Impact Players

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The first day of NFL offseason action turned out to be pretty wild, especially for the Eagles. Here a Jackson, there a Jackson. Everywhere a Jackson.


Over the weekend, I thought a lot about different moves the Eagles might make. I would list out some pro moves and some draft picks. The names all made good sense. They had the right combination of talent, age, price and fit.

But something occurred to me on Sunday night. Howie Roseman wasn’t just looking for names. He would be looking for impact players. And that’s exactly what he delivered.

Malik Jackson is one of the best interior pass rushers in the league. He is a disruptive player. Jim Schwartz’s defense is based on defensive linemen getting upfield and making plays. From that standpoint, this is an ideal fit.

Eagles DTs not named Fletcher Cox produced 3.5 sacks last year. They were credited with 11 QB hits. Jackson, who had an off year, had 3.5 sacks and 12 QB hits. That should give you an idea that he can make a real difference for the Eagles defense. If you double-team Cox, Jackson can make you pay. And pressure up the middle can be devastating.

As for DeSean Jackson, he brings elite speed to an offense that was slow in 2018. The Eagles had 52 receptions of 20 or more yards. They had 9 receptions of 40 or more yards. Jackson had 5 catches of 40 or more yards. To be fair, so did Nelson Agholor. But Agholor averaged 11.5 yards per reception. He was boom or bust, and that also tells you there was probably more luck involved with his total. Jackson averaged 18.9 yards per reception. He delivered big plays on a regular basis. One of every three catches went for 20 or more yards.

Jackson’s speed on the outside can open up the middle of the field for Ertz, Goedert, Jeffery and anyone else running a pass route. Jackson’s mere presence on the field has an impact. Andre Waters used to say that Wes Hopkins had an effect on receivers just by walking out there. They knew to keep their eyes on number 48 or he would make them pay. The flip side of that is DBs needing to know where Jackson is. If they hesitate or blink, he’s gone. Speed kills.

The Eagles weren’t done with just the Jacksons.

This deal works for both sides. The Eagles get to keep their starting LT, but have some protection in case he’s hurt. Peters gets to stay put. And if he’s healthy, he’ll make $10M. He could have made more on the open market, but that would have meant a new team and new city for Peters. He wants to be with the Eagles. He wants to win big in Philly.

This move buys time for Jordan Mailata to show what he can do. The Eagles think he can be the LT of the future, but that’s still a guess right now. They need to see more of Mailata in action.

The Eagles talked about bringing in some competition for Sudfeld, but if they’re paying him that much, the competition is likely to be a cheap veteran (Mike Glennon, Brandon Weeden or someone like that).

This could mean a few things. First, the Eagles could be hoping to trade Agholor so by leaking this they make it seem like he’s a player they do want to keep around. That would increase his value.

Or they could genuinely want to keep him. Agholor making $9.5M to be the #3 receiver seems crazy. But they could look at him as an insurance policy. If anything happens to DeSean or Alshon, Agholor can step up and help offset the loss. He’s not as good a player as them, but knows the offense and is a productive receiver.

The Eagles overpaid Mychal Kendricks to be the #3 LB a couple of years ago and that turned out to be a good move. He helped them win the Super Bowl.

Wiz gave them a player who could start at C or G. The Eagles can play Isaac Seumalo at C or G as well. But they may want to add a veteran to challenge for a roster spot. They do like young OL Matt Pryor, although he’s a G or T. He would not play C.

The Eagles could also add an OL early in the draft.

We’ll have to see if any other rumors leak on the subject in the coming days.


Great news. For Foles and the Eagles. That much money means the Eagles will almost certainly get a third round comp pick in 2020.

That is one heckuva start to the offseason for the Eagles. Crazy day.

Put simply, the Eagles are better than they were on Monday morning.


Rumor of the Morning

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Free agency is getting closer. No moves can be official until Wednesday, but we’ve still got rumors. Some of you will love this one.

And here is the latest update from the NFL Network.

The Bucs need cap room so DeSean is going to be cut, traded or get a restructured deal. It sounds like he really wants out so the new deal doesn’t seem likely.

DeSean wants to come to Philly. We know Eagles fans want him back.

What about the Eagles?

This is where things get complicated. The narrative is seen as Big Bad Chip Kelly running DeSean out of town back in 2014. The truth is that Chip didn’t make that move all on his own. DeSean had his share of detractors in the Eagles organization. While DeSean is an impact player for three hours on Sunday, there are 168 hours n a week. Those other 165 hours are where he can be a handful to deal with at times.

A lot of time has passed since then. The Eagles have changed. DeSean has changed. But this isn’t a slam dunk. There are still people in the building who don’t like him. And DeSean can still be frustrating to deal with.

That said, he would be ideal for the Eagles offense. They need someone who can make plays, but isn’t a volume receiver. DeSean doesn’t need to be targeted 10 times a game to be effective. He can be part of the gameplan, but not the focus of it.

Having him run go routes on a regular basis would stretch the defense and open things up for Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffery, Dallas Goedert and other Eagles wide receivers (unsure about them right now).

I’m sure the Eagles are thinking long and hard about this move. Do they want DeSean? If so, do they try to trade for him or wait for him to be cut?

I don’t have a good feel for this situation. There really are strong arguments to be made both ways. Doug Pederson was with the Eagles in 2011 and 2012 as a low-level assistant. He has seen what DeSean can do on the field. But he also saw DeSean do some questionable things in those seasons. DeSean wanted a new contract and avoided contact like I avoid salads. There were times when DeSean drove you crazy.

But that speed…that just might be too much to pass up. The Eagles need more weapons on offense. And DeSean is absolutely a weapon.

This will be an interesting scenario to follow.


Legal tampering begins at noon.

I’m sure there will be some good Eagles rumors out there.


I don’t like this at all.

I want Nick Foles to get a good deal from JAX to help the Eagles get a comp pick next year. I don’t want the Jags trying to sign both. That would hurt Foles deal.

And I have interest in Tannehill as a backup for the Eagles.


Let’s Talk Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown is a great player. He is arguably the best receiver in the league and led the NFL in TD receptions last year. And yet, the Steelers are having a hard time finding someone who is willing to trade for Brown.

The Raiders make complete sense. That team is in desperate need of talent and coach Jon Gruden is willing to make aggressive moves.

The Eagles? Honestly, that would confuse me. Still, rather than just dismiss the rumor, let’s talk about it.

On the one hand, Brown is a great player. Howie Roseman and the Eagles understand the need for talent. They used a lot of resources to get Carson Wentz. They spent big money to sign Alshon Jeffery. The Eagles don’t just sit around and hope. The aggressively go after top flight players.

Roseman isn’t afraid to take chances. Some front offices prefer to play it safe. The Eagles will roll the dice. They traded for Golden Tate at midseason. That didn’t work out as hoped, but Roseman still took the chance. The year before he dealt for Ronald Darby and Jay Ajayi. Those moves did pan out and helped the Eagles win the Super Bowl. You aren’t going to win big if you don’t embrace some level of risk. The Eagles understand and embrace that.

The Eagles know the offense wasn’t good enough in 2018. They know they need better skill players. Brown would be a huge addition. As good as Jeffery is, Brown is better. He would give Carson Wentz an elite weapon. There is real value in that.

Doug Pederson is a strong leader and can deal with some big personalities. He’s also an offensive coach and I’m sure would be fascinated by a weapon like Brown. The Eagles also have strong player leaders like Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long, Brandon Graham and of course Wentz. They could help create the right environment for Brown to succeed.

On the flip side, there are three major concerns. First, Brown isn’t an ideal locker room guy. He’s forcing his way out of Pittsburgh. He had disagreements with his coach and teammates. Brown went public with some of that, which is a no-no in the NFL. Teams treasure secrecy. Brown doesn’t. The Eagles had great chemistry over the past two years. Do you take a chance by adding someone like Brown to the mix?

Brown could be an issue on the field as well. He is a volume receiver, averaging more than 150 targets per season for the past six years. Jeffery has never had 150 targets in a season in his career. If you want Brown to be happy, you have to feed him the ball. The Eagles offense thrived in 2017 when Wentz spread the ball around. No player had more than 74 catches. If you had a player as great as Brown, you would feed him the ball, but I don’t know that the Eagles would feed him like the Steelers did. That could be an issue.

The final concern is cost. You have to trade for Brown. That won’t be cheap. The cost might be down to a second round pick, but that’s still significant for a team that needs to get younger. And there are reports that Brown wants to be the highest paid receiver in the league. Could the Eagles afford that, while also preparing to pay Wentz mega-bucks?

I’m sure the Eagles are curious about Brown. Any time a potential Hall of Fame player becomes available, you’d be dumb not to give a move serious consideration. Then again, why is a HOF player available? That tells you there are issues. NFL teams don’t get rid of elite talent for the heck of it.

I don’t see anything happening here, but never say never when it comes to Roseman and the Eagles.


Bennett Goes Bye Bye

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There were reports that the Eagles were shopping veteran DE Michael Bennett at the Combine. It turns out they were right.

On the surface, this seems nuts. Bennett is a gifted pass-rusher. Why on Earth would you deal him for so little?

Bennett went on the NFL Network on Friday morning and said that he wasn’t taking a pay cut. Instead, he say whoever he played for, he wanted a raise. That wasn’t going to happen in Philly.

The Eagles knew Bennett wanted more money and that had to be why they were shopping him. They weren’t going to give him a raise.

There is also the x-factor of Bennett’s personality. This is now two years in a row that a team has traded him for a late round pick. That doesn’t happen by accident. The teams were trying to save money to be sure, but that can’t be the only reason. Pass rushers are too coveted.

The Eagles just signed Brandon Graham to a big money deal. You can argue about whether Graham is better than Bennett or vice-versa. In terms of character and locker room fit, Graham wins by a mile. That’s part of why the Eagles kept him around.

Graham and Derek Barnett are going to be the starting DEs. You would have to think Chris Long is coming back. Would the Eagles really deal Bennett if they expected Long to retire?

After Graham, Barnett and Long, things are pretty open. The Eagles have Josh Sweat and Daeshon Hall, young, athletic players who haven’t produced at the NFL level.

Some people have talked about the Eagles signing a veteran DE to add to the mix. I don’t see that. I think they know they need to get younger on the DL so I would expect them draft someone. There is risk in that, but with Long and Graham being older, the Eagles need to develop young pass rushers.

This move does put a lot of pressure on Barnett. He had a solid rookie year and did some good things in his six starts in 2018. That said, Barnett has not developed into an impact player. He needs to take his game up a notch in 2019.

The Eagles gain $7.2M in cap space. That could help them to re-sign a player or two if they want, or to be more active in free agency. They now have about $25M in space. They have options.


Tevin Coleman would make sense for the Eagles. He is young, productive and explosive. He wouldn’t be cheap, but also isn’t likely to cost Le’Veon Bell kind of money.

Coleman averages 4.4 yards per carry and 11 yards per reception for his career. He’s not a guy you feed the ball to for 20 carries a game, but he is a talented playmaker. Coleman would be a nice fit in the Eagles offense.

His price tag will determine if the Eagles are serious or just curious.


Thought of the Day

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Rumor? No, not really.

Speculation? That doesn’t really fit either.

I’m just going to call this the “thought of the day”.

The Eagles do need help at RB. Trading for Howard would make sense financially. He’s under contract for 2019 for just under $2.1M. That’s cheap for someone who can be a workhorse RB.

Howard is 225 pounds and he’s averaged 260 carries a year. He is a tough, physical back. He might remind you of a healthier, more durable version of Jay Ajayi.

One concern with Howard would be his ability as a receiver. The Eagles prefer complete RBs. Howard has never caught more than 29 passes in a season. To put that in perspective, Wendell Smallwood caught 28 passes last year.

I would have interest in Howard, but only at the right price. The Eagles could use a big, physical runner, but you can’t overpay for him due to his contract situation. You’re only guaranteed to have Howard for one more season.

There is also the question of use. The Eagles like to use a group of RBs. Howard averages 16.6 carries per game for his career. It doesn’t seem likely that he would get nearly that much work with the Eagles. That has to be factored in when thinking about his value.

If you could pair Howard with Corey Clement, Josh Adams, Wendell Smallwood and/or a rookie, you could have a good set of RBs. As we see with the Patriots and the 2017 Eagles, you don’t need a star RB. You need the right group of RBs.

There is one thing I like about this thought. The Eagles are going to be picky free agent shoppers to maximize their comp picks for 2020. If they want to add talent, they need to be creative. This would be a creative way to add a talented RB.

Just because I say the Eagles aren’t going after Le’Veon Bell or Antonio Brown doesn’t mean I don’t see the need for more talent on offense.


This is what you call a team-friendly contract.

At the same time, Seumalo gets security. There is value in that.


Why would the team that has Alex Smith and Colt McCoy trade for Case Keenum?

Smith is hurt and we don’t know when he’ll be able to play again. McCoy is a backup. Keenum is meant to be a backup. So…where’s the starting QB?

The Skins just won’t stop being the Skins.