett. They are fringe players, but played last season and should be hungry to make the team and keep their dreams going. Davis was recently cited by the team as one of the players having the best offseason.

It is possible the receivers on opening day could be DeSean Jackson and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside on the outside with Greg Ward in the slot. Jalen Reagor would be the top guy off the bench.

Putting Jeffery on the PUP list isn’t a surprise. This was an expected move. The Eagles will have to pull him off the list before the season or wait until almost midseason to get him back. We still don’t know just how much the Eagles want him back, but the loss of Goodwin could make him more valuable.

Keep your fingers crossed that this group stays healthy.


Doug Pederson met the media on Monday.

Doug didn’t say much of interest.

He is confident in Jason Peters ability to make the move to RG. Doug had good things to say about Andre Dillard. He has yet to see these guys on the field in 2020 so this is as much random optimism as fact.

Doug said he is paying attention to the Marlins situation. You can bet every major sports team, pro or college, is watching that closely. Neither the Marlins nor MLB handled the situation well at all. Everyone has to learn from this.


Crazy stat.

Smallwood is the kind of NFL player none of us appreciates enough. He’s not a good player, but he’s good enough to stay in the league and he busts his butt to keep his job. Compare that to much more talented players like Bryce Brown and Trent Richardson. Smallwood has more heart, dedication and toughness. I respect the heck out of guys like him that do anything and everything to stay in the league.

Hope he gets another year in the league and finds his way onto the field.


Finally Some Optimism

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Usually late July is when 32 fan bases are busy talking themselves into believing their team will win the Super Bowl. This year we have 32 fan bases talking themselves into the idea of having a football season. There is nothing normal about 2020.

  • The NFL and NFLPA reached an agreement over the weekend that moves things forward. Here’s what we know so far:
  • No preseason games
  • Roster must be cut down to 80 by July 28 (there was another option, but the Eagles didn’t go for that)
  • Practice squads will have 16 spots and can include six veterans (is Josh Andrews available?)

Dave Spadaro has the Training Camp schedule.

• Day 1: Players receive their first COVID-19 test and screening for coronavirus. They will then return home.

• Day 2-3: Virtual meetings, with encouraged self-isolation at home.

• Day 4: Players will take their second COVID-19 test and return home.

• Day 5-6: Players who have two negative tests can enter the facility to take physicals and go through equipment fittings.

• Day 7: Players begin eight days of strength and conditioning work. Those sessions will be limited to 60 minutes in the weight room, 60 minutes of aerobic conditioning. Coaches will be allowed to lead an hour-long walk-through on those eight days.

That conditioning period will be followed by four days’ worth of unpadded practices, where players will wear shells and helmets.

On August 17, teams can practice in pads for the first time; they will be allowed 14 padded practices in total.

August 8 will be a mandatory day off across the league, after which teams will be required to give players one day off per every seven days of work.

Testing is the real key here. We need players to pass their tests and take the situation seriously. We just found out that an NBA went to dinner at a strip club when he had to visit home recently for a funeral. That is so irresponsible and incredibly dumb. He’s now quarantining and will miss some games. Let’s hope NFL players learn from this incident.

The Marlins might have a Covid outbreak. We’re trying to find out how many guys have tested positive.

Both of those stories have to scare the heck of out NFL executives. The league is preparing for how to handle tough situations.

Players also have the right to opt out of the season.

I don’t anticipate any Eagles sitting out, but we’ll know for sure this week.

With the Eagles needing to get down to 80, the Eagles started making moves on Sunday.

Those aren’t just scrub camp bodies. The Eagles cut guys that were on the fringe, but also players they had some knowledge of. They didn’t expect these players to challenge for roster spots. The Eagles kept rookies over these guys because the team wants to see the rookies in action. They don’t know what the rookies can do. The players who were cut could still be practice squad candidates.

So far the rookies have passed their Covid tests.

There is nothing normal about this year, but it does feel like we are heading in the right direction. I have no idea what kind of football we are going to see after such a short summer of practice, but it does seem like we will have pro football.

Keep your fingers crossed and wear your masks. We need this season to happen.


One part of the agreement between the league and players is that the salary cap will likely be $175M next year.

This isn’t good news for the Eagles. They are way over that figure. Before you get too fired up, the contract gurus don’t seem to think this is a big deal for the Eagles.

The numbers are scary when you glance at them, but the people who know what the numbers really mean are not worried. That should make you feel better.


No Projects

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Summer football is normally a time for optimism. Ifeanyi Momah was going to be either a small TE or huge WR, but definitely a unique weapon for the passing game. C.J. Smith looked like he could be a solid CB or NB. Jake Knott was going to be a starting LB. Paul Turner was the Paul Turner of Paul Turners.

None of that panned out as hoped, but it was fun to watch those young players shine for a week, a month or even a whole offseason.

This summer will be different. Rosters are going to be limited to 80 spots. We’ve already seen some moves.

The Tate move hurts. He had the chance to be a Training Camp star. Tate is freaky good with the ball in his hands. Watching him in non-contact sessions would have been glorious. His ability to run around and make guys miss would have been so much fun. He was a major project to be sure. Former QBs don’t become good receivers very often, but he would have been fun to watch.

Williams had the talent to challenge for a roster spot. Render is a player I liked last summer. These guys are gone and more will be joining them.

Beyond that, we don’t know what kind of practice reps will be available.

A lot can still change obviously, but if that schedule is anywhere close to accurate…yikes. Undrafted players and street free agents are going to have a major uphill battle to make any kind of impression on teams.

Beyond practice, usually the first and last preseason games are mainly for backups and UDFAs. There won’t be any preseason games this year. Young players are going to have tremendous pressure this summer. They must find a way to stand out with limited chances.

UDFAs will still have a chance. NFL teams love young, cheap talent. The salary cap next year will likely be coming way down so finding young talent will be at a premium. It will be interesting to see how NFL teams balance this out.

There are probably going to be some heated arguments between coaches and personnel staff. Coaches love veteran players. Personnel guys tend to love young players with upside. Coaches want players they can trust. Personnel guys want to see their long shots pay off.


Freeman would be a nice addition to the Eagles backfield, but as Mr. Bama points out, the Eagles want cheap RBs. Freeman recently split with his agent and you have to think that was over his frustration with the lack of a market for his services.

Freeman is a talented RB. He could help a lot of teams. He just doesn’t seem to understand that teams aren’t paying RBs very much money right now. You basically have to sign an incentive-laden deal.

We’ll see what happens. With limited reps, the Eagles may not get to see as much of Corey Clement, Elijah Holyfield and Michael Warren as they want. That could help Freeman’s situation.


The Eagles do have all their draft picks signed. They took care of that on Monday.

I’m not sure who is more excited…Reagor to play for the Eagles or Eagles fans to see Reagor in action.

The rookies are ready to start working out…whenever things are fully straightened out and everyone is on the same page.


Things didn’t work out as hoped when he came to Philly, but he did have a terrific NFL career.


Davion Taylor Update

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Jalen Reagor is the most important rookie. The team needs him to be able to step in and contribute right away. Not start and dominate, but they need him to help the offense.

Jalen Hurts is the most notable rookie. He was a major surprise of a pick. He’s a star QB and huge name. Everything Hurts does or says will be analyzed more than the Zapruder film.

The most fascinating rookie for me is LB Davion Taylor. He went a bit earlier than some expected. I actually had him going about where the Eagles took him.

Taylor does not have a traditional background. Because of his family’s religion, he didn’t play high school football. He went to a junior college and played. He then went to Colorado and became a star. Well actually, the Star LB. That’s a role where the LB plays in the slot and out in space. He is as raw as Les Bowen is old.

Too harsh?

Taylor is an explosive athlete and he is a physical player. This isn’t a track guy who just runs around at 100 mph and gets lucky. While he doesn’t have an extensive football background, his play shows you he is either a quick learner or he’s instinctive. Both traits help his NFL chances.

Fran Duffy did another one of his excellent Film Room pieces.

I’m impressed by Taylor’s versatility and the discipline he shows. A lot of athletic LBs rely on speed to do everything. Fran shows you that Taylor understands gap discipline and the importance of positioning. If his job is to stay outside and force plays inside, he does that.

Taylor plays with good leverage. He uses his hands well. He’s not shy about taking on blockers. There is a lot to be excited about.

There are concerns as well. He’ll need to keep getting bigger and stronger. College football is played by young men. The NFL is a man’s game. Very different worlds. And while the pro game has become more spread out than ever, Taylor will have to learn how to play in traffic. He did very little of that at CU.

If you want to hear from Taylor himself, Mike Kaye did an interview with him recently.


Interesting note from Dave Spadaro.

Let’s begin with the virtual offseason backward, so we’ll begin in the past. The Eagles named the “winners” of the offseason program, broken up in positional categories. They are: J.J. Arcega-Whiteside and Rob Davis, competing in the position groups including wide receivers, defensive backs, and running backs. Among the defensive linemen, the winners were Bruce Hector and Genard Avery. Among the offensive linemen, tackle Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce took the honors, and in the Big Skill group comprised of quarterbacks, linebackers, tight ends, and specialists, linebacker Alex Singleton and tight end Zach Ertz were the winners. So, there’s that.

JJAW is headed to the Pro Bowl!!!

Joking aside, that is a good sign. JJAW had a brutal rookie season. You want him to react to that the right way. It sounds like he’s headed in the right direction. That’s definitely encouraging.

Good for Rob Davis. I think he’s been totally overlooked. If he plays his butt off and deserves a spot, the Eagles will find a way to keep him. The key here is that he could have seen all the new resources at WR and gotten down on himself. Instead, he worked harder than ever and is fighting for a job. That is the attitude you want in a fringe player.

The other name that jumped out is Genard Avery. The Eagles spent a 4th round pick in the trade for him. They need Avery to be a contributor this year. He is a gifted athlete so he should shine in offseason workouts.