Opening Night

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Sorry it’s been quiet the last couple of days. Some personal stuff got in the way of football.

Anyway, I’m ready for the opener.

Here is the preview I wrote for I didn’t cover the fact this is such a big game. There is a buzz around the Falcons. Some think that is a Super Bowl team. At the least, they should be in the playoffs. That means tonight’s game could have an impact on playoff seeding. Do you want to play in Atlanta or Philly in January?

Last year the opener was a big deal because the Eagles played the Skins, a team that had given them fits in recent years. The Eagles needed to show they could beat that team and get off to a good start in the division. The Eagles did win and that set a good tone for the season.

This year the opener is about showing the Eagles have no Super Bowl hangover and can deal with teams gunning for them. The Eagles don’t need to play a perfect game, but they need to play well and find a way to win. That will send a message to the rest of the league that last year wasn’t a fluke and this team is ready to handle their business.

I believe in the core of this team. I believe in Doug Pederson.

I think they’ll find a way to win.


No shockers.

Get ready for an exciting night of football.


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