Gameday – SEA at PHI

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The inactives are out and it isn’t pretty.


We knew it was coming, but actually seeing the list makes it real. And ugly.

This game will be an opportunity for the young guys. Who will step up?

I hope the coaches try to force the issue with JJAW. Design some plays where he is the primary target. Let’s find out what the young guy can do. JJ should feel some confidence after last week. He caught two passes (one taken away by penalty).

Someone on the pregame shows said the Eagles were at their best when their backs were against the wall and this is a game they should win because of that. The Eagles have played like that in the past two years. I guess the question is whether the players understand the position they are in. They should, but the performance last week was troublesome.

The OL feels like the key to this game. They were good early on last week and the Eagles led 10-0. Lane Johnson got hurt and they fell apart. Andre Dillard has spent all week practicing at RT so he should be ready for the situation. That’s not the same as playing RT in a game, but practice does help. One bit of good news…no Jadeveon Clowney for the Seahawks today.

If the Eagles can control the LOS and run the ball, they can win. If Seattle limits the run game, I don’t know that Wentz and the young WRs can get the job done.

The Eagles defense does get a boost with the return of Nigel Bradham. I am excited to see what the defense does today. This will be a big test for them.

Please don’t let Russell Wilson get loose and create plays. Box him in and make him play from the pocket.

At the end of the day…find a way to win.


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