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Mardy Gilyard said on Twitter tonight that he is headed to Philly.  Apparently Jeremy Maclin has a hip injury and the Eagles are thinking of making a move.  They are scheduled to meet with Gilyard on Tuesday.  There is no need for a workout since he was just here 10 days ago.  The Eagles could be hoping that Maclin’s hip isn’t too sore on Tuesday and they can stick with him.  If the injury is going to bother him, then the team must make a move.  Riley Cooper won’t be back by Sunday.  That means the team has 3 healthy WRs.

Gilyard doesn’t stand out in any way, but he is solid all around.  Also has some game experience so this isn’t the same as throwing Marvin McNutt or BJ Cunningham out there and hoping for the best.  Some wondered about Chad Hall.  He doesn’t have the speed to play outside. Purely a slot guy and move-player (RB, PR, KOR, misc type).  Gilyard is bigger than him and faster as well.

Let’s hope Mac is ready to go.  The Ravens defense is struggling a bit on MNF (given up 255 yards in 2 1/2 Qtrs), but that is still a quality group that you want your weapons for.

In order to sign Gilyard, the Eagles have to make a cut.  Nate Menkin makes the most sense.  He is a young player worth developing, but isn’t set to play a role right now.  Simply put, he’s expendable (right Rambo?).  Some may argue for Jaiquawn Jarrett, but he’s the #3 Safety right now.  David Sims is a guy they traded for so he might be more of a priority than Menkin.

I’m sure FakeWIPCaller would suggest to make the obvious cut and just get rid of Vick.

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Good job by Jimmy Bama of explaining the Eagles GL pass play to Clay Harbor.

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Who thought that watching the MNF game would leave me more nervous about the Ravens offense than their defense?  This truly is an upside down season so far.


22 Comments on “WR Update”

  1. 1 TommyLawlor said at 9:41 PM on September 10th, 2012:

    No sooner do I post this than the Ravens wake up and make plays on D. I jinxed the Bengals. Sorry.

  2. 2 Brett Smith said at 9:46 PM on September 10th, 2012:

    Thanks. I am very worried about next week now. I wonder if Vick survives the game with the beating Dalton is now taking.

    And Ed R is still dangerous

  3. 3 TommyLawlor said at 10:07 PM on September 10th, 2012:

    If you take away 50 INTs, Ed Reed isn’t all that special.

  4. 4 Kevin_aka_RC said at 12:55 PM on September 11th, 2012:

    Vick vs. Reed. Have to think Reed pads his HOF stats.

  5. 5 Aleandro green said at 9:48 PM on September 10th, 2012:

    why not sign plax?

  6. 6 Aleandro green said at 9:50 PM on September 10th, 2012:

    i guess that wouldnt make sense cause its only for short period of time

  7. 7 TommyLawlor said at 10:06 PM on September 10th, 2012:

    Gilyard knows the playbook. Vick has thrown to him so there is some sense of timing. Less of a transition.

  8. 8 BG said at 10:28 PM on September 10th, 2012:

    tommy asked this previously, but are you using the ALL22 film to rewatch the game?

  9. 9 TommyLawlor said at 11:16 PM on September 10th, 2012:

    It won’t be available until Wed. I think. I’ll write a review and then study the All-22 for further info.

  10. 10 T_S_O_P said at 1:58 PM on September 11th, 2012:

    A 22 review add on to the DgR

  11. 11 ian_no_2 said at 10:32 PM on September 10th, 2012:

    If they cut Jarrett, maybe someone will pick him up and play him against the Eagles, which would be an added bonus. They didn’t need a third safety against the Browns, and Jarrett’s ability to learn assignments in a year and a half doesn’t seem to have much on another guy in two weeks.

  12. 12 Arby1 said at 12:10 AM on September 11th, 2012:

    Liked how you stood toe to toe with Adam Caplan earlier. Well done.

  13. 13 ian_no_2 said at 9:31 AM on September 11th, 2012:

    Hall should go to a team looking for a slot receiver, which is perhaps why he turned down the PS spot. The Eagles already have two good slot receivers. Hall was offered a PS spot because he was PS eligible while Gilyard was not. I saw him try to beat a CB deep and wide in preseason last year and it wasn’t pretty.

  14. 14 Arby1 said at 9:53 AM on September 11th, 2012:

    Agreed. I’d pretty much made the same argument as Tommy during that final PS game.

  15. 15 ddub said at 8:21 AM on September 11th, 2012:

    I know. line up 2 tight end sets all night and give shady 50 touches.

  16. 16 Jeffrey Stover said at 9:37 AM on September 11th, 2012:

    Speaking of Maclin, I am very impressed with his build now. I was getting tired of Philly getting the smaller, quick wr’s. Now with Maclin, he has some size and the speed too! He definitely found a weight room this past offseason!

  17. 17 Alex Karklins said at 11:12 AM on September 11th, 2012:

    Mardy Gilyard is just what this team needs to get rolling again!

    Now that everyone thinks the Eagles have no chance on Sunday, I’m kind of counting on it being a good game.

  18. 18 aub32 said at 12:42 PM on September 11th, 2012:

    The Ravens offense looked good, but I like how we match up with them. DRC has the speed to keep up with Smith and Nnamdi can be physical with Boldin. I also think our D line has a chance to be a major factor, as Flacco was under duress early. My main concern is Ray Rice in the screen game and the two TEs. Do you think this could be the first real test for Kendricks vs TEs and Ryans vs recognizing the screen and getting players in the right position to stop it?

  19. 19 Eric Weaver said at 12:44 PM on September 11th, 2012:

    Interesting stat from Ruben Frank:

    ” Michael Vick’s game-winning TD pass to Clay Harbor was the Eagles’ first game-winning touchdown pass in the final two minutes of a game in nine years. The last one was a six-yarder from Donovan McNabb to Todd Pinkston with 32 seconds left vs. the Packers at Lambeau Field giving the Eagles a 17-14 win on Nov. 10, 2003.”

    It’s a pretty telling one. Although, we all can recall a few games where the Eagles did take the lead late and the defense collapsed.

  20. 20 Mac said at 1:20 PM on September 11th, 2012:

    Frankly, this statement doesn’t make me feel better about what happened on Sunday.

  21. 21 Mac said at 1:43 PM on September 11th, 2012:

    How is it that Vick gets abused this much, especially given the lack of talent that the Browns have on their D-line?


    I’m gonna go with a combination plate of play-calling and Vick looking for home runs every down.

  22. 22 A_T_G said at 3:46 PM on September 11th, 2012:

    Wouldn’t Menkin need to clear waivers? Would he?

    Is there an vested vet that they could go without for a week whom they could trust with a gentleman’s agreement? Edwards? One of the other backup O linemen? Tapp?

    Can we kill two birds with one stone and cut Bell now?