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You guys fired off a lot of questions yesterday.  Rather than burying answers in the comments section, here ya go…

What’s up with QB?  I’ve talked to a lot of people here in Mobile and no one has a good feel for the QB situation.  Heck, some people don’t even have a good theory.  Normally everybody will tell you what’s gonna happen at QB.  This year is odd.  We don’t know Chip Kelly or what he wants.  Nick Foles is too good to just dismiss, but isn’t good enough to count on.  I’m not sure there is a player worthy of pick #4.

There are QBs to like in the draft.  The Eagles have to figure out who they like the most and what the guy’s realistic value is.  Do Ryan Nassib, Zac Dysert, or Tyler Wilson all last to the Eagles 2nd round pick?  Maybe all 3 do…maybe none.  No one has shined here in Mobile.  Each guy has had his moments, but no one has separated from the pack.  I still don’t know what to make of Geno Smith, but the feeling from a lot of people is that the Chiefs have to take him 1st overall.

It is good the Eagles are meeting with the QBs, but don’t make too much of this.  Right now they are doing their due diligence rather than showing any kind of favoritism.

Could Nnamdi stay?  First order of business is that he’d need to take a massive pay cut.  He’d have to slash his salary by $10M.  Would he agree to that?  Then, the new staff would have to want him.  You can make a case for Nnamdi, but he would have to change his ways.  Chip Kelly isn’t going to want a guy that picks and chooses when to play all out.  That stuff has to be part of the past.  I think it is highly unlikely that Nnamdi is an Eagle in 2013.

I do n0t think Nnamdi can play Safety.  Charles Woodson is a freak.  He plays like a LB at times.  He’ll attack blockers.  He can blow up run plays.  He’s tough as nails.  Nnamdi has a tough moment once a month.  At Safety you need that every single game and on almost every play.  I do not think Nnamdi’s got that in him.

Why hire the DL coach before the DC?  Jerry Azzinaro doesn’t have a system.  He doesn’t care 3-4 vs 4-3.  He can teach the wide nine or Jimmy Bama’s favorite narrow zero.  Most DL coaches just teach individual players how to do their job within the system run by the DC.  Jim Washburn and the Wide 9 are a rare exception.  This is not a big deal.  If the new DC had a major issue with Azzinaro, I’m sure the Eagles would try to adjust.  I don’t think that’s a problem at all.

What’s g0ing on at DC?  Still no official word.  Most people here are buying the Ed Donatell rumor.  Gregg Williams is someone that got asked about, but I don’t see that happening.  He’s going to bring massive attention and scrutiny to his next job.  Might be too soon for that to happen.

Could Honey Badger be of interest?  Sure.  Great talent.  Major issues, but late enough in the draft he might be worth the risk.  We have no idea how Kelly will feel about character issues.  That’s something we’ll all learn together through this process.

* * * * *

I went out and had drinks last night.  Jimmy Bama and I started with the PE.com guys.  That was good for some laughs and good Eagles arguments/discussions.  Jimmy told a story that stole the night.  We’ll work that into a podcast.  I would guess we’ll record a show on Thursday night.

Later on I went downtown with Dan Klausner from BGN and we had drinks with a bunch of the beat writers.  Sheil Kapadia, Tim McManus, Geoff Mosher, and Jeff McLane were all fun to have a beer with.  Lots of good jokes and funny stories being shared.  Those guys are all really nice in person.  Wish I could tell you they were arrogant jerks and we could secretly hate them…but all good guys.  I see Les Bowen at the practices and he’s also a super nice guy.  Haven’t had a chance to drink a beer with him yet.

Chip Kelly was at one of the bars we were at last night.  He was hanging out with a group of football guys (didn’t recognize them and didn’t want to stare since they were in an uncrowded part of the bar.  Can’t tell you how new this is for everyone to have the Eagles coach out drinking beer.  He wasn’t knocking ’em back like crazy or doing anything wild.  Just out socializing and telling football stories.  Seemed like one of the fellas.  Kinda cool.

I’ll see if I can put up a post from the airport today, but if not…could be late tonight.  Practice til 330, then flying home.


80 Comments on “Q&A + Misc Senior Bowl Stuff”

  1. 1 Anders said at 9:59 AM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Tommy it sound like you are heaven or does you still need Megan Fox, pudding and PBR to make it heaven?

  2. 2 Steven said at 11:43 AM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I always saw Tommy as someone was into the Sarah Jessica Parker type.

  3. 3 D3FB said at 1:38 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Sex in the City: Tommy and Jimmy take Mobile

  4. 4 Anders said at 5:07 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    are you new here? Tommy got a thing or two for Megan Fox.

  5. 5 Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran said at 1:21 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    One vote for he’s in heaven right now.
    Perhaps we should try to set up some sort of endowment fund to ensure that he’s able to do this on a yearly basis.

    I can here the announcement from Lurie now: “The Philadelphia Eagles Chair in Football Studies is hereby awarded to Tommy Lawlor.”

  6. 6 Matthew Verhoog said at 10:04 AM on January 23rd, 2013:


  7. 7 Aleandro green said at 10:22 AM on January 23rd, 2013:

    So tommy I was on another forum yesterday and someone posted am article saying the eagles should be interested in terrelle pryor. The article pointed out that chip tried to recruit Pryor but he decided to stay close to home. I dismissed this article immediately after I realized it was just someone trying to play connect the dots. But I’m just curious to know what you think of Pryor and If you think the eagles/chip would be interested

  8. 8 Steven said at 11:42 AM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Terrelle Pryor is still under contract and the Raiders used a 3rd round pick to get him 2 years ago. He had a solid start against the Chargers this season and the success Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick had in the playoffs has me thinking that Oakland would still like to retain him.

    I can’t imagine the Eagles giving up more than a 5th round draft pick for him and I can’t imagine the Raiders taking anything less than a 3rd round draft pick for him.

  9. 9 Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran said at 1:16 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I can’t image anyone even giving a 5th rounder for that guy. He has CFL (followed by Arena League) written all over him.

  10. 10 Ark87 said at 10:34 AM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Your 0 key is going all third reich on your o key. It seems like a good draft year in the sense that there is enough depth that Chip can get a good start on building the team the way he wants it, just nothing exciting for #4, I’m kinda leaning towards trading out.

  11. 11 D3FB said at 11:20 AM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Problem is who wants to trade up?

  12. 12 Mac said at 12:00 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    If Geno Smith or Joeckel are still on board #4 could have value. There may be a pass rusher who is head and shoulders above the rest of the class by draft day as well. Top 5 picks aren’t a king’s ransom anymore (unless the player is lights out like RG3) but I could see us swapping for another teams top 10 and 2nd rounder at least… possibly a bit more.

  13. 13 Steven said at 12:26 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Teams would definitely move up for Luke Joeckel. He has the ability to be a franchise OT and his value has increased due to Jake “not Casey” Matthews and Taylor Lewan deciding to forgo the draft. I’d be surprised to see Andy, Jacksonville, and Oakland pass on him in the draft. I;m not sure about Geno Smith.

  14. 14 A Roy said at 2:37 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I would keep the pick if Luke or Star (assuming we go to 3-4) are available. Try and trade down a few positions…maybe twice…if they’re gone. If we’re going 3-4, we need LB bodies in addition the the CBs and Ss that would appear to be in deep supply in this draft.

  15. 15 Mac said at 2:46 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I’ve seen folks mention that Star could make sense even if we stay in a 4-3 base. Star and Fletch as our starting DTs sounds like a pocket collapsing nightmare for opposing QBs to me.

  16. 16 Sb2bowl said at 3:21 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I think I’d prefer Luke over Star…….. but thats right now

  17. 17 D3FB said at 1:32 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    In my opinion Star and Joeckel would be the only two players that the Eagles would keep the pick if they had an offer on the table. I’m not sure that either the pass rushers or QBs are going to be able to differentiate each other for other GMs to decide to move up and give up valuable picks to do so. This draft certainly seems to provide the best value by acquiring as many picks in the 20 – 80 range. Whether or not the team is able to capitalize on that may be out of their control.

  18. 18 Ark87 said at 1:50 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Someone always has an eye-popping combine and somebody always falls for it. There is hope!

    Big movers last year:
    Dontari Poe and Michael Floyd come to mind, of course they didn’t launch into the 4th pick.

  19. 19 D3Keith said at 8:05 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Or do anything during the season.

  20. 20 Ark87 said at 12:18 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    exactly, all depends on who #5 is going to take and how much someone behind #5 want’s said person

  21. 21 aub32 said at 2:13 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I think Buffalo will want to move up if Smith is still on the board. They have already come out and said they intend to draft a franchise QB. However, it’s a big “if” as I don’t see Reid letting Smith get by him. KC needs a QB more than anything else, and Reid may see Geno as his McNabb part deux. Still if he chooses someone else we could be looking at 8th overall, then 36 and 40.

  22. 22 holeplug said at 5:07 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I’d imagine Arizona,Buffalo, and maybe Cleveland (Lombardi hates Weeden) would trade up if Geno is there a #4. Don’t see Reid passing on Geno or some other QB though at #1.

  23. 23 phillyfan1987 said at 10:52 AM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I know this is a little off topic but I would be willing to give Ed Donatell a chance if he is the DC. Looking at his Defenses with GB and ATL he got results and even if they were middle of the pack defense or a lil higher they were able to get in the playoffs and get deep in the playoffs. It would seem he would run a 43 which would keep the continuity but could also do a hybrid or transition over time as we get the personnel. Also I think time away from the position and going back to being a positional coach may have helped him look at things differently and get different opinions from other DC’s. If you look at the staff already been filled for the most part maybe Kelly is already in talks with Ed and figuring things out (handshake agreement, heard they know each other from when he was at the University of Wash) looking at his hires he also has a bunch of former Defensive coordinators from college so with their experience and difference in opinions it looks like some pretty good football minds will be together for game planning and scheme planning… whats your thoughts tommy

  24. 24 Steven said at 11:13 AM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Nnamdi is 31 and was a below average CB last year. He is set to make $15 million next and is only guaranteed $4 million. If the Eagles decide to keep him they’ll reduce his salary to around $4-6 million. If Nnamdi thinks he can get more on the open market, good for him.

    Question- If the Eagles cut him, and Nnamdi gets a new contract with another team, does he get paid that salary in addition to what the Eagles have to pay him or will it be subtracted from what the Eagles owe him? The latter is how the NBA works, I’m not sure how it works in the NFL.

  25. 25 Miami_Adam said at 12:31 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Whether a new contract offsets what the original team owed is bargained for by each player(‘s agent). That’s generally the biggest issue in rookie contract negotiations, especially since the salaries are mostly determined by draft slot now.

  26. 26 aub32 said at 11:16 AM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Would Nnamdi really have to take that drastic of a pay cut. Couldn’t they work out a deal like they did for Cullen Jenkins where he gets good upfront money, and his base salary becomes insignificant. Then next year’s base can be a bit higher, and we can see what he does under a real DC and hopefully better safety play.

  27. 27 dislikedisqus said at 12:55 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I think he’s toast at any price. Bad attitudes aren’t supportable at minimum wage. A negative employee is a negative even if they work for free.

  28. 28 Ark87 said at 1:18 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Plus he’d probably make more by walking than what we are willing to restructure to. And he is reviled in this town, no incentive for either side to go forward with a restructure.

  29. 29 aub32 said at 2:04 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I think decent to good CB play is incentive enough to restructure. Don’t forget he shut down megatron and left the WR opposite AJ Green without a single catch. He may not be the top corner we thought, but he is a starting CB in this league, and with a restructure he would be cheaper than anything we can find on the open market, especially since we would have to pay him 4 million anyway.

  30. 30 A Roy said at 2:31 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Concur. Bad attitude exacts a cost.

  31. 31 D3Keith said at 8:04 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    When did Nnamdi become Terrell Owens?

    He pointed fingers and called out defensive coaches, but let’s not forget, he wasn’t wrong. Coverages were being blown and the defense was at times atrocious. NA certainly played his part in it, but I’m not sure his attitude makes him a lost cause if — and this is the big IF — you believe he can still play.

    He’s still tepid, nice-guy-who-drives-a-1997-Mazda Nnamdi, isn’t he?

  32. 32 Glenn Jaffe said at 12:07 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Thanks for making the trip and keeping us updated. Hope they didn’t run out of PBRs! Welcome back to NC!

  33. 33 Mac said at 12:08 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I can think of a whole group of people who become tough once a month, just like Nnamdi. Does he fit in that group?

  34. 34 Ark87 said at 12:22 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    that line raised any eyebrow for me as well

  35. 35 Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran said at 1:13 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    The Eagles epitaph for 2012: “Tough once a month”
    (And correspondingly: “Won once a month on average”)

  36. 36 Guest said at 10:08 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Once a month, 1 in 4. That’s how often we won this year.

  37. 37 P_P_K said at 12:12 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Hey Tommy, As you hang out with the beat writers, do you get any sense if they read your stuff on a regular basis? Do they follow IggleBlitz? Partially, I’m just curious. Partially, I wonder if someone is going to swoop you away and offer you a big-time gig.

  38. 38 D3FB said at 1:35 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I know that Roob tweets at Tommy from time to time congratulating him on some of the extra exceptional pieces.

  39. 39 D3Keith said at 6:51 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I’ve seen Les and some of the other beat writers make reference to something they read on Tommy’s site in their official writings/tweets.

    I think 6-10 years ago there was a real fear among old-time writers that bloggers were either hacks, or coming to steal their jobs by undercutting their value (doing for free what other people do for pay).

    At some point, in my experience, a mutual respect has developed. In a lot of cases, bloggers have time to do what beat writers don’t, and have no bosses to answer to. Also every newspaper writer “blogs” to a degree now, and bloggers are getting access and credentials. So we’ve all learned that there’s value in having multiple perspectives to the same coverage.

    Also I’ve been told that IgglesBlitz is read inside NovaCare’s walls but I can’t independently verify that. But suffice it to say, as with all things on the internet, what you write might last long or go further than you ever imagined. (or it might be totally ignored; I’m sure nobody’s here looking for ideas either.)

  40. 40 goeagles55 said at 9:44 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Morton was Joe Banner.

  41. 41 wee2424 said at 11:02 PM on January 23rd, 2013:


  42. 42 D3Keith said at 12:18 AM on January 24th, 2013:

    That explains a lot, including his disappearance.

  43. 43 Steven said at 12:45 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    My top 4:

    1. Luke Joeckel
    2. Star Lotulelei
    3. Dee Milliner
    4. Bjoern Werner

  44. 44 Sb2bowl said at 3:04 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Luke and Star are worth top 5, but not the other two

  45. 45 Mac said at 4:24 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I think the jury is out on Milliner. If he can prove he is this years top CB by a wide margin then he is going to be a high pick just because of the value of the position even if he lacks in measurables.

  46. 46 Jeffrey Stover said at 12:48 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Heck, why not Dennis Dixon? He was pretty good at Oregon back in the day. Shoot, I think Oregon would have run the tables that year had he not hurt his knee.

  47. 47 dislikedisqus said at 12:52 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I thought our HC was a monk who lived in his office or a film room or on a field. Another myth disabused.

  48. 48 D3FB said at 1:34 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Juan sadly was not promoted along w/ his 28 hour work day.

  49. 49 dislikedisqus said at 12:58 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Espn’s NFC East blog is saying CK was drinking with Monte Kiffin.

  50. 50 Steve Kolecki said at 1:21 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    T-Law, Long time reader. First time with DisQus. I went to High School with McLane and have know him (and his family) since I was born. He’s a pretty regular guy, glad to hear you’re getting a chance to hang out with the Beat writers and get to know them on a personal level.

  51. 51 Cvd52 said at 1:58 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    i would say zero percent chance Nnamdi plays saftey anywhere in the league anytime in his life. i would rather have spencer hawes play saftey for the eagles. nnamdi’s specail tackle move was stciking his arm out to his side and putting his head down, while his hips and feet stayed planted. for some reason it never worked

  52. 52 Crus57 said at 6:27 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Nnamdi will never play safety because if he did he’d have to blame himself for all the busted double coverages.

  53. 53 D3Keith said at 12:19 AM on January 24th, 2013:


    He’ll be here all week!

  54. 54 Matthew Verhoog said at 10:10 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Nnamdi is most effective playing man, You almost never play man as a safety

  55. 55 phillyfan1987 said at 2:31 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    coaching update:hc-chip kelly
    oc-pat schurmur
    OLA- greg austin
    RB-Duce staley
    TE-Ted Williams
    TE/WR assistant-justin peelle
    (just guessing here he was a TE)


    DC- Ed Donatell (rumored)
    Dl-jerry azzasario
    LB-ricky minter/bill mcgoven
    DQ-mike dawson
    Def.Asst- Todd lyght
    ST- Dave Fipp
    ST Assist-matt harper

    Josh Gibson -personnel
    James Harrison-personnel

  56. 56 47_Ronin said at 11:50 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Thanks for the list. With 2 LB coaches, it does look like the Eagles are going to a 34 system. Not a wise move, IMO the personnel is better suited for the 43, and with a few additional pieces (players and coaching) plus the 4th pick the Eagles could quickly see significant improvement in the D.

    It’s ironic that we’ve heard the Eagles brass say that they’re looking at the prospective trends in football with NE held up as an example, but the Pats have switched to a 43.

  57. 57 Phils Goodman said at 4:25 AM on January 24th, 2013:

    Who do you think we have that only fits a 4-3, and how much is that based on only having seen them in the Eagles system? I think the Eagles have a lot of versatility in their front 7 and a more creative system could tap into that.

    Also New England runs a hybrid system that is based on some 2-gap principles from Belichick’s 3-4. Just classifying a defense as 34 or 43 barely touches the surface of what they do.

    More on that here:

  58. 58 Phils Goodman said at 4:30 AM on January 24th, 2013:

    “Here in the present, amid various strategic schemes and approaches — 3-4, 4-3, 1-gap, 2-gap, spread offense, pro-style, and so on — the trends swirl about and collide without any discernable pattern. In recent years, defenses have undergone radical changes and even have come back to the 2-gap (and even 1-gap) 3-4 schemes. Meanwhile, offenses have gotten more varied and spread than ever. Right now, there is no clear-cut favorite between 2-gap and 1-gap approaches. 1-gap defenses keep schemes simple, but in a world of wide-open offenses, the 2-gap approach allows defenses to keep extra players in coverage and to blitz from unexpected spots. We see lots of different defensive systems in the NFL right now because schemes in general are in flux.

    This is precisely the atmosphere in which Bill Belichick thrives; he’s comfortable amid shifting ideological currents. In addition to being a veteran defensive coach, Belichick is known as something of a football historian. His father coached for a very long time, including roughly four decades at the Naval Academy. Belichick grew up around football coaches, and he has witnessed this strategic evolution.

    So what has Belichick done with his oddball assortment of defenders, anchored by Vince Wilfork? Did he choose 3-4 or 4-3? One-gap or 2-gap? Traditionally a 3-4 coach, Belichick ran this system even when almost every other NFL team was mimicking the 4-3 defenses popular in Dallas and Tampa. But Belichick now finds himself in a time when, by desire and necessity, he has largely moved to a four-man line approach. And yet, in typical Belichick fashion, he has chosen not to rely solely on the 4-3 or 3-4 or a 1-gap or 2-gap approach. Nor does he just alternate between 3-4 and 4-3 looks from play to play. Instead, Belichick has essentially combined both approaches in the same play.”

  59. 59 Alex Karklins said at 10:05 AM on January 24th, 2013:

    Great article, but who would have the “War Daddy” Vince Wilfork role if this hybrid concept came to Philly? Without Wilfork, this wouldn’t have worked for the Pats. Guys like him are pretty rare.

  60. 60 Phils Goodman said at 3:13 PM on January 24th, 2013:

    NT is definitely the big question mark if they go to 3-4. Maybe it’s someone in the draft.

  61. 61 Phils Goodman said at 10:57 PM on January 24th, 2013:



  62. 62 phillyfan1987 said at 9:56 AM on January 24th, 2013:

    added two additional names to the coaching list waiting to find out Oline and Qb coach or trying to find out whether they will just fill that spot given our OC is really the OC

  63. 63 ezgreene said at 3:07 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Has anyone heard a name or names in regard to Offensive Line coach? Is Chung in Kansas City? He had a very strong reputation.

  64. 64 Mac said at 4:16 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I read somewhere that Chung is asst o-line coach in KC.

  65. 65 ICDogg said at 11:52 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Gene Chung tonight.

  66. 66 Mac said at 4:42 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Little buzz on twitter suggesting the KC scouts like Tyler Wilson as a possible candidate for #1.

  67. 67 ACViking said at 11:29 AM on January 24th, 2013:

    The good people of Mobile must be selling more than cigarettes, then.

  68. 68 Mac said at 11:55 AM on January 24th, 2013:

    Kempski’s day 3 notes on Wilson:

    Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson had a good day. His best throw of the day was a back shoulder throw about 25 yards down the sideline to Terrence Williams. The ball was a little over Williams’ head, where the DB had little chance of making a play on the ball, delivered with zip.

    I would think we’d have heard more out of Kempski and Tommy if Wilson was lighting the place up…

  69. 69 Skeptic_Eagle said at 5:48 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    At this point, it only makes sense that someone from the two remaining coaching staffs is being targeted as D-Coordinator.

    The only way I could see Asomugha coming back is as a one-year bandaid, since they have to pay him 4 million dollars to walk away, regardless. Unfortunately, I’m not sure you can hide a guy that can’t play zone, is a poor open-field tackler, and can’t run in man coverage, anymore.

    I think it’d be a poetic ending to his disappointing tenure in Philadelphia if his last play was that awful pass interference penalty on a mediocre wide receiver that had just burned him with a double move. How frustrating! I don’t think they’ll be very active in free agency this year, but if they do sign a few key players, I really hope they take into account scheme fit and locker room chemistry.

  70. 70 ACViking said at 5:49 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Re: Nassib / EJ Manual

    I’m looking forward to T-Law’s take-down on both these QBs after the SB.

    And I’m very interested to see their 10-yard splits and 20-yard shuttles at the Combine.

    But if neither of them is an accurate passer (relatively speaking), who cares.

  71. 71 wee2424 said at 10:59 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Don’t know much about Manual, but i thought i did hear somewhere that he set Florida States pass attempts to completions record. If that is true it has to say something about his accuracy. This statement could be wrong, and it could have just came from my ass, but i thought i did read or hear it somewhere.

  72. 72 ICDogg said at 11:39 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    There’s a youtube of Manuel vs Clemson that gives you an idea of what he is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v8OOY7AHRE

    He makes pretty quick decisions under pressure and good athletic ability. Pinpoint accuracy is not his strongest suit though.

  73. 73 ACViking said at 5:57 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    HEY, T-LAW . . . you stayin’ away from those places frequented by “old man Roth?”

  74. 74 ICDogg said at 11:48 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Old Man Roth would never come here, but old Johnny knows these places like the back of his hand.

  75. 75 ACViking said at 11:27 AM on January 24th, 2013:

    Yes. Indeed, Johnny did.

    So where did Roth hang out . . . besides the roof of his hotel with a birthday cake?

  76. 76 D3Keith said at 6:55 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Never realized Senior Bowl was SUCH a hangout week. Sounds like Spring Break for football geeks.

    I mean I always knew it was a convention for scouts and agents, as they have work to do there. By extension, coaches would go to scout the next generation of talent and/or get their new jobs.

    And I guess it makes sense that beat writers and bloggers would follow, as it’s a great place to network and work sources that could potentially help down the road. I think I’m just surprised that *that* people convinced whoever pays them to send them to Mobile.

  77. 77 ICDogg said at 11:24 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    any excuse to get out of this freezing cold

  78. 78 wee2424 said at 10:53 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    Reports on PFT.com that Woody is thinking about trading Revis. Think there is any chance Eagles might bite/be interested? Personally after the Nnamdi signing and the fact that Revis is coming off a torn ACL the possibility intrigues me but scares me at the same time. He is due 6 mil this year (cheaper then Nnamdi), but is a UFA after this upcoming year which makes the situation even more complex.

  79. 79 ICDogg said at 11:51 PM on January 23rd, 2013:

    I doubt it. That’s the kind of trade you consider if you have mostly a solid team together.

  80. 80 BobSmith77 said at 12:43 AM on January 24th, 2013:

    I want Nnamdi gone. Teams targeted him from the get go starting in the preseason. He had some useful moments but he also had a bunch of excuses/finger-pointing, questionable effort in a few games, shoddy tackling all year, and only 1 INT.

    The problem is the Eagles don’t have a clear young player on their roster to replace him as a starter. I also can understand their reluctance to cut him given the questions they have on resigning DRC to at least a decent-sized contract. Nnamdi just might stick for the simple fact that the Eagles don’t want to go with 2 unproven options at the CB spot next year.