Sunday Morning Notebook

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My column is posted.  It’s worth a look.  I listed the big plays we have put up on the Giants in the past 2 seasons.  Pretty amazing to see what we did.  Hopefully we’ll see even more today.

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After the first game I wrote my SB Nation Philly column about how clutch the Eagles were in the opener.  Last week the team made me look like a jackass (not that hard, huh?) with the way they played.  Poor Red Zone defense.  Dropped passes.  Costly missed tackles.  And a disastrous 4th quarter.

It will be interesting to see if last week was an aberration or if these issues are on-going and need to be dealt with.

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Remember how the O-line was the huge question a couple of weeks back?  Vick has been sacked 3 times this year.  2 of them were by DBs.  The third was caused by a DB.  The OL still needs to get better, but I think you can see that we’ve got some talent up front and that Howard Mudd is a pretty darn good coach.

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2 games, 2 Red Zone turnovers.  Can’t have that.  Both came on “complicated” plays.  One was a play-action pass.  The other involved a fake hand-off to one RB and was designed to go to the other.  Both times the defense attacked and the fakes were meaningless.  I hope Marty / Andy learn from this.  People attack Vick in the Red Zone.

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Field position is key.  4 of the 6 TDs we have allowed this year came on short fields.  We need to make the Giants drive a long field.

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DeSean will be key today, whether he’s a decoy or target.  I’m betting we open with a deep throw to him or at least a play where he’s going deep.  We want to scare the Giants DBs from the get-go.

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If you need some good pre-game time killers, Adam Caplan and Greg Cosell have 3 good film room sessions over at

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It will be interesting to see if we go no-huddle and, if so, just how much we do it.

5 Comments on “Sunday Morning Notebook”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 3:33 PM on September 25th, 2011:

    The worries about the O-line were greatly exaggerated, it was more of an unknown than anything. And as JimmyK said while watching the second Giants game from last year, Todd > King, Devan > Cole, Kelce > Mcglynn, but Mathis is obviously not as good as Todd.

    And speaking of Mathis, in a perfect world Todd is our RT of the future, Danny comes along at RG, Kelce is the man in the middle and Peters is Peters. From what you’ve seen is Evan a keeper while we develop a new guard or do we find someone else. We should keep him just for his Twitter.

  2. 2 Anonymous said at 3:37 PM on September 25th, 2011:

    And with the way we trolled our NFC East rivals in the off-season it wouldn’t surprise me if we went with no-huddle

  3. 3 Anonymous said at 3:40 PM on September 25th, 2011:




  4. 4 Anonymous said at 4:57 PM on September 25th, 2011:

    An amazing stat for the week: The Pats have beat the Bills 15 times in a row.

  5. 5 Steve H said at 4:58 PM on September 25th, 2011:

    How much longer do you think Tommy, will Watkins be inactive? we have to hope at some point he starts to at least be activated on gameday no?