Tuesday Night Draft Update

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No huge news but some oddball items to cover. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay released mock drafts today. Both of them had Anthony Barr falling to 25 and going to the Chargers. I still don’t see him falling that far, but if he does and the Eagles pass, I’ll be ticked off.

Barr would add a big, explosive athlete to a position where the Eagles need help. He’s not the perfect prospect, but that’s part of why he’d be on the board at pick 22.

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Here is the write-up Tony did on his Pro Day.

Just two teams, the San Diego Chargers and Seattle Seahawks, showed up for the EWU workout. 

Defensive end Anthony Larry, who totaled 61 tackles and 5.5 sacks last season, measured 6022/251lbs (15 more than his playing weight), timed 4.74s in the forty, 4.27s in the short shuttle, 7.23 in the cone and completed 15 reps on the bench. Larry could be the most underrated defensive prospect in the nation. He looked like a terror on the field as a sophomore in 2011 then was ruled academically ineligible the following year. He made it back in time to take part in the 2013 season, yet was never graded by any scouting concern. On film, he’s a natural pass rusher with terrific physical skills. Larry’s a fluid athlete who shows ability playing in space, which give him an advantage in camp this summer. 

He played DE for EWU and wasn’t an ideal fit. He’s meant to be a LB. You can watch the tape and see what you think. He didn’t do a thing for me.


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The Eagles will talk to BYU Safety Daniel Sorensen this week. There won’t be a visit. They will talk to him over the phone. The Eagles could be getting some information for how to get in contact with him on draft weekend. Sorensen will be a late pick or UDFA. He has potential, but this is a deep draft and he’s not a great prospect.

If you do watch tape of Kyle Van Noy, Sorensen will get your attention. Solid combination of size, athleticism and production.

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The Eagles sent a coach to UMass to check out TE Rob Branchflower, a talented prospect who has battled injuries this year.

The Eagles have looked at several late round TE prospects. They still could take one early, but it feels like they are more likely to wait and add one later on. You can find good TEs in the middle and even late rounds. Brent Celek was a 5th rounder. Chad Lewis was a UDFA.

This isn’t a great TE class so the top guys could go quickly.


29 Comments on “Tuesday Night Draft Update”

  1. 1 Baloophi said at 11:57 PM on April 29th, 2014:

    The Eagles will talk to BYU safety Daniel Sorensen this week over the phone.

    “So, Daniel… how long do you think it would take you to run from the hash mark to the bottom of the opposite numbers?”

  2. 2 A_T_G said at 12:22 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    “I’m not sure. Do I get to put the phone down first?”

  3. 3 Arby1 said at 12:53 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    “Hash pipe?? I’m not smoking a hash pipe!” (cough)

  4. 4 A_T_G said at 7:21 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    “‘The bottom of the opposite number?’ Sir, this is BYU. We don’t talk about girls’ asses.”

  5. 5 GEAGLE said at 12:06 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Tom: what do you think of Vinny sunseri? Riddick believes he will be a steal for someone..

    Don’t are how Barr could make it past the eagles. He is the one player who I’d consider drafting at 22 and turning down compensation for trading down. If we do draft Barr, I think we have to consider trading our. 2015 first round pick for a top 8 pick in round two, so we can secure a WR with star potential like Allen Robinson, Cody Lat, Lee..and we would still have the 54th pick to spend on ILB/LOLB KVN. Round 3 we can go with an OL, or another big pass catcher like Moncreif, Martevis, possibly sefarian Jenkins..

    We wouldn’t have our first round pick next year but we could add two BIG BOY Pass catchers like:
    Latimer/sefarian Jenkins
    lee/Martevis Bryant

    And we would have a sick LB corp in place:

    We would Also be able to dump BG for a 6th or 7th to add a high risk, 2nd round talent reward like Colt Lyerla..
    Losing our first round pick will suck next year. But if we can add Barr,Robinson and KVN before the start of round 3, I think their is a good chance that our first round pick wouldn’t be that far away from being a round 2 pick

    But if Barr doesn’t make it to us, if rather trade back as far as teams allow us, and end up picking Robinson or Latimer with a pick in the 30-37 range, and than take Attauchou or Marcus at 54…

  6. 6 D3FB said at 12:42 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Has a solid pedigree, dad is a longtime college football/NFL assistant, brother was starting QB for Pitt, now in CFL. You can tell he’s a coaches kid, he has good instincts. Solid tackler, not afraid of contact. Supposedly ran a 4.48 and a 4.52 a few weeks ago, while impressive 6 months out from ACL surgery, that speed doesn’t show up on tape. Playing DB for Nick Saban is impressive by itself but he beat the top safety taken in next years draft (Landon Collins) out for the starting job last year. Coming off the knee injury and with 28 other 5star safeties in that meeting room decided to declare a year early. Probably a strong safety only, doesn’t hold up well in man coverage. I don’t see much more than a 3rd safety/special teams captain. Late day 3/UDFA.

  7. 7 GEAGLE said at 8:19 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Anyone Know why urban Myer kicked Jonathon Dowling off Floridas team? I know there are character concerns but has anyone heard any specifics?

  8. 8 D3FB said at 4:39 PM on April 30th, 2014:

    He apparently just wasn’t showing up to anything. Not class, not practice, nothing. Just felt like he didn’t have to. Even based on tape he’s a late day 3 guy that I don’t think fits in our scheme well. Add in the character crap and I’ll pass.

  9. 9 A_T_G said at 12:21 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    I think that whomever ends up drafting Bridgewater should also spend a pick to get Branchflower. A Bridgewater-Branchflower connection is intriguing. Granted, he isn’t quite the threat that you get from Rosy Bushthorn, but who is?

  10. 10 Buge Halls said at 9:15 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Pretty sure a good course of penicillin will clear all that up…

  11. 11 suthrneagle said at 12:21 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have their opions. Highly doubt the Eagles value them.

    No reason for upsetting yourself because of the possible scenario they invented. If Barr `falls`(from where exactly-other people`s invented level importance?) to 22 ,maybe the CK & Co. will pick him, maybe not. All depends on their evaluation of the BPA. Can only wait to see who is available at that time.

  12. 12 Cafone said at 2:12 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Let’s say Barr is available and the Eagles do not take him… what might be their reasoning?

  13. 13 Baloophi said at 2:40 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Couple scenarios, all with various degrees of believability:

    1) They’re offered a fantastic trade for #22. (I assume this isn’t your scenario, but thought I’d throw it out there)

    2) Somebody they value more at another position “slips” to them. Possible examples: Mike Evans, Eric Ebron, Kyle Fuller, C.J. Mosley…

    3) They don’t believe Barr fits the scheme. (far-fetched)

    4) They have inside intel that suggests he can’t handle the demands and temptations of the NFL.

    5) They have a crazy Dion Jordan trade NOT involving #22.

    6) They believe they can get better “value” for an OLB in later rounds.

  14. 14 sonofdman said at 7:55 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    7) He once listened to a Snoop song and now they are worried about his associations with gang members.

  15. 15 Buge Halls said at 9:17 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Just to drive everybody nuts, I’ll #7 – they draft Manziel!

    I’d have to buy a new television after it flies out the window after that particular pick, but…

  16. 16 D3FB said at 2:49 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    He’s a high variance player. He could be a top 5 pass rusher or out of the league in 5 years. Penthouse ceiling, corner bodega floor.

  17. 17 Baloophi said at 2:50 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Ahhh, but a corner bodega offers the versatility Chip Kelly so craves…

  18. 18 Arby1 said at 2:44 PM on April 30th, 2014:

    And Penthouse offers the variety I crave. But that’s another issue.

  19. 19 Scott J said at 8:29 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    I think most mock drafts have the Eagles taking a receiver. I don’t think the draft will play out like that. I think since it’s deep with receivers, there will be a run on safeties and corners in the first and second. Theres going to be a lot of quality receivers falling to later rounds, so I wouldn’t spend a high pick on one.

  20. 20 Baloophi said at 2:49 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Only four rounds of Fanspeak’s mock draft simulator generated the following draft class. I strongly question Fanspeak’s value chart and artificial intelligence. Just as you all strongly question my value and actual intelligence.

    22 – MIKE EVANS – WR – TEXAS A&M



    122 – MARCUS MARTIN – C / OG – USC



  21. 21 D3FB said at 2:53 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    The value chart is way off on some of those guys. Plus look at it this way none of us question your intelligence, we all know you’re a loon. But you’re OUR loveable loon.

  22. 22 phillychuck said at 3:52 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    I’ve done about 10 of these drafts–depends on whose big board you daft against. I’ve only seen Evans slip to 22 once, and I had already traded down. I think they’re a little bit too generous on trades down, and they value future picks more than most teams do.

    BTW, that’s an unbelieveable draft class. Gimme, gimme..

  23. 23 Scott J said at 8:31 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    Evans at at 22 and Bucannon at 54? No way that happens!

  24. 24 Buge Halls said at 9:20 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    I just question the statement “actual intelligence”! ;-P

  25. 25 Arby1 said at 2:49 PM on April 30th, 2014:

    54 and 162 are the most likely value realities. Have no idea about the 7th rd.

  26. 26 A_T_G said at 7:43 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    With the 22nd pick on the clock, the Eagles run into A. Barr…

    Inside, sitting excitedly next to A. Barr, Tommy asks, “Was that Howie and Chip headed this way?”
    The bartender says, “It looked that way for a moment, but then they walked past and headed over to that oversized development project down the street.”
    “That is what I was afraid of.”
    “Here, Tommy, you need a drink. Try this new Iggles Car Bomb I created.”
    Never one to snub his nose at a drink, “Okay, what’s in it?”
    “Well, it is a non-alcoholic PBR poured into a Crisco-coated glass with a pudding cup dropped into it.”
    “Um, interesting. The coating sounds like it would lead to lots of drops. Did you learn about this at a Florida state university?”
    “Ha, no, it is Philly-born. The Crisco keeps the glass clean. When you drink it, it isn’t as good as you hoped, the results are disappointing, but when you check the glass after you finish, there is no ring.”
    “Shh, wait, pick 54 is on the clock… wow, okay. I’ll take a double.”

  27. 27 Scott J said at 8:24 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    What if Barr falls to 22 and the Niners call and offer their 30 and 61? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  28. 28 GEAGLE said at 8:39 AM on April 30th, 2014:

    That’s tough,,,I’d say NO,,.barr is the only player that would make me want to turn down a trade down…

    Edge rusher, LT, QB are the 3 most valued positions.Edge rushers who are unproven as starters got 20mil in GUARENTEED money in free agency…Not Only do edge rushers cost a lot of money, but it’s one of the weakness of this draft class…

    I’d rather just take Barr at 22 and then offer our 2015’2nd round pick to the Niners for the 77th pick in the draft…

    There are about 10 WRs I’d be thrilled to see the Eagles draft…when it comes to edge rushers it’s slim pickings:
    can’t get Clowney or Mack daddy, only guys I really want are Barr!Attaucho and Marcus, and it’s far from a lock that Marcus or Attaboy would last til 54, so is wouldn’t dick around with those guys on the board…you have a chance at one of the few edge rushers with high ceilings, you take him!!… Only other options I like are later round guys like Will Clarke and Ronald Powell…

    Barr literally has almost as much potential as anyone in nth is draft….you can get a kid like him, who plays such a valued position which happens to be our biggest weak spot, you draft him!!!

  29. 29 Charlie Kelly said at 5:52 PM on April 30th, 2014:

    so pretty much a 2nd and 3rd for a 1st.. nah theyd have to add a 4th which is close to being a 5th.. lol..