DRC Frees Insane Comments Trapped in His Head

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DRC is a liberator. He is a liberator of insane thoughts.

DRC, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for those who have conveniently forgotten, spoke to his hometown newspaper recently. He shared some good insights. Okay, maybe good is a poor choice of words. What would you call this comment about why he decided to go to Denver?

“They told me about my flaws. Nobody had done that, and it impressed me,” Rodgers-Cromartie said Friday, wrapping up his three-day basketball camp at the Palmetto Boys and Girls Club. “They told me what I needed to work and how they would get me better instead of telling me about what I could do.”

Nobody had done that?

Are you shitting me? I’m sorry for the language, but that is the only phrase that fits such a preposterous lie.

Since entering the NFL in 2008, DRC has been supervised by the following people:

ARZ head coach Ken Whisenhunt

ARZ Def Co. Clancy Pendergrast

ARZ Def Co. Bill Davis

ARZ DBs coach Teryl Austin

ARZ DBs coach Donnie Henderson

PHI head coach Andy Reid

PHI Def Co. Juan Castillo

PHI Def Co. Todd Bowles (also 2012 DBs coach)

PHI DBs coach Johnnie Lynn

DRC would have us believe that none of these men in 5 years pointed out his flaws. Okay. And I”m going to cure cancer by sniffing Megan Fox’s hair while we chug PBRs and watch Lone Wolf McQuade together.

(greatest movie scene ever?)

My point here isn’t to defend the Eagles coaches as doing some great job. Clearly they didn’t. Pointing out the flaws is the easy part. Fixing them is the real trick. DRC said this is the first time his flaws have even been pointed out. Bullshit.

What bugs me is the way some in the national media jumped on this story, eager to believe that a player who has immense talent is finally getting it together because he’s having his flaws pointed out to him for the first time. How can smart people believe DRC’s bullshit? And that’s exactly what it is.

Don’t believe me? Listen to…DRC…from last summer. Here are his comments on Castillo working with him.

“No question. He changed my game. He turned me into a press corner,” said Rodgers-Cromartie. “He’s one of the guys that took the time with you, to make you understand the weakness in your game and keep you after practice and make you work on it. This is the NFL, you’re accountable for yourself. Not too many people are going to say, ‘Hey, you need to do this and make sure you do it.’  They tend to let you do it on your own.”

So Castillo pointed out weaknesses in DRC’s game…but he never covered any flaws? Castillo must be one amazing wordsmith. Those sure sound like the same things to a moron like me.   (special h/t to Alaskan Eagles for pointing out that comment to me)

Some pointed out that maybe DRC was making the flaws comment in regard to other free agent suitors. That is possible, but unlikely. I did a search today and could only find him visiting Denver. DRC signed with them only a couple of days into FA. Other teams could have talked to him or his agent over the phone, but it seems unlikely that those discussions would go into flaws. They would be more about money.

I don’t think DRC is a bad man. I’ve never heard anyone be critical of him in terms of being a jerk. He’s not a criminal or anything close to that. He has always been a bit of a class clown. That goes back to his high school days. There is nothing wrong with that. I was a class clown type.

But there is an issue when you underachieve like DRC has. Now the playful side of his personality makes you question how serious he is about living up to his potential. DRC is as gifted as any CB in the NFL. If he had the focus, intensity and toughness of Sheldon Brown, DRC would be the best or second best CB in the league. Unfortunately, DRC is more like Charlie Brown than Sheldon.

I think previous coaches tried fixing DRC’s issues, but they failed to either get through to him or to stay connected with him. He has had some great moments. He’s just maddeningly inconsistent. The coaches definitely share some blame. And many have paid with their jobs.

DRC also must do his part. If things are to truly be different now, he must listen to what he’s being told and truly embrace it. The Denver staff has done a good job with their defense for the past 2 years. Maybe they have the right coaches and will be able to reach him.

I think money is also an issue. DRC just hit free agency and got a one-year, $5M deal. He expected to be making closer to double that and to have a major signing bonus in his bank already. I have to believe that not getting the expected money served as a big wake-up call to DRC. When just one team shows serious interest and the other 31 say “no thanks”, that can get your attention.

I’d love to tell you that I hope he does play well for Denver and turns his career around, but that would be a lie. DRC was painful to watch for 2 years. Now he’s shooting off his mouth and making former teams look bad. I don’t hate the guy and I’ll never cheer for an injury, but I will enjoy watching him miss tackles and make bonehead mistakes.

If the Denver coaches somehow did really connect with him and things are truly going to be different, kudos to those men for accomplishing something so many others have failed at. As Les Bowen put it on Twitter:

* * * * *

Doug Farrar is a good NFL writer and smart guy. He is one of the people who bought right into the comment. It bugs me because I respect him so much. How did this not set off his BS meter?

Here is Doug’s take, which is just a bit different than mine.

He does say “if it’s true”, but barely covers that angle and is much more eager to embrace the comment as true. That angle certainly does make for a more compelling story. It just seems so shockingly unlikely that I don’t know how you buy it. Football coaches live to point out flaws. How on earth could no one in 5 years point out DRC’s myriad flaws?

Simple. They did.

He just wasn’t listening.


42 Comments on “DRC Frees Insane Comments Trapped in His Head”

  1. 1 Ark87 said at 9:26 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    ” If he had the focus, intensity and toughness of Sheldon Brown, DRC would be the best or second best CB in the league.”

    If DRC ever does anything like this, I simply will stop believing in reality.


  2. 2 TommyLawlor said at 9:34 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    “I will stop believing in reality”.

    Very Matrix-ish comment.

  3. 3 Ark87 said at 11:43 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    Exactly right Tommy. Upon witnessing this I will have a revelation that it was a glitch in the Matrix and summarily be unplugged and flushed, ahem i mean Matrix what’s that, pfft I’m nota nerd, my comments were strictly Cartesian….yeah

  4. 4 Mitchell said at 10:07 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    Would that hit still be legal today or was Reggie a defenseless receiver?

  5. 5 Tumtum said at 11:05 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    Just wondering that myself. Totally was a fumble though.

  6. 6 MediaMike said at 9:18 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    YES! F the refs. We should have won that game…….and beaten the Bears the week after.

  7. 7 Tumtum said at 10:19 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    Goes to show you that if you just make the post season all it takes is a couple calls and bounces to go your way. Eagles fans always seemed so upset that we didn’t win the big one AR. The way he did it was the way you win one though. Get there then get lucky. I really hope we get back to that under Chip.

  8. 8 Ark87 said at 6:05 PM on July 2nd, 2013:

    I’m not entirely sure of this but I think that only applies to receivers beyond LOS+5 yards. Also, doesn’t the “defenseless receiver” rule only apply to hits up high? I was under the impression you can still light someone up in the strike-zone.

  9. 9 SteveH said at 2:30 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    That was such a devastating hit, I can’t believe Reggie got back in the game so quickly.

  10. 10 eagleyankfan said at 7:58 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    That was not a sign of things to come in that game. As far as legal hit. He squared his shoulders, moved his head to the side and did not spear him. HOWEVER, I bet the ref would throw the flag because that’s what they do when they aren’t sure. NOT a fumble though, he didn’t make a “football” move.

  11. 11 MediaMike said at 9:19 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    I saw a football move. Eagles ball. Ronnie Brown threw a forward pass. Donovan totally rolled over that pile vs. Dallas untouched and we should have been given a first down! We’re constantly F’d by the refs and replay.

  12. 12 Corry said at 9:39 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    Maybe DRC only wants to be addressed as “Batman”?

  13. 13 atb124 said at 9:22 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    Certainly a more plausible theory than, “No one ever pointed out his flaws before.”

  14. 14 the guy said at 9:59 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    I’m glad he’s gone. Not that we need him anymore.

    This team will be so much better now that Vick finally learned how to slide and carry the ball properly and Maclin finally has “something to prove”.

  15. 15 TommyLawlor said at 10:54 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    Just wait til Nate Menkin gets a chip on his shoulder.

  16. 16 Mac said at 11:31 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    Are you speaking metaphorically in the sense that Nate will hoist Chip up on his shoulders after the SB win?

  17. 17 Tumtum said at 11:06 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    Vick learned to slide? I need a link.

  18. 18 eagleyankfan said at 8:02 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    So, you’re saying — even after Atlanta coaches admitted they tried teach Vick to slide AND I’m sure AR and co tried to teach him to slide that THIS YEAR Vick is going to learn? That’s like DRC saying he’s never been told about his flaws before. (Vick does as Vick thinks is right.)

  19. 19 atb124 said at 9:17 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    “That’s like DRC saying he’s never been told about his flaws before”

    I could be wrong, but I think that was intentional.

  20. 20 the guy said at 5:41 PM on July 2nd, 2013:

    It was.

  21. 21 Joe Minx said at 10:29 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    Fantastic article. Said everything I was thinking. DRC is a first class chump.

  22. 22 Weapon Y said at 10:53 PM on July 1st, 2013:

    DRC seems to be a guy who needs really close supervision to keep him from being lazy. In the first six games, he actually played fairly well. He was even great at times and definitely better than Asomugha. I give Bowles a lot of credit because DRC played well when Bowles was the secondary coach, and thus able to closely monitor him. After Castillo was fired and Bowles was promoted, DRC regressed far more than any other player on the defense. Bowles no longer was able to supervise him because he had to coordinate the entire defense, not just the secondary.

    DRC represented everything I hated about the “Dream Team” the past two years, but I will admit that he can be successful if Denver’s defensive coaching staff can do what Bowles did before the Castillo firing. I will say that I am hoping receivers humiliate him next year. Nothing would thrill me more than to see DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin light him up in Week 4.

  23. 23 GEagle said at 1:31 PM on July 2nd, 2013:

    for me, it’s seeing Arrelius Benn or Zack Ertz block him into the 4th row, and then pancake him in the middle of the crowd (gonna have to slow down the tempo on that play lol)?..I just want to see Ertz treat him like fresh fish in prison..Adebisi Style bashing!!!

  24. 24 Weapon Y said at 3:55 PM on July 2nd, 2013:

    I’d be satisfied with that

  25. 25 planetx1971 said at 12:44 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    I read that article on NFL.com and it drove me guano. All they talked about was how they were going to “fix” his deficiencies in hip movement and a few other intricacies in his coverage & problems solved. Hilarious. There was ZERO mention of his atrocious lack of tackling ability! I read somewhere that DRC whiffed on nearly 21% of his tackles. TOPS IN THE LEAGUE. In comparison, Cary Williams missed on just over 2%. Not sayin Williams is Richard Sherman, but that differential is staggering. I’ve always noticed that poor tacklers are RARELY ever “fixed”. Lastly,I have to laugh when I read all these Denver fans thinking they’ve scored treasure much like we did. Fools gold Bronco fans. ENJOY!!!!

  26. 26 Mac said at 11:30 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    The only corner I’m aware of who is even in the same league as DRC in terms of tackling skills would be Nnamdi. They took “soft” to a whole new level last year.

  27. 27 GEagle said at 1:29 PM on July 2nd, 2013:

    Let’s not let Assante Samuel off the hook that easy

  28. 28 GvilleEagleFan said at 2:33 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    there is one positive angle to the story. if he manages to get his act together it would help Peyton have a chance at another Super Bowl, and I hate the fact that Eli has any argument (however ridiculous) for being the better Manning brother

  29. 29 P_P_K said at 8:52 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    I hate to say it, but I like Eli because he put up with a ton of crap from the NY media when he first started out and always responded professionaly. He’s not as good as Peyton, that’s clear, but they are both headed to Canton.

  30. 30 MediaMike said at 9:20 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    Eli does nothing to like. He’s NOT headed to Canton because he’s only been to 3 pro bowls and his two Superbowl wins were the product of luck and D.

  31. 31 P_P_K said at 10:50 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    I agree both SB wins had a ton to do with D, and a bit of luck. But Eli was MVP in both games. I think his career and SB wins will get him in to the HoF.

    I did some research and found there are 11 qbs with 2 or more SB rings. 7 are in the Hall. Jim Plunkett hasn’t been elected, and Brady, Roethlisberger, and Eli are still playing. I think the last 3 are going in. Time will tell.

  32. 32 CrackSammich said at 9:08 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    I took it more as him saying that the Broncos were the only ones to have pointed out flaws in their sales pitch rather than the whole Vick “Everything’s going to change now!”. But I suppose you speak some sense, Tommy.

    I thought this South Park clip is pretty relevant:

  33. 33 Dasdip said at 4:56 PM on July 3rd, 2013:

    I read it that way too.

  34. 34 atb124 said at 9:19 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    My initial reaction was, “Well, maybe he just means the other FA suitors.”

    Tommy shot that down right quick.

    Are we going to have to start counting this type of statement as a new sports cliche? I get so sick of those. Oh well. It is what it is.

  35. 35 Mac said at 9:50 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    The pass that shall live in infamy.


    Lest we ever forget.

  36. 36 Patrick said at 9:57 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    How do I contact DRC? I have a long, long, long list of flaws and it would be my pleasure to enlighten the poor soul for a minuscule fee donated to Igglesblitz. I’ll admit, the top 27 things on the list is just several humorous ways of saying that maybe he should stop being a p*ss and tackle instead of swatting loosely at the ball like a drunk on a 5 day binge when WRs walk into the end zone, but I’m guessing he’ll still be interested.

    Maybe we, the comments section of the mighty Lawlor empire, can put together a list and publish it as an open letter?

    What a major douche he is, to go with the incredibly broken coverage bag he came in. Enjoy Denver DRC, I imagine Manning will enjoy your presence in his practice sessions.

  37. 37 What They're Saying About the Eagles | Birds 24/7 said at 10:16 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    […] DRC recently told a reporter that he was big on signing in Denver because they weren’t afraid to point out his flaws. “Nobody had done that, and that impressed me,” he said. These comments didn’t sit so well with Tommy Lawlor. […]

  38. 38 Mac said at 11:34 AM on July 2nd, 2013:

    I’m glad DRC has found a home where he can flourish. Where people are high enough to identify his flaws. Anyone else want to chip in and buy a box of orange and blue crayons to send to John Elway?

  39. 39 GEagle said at 12:45 PM on July 2nd, 2013:

    Tom…one thing that a got from you that will always stick out in my mind is “players are generally the worst source of information”
    You can now count DRC’s statement as one of your future references.

    I hate and despise DRC so much. I don’t even think about NNamdi because he is trash, but DRC, I have a burning hatred for. Physically, that guy has it all. He has as much a chance as anyone to compete for the 2nd top spot underneath Revis for best CBs, but his mental makeup is just trash…It’s going to be very interesting to monitor DRCs season on the Broncos. he signed another one year deal which signifies he hasn’t been offered anything close to what he believes he is worth…but he isn’t some young kid with limited playing experience under his belt..If he can’t make a significant contribution on a Super Bowl contender with a strong locker room, he won’t ever have a chance at getting anything close to what he thinks he is worth. Few players in this league are in as much as a make it or break it situation as DRC and it’s going to be interesting to see how he responds. I’m not suggesting he is in danger of not having an NFL job next year, but not every player will still get chances to realize their potential at the age of 33 with a decade of playing experience under their belt lol…DRC is running out of chances

  40. 40 GEagle said at 12:47 PM on July 2nd, 2013:

    Tom, I’m forever indebted to you for posting the “Body Bag” game in close to its entirety. Last night was the first time I ever got to see more then a few highlights of that game. Thank you so much!!!!!

  41. 41 Jason A Hines said at 5:21 PM on July 2nd, 2013:

    I meant to ask this question about DRC’s comments – Is it
    possible that he meant that when they were trying to sell him they were
    willing to point out his flaws? The whole construction of the comments
    at least lends credence to the possibility that he is talking about
    teams before he got somewhere, not necessarily that he had never been
    coached about his flaws before.

  42. 42 Dasdip said at 4:55 PM on July 3rd, 2013:

    I read it that way too. It’s not as entertaining an explanation. I can see how it could be read both ways, but, to me, the way that you read it makes sense.