DeSean Lives

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DeSean Jackson is on his way to Lehigh tonight.  This is good news.  Agent Drew Rosenhaus is with him.  This is so-so news.  Drew will likely meet with Eagles brass to start up negotiations on a contract extension.  If Drew is reasonable, this is good.  If Drew comes in with crazy demands, this is bad.  Drew drives us all crazy from time to time, but he’s generally a dealmaker.  The TO debacle is one of a few situations where Drew let things get completely out of hand.  I don’t think that will be the case in this situation, but negotiations can be tricky.

Adam Caplan has predicted multiple times that DeSean gets an extension within 2 weeks of reporting.  I hope that’s the case, but making all the numbers work could delay that.  The key point in all of this is that DeSean wants to be here, we want him to stay here, and we are willing to pay him big money.  I expect a deal to get done.  The possible hold-up is figuring out DeSean’s financial value.  In 3 years he led the team in receptions once (2008) and receiving TDs once (2009).  No one questions his explosive ability and what he’s done as a playmaker.  Putting a dollar figure on that will be interesting.  I know Joe Banner has definite thoughts.  So does Drew.  It will be interesting to see how closely they mesh.

UPDATE:  Jeff McLane reports on Twitter that the Eagles won’t meet with Drew.  At least he can take in the beauty of the Lehigh valley.

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Akeem Jordan showed some good thing in practice on Sunday.  That’s good to see.  Jordan was a promising LB after the 2008 season.  He was highly inconsistent in 2009 and 2010.  Jordan did remain a very good STs player.  Maybe the new defensive system will bring out the best in Jordan.  He’s never lacked talent.  He’s tough and physical.  Good run defender.  Has some coverage ability.  I think missed assignments and sloppy play is what killed him the last couple of years.

Keenan Clayton has not stood out to me in the clips I’ve seen.  I was impressed with him in the playoff game last year and hoped that would be a launching point for him.  I expected him to challenge for the WLB job and to be a definite starter in the Nickel defense.  Neither has happened.  I’ll  be watching Clayton closely on Thursday.  He’s not a lock to make the roster.  He’s got to show he belongs.

Greg Lloyd and Brian have done some good things, but it is hard to say how likely either is to make the roster.  The PS games will be huge for them.

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CB Curtis Marsh is playing well right now.  I’ve talked about him as a project since we drafted him.  Marsh is a smart young man and is naturally talented.  Sometimes those guys are quick learners.  I’m still skeptical of Marsh being a contributor this year, but I’d love for him to prove me wrong.  Having another big CB who can run and cover would make the secondary pretty darn scary.

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Antonio Dixon was working mostly with the #2 DL on Sunday.  I’m not too worried about this.  Dixon got banged up the other day.  He’s probably not back to 100 percent yet.  Dixon is still going to be a key player for us in 2011.

No update on Mike Patterson.  We should find out something on him this week.

Anthony Hargrove has been getting a lot of work in recent days.  Can’t wait to see him on Thursday night.  Is he a serious threat to make the roster?  Does he have his 2009 speed/quickness back?

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ESPN’s Matt Williamson had some favorable things to say about the Eagles O-line.  I put the link in the comments section in the early post, but figured I’d post it here in case anyone missed it.

14 Comments on “DeSean Lives”

  1. 1 Jason-E said at 10:49 PM on August 7th, 2011:

    I hope this Desean thing goes smoothly. I can’t handle another T.O.-like debacle. I just hope he doesn’t come in demanding $10 mil a season, because that’s not going to happen. I love him, but he’s not a top 3-5 receiver. A top playmaker, but not receiver.

  2. 2 Dan said at 11:08 PM on August 7th, 2011:

    Random story. I live out near Oakland. The other day I was grocery shopping while wearing an Eagles shirt. The cashier says “Hey! The Eagles just drafted my cousin – Curtis Marsh.” Then she told me all about his family and how his dad played for the Raiders.

  3. 3 Name said at 11:09 PM on August 7th, 2011:

    You killed me on this one…

    “Having another big CB who can run and cover would make the secondary pretty darn scary.”

    When is enough, enough?

  4. 4 Name =Flyin' said at 11:10 PM on August 7th, 2011:


  5. 5 Dave said at 11:21 PM on August 7th, 2011:

    Tommy- I really appreciate all of your insight and your level headed opinions and evaluations. You paint a grim picture of our linebacking depth. It seems like Jordan, Clayton, Lloyd and Rolle are on the fringe of the roster yet as many as three may make the roster and be a play away from seeing significant action. Is this a concerning issue and could there be a move to upgrade the depth of the position?

    Much appreciated.

  6. 6 mcud said at 11:27 PM on August 7th, 2011:


    I realize this kind of question is (very) premature, but do you think the Eagles might give Hunt a shot at the WILL? Seems like he’d be a speedball off the edge, and given the depth at DE, it might make sense to give him some snaps there. You’d essentially have the same athlete at the SAM and the WILL in Chaney and Hunt.

    In other words, what do you think Hunt’s chances are of making this team as a DE? If it doesn’t work out, I would love to have an actual pass rushing threat at the WILL for a change…

  7. 7 ATG said at 12:26 AM on August 8th, 2011:

    The team is not meeting with Drew? What does that mean? Are they making DeSean make an appearance at practice first or do they have other contracts they want to do first or are they showing Frew he has to play by their rules?

    I can appreciate how our FO sticks to their ways of doing things, but I am not sure what this means.

  8. 8 Adam said at 12:32 AM on August 8th, 2011:

    Is there any chance we get to see Peanut doing pushups and situps in his driveway because that would be pretty amusing.

  9. 9 Matt D said at 12:43 AM on August 8th, 2011:

    I know you would never say this, so I will. Tommy, your analyses are so much more in-depth, thoughtful, and accurate than that article by Matt Williamson… Proof positive that you should get PAID. Maybe you should analyze the Desean situation for yourself. If he gets a new contract, you’ll know what to do…

  10. 10 TSA said at 12:44 AM on August 8th, 2011:


    I don’t see Hunt at WILL. He played alot of DT in college and has played DE in the CFL. He probably is not overly comfortable dropping into coverage no matter how good of an athlete he is. So best case you have a 265 lbs Ernie Sims. Plus at his current size he would be a seriously big ass LB. The whole point of the wide nine is to get your pressure with the front four and let everybody drop off.

  11. 11 Arby said at 8:08 AM on August 8th, 2011:

    I mentioned this a few weeks back Tommy, but did you realize Marsh had virtually identical numbers as Jimmy Smith at the Combine?

  12. 12 cvd said at 8:14 AM on August 8th, 2011:

    Or hunt could play the joker that clemons played. If tjey still do something like that. I got a feeling hunt makes the roster f

  13. 13 mcud said at 8:43 AM on August 8th, 2011:

    I’m not suggesting that they move Hunt from DE full time or anything. Merely that he get some snaps as a rush LB as a way to diversify him enough to warrant a roster spot. As to his size, he is basically the exact size Jamar Chaney is, per the roster info. Is he significantly heavier than listed?

  14. 14 TSA said at 2:39 PM on August 8th, 2011:

    I get what your saying about making him more versatile to make him more valuable. I honestly think we are going to keep him anyways. When I went to camp last week the program listed him as 6-2 265 and honestly he looked alot closer to that than what the website has him listed at. Looks like he spent the lockout living in the weight room.