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Dez Bryant is no longer a Cowboy.

Jerry Jones cut his beloved WR on Friday. The Cowboys really did Dez a dis-service by keeping him this long. Teams have made their major moves for 2018. Most of the cap space has been used on free agents. Dez is now out there on the market and I don’t think he’s going to like what he finds.

I think they were right to cut him. Dez didn’t have good chemistry with Dak Prescott. Dez is also older and declining. They did the right thing, but should have done it a while ago, to be fair to Dez. Other players pay attention to stuff like this. Agents sure do.

Should the Eagles have any interest in the newest free agent receiver?

While Brewer might be able to help with Dez, the Eagles should say “No thank you”. The 2017 team had great chemistry. I cannot see how the addition of Bryant would be good for chemistry. Eagles skill players were great last year at putting the success of the team ahead of their personal production. Dez is used to being a number one receiver and having the ball fed to him.

Just as importantly, Dez just isn’t the same player he was. From 2012-2014, Dez caught 41 TDs. He was so big and physical that even when he was covered, he was open.

The Eagles have a good trio of veteran receivers in Alshon Jeffery, Mike Wallace and Nelson Agholor. They have young guys they like in Mack Hollins and Shelton Gibson. Dez just doesn’t make sense for the Eagles.

Is it possible the Eagles could throw us a curve ball? Sure. Howie Roseman loves acquiring talent. Dez might sign a cheap, one-year deal to get to play against Dallas. He would certainly be on his best behavior. I just don’t know how Dez would fit in. Is he coming off the bench? Is Wallace?

It would be fun to see him in green because it would drive Cowboys fans so nuts, but barring an injury, the move doesn’t make sense.


Dez would love to play in the NFC East, but so far no one is showing any interest.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up and how he plays.


The Eagles apparently do have some interest in another big WR from the state of Texas.

Sutton is very talented. You can certainly see why the Eagles would have interest.

After seeing the team pay Jeffery big money, draft Hollins and looking closely at Sutton, it certainly appears that the Eagles prefer big receivers. They spent a late round pick on a speedster last year (Gibson), but it seems like they want the key guys to be bigger.


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