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The other day I made an off-hand comment about Michael Vick and some internet hack decided to steal that and use it as a topic for his column.  The only fair thing for me to do was steal it back and write a whole column myself.  So, what is Michael Vick’s future?

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I did an interview with Cody over at Bleed Green.  Here’s the link.  No groundbreaking material, but might be a couple of interesting nuggets for you.

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Anyone else feeling a bit of optimism about the lockout situation?  I’m not predicting a settlement anytime soon, but I do get the feeling the non-lawyers are starting to get antsy and know they need to negotiate and not just litigate.

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I don’t know what to make of the player workouts.  The Eagles attendance hasn’t been very impressive.  That would concern me if I thought there was anything substantial to gain by them.  The biggest thing for me right now is making sure the players stay in shape.  They can do that by working out alone or with trainers.  Going to a local field and running pass routes won’t make or break the season.  I’d rather have maximum participation just for a sign of unity, but I don’t blame those players who stay at their offseason spot and spend time with family and friends while working out.  This is an unusual offseason and the players rarely have this much free time.  I can see where they’d want to take advantage of that.

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