Game Review – PS #1 – PHI at GB – Defense

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After reading about the struggles of the Eagles CBs for a couple of weeks, I wondered how the defense would perform in the preseason opener. The Eagles have a good front seven and the Packers were without Aaron Rodgers, but they still have some talented weapons on offense.

The Eagles first and second units were outstanding.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, Green Bay had run 31 plays and gained just 96 yards. The Packers had a big showing in the 4th quarter, but the defense was mostly guys who won’t make the final cut by that point. That’s hardly a major concern.

The Eagles had 5 sacks. They came up with 3 takeaways. And this wasn’t offensive incompetence by the Packers, the defense looked good. Jim Schwartz mixed in some blitzes here and there, but mostly called basic stuff so the Eagles could evaluate players based on their performance and not the effectiveness of the scheme.

I’m not going to cover every starter at length. The preseason is mostly about player evaluation. We know what most of the key starters can do.


Fletcher Cox looked good. Had a FF when he stripped RB. Brandon Graham played LDE and was explosive off the ball. Got pressure vs QB and had TFL of RB.

Tim Jernigan – Got doubled a couple of times. Quick off the ball. Used his hands well. Was in the backfield to blow up a 4th down play, but there was a penalty that blew it dead.

Vinny Curry – Played RDE. Used a good power rush to drive the LT back to the QB on the 2nd play of the game. Used hard inside move to beat the LT on run play and was in position to get TFL, but Graham got to the RB first. Solid showing.

Derek Barnett – Terrific game. Backup at RDE. Had 2 sacks. First came when he got into the LT and then cut inside. That was against the starting LT. Loved the way he used his hands to get free. Showed good closing speed on the play and then got the QB down. The ability to finish is underrated skill for pass rushers. 2nd sack wasn’t as impressive. GB tried to run screen. Barnett got back there too fast and tripped the QB.  Used good get-off to push TE back and blow up 3rd Qtr run, creating TFL for Brooks. Beat LT with speed/dip to hit QB on screen in mid-3rd. Dropped into coverage on 3rd down zone blitz play when Grymes got his sack. Barnett covered WR on crossing route.

Barnett showed physical ability and positional ability. He is going to contribute this season. He will push Curry for the starting role if he continues to play like this.

Chris Long – Backup LDE. I was curious to see if he had much burst left. He did. Long had a strong showing. He was quick off the ball and got pressure on multiple plays. Would have had a sack, but got held by the RT just as he was about to get his hands on the QB. Sometimes got down in 4-point track stance. Other times he stood up and rushed. Loved his burst off the ball and energy. Won’t be playing 60 snaps a game so he can go all out every second on the field. That should bring out the best in him.

Destiny Vaeao – Backup DT. Most effective when using a rip move and going with hard outside rush. Pushed the pocket a couple of times. Hustled to the ball when a pass was completed to the outside. Love to see that kind of pursuit from a DT. Shows awareness and effort. I was hoping to see more disruption from him. Vaeao played last year and showed some ability. Needs to build on that.

Justin Hamilton – Backup DT. Drove the LG back into QB’s face on Kendricks’ pick. Very good pressure up the middle on that play. Stuffed inside run play in early 3rd. Good leverage, strength on that play. Hamilton hasn’t generated much buzz in camp, but had a couple of good moments in the game. That’s how you get the coaches attention.

Gabe Wright – Backup DT. He has gotten mentions in practice notes and I thought he might look good against backup OL. Wright didn’t stand out. Had an offsides penalty. Showed good quickness off the ball, but wasn’t disruptive. Had a strip sack of QB. DE flushed QB and Wright hustled over to hit him. Didn’t get QB down, but knocked the ball loose. That’s an effort play, which is good, but you need more than that to really impress the coaches.

Elijah Qualls – Backup DT. Plays with good leverage, but at 6-1 with short arms, you almost can’t help but do that. Had some good moments. Credited with TFL. Showed the ability to penetrate and be disruptive. Other plays he got handled and was ineffective. Good motor. Headed in the right direction, but must continue to improve. 

Steven Means – Batted pass coming from LDE. Got 1/2 sack on play in 3rd when Grymes blitzed off the edge and Means looped up the middle. Quick off the ball. Good motor. Plays bigger than he is. What you want in a #4 or #5 DE. Limited ceiling, but he’ll give you everything he’s got.

Alex McCalister – LDE. Up and down showing. Beat the RT and should have had a sack in early 4th, but QB spun away from him. Used hands to beat the RT on that play. Wasn’t regularly flying off the ball. Seemed to be rushing under control. When he did show good burst, RT was able to easily push him wide/deep. Has no power when he’s at full speed. Bit hard on play-action and that gave the QB an eternity to sit back and find a receiver down the field. Tried a spin move on one play and it was awful. Was slow and ended up in same place he started. Easily blocked. Has great length and flashes athleticism, but still a project.

Winston Craig – Signed to play DT, but spent the 4th Qtr as the RDE.  Terrific effort. Plays with good leverage and power. Just doesn’t have the burst to play DE in the NFL. Lost contain on a couple of plays. Was disruptive a couple of times. It was his pressure that led to Wright’s sack. Would have preferred to see Craig playing DT.


I didn’t pay much attention to Nigel Bradham or Jordan Hicks.

Mychal Kendricks – Played WLB with starting defense and then was part of backup Nickel D. Good showing, which will make the Eagles happy if they still have any interest in trading MK. Frustrating player because he can be so good at times and so awkward at others. Looked lost vs inside run in mid-2nd. On next play, shed block of OL and helped to stuff the runner. Picked off pass late in the half. Gave small shot to WR on crossing route and then read the QB. Ball came Kendricks’ way and he made a nice catch. Showed athleticism, skill and physicality in the game.

Najee Goode – Backup SAM. Played well. Shot into backfield for TFL on run play. Got by FB cleanly. Was in on 3 tackles and looked the part of a guy who has played a lot of preseason football the last few years. Knows what he’s doing and goes 100 mph. Did miss one tackle.

Joe Walker – Backup MLB. First game action since tearing his ACL last summer. Big concern with those guys is how athletic they are and how confident they look. Some guys are hesitant to really plant and run. Some guys are scared of contact to their legs. I didn’t see any of that from Walker. He’s not 100 percent, but he still moves pretty well. Looked good. Made wrap-up tackle of Montgomery after catch and short run. Showed good range and flew around the field. Didn’t see any issues with him avoiding contact or trying to protect his legs. Encouraging start.

Nate Gerry – Backup WLB. Rookie’s first time at LB since his freshman year at Nebraska. Showed ability to blow up FB on runs. Tackled FB after short catch. Tackled RB for no gain on screen play. Back fell down, but Gerry was right there already. Missed tackle of RB on 4th/2 that would have ended a drive. Play was in the flat. Gerry read it perfectly and flew out wide, but RB cut inside and got by him. Credited with 3 tackles. Loved his energy and athleticism. Handled the physicality of playing LB pretty well. Didn’t see him getting overwhelmed by blockers. You can see why the coaches are so happy with his transition to LB. Looks pretty natural.

Don Cherry – Didn’t particularly stand out. There were 2 pass plays where he was in space with no one to cover. Saw the QB and decided to attack him. That forced the QB to get the ball out quicker than he wanted. When in doubt, go hit someone (or at least try to). Got in on tackle of RB on inside run.

Kamu Grugier-Hill – Athletic, rangy LB. Bit hard on play-action a couple of times. Didn’t hurt the D because the throws went elsewhere, but you need KGH to be able to read plays without attacking every single time. Those false steps will eventually burn you. Flew around the field. Legit speed. Will hit. Had one tackle and recovered a fumble.


I didn’t focus on Malcolm Jenkins or Rodney McLeod.

Jaylen Watkins – Came down from S to cover Bennett 1 on 1 outside. Beaten on slant but did have pretty good coverage. Just missed the ball. Was on the field for 1st half TD pass. Watkins was on the hash and ball went to sideline. Watkins just couldn’t get there fast enough (not many can). Overall he looked solid in coverage. Didn’t have any highlight moments.

Terrence Brooks – Good game as hitter and run defender. Missed tackle of Bennett after short catch. Came up and popped RB on inside run. Physical hit. Shed block and got TFL on run play. Was credited with 2 TFLs. Aggressive, downhill player. I’m just not sure he has the man cover skills they prefer in a S.

Tre Sullivan – Vicious hit on WR in early 4th created fumble and got ball back for Eagles. Loved the speed and explosion, but shouldn’t be using the crown of his helmet. Got away with late hit on WR late in the game. Ball was off target and Sullivan hit the guy several steps after the pass was incomplete. No penalty.


Jalen Mills – Good game. Starting LCB. Mostly played off-coverage, allowing him to see the ball and break on it. Held Cobb to 1 yd on opening play. Almost broke up pass on 3rd down. Tackled WR short of sticks. Good break on the ball. All over receiver on pass along sideline. Incomplete. Mills was quick and aggressive. He attacked the ball while it was in the air. Tackled well and was physical. Looked like a competent starting CB. Didn’t get challenged deep, which is his weak spot, so we better not make reservations for Canton quite yet. Still, encouraging performance.

Patrick Robinson – Used his special powers to get WRs to drop 2 passes in front of him. Did hit the WR on the first, possibly knocking ball loose. Had a fumble recovery in the game. Robinson showed quick feet, but just didn’t look overly confident or comfortable with his coverage. Not a guy you want starting, and thus we have the Ronald “Don’t call me Terence Trent” Darby trade.

CJ Smith – Up and down showing. Beaten on 3rd down when pressing. WR got free inside and caught pass to move the sticks. Didn’t get a hand on the WR. Did make the tackle. 2 plays later bit inside and Janis got behind him for a TD. On the next offensive play, Smith broke up pass that came his way. Broke on pass in the late 3rd and had chance for pick-six, but couldn’t get his hands cleanly on the ball. Did fall incomplete. I loved the fact that Smith didn’t get down on himself for the TD. Corners must have a short memory. TD? What TD?

Aaron Grymes – Gave up catch and medium gain on 3rd long. Blitzed off edge and got to QB. Had to share sack with Means. Good blitz. Timed it well and flew off the edge. Grymes was solid in coverage. Looks comfortable in the slot and shows good situational awareness. Has good quickness and plays smart, which are key traits for nickelback.

Rasul Douglas – Had low expectations because he’s been so inconsistent in Training Camp. Looked better than I expected. Most of the CBs played off. Douglas played more press, which suits him better. Used his physicality and length to help him cover. Tackled RB after catch in the flat. Broke up slant on 3rd/2 in late 3rd Qtr. Used length to make that play. Didn’t get much action coming his way. Showed the ability to turn and run with receivers, keeping right on them. Used his hands a lot, but didn’t draw any flags and wasn’t overly grabby. Rookie needs to build on this performance.

Mitchell White – Weird game. Gave up several catches, including a TD. Had pretty tight coverage on some of those plays. Needed to be better if he was going to impress the coaches.

Jomal Wiltz – Burned for big play in the 4th. Had pretty good coverage and jumped to get a hand on the ball, but missed by inches. Love the way he competes, but a developmental project at this point. Did show versatility.

Tay Glover-Wright – Burned for big play in the early 4th. Was a broken play, but WR was wide open. Being the worst corner on the Eagles isn’t something you want on your resume.


133 Comments on “Game Review – PS #1 – PHI at GB – Defense”

  1. 1 Ark87 said at 4:43 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Man been a long time since we’ve been treated to a DGR. Great stuff, really hard to pick up these details live. And after a while the numbers start getting wacky, the names get less familiar, and it’s a wash. Thanks for the hard work Tommy!

  2. 2 GENETiC-FREAK said at 8:28 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    haha Ronald ‘Dont Call Me Terrance Trent’ Darby! Nice one T’Law lol

  3. 3 Guy Media said at 8:37 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Shades of Chris Berman

  4. 4 Someguy77 said at 11:43 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Loved on watching ‘ESPN PrimeTime’ on Sunday nights after I got from the sandwich shop in high school with Berman and Jackson.

    (1987 with some great highlights from the Skins and Eagles matchup at the Vet)

    (1991 Week 16 – Sorry ass Jeff Kemp as the QB vs Boys)

  5. 5 Guy Media said at 9:25 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    I just looked up who #77 was on Washington that cheap shotted Cunningham while he was on the ground. His name is Darryl Grant and hopefully he gets a chance to get told to go F himself.

  6. 6 Bert's Bells said at 10:07 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    His Sananda Matreiya stuff is legit.

  7. 7 knighn said at 11:42 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    My mind went right to “Wishing Well”!

  8. 8 CrackSammich said at 9:05 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Trying to maintain cautious optimism about Barnett. Fuck it, let’s get disappointed. You’re my boy, Barnett.

  9. 9 or____ said at 9:21 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    I take issue with the words “trying” and “cautious”.

  10. 10 Flyin said at 10:42 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Just wait for the cuts to 53. Possible PS candidate.

  11. 11 CrackSammich said at 9:21 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    From Kempski: “For a guy whose injury was merely classified as “arm soreness,” Nick Foles sure has been out a long time, and I don’t think he’s dogging it.”

    Hmm… I wonder if some fans here know who the best QB is on the open market right now. HMMMM.

  12. 12 Someguy77 said at 11:39 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    McNabb? Vick?

  13. 13 D3FB said at 1:51 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    I’m sure who the locker room wants if Foles is hurt.

  14. 14 Guy Media said at 7:40 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Torrey Smith might veto that right quick.

  15. 15 D3FB said at 2:32 PM on August 14th, 2017:


  16. 16 Guy Media said at 2:59 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Yeah, people not citing Kaep’s ineptitude in passing skills when ripping Smith’s lack of production in San Fran got tiring.

  17. 17 D3FB said at 3:25 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    I completely forgot they played together last year. He’s still the best QB on the market though and should be employed.

  18. 18 Guy Media said at 3:37 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    I think there are several teams that run a system where Kaep would be a good fit and he should absolutely be employed. I just don’t see here as a good fit. If Cleveland starts Kizer, Hue would be able to fit Kaep into what they’d do with Kizer starting. I think he’d fit in Carolina if they don’t implement the shorter passing stuff they’re claiming to implement. I think he’d also have some synchronicity with what Buffalo has done with Taylor at QB.

    But I can’t see him sliding into our Wentz playbook easily.

  19. 19 D3FB said at 3:52 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Ehhhhh I disagree. You can throw Hollins, Alshon, and Torrey all out there go run/boot heavy and chuck YOLO bombs. We’ve got a shit ton of RPO in the book already, and some of those double backside slants for quick easy reads and free yards.

    You’d have to tweak some stuff but you will with Foles too. We’ve got three offensive guys who are QB focused they can figure it out pretty easy.

    Again all this was presuming Foles had anything more than just a tired arm which it seems like all this is.

  20. 20 Guy Media said at 3:54 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    We’ll remain in disagreement then.

    “You can throw Hollins, Alshon, and Torrey all out there go run/boot heavy and chuck YOLO bombs.”

    I HATE HATE HATE that type of stuff as the basis of an offensive system and wouldn’t want it here. And I know you’re a hater of West Coast, so I doubt we’re going to come to an agreement on it.

  21. 21 Ark87 said at 10:22 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    if tired arm were a thing, it sounds like one of those things that sounds harmless but in fact would be something terrible like necrosis of the tendons or something. Like Lou Gehrig’s disease, sounds so friendly and non-threatening!

  22. 22 SteveH said at 3:42 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    If you’re going to dump 15 million a year on Glennon there’s no reason Kap shouldn’t be at least a backup somewhere. The NFL is run by old rich white men who abhor when the labor starts getting restless.

  23. 23 CrackSammich said at 5:46 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    I’m not saying Kaep is a starting QB. I’m not even going to bother arguing that he’s better than Foles. I’m damn sure going to argue that Kaep is better than McGloin and Dane Evans, though, and if Foles can’t go, he’s going to be the best QB we can get without giving up a draft pick.

    I said it the way I did because I like to watch some people squirm.

  24. 24 Guy Media said at 6:37 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    I’m in such a weird position with Kaep. I 110% hate the way he plays the QB position and think he’s terrible, don’t think he should be persecuted for his anthem stuff, and agree (except not voting in 2016) with most of his political stuff.

    But yeah, he’s better than McGloin. My question on Kaep, in general, is if he’d take a league minimum deal.

  25. 25 Guy Media said at 7:32 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. $ says they just keep McGloin in the backup role as Wentz is the undisputed starter.

  26. 26 Obama's son said at 9:25 PM on August 13th, 2017:


  27. 27 Ray888 said at 9:50 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Vulgar. Inappropriate. Sickening. Offensive. Stupid.

  28. 28 Julescat said at 9:59 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    sad and pathetic

    the one great thing about this site is that we are all colored green and silver – Eagles fans. I’d like to think we all have each other’s back through our common interest in the Eagles. Sure we all have disagreements but we have so much more in common.

  29. 29 Ray888 said at 10:08 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Am I missing something?

  30. 30 Flyin said at 10:33 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Yes, you are missing something.

  31. 31 ChoTime said at 12:54 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    I am too, I have no idea what “This user is blocked.” wrote.

  32. 32 Julescat said at 8:51 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    not your post

    the one you responded to

  33. 33 Ray888 said at 2:45 PM on August 15th, 2017:

    Thanks for clearifying.

  34. 34 BlindChow said at 12:46 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    It’s really simple. Just click on the little arrow on the right, then select “Block User.” You’ll never have to see him again, and eventually the troll will shrivel up and disappear.

  35. 35 Flyin said at 10:30 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    This isn’t really the place for your intestinal troubles. However, with my kind nature, try licking it up yourself… you might enjoy it.

  36. 36 Someguy77 said at 11:38 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Just block him and don’t respond.

  37. 37 Ark87 said at 8:57 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    I already did a long time ago, which I only do if I think someone is just trolling us, but the reactions have me curious now. Sounds juicy

  38. 38 Benny6968 said at 11:54 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    This comment is juvenile, unintelligent and disgusting.
    Hey, do you play for the Cowboys?

  39. 39 Obama's son said at 8:58 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Do you wear an Eagles jersey with someone else’s name on the back?

  40. 40 Someguy77 said at 11:38 PM on August 13th, 2017:

    Kendricks has been the biggest tease on this team since 2013.

  41. 41 SteveH said at 12:47 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    He drives me nuts. If he’s taught me anything is that all the athleticism in the world doesn’t mean ish without instincts at linebacker.

  42. 42 ChoTime said at 12:53 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Instincts=very important

  43. 43 Anders said at 6:49 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    The problem for Kendricks is he has never been used right outside of 1 season under Billy Davis.

    Kendricks was a blitzing LB in college, so he should play in a scheme where he can blitz majority of the time.

  44. 44 Guy Media said at 7:00 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Let’s get him in one.

  45. 45 Guy Media said at 7:08 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    So true on the blitzing part, but Kendricks showed a major deficiency in his coverage responsibilities in that year as well. I still puke thinking of the San Diego loss that year. Kendricks can’t be blitzed as an ILB on every snap.

  46. 46 Dave said at 7:37 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Kendricks seemed pretty good in actual coverage ability, just always late to react.

  47. 47 Guy Media said at 7:39 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    True. His coverage reminds me of what you see Rerun doing at the 40 second mark of this video

  48. 48 Dave said at 7:45 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Oh snap! That was awesome. Although Rerun was hilarious, Dee is the one that made me laugh the most. Her deadpan was impressive.

  49. 49 Guy Media said at 7:49 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Yeah, I loved watching that show (on reruns sadly) as a kid. They got it into syndication in short order.

  50. 50 Someguy77 said at 8:03 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    It was ok but The Jeffersons, Good Times, and Sanford & Son were all better sitcoms.

  51. 51 Dave said at 8:33 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Thinking about Mike’s post and now yours, damn there were some awesome theme songs for 70’s TV shows. I can vividly remember each one.

  52. 52 teltschikfakeout88 said at 8:46 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Well Played…Going back in the time machine for some Re-Run on What’s Happening…

  53. 53 Guy Media said at 7:09 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Similar issue with the Phillies CF. Great talent diminished by horrible understanding of situational baseball and further diminished by inappropriate and unsportsmanlike displays on the field.

    The sheer number of missed tackles, blown coverages, and incorrect guesses on rushing lanes by Kendricks is absolutely maddening.

  54. 54 Corry said at 6:57 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    The defense was fun to watch and the corners weren’t nearly as cringe worthy as I thought they were going to be.

  55. 55 Guy Media said at 7:24 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    The only thing I’m not going to tolerate from our DBs this year is breakdowns that cost a loss vs. a division foe and/or games vs. a team I hate. They’re still going to have to grow and improve as a unit, but there are players there who the coaching staff should be able to develop into players better than Carroll and McKelvin by season’s end.

  56. 56 Dave said at 7:35 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    I just don’t want to see any more matador-style coverage that Mills and McKelvin performed regularly last season. It got to the point I would feel the need to yell Olé!

  57. 57 Guy Media said at 7:37 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Mills was at least due to rookie mistakes and learning his job. I expect that’ll improve with time. Words can’t express how brutal McKelvin was last year.

  58. 58 eagleyankfan said at 7:32 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    from previous thread: “Like so many Bills teammates, he had a disappointing season in 2016.” I’m not sure who/what was the biggest joke in the NFL. Rex Ryan as a HC or Fisher as a HC or Rex firing OC after scoring 31 points while this brother, as DC, gave up 37 points in that same game. Anywho – now Eagles have a promising young CB and hopefully the stink of Rob Ryan is no longer on him. I’m on board with the trade. Hoping he rebounds with the Eagles.

  59. 59 Guy Media said at 7:36 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    As it pertains to Buffalo, I’m more offended they think the scoundrel who “coordinated” a 30 year NFL historic bad red zone D and bragged on being “12th in yards” is worth anything other than ridicule and scorn, let along a head coaching job.

    But yeah……… owner interference, poor GMing, and the Ryan brothers nonsense really makes it difficult to judge how anybody did in Buffalo last year.

  60. 60 eagleyankfan said at 7:41 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    They are still a mess there. Bills now have 6 picks in the 1st three rounds in 2018. I guess rebuilding – poor Shady. Who has it worse right now – Bills or Rams. Rams best player holding out. Rams thinking Woods/Watkins – who were bad in Buff with a better QB will produce for the Rams with a lesser QB? sometimes, it’s good to be an Eagle fan 🙂

  61. 61 Guy Media said at 7:43 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    They’re absolutely tanking. They’re going to run Taylor and Shady into oblivion and do what they can in the 2018 draft to get one of the 3 premium QBs (Darnold, Rosen, Allen) as they’ll have the draft capitol to do so.

    Buffalo, NYJ, Cleveland, and San Fran are all tank mode candidates.

  62. 62 Anders said at 8:01 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    I be honest, I cant see why McDermott got a HC job. That Panthers defense was 100% Rivera’s defense.

    Its also weird how McDermott is more of a zone guy who do not prioritize CBs when JJ was man cover who valued CB just behind DL.

  63. 63 Guy Media said at 8:10 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    That was McDermott’s issue when he was here as well. He couldn’t figure out how to coordinate differing ideas with differing units into one cogent plan on D. The players complained about it frequently. Trent Cole and Quintin Mikell were on record with it.

    McDermott isn’t bringing Short, Star, Luke, and Davis with him to Buffalo either.

    You’re also correct with the necessity of good cover corners. They 100% missed Norman down there last year.

    And yes, that’s Rivera’s D that McDermott implemented.

  64. 64 Ark87 said at 9:10 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    eh, you can say the same about Pete Carroll and Seattle’s defense. One of his DC’s was a disaster as HC, the other went to the superbowl. McDermott called the D from the booth while he was in Carolina, and it was Rivera’s design.

    I won’t vouch for his odds, though he seems like an ok dude. The Panthers genuinely valued him. The Bills obviously liked him. I’m going to let the man shoot his shot.

  65. 65 Anders said at 3:24 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    The hc did it behind an all time great offense. His defense still sucks

  66. 66 Ark87 said at 3:55 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Bit of a talent disparity. I think the D over-achieved. They look like they will be improved this year.

  67. 67 Guy Media said at 8:05 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    I meant to do this earlier, but for the beer inclined folks out there, here is a list of what I got into in VT.

    Just consumed up there; Heady Topper, Focal Banger, Lost Nation Saison Lamoille, and Idletyme Helles Brook Lager.

    Bottle can style (all of which came home)
    Switchback ale, Von Trapp Helles, Zero Gravity Green State Lager, Lost Nation Vermont Pilsner, Lost Nation Slightly Smoked, Rock Art Maple Wheat, Rock Art a River Runs Gruit, and then the following big bottle selections from Hill Farmstead – Anna, Florence, Brother Soigne, Arthur, Clara, Convivial Suarez, and Dorothy. Also picked up 6 packs of Double Citra and Everett at Hill Farmstead.

  68. 68 Corry said at 11:20 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Nice. I’ve been trying to get some Heady Topper. I always manage to miss it when it makes its way down to South Central PA. I just recently got my hands on some Pliney the Elder and it was freaking awesome.

  69. 69 Guy Media said at 11:36 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Pinocchio’s in Media, my go to beer place, had Pliney the Younger on tap a few months ago. When it kicked they had Elder. That day changed my life. Heady is funny in that you can get it without too much trouble in VT, but is a challenge to get down here.

  70. 70 Corry said at 11:47 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Next time you’re heading NE, stop in at Sabatini’s Pizza in Exeter (near Scranton), PA. Good pizza and awesome bottle shop.

  71. 71 Guy Media said at 11:54 AM on August 14th, 2017:


  72. 72 joe said at 11:54 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    I like the Von Trapp Helles… it’s not Weihenstephaner, but still a pretty good take on the style for easy drinking.

  73. 73 Guy Media said at 11:54 AM on August 14th, 2017:


  74. 74 Allen3000 said at 2:31 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Did you visit the new Alchemist Brewery in Stowe? I went last year a few weeks after it opened and it was a cool experience. Such a beautiful small town. Just so odd to see a parking lot full of cars from out of state all there to get some Heady Topper. I actually liked the Focal Banger more. The Crusher was great too, but definitely as strong as advertised.

    They (Alchemist) have to be making a killing. It was like an assembly line there and everybody is purchasing cases that cost $85. I understand their desire to stay local, but it would be nice if they could expand their distribution network.

  75. 75 Guy Media said at 3:00 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    No, I wasn’t able to stop in their new HQ due to some time/travel constraints. So both of my Alchemist consumption items were in restaurants.

  76. 76 Dave said at 9:47 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    At least until Sidney is ready to play, I love hearing this:

    “As Darby learns the Eagles’ defense, Schwartz said they will move him between the right side and left side in practice. The benefit of doing so is that if the Eagles wanted Darby to shadow an opposing team’s top receiver during games, he’s able to play on both sides.”

    “Schwartz did not rule out using Darby to shadow an opposing receiver. He said he’s done it in the past, and it will depend on size and speed matchups.”

  77. 77 RogerPodacter said at 10:34 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    love hearing this. darby seems to be much faster than mills, so it seems obvious to this armchair DC that you would want to keep your faster CB on the other teams faster WR, no matter which side of the field they are on.

  78. 78 Sean Stott said at 11:02 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Might be hard to do that if they want to play Cover-2 though, no?

  79. 79 CrackSammich said at 1:36 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    I’m definitely a fan of belichek’s strategy of putting your CB1 on an island with their WR2 and then doubling the shit out of their WR1. If Darby is as advertised, we might finally have the personnel to pull that off.

  80. 80 RogerPodacter said at 1:41 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    i like the way you think!

  81. 81 daveH said at 7:23 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Cool comment. .had to read it twice to get it. . Didnt know that but that is way badass

  82. 82 wee2424 said at 4:42 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Lol I had to do a quick double take. I thought your initial sentence stated that Sidney is ready to play.

  83. 83 Guy Media said at 4:45 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    He must have visited with James Harrison’s “wellness” team.

  84. 84 Ryan Rambo said at 10:27 AM on August 14th, 2017:

  85. 85 RogerPodacter said at 10:34 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    did this just happen? like, after the trade? thats crazy. poor guy, still wishing the best for him (until we have to play them, of course)

  86. 86 Ryan Rambo said at 10:37 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Yes sir. His 1st practice with the Bills.

  87. 87 Guy Media said at 11:43 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Exactly! Sucks for them, but doesn’t void the trade.

  88. 88 Bert's Bells said at 11:46 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Apparently POpe was a throw-in, anyway. Even if he didn’t pass a physical for some reason they would probably just swap in a late round pick.

  89. 89 Bert's Bells said at 10:52 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Curse of Buffalo. Goes back to 1901 Pan-American Exposition.

  90. 90 Julescat said at 11:17 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    how did he pass the physical?

  91. 91 Corry said at 11:20 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Happened in his first practice in Buffalo.

  92. 92 ChoTime said at 12:10 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    What happens in Buffalo, stays in Buffalo.

  93. 93 or____ said at 1:44 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Except Peters, McKelvin, Graham, Bradham, Darby, Kiko, Sammy Watkins….

  94. 94 Guy Media said at 11:43 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Don’t ask questions like that. EVER!

  95. 95 or____ said at 11:56 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    It was prior to that injury that he got on the first play of practice – after passing the physical.

  96. 96 Julescat said at 12:02 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    I would hate to be the Buffalo GM and have to explain the trade now.

  97. 97 or____ said at 12:08 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Well that’s part of the business. Anybody can get hurt. And Jmat already has a history – including recent – of some knee issues.. etc…

    Really doesn’t matter to the Bills because they’re tanking this year anyway. They don’t want to win.

    And their bigger concern is the other trade return – the CB – is potentially injured too.

  98. 98 Bert's Bells said at 12:21 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    They were really trading for the pick. It’s pretty much accepted in Buffalo that Matthews isn’t a long term guy and they’re loading up for the draft already.

  99. 99 wee2424 said at 3:12 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    He got hurt during his first practice with Bills. Injury happened after physical.

  100. 100 since1961 said at 1:56 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Chip’s record on drafting continues to spiral down……

  101. 101 SteveH said at 3:44 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    I dislike Chip as much as the next Eagles fan but I don’t think he’s responsible for Matthews having a bone break.

    I mean I’d love to be able to blame it on him, but that’s a bridge too far even for me.

  102. 102 wee2424 said at 4:40 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    I blame Chip for my MCL sprain.

  103. 103 daveH said at 7:15 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    His fault for the lousy meatloaf at my local diner in nyc

  104. 104 Tumtum said at 3:56 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    JM got a chip in his chest bone today, and we are blaming that on Chip?

  105. 105 Ark87 said at 3:59 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Wait, Chip fracture doesn’t refer to Chip Kelly???

  106. 106 daveH said at 7:12 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    If the doctor tells ya that you got a Chip Fracture then damn,good luck because you know its the beginning of a full internal and external collapse .. say goodbye to every body part you got … better check every Orphan and every muscle ,every fiber, every follicle … also means you will become an inverted organ donor wher you swap out your good body parts for brown ones that don’t even fit your body type

  107. 107 A_T_G said at 8:42 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    If you get a Chip fracture, I am pretty sure the doctor tells you to keep doing the same three things that caused it, over and over again.

  108. 108 Ark87 said at 9:03 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Kept mentioning execution. Grim prognosis

  109. 109 daveH said at 9:25 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    And give the doctor a ‘Watchoo talkin about Willis! ” look

  110. 110 Ryan Rambo said at 10:37 AM on August 14th, 2017:

    Ronald Darby’s Rookie Review: All-22 Breakdown of Buffalo Bills Rookie CB

  111. 111 RogerPodacter said at 12:01 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    jimmy’s note about Darby at practice today:

    Darby is good.— Jimmy Kempski (@JimmyKempski) August 14, 2017

  112. 112 ChoTime said at 3:02 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Fletcher Cox going out wide to cover a WR and getting a deflection should be on Eagles Coach’s bucket list. Instant meme. If Sean McDermott were here, it would already happen.

  113. 113 Dave said at 4:57 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    He could do it in goal line situations and take the flat while Kendricks blitzes.

  114. 114 Dave said at 3:08 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    John Clark is 6’5″. He looks like a kid interviewing Fletch and Jernigan.

  115. 115 Ark87 said at 6:17 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Those chairs must be waaaay sturdier than they look.

  116. 116 ChoTime said at 11:36 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    They’re made for Americans, aren’t they?

  117. 117 daveH said at 7:05 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Similar: did you see Ron Brooks moonwalk .. he literally looks like a kid next to Rasul D … rasul D is a big kid, man i hope he makes it

  118. 118 kajomo said at 4:13 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    People really over exaggerate Mills and his speed. He ran 4.48 at his pro day. Speed isn’t his strength, but he is not a liability. What he needs is to play with better technique so he can be in proper position.

  119. 119 Dave said at 4:30 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Hand timing is not the same. That would put Darby at a 4.2 at his pro day. Still a significant difference.

    His lack of speed is a huge liability. Technique cannot help a CB cover DeSean running straight down the field.

  120. 120 Guy Media said at 4:35 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Neither can Kurt Coleman, Nate Allen, or Jaylen Watkins; thank God we have good safeties here now.

  121. 121 CrackSammich said at 5:43 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Watch your damn mouth. Kurt Coleman is a saint.

  122. 122 BreakinAnklez said at 10:12 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Coleman’s turned into a solid safety in Carolina…

  123. 123 kajomo said at 8:13 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    You are assuming that all of his improvement is based on hand times. Plenty of players just don’t have optimal performances at the combine. It’s a stressful and grueling few days.

    I agree he is better in the slot, but we can scheme around him a bit. Again speed certainly isn’t a strength, but there are plenty of successful NFL CBs with similar speed. The idea that he is closer to Cox’s speed is a bit over the top.

    He is currently our 2nd best CB and could be a very good slot guy. I am a Mills fan.

  124. 124 Dave said at 8:29 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    “He is currently our 2nd best CB and could be a very good slot guy. I am a Mills fan.”

    He’s the starting LCB and not playing slot.

    Lots has been said in the past about his lack of speed at the combine. Bottom line is that the film doesn’t lie. He was repeatedly beat deep by both lack of position and lack of speed.

  125. 125 CrackSammich said at 7:55 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    God dammit.

    Odell Beckham One-Handed Catch

  126. 126 Someguy77 said at 8:16 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Gloves enabled him to make that grab though and a lot of other one-handed amazing catches you have seen the past 2 years.

    Then again Jerry Rice finally admitted 2 years ago he used ‘Stickum’ on his gloves despite denying it his entire career & right before his HOF induction.

    From my understanding too, gloves are still largely unregulated too by NFL equipment standards. NFL’s competition committee looked at the issue after 2015 season taking no action and didn’t see anything if they league agreed on a standard level of tackiness this offseason as they wanted to do.

  127. 127 CrackSammich said at 9:38 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    You can’t look at me with a straight face and tell me those gloves are at all helping Agholor, Gibson, and the late Matthews.

  128. 128 Dave said at 10:01 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Yup, gloves will help the ball from slipping through a players fingers, but have little impact for stone hands when the ball hits a receiver in his palms.

  129. 129 Dragon_Eagle said at 9:19 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    So let me see if I got this straight. The guy who shared the same name as a shoplifter in Virginia, but is otherwise innocent, gets cut. The guy who clearly beat his girlfriend is suspended six games as per league policy, and the same organization that cut the first guy is calling that unfair?

    Fuck Texas. Fuck Jerry Jones with Bob Kraft’s infected dentures.

  130. 130 Dave said at 9:59 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Lucky Whitehead was lip service by Dallas to show they take conduct seriously after the Greg Hardy fiasco…at least until another superstar is suspended.

  131. 131 A_T_G said at 11:15 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    They take conduct very seriously for roster spots 23-53.

  132. 132 Dave said at 9:53 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    Man I love JMatt, but this article was written with very little research.

  133. 133 Ark87 said at 10:33 PM on August 14th, 2017:

    per Kempski:

    “• For the third straight day, Wentz was not sharp, or at least not as good as he’s been the rest of camp. I’m not sure if he has the Jordan Matthews blues, but he’s been noticeably worse since the trade was announced. It’s probably just a coincidence. I think. Maybe.

    • In his press conference after the Matthews trade, Doug Pederson explained that the players need to stop their whining.

    “Well, I’m going to tell you this: I lean back on my career and the times that I had and the things, the situations and the people that I see,” Pederson said. “Listen, it’s decisions you got to make that are tough for the organization, for the individuals involved. But listen, it’s like anything that we do in life – the next person steps up and here we go.

    “We can sit and have poor attitudes and all that, but at the same time we’re happy for both parties, and we’re moving forward. That’s business as usual.”


    Wait is this a thing? Did morale actually take a hit? Doubt it, but it sounds like Wentz is stacking practices wrong, either way. Needs to get back on track.