Senior Bowl Watch List

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Here are a list of players that Eagles fans should watch.  I don’t know for a fact the team likes them, but they fit our schemes.

NORTH – Offense

OT Mike Adams – Big guy. Should play LT. Eagles paid him some attention down in Mobile.

OL Senio Kelemete – Could play G or T.  6’3 1/2, 300.  Has the body type, skill set to play for Mudd.

QB Russell Wilson – Mobile.  Solid arm.  Interesting.

Any WR could be of interest.

NORTH – Defense

DE Vinny Curry – Game is tailor made for the Wide-9.  Very good with his hands as well.  2nd round type target.

DE Cam Johnson – Really big fan. Perfect fit for us. Has Sickle Cell Trait, which will affect his value.  3rd Rd maybe. Good target.

DT Derek Wolfe – Goes 6’5, 286.  Might play DE, but would project to DT for us. Athletic. Good pass rusher. Really like him.

DT Kendall Reyes – Could fit us as a 1-gap DT.  Good week in Mobile, but never caught my eye at UConn.

LB James-Michael Johnson – If we want a mid-round MLB to add to the mix (with a veteran FA), JMJ could be a guy.  Thick body.  Want to see how he tackles.

LB Audie Cole – I think he’d play MLB for us.  Athletic issues, but quality LB.  A big game would help him out.

LB Lavonte David – Could he play SAM for us at 6’1, 225?  Need to see how he handles blockers. I don’t like him for us, but want to see how he looks.

CB Donnie Fletcher – Tough, physical player with some size.  My kind of corner.

S George Iloka – Odd player. Love his body (6’4, 222), but his game needs work.

SOUTH – Offense

WR Joe Adams – Similar to DeSean, but tougher.  Good RS as well.

WR Dwight Jones – Do we want a WR with serious size?

RB Lennon Creer – Do the Eagles want a rookie RB with some size?

SOUTH – Defense

DE Quinton Coples – Not a great fit, but a really talented player.  Just worth checking out.

DE Jake Bequette – Will play OLB in the game, but would be DE target for us.  Good fit.

DT Jaye Howard – Not a consistently good player, but has flashed serious talent this week.

LB Zach Brown – Great athlete with big time cover skills.  SAM?

LB Sean Spence – I don’t see him as likely target due to Rolle at WLB, but a player that I’m sure the Eagles like.

LB Keenan Robinson – The team showed some interest in him this week.  SAM with size and talent.  Run defense?

LB Demario Davis – Played MLB. Lacks ideal size, but quality player.

CB Dwight Bentley – Good CB. Can press.

CB Brandon Boykin – Could be ideal slot target for the Eagles. Very fast, athletic.  Also a RS.

CB Janoris Jenkins – Gifted cover guy, but has some character issues.  A great game would really push the team to think about him.

Here are the rosters.

Game is at 4pm on NFL Network.

45 Comments on “Senior Bowl Watch List”

  1. 1 Ellis Bergman said at 3:48 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Lavonte David, 225 lb linebacker. Is their any way the Eagles don’t draft him?

  2. 2 Anonymous said at 3:52 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Keenan Clayton and Brian Rolle don’t think it will happen.

    Joking aside, if he falls far enough, I’d love it. Doubt that happens, though.

  3. 3 Kammich said at 3:58 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    I’m intrigued by Iloka, but that body type brings up worrisome comparisons to Pat Watkins. Does he have the cover skills to stay on the outside like Richard Sherman last year, or is he destined to be a FS like Watkins?

  4. 4 Anonymous said at 4:07 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    I think Iloka is a guy you want for matchups…J Finley, Gronkowski, some big WRs, etc.

    He is 6’3 1/2, 222. Very, very long arms. Big hands.

  5. 5 Anonymous said at 4:01 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    T-Law wrote:

    “DE Cam Johnson – Really big fan. . . . Has Sickle Cell Trait . . . Good target.”

    This is exactly the type of “value” pick Roseman has tried to pull off the past couple of years.

    T-Law’s report — and the usual suspects — really like the guy.

    Sounds like he could be a steal in Rd 3 (which T-Law projects).

    Regarding Russell Wilson . . . he took some heat from the “media scouts” this week.

    But he sure seemed productive on game day during his college career.

    If he can stay in the pocket and slide around — like Brees — maybe he’s a sleeper pick.


    Does Russell Wilson have an NFL arm?

  6. 6 Anonymous said at 4:08 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Wilson’s arm is fine.

  7. 7 Anonymous said at 4:17 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Solid start for Russell Wilson so far. Showed his mobility. Threw the ball okay.

  8. 8 Anonymous said at 4:20 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Watching on a webstream and I don’t follow college football, so where does Zach Brown play in the 3-4?

  9. 9 Anonymous said at 4:29 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    He is an ILB. Will have light blue helmet. #47.

  10. 10 Anonymous said at 4:37 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Good couple of plays by DE Vinny Curry. Pressure on last pass led to INT.

  11. 11 Kammich said at 4:37 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Vinny Curry looking pretty good thus far. PBU on the pass attempted to Rainey, and showed some good C.O.D. when keeping contain on Weeden and recording the sack. Definitely like the kid.

  12. 12 Anonymous said at 4:43 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    I could see Washburn loving him.

  13. 13 Kammich said at 4:46 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Was that Janoris Jenkins that Marvin Jones just shed like a belted tunic?

  14. 14 Anonymous said at 4:59 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Yep. Maybe OPI, but I liked the physicality.

  15. 15 Kammich said at 4:58 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Nice half for Bobby Wagner. INT. PBU in the endzone. Nice form tackle on Ganaway(who is a pretty big kid).

  16. 16 Anonymous said at 5:45 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Watching the Senior Bowl live is so hard because every player is a prospect.

    Liked Zach Brown’s speed. Still sloppy on a tackle in space.

    Bobby Wagner had a good half.

    Vinny Curry impressed.

  17. 17 Kammich said at 5:55 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Marvin Jones has caught my eye. Big target. Showed strength and physicality against Janoris Jenkins. Later on, had Jenkins beat by 5 steps due to a nice double move. He’s a guy I feel the need to now go back and watch more of.

    I like all the little things that Doug Martin is doing. But it doesn’t surprise me… I’ve liked him all season for much of those reasons.

  18. 18 Kammich said at 6:02 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    It kills me only getting to watch it live. I am in Orlando and my provider here(Brighthouse) doesn’t carry NFL Net, so I’m watching a stream.

    The best part of re-watching it on the DVR, to me, is the trench play. I become nearly blind to the play in the trenches when watching it live.

  19. 19 Virgile - Bubqr said at 5:58 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Tommy Lawlor, how does Zach Brown compares to Daryl Washington as a prospect ?

  20. 20 Anonymous said at 6:59 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Brown is better athlete, but Daryl was more physical, better run defender.

  21. 21 Ben Hert said at 6:14 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Joe Adams has looked fantastic. Not as fast as I thought he would be, but he just doesn’t go down. Great YAC. Would he be a good slot receiver?

  22. 22 Kammich said at 6:16 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    I think with his RAC ability, track and field speed, and creativity in route running… he could be very a good slot receiver. He’s tougher than his size would indicate.

  23. 23 Anonymous said at 8:23 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Could be our Victor Cruz. Compact and quick. Turn 10 yar catch into 70 yard TD.

  24. 24 Kammich said at 6:19 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Vinny Curry just picked up Zebrie Sanders and used him as his very own QB sackling tool.

  25. 25 Anonymous said at 6:23 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Sanders was a turnstile all week. Actually started to feel bad for the kid.

    DT Derek Wolfe has played the run well today. Hasn’t gotten much pressure, though.

    LB Bobby Wagner continues to have a strong showing.

  26. 26 Anonymous said at 8:24 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    I really like Wagner as a WLB. I think he could really push Rolle.

  27. 27 Ben Hert said at 6:34 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    What dictates if a guy is RT or LT material? They were just talking about that kid from Georgia who would be a good RT or G but not a LT. I’d assume wingspan and height dictates a lot of it, but how would that be any different between the left and right side?

  28. 28 Kammich said at 6:46 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    At least going by conventional football standards, the LT is your pass protector. Needs to have the quick feet, the wide wingspan, and the overall ability to keep his QB clean. RTs are conventionally the road-graders who need to be better at getting their hands on the guy in front of him and driving him out of his runner’s lane.

    Now, with the game expanding as much as it is, certain teams run certain profiles. A guy like Cordy Glenn, the big kid from Georgia, will be an OG/RT on most teams boards. But a team like the Steelers could look at him at LT, because thats how much they focus on running the ball(and it looks like they’ll be doing even more running after the dismissal of Bruce Areans).

  29. 29 Ben Hert said at 6:49 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Thank you very much sir.

  30. 30 Kammich said at 6:49 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Omesele is getting taught a lesson in what it means to be elite. Coples has been giving him fits all day. Just trucked Omesele completely out of the play and then brought down Pead with one arm.

    Is he Julius Peppers? No. Doesn’t have the motor or the raw explosiveness to be a Peppers, I don’t think. But is he a top-10 pick? I’d say yes to that every day, and twice on sundays.

  31. 31 Anonymous said at 6:51 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Disappointed in Osemele. Still think he can play RT with coaching.

  32. 32 Kammich said at 7:13 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Going off the live, blind eye, with a little help from the chicken-scrawl of notes I have in front of me…

    Some guys who helped themselves:
    Ohio State OT Mike Adams
    Boise State RB Doug Martin
    Cincy RB Isaiah Pead
    Arkansas WR Joe Adams
    Cal WR Marvin Jones
    Arizona WR Juron Criner
    Utah OT Tony Bergstrom
    Georgia OG Cordy Glenn
    UNC DE Quinton Coples
    Marshall DE Vinny Curry
    Cincy DT Derek Wolfe
    Clemson DT Brandon Thompson
    Michigan DT Mike Martin
    Washington DT Alameda Ta’amu
    Utah State LB Bobby Wagner
    Texas LB Keenan Robinson
    Miami LB Sean Spence
    ULL CB Dwight Bentley
    Oklahoma CB Jamell Fletcher

    Some guys who didn’t really do anything to help themselves:
    All of the QBs.
    All of the OCs(besides, at times, Brewster)
    Kelechi Osemele
    Janoris Jenkins
    Trenton Robinson

    I wasn’t “blown away” by Zach Brown or Melvin Ingram, but I definitely wouldn’t have put any kind of negative stigma on their day, either.

  33. 33 Anonymous said at 7:29 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    Tommy, big fan of yours from Montreal Canada. Assuming we don’t go for a LB in FA and don’t draft your third son Luke from BC. Who do you see helping us immediatly ? and from what you saw from Zach Brown down in mobile is he simply Fast and good in coverage?

    Thank you for the daily eagles fix. See.. there not a lot of eagles fans in Montreal, Quebec
    Keep up the good work !

  34. 34 Anonymous said at 8:41 PM on January 28th, 2012:

    We must get a MLB, whether in free agency or the draft.
    We must add a WR, if we let DeSean go.

    Zach Brown could be a starting SAM for us. He can cover RBs, TEs, and even some WRs.
    A guy like Michael Floyd could contribute.
    I doubt any DL starts, unless we hit the jackpot with some sensational player.

    I’ve never been to Montreal, but I used to love the Expos. Loved Tim Raines and the teams of the late 70’s/early 80’s. Also, I met the Alouettes coach Marc Trestman while down in Mobile. Super nice guy.

  35. 35 Anonymous said at 5:13 PM on January 29th, 2012:

    Love Marc and what he has done with the team the last few years. Love him even more since i know he worked with Joe Montana ! Even heard he got interview for the Colts HC job.

    2004 was a sad year when the Expos moved to DC but people here are all about hockey and the montreal Canadiens. Sold out at home for the last ten years plus i think.

    As for Zach Brown, I would love the Eagles to add a freak athlete a linebacker with some size but my only concern when watching him is that when blockers gets their hands on him its pretty much over. Hard time shedding blocks. Does he have the intangibles to get better in that area ? I mean can the coaches correct that?

    Thanks !

  36. 36 Anonymous said at 8:49 PM on January 28th, 2012:


  37. 37 Dewey said at 11:59 PM on January 28th, 2012:


    Would love your future looking thoughts about what defenses will do to combat the Jimmy Graham, Gronkowski, Finley TE craze. Will the LBs get smaller? S’s turn into CBs?

    What think you?

  38. 38 Anonymous said at 12:09 AM on January 29th, 2012:

    Offenses have found mismatch players. Now defenses must do that. Get big Safeties or fast LBs. Accept the fact they’ll struggle in some areas, but use them to combat the specialists and limit big plays.

  39. 39 Anders Jensen said at 7:58 AM on January 29th, 2012:

    Thats why I hope Clayton can crack the lineup this year. I wouldnt mind if we found a good 2 down MLB there can tackle in FA and just shuffle our LBs like we did by the end of the year.

  40. 40 Dewey said at 12:25 PM on January 29th, 2012:

    @Tommy and Anders


    But the thing about athletic TEs is they don’t sub-package out. They can play all 3 downs, shifting LBs by down and date is exactly what causes said mismatches, no?

  41. 41 Anonymous said at 12:38 PM on January 29th, 2012:

    Most athletic TEs are good receivers, but only marginal blockers. Gronk and Vern Davis are the 2 exceptions. No one worries about Graham as a blocker. If you have a lighter LB vs him, that’s not a terrible matchup.

    Against Vern and Gronk…good luck.

  42. 42 Anonymous said at 7:53 AM on January 29th, 2012:

    I was surprised to hear how well Wagner played considering I read nothing but negative reviews about him all week. Saving it up for the game huh???

  43. 43 Anonymous said at 10:16 AM on January 29th, 2012:

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

    Awwww. No article yet? :’-(

  44. 44 Anonymous said at 10:33 AM on January 29th, 2012:

    Why does everyone think desean will be back next year? I think the only way he comes back is if we tag him. I don’t c us working out a long term deal.

  45. 45 Liam Garrett said at 10:47 AM on January 29th, 2012:

    I think there’s a feeling that Desean’s stock has dropped because of his relatively disappointing season and this year’s deluge of available top-tier receivers in free agency. Because of that, Desean might have to accept the smaller contract the FO has been offering.