The First Domino

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The Eagles won the Super Bowl a year ago and then made it to the Divisional Round this year. Normally that kind of success leads to stability. That may not be the case for the Eagles.

Howie Roseman, Joe Douglas and Doug Pederson have some tough decisions to make. Who is going to be the LT? Who will be the starting DEs? What happens at RB and WR? There are a lot of situations to figure out.

They must also come up with a plan for what to do with Nick Foles. He might be the key to the offseason.

Brandon Lee Gowton wrote a good piece on the situation and some of the options the Eagles have. Normally the team would have to be very careful about this, but the Eagles and Foles have a good relationship so that may help them to work together.

Howie Roseman made it clear recently that he must do what is right for the Eagles, first and foremost. That said, he won’t be treating Foles the way he would just any old player. Foles is highly regarded by the organization and he seems to feel strongly about the Eagles as well.

The Eagles need to figure out what to do with Foles because it will affect their cap situation. Do they need to account for him or not?

Also, if they can work out a deal with a team, that will give them more draft ammunition and would certainly affect their plans. If they could get a 2nd round pick for Foles, they could turn around and deal that for some other player they might have interest in.

Roseman is a shrewd negotiator and usually has a good feel for what’s going on around the league. I know many fans think of Foles as a great QB with a huge price tag, but that’s just not reality. He’s not going to thrive just anywhere (remember his Rams days?). Roseman will have a realistic idea of what the market is and whether the Eagles can actually work something out.

Personally, I hope Foles goes to the AFC so I can pull for him.

It will be interesting to see how the whole Foles situation plays out. He brought the team a Super Bowl last season. It would be great if he could bring a draft pick or two this offseason.


Heartbreak city for Andy Reid and the Chiefs. Ugh.

Big Red is now 1-5 in conference title games. Four of those losses came with the Eagles so I probably didn’t have to tell you that stat.

I was really hoping he would break through and win it all this year.

The Patriots are just amazing in the postseason. They don’t make mistakes. They have brilliant gameplans. It really is amazing that the Eagles beat them last year. The Eagles were the better team, but as we see so often, that doesn’t always matter in the playoffs.



A personal note…

My mom has been battling cancer since November of 2016. Unfortunately, that battle is coming to an end.

We’re not sure if she’s got days or weeks left, but time is winding down. Obviously I won’t be going to the Senior Bowl. That’s normally my favorite week of the year, but sometimes real life shoves football to the side.

You may have noticed that my posting has been erratic recently. This is why. I’ll do my best to keep writing. It serves as a good distraction and it is also what my mom would want me to do. But if I disappear for a few days, it doesn’t mean I’m off stalking Megan Fox or working with Corey Graham on his autobiography.


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