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Are you ready? It is gameday, suckas. Finally get to see some Sunday football from the Eagles. No waiting around til Monday night this week.

Here is NFL Network on the SD/PHI game. That segment is all Eagles. All 3 guys picked them to win.

No real new news. I watched the Chargers Insider show to see if they had any good info. Nope. Nothing. Even the segment on the Chargers Girls and their swimsuit calendar was boring.

Tim McManus compiled some game predictions by various writers. They like the Eagles.

All this positivity makes me nervous. It is cool when so many good things are being said about the Eagles, but it does make you nervous. Remember all the praise after the FA moves in August 2011? When Nnamdi signed, the world loved the Eagles. Life felt so good. And then reality hit us upside the head with a 2 x 4. Several times.

This feels different since the hype is coming after the game and not just in anticipation.

Regardless, it does feel good to feel good about the Eagles. 2011 was weird. 2012 was flat out miserable. The Eagles are supposed to be fun. I don’t care if the team wins the Super Bowl this year. Just entertain me. Make Sundays fun again. I’ll build up unrealistic expectations next year. For now, just give me a reason to smile on Sundays. And if they can win 9 or 10 times in the process, all the better.

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Couple of good stats from old man Domo.


42 Comments on “Gameday”

  1. 1 GEagle said at 11:12 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    Adam shelter reports: Last year Eagles had a deal in place to AQUIRE Kapernick for a second round pick, but we backed out the deal at the last moment because we thought we could get Russel Wilson who our entire draft was geared around, yet we had to settle for Foles….

    Tom my respect for you, made me use all my possible restraint to not curse up a storm while posting this..


  2. 2 Anders said at 11:34 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    because nobody knew Kaepernick or Wilson would be this good last year. Remember Wilson started TC behind Flynn

  3. 3 GEagle said at 11:44 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    I like that our scouts and front office thought highly of those unheralded guys…However, I don’t like that we got greedy.

    We could have given up the Vinny Curry(who I love) pick and came away from that draft with Cox,Mykal,Kapernick,Boykin,Kelly,Damaris, and Bryce…

    But we thought that Wilson, who allegedly “our entire draft was geared around” would fall to us in round 3…SIGH. Im like Currys biggest fan, but why not just take Wilson off the board with that second 2nd round pick? Why risk him not lasting to the third if your draft is “geared around getting him”?

    I am very high on Vinny Curry, but to think we could have had Kapernick or Wilson instead of him really really hurts….I like that our Front office were high on those guys, but I hate that we got greedy and missed out on both

  4. 4 Anders said at 11:51 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    Our drafting wasnt geared around getting Wilson in the third. AR liked Wilson, thought they could get him in the 3rd. That happens all the time, but often you dont hear about it because it is not a QB that plays well.

  5. 5 GEagle said at 12:55 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    I’m just regurgitating Shefters report…I can’t speak on what our draft was geared to or wasn’t geared to

  6. 6 D3Center said at 12:28 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    We couldn’t have drafted Kaepernick in place of Curry, he was taken the year before. I’m going to assume the asking price was higher than just the Curry pick as well.

  7. 7 GEagle said at 12:31 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    yes KAp was drafted the year before, but he was still hurried on their bench…The report was that we had a deal in place to trade our second round pick last year for Kapernick, but because we thought we could get Russel Wilson, we pulled out of the deal at the last minute……I don’t know tho if the deal was for our first 2nd round pick(we drafted Mykal Kendricks) or the second 2nd round pick that we used on Curry

  8. 8 bdbd20 said at 11:57 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    With all due respect, I’m not sure Kapernick would have worked in our pass-heavy system. SF has a perfect system for a dual threat QB.

  9. 9 A Big Butt and a Smile said at 12:13 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    Kaep would have worked for Kelly this year. BUT last year he likely would have struggled for many of the same reason both QBs struggled last year. The TEAM was just plain bad.

  10. 10 GEagle said at 11:25 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    42-20….BOOTS TO ASSES!!!!!
    Chargs are getting smacked around today

  11. 11 Weapon Y said at 11:26 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    The Charger Girls! Boring? How does that happen?

  12. 12 Alex Karklins said at 11:40 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    Poor Vinny Curry. Inactive again 🙁

  13. 13 GEagle said at 11:47 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    Is he really?…wow, if he doesn’t dress in the KC and Denver games, then we have a serious problem. Why is Emil Iguanna on this team if he remains inactive

  14. 14 OregonDucker said at 11:49 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    Confirmed! I am totally bummed-out.

  15. 15 GEagle said at 11:52 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    Wish I knew why he was inactive,,,,If they really don’t value him and want to trade him, then they would have traded him after the preseason when his stock was the highest it could be…keeping him inactive for two weeks to open the season seriously devalues him, and this front office is not stupid,,,Short week, pass happy Andy around the corner, I won’t even know what to say if a fresh Vinny doesn’t dress on Thursday….and if he doesn’t dress against Peyton, then we have problems in Vinny land

  16. 16 brza said at 12:36 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    I want to believe there is some logical reson why he’s on the roster and not playing too but your reasoning that Curry is a capable 4th OLB would be another argument for why he SHOULD be activated. If one of the OLBs goes down during a game then they’ve got no replacements. If they truly felt he could play OLB then that versatility should get him an active spot. Also if they truly felt he’s a good pass rusher then he should be active against a team that has no running game like the Chargers.

    I just don’t get why Curry has gotten the shaft during his time in Philly but obviously he’s not in the Eagles’ plans and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the nexyt guy to go if someone they like shows up on the waiver wire.

    I still find it hard to believe that he can’t be an impact rusher but apparently thats the way the Eagles staff sees it.

  17. 17 Jack Waggoner said at 12:37 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    There’s got to be a bigger story behind this, but so far there’s no hint as to what exactly the issue is.

  18. 18 GEagle said at 12:51 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    I learned a long time ago, that if you are a serious team, trying to make a serious playoff run,,,you better have a plan A,B,C and D….and to those serious franchises, a Plan D is much more valuable then our short sighted over reactions,

    If you think we can trade Curry, I can only reach teo conclusions:
    1) That you are comfortable thinking that All 6 Dlinemen, Cole and Graham will all play 16 games..
    2) You would be comfortable playing Remmington at Dline for a 4 game stretch or Casey Mathews in place of Cole or Graham…

    I get the feeling that a serious team like the Eagles has already thought about those contingency plans, and know that this is a Marathon not a sprint…

    Injuries Happen, you better have a 7th game ready Linemen and a 4th OLB…Curry gives us both, and I don’t see how they could be willing to part with that during this season…

    Contingency plans are very important for coaches. Even if he is deactivated 4 games in a row, I have a hard time believing that they will trade him, especially when his value was at its highest at the end of the preseason

  19. 19 brza said at 1:07 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    I don’t believe they’re gonna trade him either. They’ve destroyed whatever value he had.

    I believe that what they’ve said about him being a capable 4th OLB and pass rusher is just lip-service or else he would be active for this game against a passing team.
    I hope you’re right but I don’t believe it anymore. I believe if an OLB becomes available on the waiver wire Curry could be the odd man out.

  20. 20 OregonDucker said at 11:45 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    Nerves and Turnovers! I would not be surprised if we have some misteps for the first or second series. BUT I expect the Ferrari to be at full speed in the 1st quarter. Don’t get down or pessimistic if these things happen, a Chip team NEVER gives up!

    On NFL Network one talking head said Eagles 60! Could happen unless Chip takes the foot off the gas.


  21. 21 OregonDucker said at 11:55 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    Just saw this instagram pic in Shady tweet. Love these guys!

  22. 22 BobSmith77 said at 11:55 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    This won’t be quite the walk over people are expecting but I don’t see the Chargers winning a 1 PM East Coast start either coming off a short week. West Coast teams have won Noon/1 PM East Coast starts at least than a 30% clip the last decade.

    One of those games that the Eagles will have to work to give away including a a negative turnover ratio and some poor red zone execution. If that happens, I could see the Chargers walking out of the Linc with a surprise victory.

    Still have no idea why the Eagles are originally favored by -8.5 though. Guess the bookies thought they would have to really bump up that number after Monday night games to get enough action on the Chargers. Number got moved and moved in a huge way down quickly to -6.5 or -7 where it stayed since Thurs.

  23. 23 SteveH said at 11:57 AM on September 15th, 2013:

    So I can’t get my new antenna box working, looks like its browsing for “alternate” ways to watch the game…

  24. 24 Jack Waggoner said at 12:24 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    Can’t get a digital antenna to work at all? Or just for the channel?

  25. 25 OregonDucker said at 12:26 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    Almost all digital antennas need a power transformer. Make sure the supplied transformer is getting power and that connections to it from antenna and tv are solid.

  26. 26 Jack Waggoner said at 12:33 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    Yeah, generally you need that, and also you have to make sure the TV itself is set to receive digital signals over the air and isn’t still set to receive cable.

  27. 27 nicolajNN said at 12:44 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    I assume you’re referring to some kind of stream, so you either have Gamepass or the free kind.

    Here’s a link where there’s links to a few streams

    If you want the top one, which yield you the best quality, you will need the streamtorrent software, you can find a download of it on the site’s software page

  28. 28 SteveH said at 12:58 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    it tells me the streamtorrent one is offline

  29. 29 nicolajNN said at 1:19 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    Try closing it and open it again

  30. 30 P_P_K said at 12:58 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    If I was away from home I would never watch a game on:

    even though I’ve “heard” it works great.

  31. 31 SteveH said at 1:02 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    yeah, I never stream NBA games from this particular site either.

  32. 32 A Big Butt and a Smile said at 12:11 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    “Make Sundays fun again. I’ll build up unrealistic expectations next
    year. For now, just give me a reason to smile on Sundays. And if they
    can win 9 or 10 times in the process, all the better.”

    Here Here!!!

  33. 33 ACViking said at 12:20 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    Re: Vinny Curry Inactive

    I think, as I said early last week, that when an agent goes on record saying a trade may be good, it’s a sign that his player’s future on his present team is not particularly bright.

    Curry’s agent has mentioned the benefit of a trade. And Curry’s inactive again.

    It seems VC’s future is flickering here — unless someone gets hurt or is unmasked as a complete misfit.

  34. 34 Jack Waggoner said at 12:23 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    I hate to say it, but it’s looking more and more that way.

  35. 35 SteveH said at 12:23 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    It would make me sad if he was dealt without ever even playing a snap in the new D.

  36. 36 GEagle said at 12:25 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    I wouldn’t assume that all 6 Dlinemen will play 16 games. Even if he is our 7th linemen, I think the Eagles value that much more then we are…
    Especially when you only really have 3 OLBs, and Curry can fill in also in the event that Graham or Cole miss time…

    I think a player like that’s role is much more valued by the front office then we realize…

    unless you guys would be content playing Remmington or Casey at OLB for a 4 game stretch lol…..Even if he is plan C, he is still valuable to us!!

  37. 37 P_P_K said at 12:30 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    Trent Cole will be going up against King Dunlop. What’s the over/under on Rivers walking out of the Linc in one piece?

  38. 38 GEagle said at 12:32 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    The Romans back in the Colloseum would all give a resounding Thumbs Down to That! 🙂
    Or as Mortal Kombat would say…… Finish Him!!!!

  39. 39 Jack Waggoner said at 12:32 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    King is not too terrible a pass blocker. You wouldn’t want to run behind him though.

  40. 40 GEagle said at 12:33 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    True, but I think Fluker is the opposite….sure Stoutland gave Billy his Imput on how to attack Fluker

  41. 41 Jack Waggoner said at 12:33 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    that is correct

  42. 42 GEagle said at 12:56 PM on September 15th, 2013:

    Time to get Rowdy boys!!! So Rowdy that Roddy Piper and Ronda Rousey would be proud…..Let’s blow the roof of this Biatch!!!!