First Cuts Are in

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From Twitter:

 #Eagles have released: LB Jeanty, S Wall, WR Harper, DE Wilson, C Shipley, TE Ingram, FB Havili, G Reynolds, RB Graig Cooper

No real surprises.  I wasn’t projecting any of them to make the final roster.

I’ll post my final 53 later this evening.

23 Comments on “First Cuts Are in”

  1. 1 theguyotc said at 6:12 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Any guys there you like for the practice squad?

    I was thinking: Cooper, Harper, Shipley.

  2. 2 JonS said at 6:20 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    “I’ll post my final 53 later this evening.”

    I’ll post my final 53 tomorrow evening. Bet mines is closer. 😛

  3. 3 Davesbeard said at 6:43 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Sure this has been mentioned, be very interesting to see if we use Laws/Hanson as trade assets to pick up a vet LB.

  4. 4 ian no. 2 said at 7:01 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    I guess McGlynn is ahead of Shipley, either he or JJax make the team..

  5. 5 GermanEagle said at 7:08 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Justice on PUP!

    You better hurry up Tommy. It’s not going to become more difficult if you wait any longer predicting the final roster. 😉

  6. 6 eagles nut said at 7:39 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Two guys that I think could be possible waiver claims at LB released today: Rennie Curran and Tyrone McKenzie.

  7. 7 Vince Neil Young said at 7:50 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Hey Tommy you rock,

    It seems like a lot of people are torn between keeping Laws or Landri. Does cap space make any difference here? As a 1st round pick I would assume Laws is getting paid more and the team could possibly save by letting him go in favor of Landri. But then again I don’t really know what I am talking about. Either way I like Landri.

  8. 8 Stephen said at 8:19 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    I just got my power back today so I Didnt get to see the game last night, but I did see a little bit while I was out picking up some takeout dinner and also a bit more when the power came back today and the NFLN had the game on rerun.

    The one thing that really stood out during what I saw was Dion Lewis. That kid has a very bright future in this league, I can’t believe how tough he is for such a little guy. It’s almost hard to believe he slid to the 5th, I can’t imagine it was for any other reason besides his size, because he seems to be able to do it all with skill: running, recieving, pass protection, kick returns… I’m going to chalk him up as our next great 5th round addition.

    One question of people who saw the whole thing (or the whole first half at least). Did Vince Young look good running the base offense or was he mostly improvising and creating as Vince Young tends to do? I’d feel a lot more comfortable with him as the backup over Kafka if I saw him legitimately running the O and looking good doing it, rather than with a bunch of scrambles and broken plays.

  9. 9 eagles nut said at 8:24 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Young was running the conventional offense by and large. He did well.

  10. 10 Umby23294 said at 8:26 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    The turk cometh. Poor guys. I can only imagine how nervous some of these guys are when they see the Turk walking around.

  11. 11 Stephen said at 8:29 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Thats good news, I really like Kafka but I also appreciate what Young brings to the table. I think I’d be comfortable with either of them at this point if they had to fill in for a couple of games.

    I was just looking over our draft for this season again, and its looking like we may have really hit on a few mid round selections. Dion Lewis and Kelce are already fitting in nicely and guys like Vandervelde and Rolle are promising as well. It seems like our team gets a lot of value out of those mid-late round picks, as you examine our drafts going back the last 6 or 7 years. I tend to be an optimist though so I’m sure a couple guys who look good now will end up washing out, but still our draft this year is off to a promising start.

  12. 12 Stephen said at 8:40 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Just to illustrate my point a little bit, heres some mid-late round selections over the last half a decade:

    Mike Kafka, Clay Harbor, Riley Cooper, Jamar Chaney and Kurt Coleman from last year (all taken in the 4th round and later, quite a haul if you ask me). Moise Fokou in ’09 (we also took Brandon Gibson who’s doing good work with the Rams, but I guess we can’t count him if he’s no longer with us). King Dunlap and Mike Mcglynn in ’08 (even if Mcglynn gets cut this season, he did fill in admireably for us last year). Brent Celek was in ’07, and in ’06 we got Jason Avant and Omar Gaither (who did a decent job while he was with us). ’05 was a fantastic haul for us netting The Toddfather and Trent Cole (I’ll take 2 players of that caliber every year, thank you).

    Before ’05 things start to get really sketchy with our late round drafting. In fact a lot of our drafts look really ugly, period, in the first half of that decade. ’03 with Jerome Mcdougle, LJ Smith and Billy Mcmullen as our first 3 picks… barf. Freddie Mitchell and Quinton Caver leading the ’01 draft… Its a miracle we were able to transition from the old regime to our new one with as much success as we did, looking at some of those drafts.

  13. 13 PhxPhilly said at 8:41 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    QB (3): Vick, Young, Kafka
    RB (4): McCoy, Brown, Lewis, Schmitt
    TE (2): Celek, Harbor, [Lee]
    WR (6): Jackson, Maclin, Avant, Smith, Cooper, Moss
    OT (3): Peters, Herremans, Dunlap
    OG (3): Watkins, Mathis, Vandervelde
    C: (3) Kelce, Jackson, McGlynn
    DE (5): Cole, Babin, Parker, Tapp, TeO-Nesheim
    DT (5): Jenkins, Patterson, Dixon, Hargrove, Laws
    LB (6): Chaney, Matthews, Fokou, Rolle, Clayton, Jordan
    CB (6): Samuel, Asomugha, Cromartie, Hanson, Lindley, Marsh
    S (4): Page, Coleman, Allen, Jarrett
    ST (3): Dorenbos, Henry, Henery
    PUP: Graham, Justice
    PS: CB Hughes, DE Hunt, S Anderson, WR Hall, C Shipley, OT Howard, TE Ingram, LB Lloyd
    Alternate PS: RB Cooper, DT Thornton, OL Reynolds

    First problem is that Hughes, Hunt, and Anderson will likely be picked up by other teams before making it back to Eagles’ practice squad. CB is the most difficult since Hanson is excellent in the slot, Hughes is probably the next in line, then two relatively high draft picks who have looked pretty good. DL is difficult since Laws should be great in the new system, but Landri and Hargrove have been good. Hunt has looked better than TeO-Nesheim. OL has limited depth as does TE so practice squad needs to keep some of those guys.

    Likely trades of McGlynn or Jackson, Hanson, Laws, and Parker (maybe) could free up some spots. Jordan just makes team as vet LB but could be an easy cut. Moss makes it as punt returner but could easily be gone. Eagles’ rarely keep at 3rd TE.
    Possible IR guys = Marsh, Lloyd, TeO-Nesheim, Vandervelde, and some vet buyouts.

  14. 14 mcud said at 8:58 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Would Te’O really be claimed? High round washout DEs are a dime a dozen.

  15. 15 ian no. 2 said at 10:02 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    I could see Te’o going to the Panthers or maybe the Browns or the Rams. Otherwise, no..

  16. 16 Havana Omelet said at 10:12 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    I’m thinking they will cut Parker for good old-fashioned cap clearing, even though he still has tread on the tires.

    Too bad Dion Lewis didn’t get to try any punt returns. (Unless I missed that part watching the games on my little computer monitor?) He looked terrific on the KR’s last night.

  17. 17 mcud said at 10:28 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    Is next April too soon to draft Vick’s eventual replacement?

    Hint – He plays for Baylor…

  18. 18 Cvd said at 10:44 PM on September 2nd, 2011:

    They r probably tryin to get a 7th round pick for mcglynne, if not he gets cut. I hope we keep jj and Dunlap

  19. 19 Cliff said at 8:41 AM on September 3rd, 2011:

    @ mcud

    I like enough of what Kafka is doing to hope he’s actually Vick’s future replacement. If he continues to progress, of course.

    With that said, that Baylor-TCU game was awesome, wasn’t it? Poor TCU.

  20. 20 Cliff said at 8:48 AM on September 3rd, 2011:

    More on Baylor-TCU…

    Does anyone else second-guess the decision by Baylor fans to rush the field after the win? TCU has been nationally hyped the last few years, but: 1) it’s still just TCU and 2) they’re #14 in the polls. Is there a Baylor-TCU rivalry I’m not aware of?

    I just think students will jump at ANY chance to rush the field (or court) these days and if it were my school, I’d be embarrassed. I remember a few years ago when Clemson was #9 coming to Blacksburg. My Hokies had lost some bad games and fell from the rankings. We were still a strong team and killed Clemson. There was talk in the stands of rushing the field for THAT. Unless it’s the #1 team of a huge rivalry, rushing the field needs to be left for the special moments.

  21. 21 mcud said at 9:46 AM on September 3rd, 2011:


    You really have to live down here to understand just how important that win was for Baylor. There are a lot of reasons why.

    Huge, huge win for the Bears.

    BTW, those teams have played 107 times.

  22. 22 Umby23294 said at 12:55 PM on September 3rd, 2011:

    @cliff, this was baylors first win against a team ranked this high since 1991. While you say it just the #14 ranked team…so what. To their fan base it is a wonderful thing and rare. Put in another way to them the feeling is like vt beating a top 5 team (vt is 1 and 27 against top 5 teams with the one win by Beamer). Well deserved for the fans to run on the field. Might be another 20 years for that to happen again. Imagine waiting another 20 years for a another 10 win season for vt? You wouldnt or couldn’t bear it. Feel proud about that.

  23. 23 Cafone said at 2:47 PM on September 3rd, 2011:

    Any chance Ingram gets a shot somewhere else? Frankly I was surprised he managed to hang around this long and I’m wondering if it was because the Eagles saw potential there.