Eagles Mock Draft

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My PE.com column features my first Eagles mock of the year.   Feel free to ask questions and be critical, but do understand that it wasn’t purely what I would want to happen.  I always factor in what I think the team is looking to do and the players they like.

* * * * *

Someone asked a few days ago about moving Todd Herremans from LG to RT.  Won’t happen.  We have a shaky interior.  The worst thing you can do is move the one guy who is the stabilizing force.  Todd stays at LG.  We haven’t had a chance to find out what Howard Mudd thinks of his OTs, but I’m betting he is looking forward to working with Winston Justice.

* * * * *

Key draft target Jimmy Smith is getting lots of looks right now.  He’s visiting the Chargers and Saints, teams who could be willing to take him in the 1st.  Cincy and Minnesota have also checked him out, but I think they might be looking at him if he slid to the 2nd.