Old Story — John Bunting, Possible LB Coach

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According to this report by Geoff Mosher, the Eagles talked to John Bunting about their opening at LB coach.  It is hard to tell if he called the Eagles or they called him.  Either way, I think this is good news.  Bunting is a quality coach.  He was co-defensive coordinator with the 1999 Rams when they won the Super Bowl.  Bunting has coached LBs in the pros.  He was head coach at Rowan and later at North Carolina.  Bunting was only 27-45 at UNC, but ran into some real tough luck.  A lot of good players went through UNC while he was there.  He coached or recruited Julius Peppers, David Thornton, Ryan Sims, Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Tate, Richard Quinn, Ronald Curry, Madison Hedgecock, Jason Brown, Gerald Sensabaugh, and Kentwan Balmer.  Bunting also laid the foundation in recruiting current prospects Robert Quinn, Quan Sturdivant, Bruce Carter, Deunta Williams, and Kendric Burney.

Bunting is a very high character guy.  He lasted as long as he did at UNC with a poor record because he was so popular with everyone around the football program.  Everyone wanted him to succeed.  He’s a very loyal, passionate coach.  UNC is his alma mater and he truly bleeds Carolina Blue.  Bunting played pro football for 13 years, 11 with the Eagles and a couple with the Stars.  You can bet the city of Philadelphia is a pretty special place for him.  He would bring a certain passion to being the LBs coach that I think translates well to defense.  Bunting also knows the position of LB inside out.  He was a good LB in college and the NFL.  He’s  coached the position as well.

Bunting would be an ideal hire for the defense because he’s been around the block and Juan Castillo needs someone around him with that kind of experience.  Jim Washburn is a veteran assistant, but has never run a whole defense.  Bunting has been a DC as well as head coach.  That could make him a valuable resource.  Bunting wouldn’t be going behind Castillo’s back, to the media or Reid, in tough times.  As I said, he’s a loyal, high character guy.  You can absolutely trust Bunting.  He’d be a good fit for the staff because of what he’s done and the kind of person he is.

Some quotes of interest:

Jason Brown, a three-year starter at center for the Tar Heels and today a member of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens (now the Rams), remembers first meeting Bunting on his recruiting trip in early 2001.

“He got my hand in that vise-like grip and looked me dead in the eye,” Brown says. “He didn’t say a word at first. He’s got that passionate look that demands respect. Then and there I decided this was the man I wanted to lead me for four years. You feel his electricity.”

and …

Adds John Anderson, a teammate of Bunting’s at Carolina from 1969-71: “John’s got linebackers’ eyes. The intensity burns through. It’s like you can see them a mile away.”

and …

“John Bunting as a player knew more about our defense than our coordinator, Marion Campbell, who was a defensive genius,” Eagles linebacker Bill Bergey adds.

and …

“His passion for the game and the team were clear from the beginning,” says Dick Vermeil. “He was a player you could build around, one who exemplified the characteristics you want in a football player. John defined the expression, `Winning with character.'”

3 Comments on “Old Story — John Bunting, Possible LB Coach”

  1. 1 Sam said at 12:43 AM on February 5th, 2011:

    Nice post. I do worry a bit that we are hiring every 60+ year old coach on the planet. That doesn’t suggest a long term plan for the man in charge.

  2. 2 mcud said at 2:33 PM on February 5th, 2011:

    Looks like another in a long line of guys who appear, at first glance, to be more qualified to be a DC than Castillo himself. Say what you want about our turnover this offseason…it will be very interesting to watch play out.

    Congrats on the new site Tommy. Looking forward to my daily visits.

  3. 3 j.napoli said at 11:56 AM on February 20th, 2011:

    The Eagles would be crazy not to pick -up Bunting with his experience. He was the main ingredent in the Rams winning the Super Bowl! Everyone overlooked the defense because of “The Greatest Show on Turf”. Just look back to the NFL championship game that year! Plus a good PR move.