Comeback Kids

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The thought of adding special talents like Darren Sproles and Jason Peters to the Eagles offense is pretty exciting. The offense played most of the year without them and did some amazing things. Now you bring back talented veterans, and guys who will have a chip on their shoulders.

At the same time, it is fair to ask about what to expect from them. Peters is 36-years old and coming off a major injury. Sproles is “only” 35, but he’s coming off two injuries. If these guys played for another team, it is fair to say we’d be somewhat skeptical of their return.

Let’s start by looking at how they played last year.

Peters was having a good year. Maybe even a great year. He’s not at the level he was back in 2011. That was his peak and he was a freakishly good LT back then. He can still be a dominant player, which is crazy for a man in his mid-30’s. Football is a young man’s game. Peters really is a freak.

If he’s healthy, I would expect him to play at a high level. Everything we’ve heard publicly is that he’s on pace to be back for the season and he’s looked good so far. Peters knows that Father Time will catch him at some point so he’s a man on a mission, trying to get back on the field to be part of an elite team that can make a Super Bowl run.

Peters missed the 2012 season with an Achilles injury and returned to play at a high level in 2013. Comebacks aren’t new to him. He knows what he has to do to get healthy. The Eagles coaches and support staff are monitoring him closely. They want Peters to push himself, but also understand the importance of rest and recovery to an older player.

Jeff Stoutland and Doug Pederson know what Peters can do. They won’t need to see needless practice reps from him. They’ll make sure he gets his work in. but also will let him rest and get mental reps.

I expect Peters to return at a high level.

Sproles only played 3 games last year and got hurt early in the third. We don’t have a lot to judge him on. Sproles was averaging 4.1 yards per carry and 10 yards per reception when he got hurt. Those are good numbers. That’s especially true when you remember that Isaac Seumalo was the LG for the first two games and really struggling. Sproles didn’t get much time to play behind the O-line when it was at its best.

Sproles only returned one punt last year. He got 10 yards on that. He is at his best as a returner, but we just didn’t get to see much of that.

All indications are that Sproles will be fully healthy. He’s been running around and looks good. Sproles says the only ones holding him back right now are the Eagles. He’d like to be out there fully practicing. You have to love that mindset, even if the Eagles are smart to bring him along slowly.

Peters will be the starting LT. Sproles may slide from the #2 RB to the #3 spot, behind Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement. Sproles will still have a key role on offense, especially as a receiver. I think Pederson also is really excited to get him back for his return skills. The Eagles were inconsistent on STs last year. Sproles would bring some juice to the return game. With a reduced role on offense, Sproles could the the PR and the KOR.

Jason Peters has never played for the winning team in a playoff game. Darren Sproles has done that, but has never gotten to a Super Bowl. Both men loved watching the Eagles win last year, but really want a chance to get on the field in the Super Bowl. These guys are going to do whatever it takes to make it back and help the Eagles win games in 2018.


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