A Name to Watch

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We have some possible news on the Eagles search for an offensive coordinator.

Tom isn’t really connected to the Eagles. This more than likely comes from an agent. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true. The Eagles might plan to talk to Urban about the job.

Urban is currently the QBs coach in Baltimore. Previous to that, he was the WRs coach for the Bengals from 2011-2017. Before that, he coached with the Eagles in a variety of roles from 2004-2010. Urban was the QBs coach in 2009 and 2010.

With that background, you can see why he might be of interest. Urban worked under Andy Reid for seven seasons and coached with Doug Pederson for a couple of them. Relationships are important in the football business. Coaches spend a tremendous amount of time together so it does help if there is someone you’re comfortable with.

I can’t say whether this would be a good or bad thing. Urban will tell you himself that he was heavily influenced by Marty Mornhinweg. Marty taught him how to coach QBs during their time together in Philly. That’s his biggest influence. Marty failed as a head coach, but he’s been a good assistant. He knows the passing game and he knows how to coach QBs.

At the end of the day, this becomes pretty simple. Pederson has to explain to Jeffrey Lurie how the new offensive coordinator makes the Eagles better. There is no litmus test about experience or a specific scheme.

Does he make the Eagles better?

The case for Urban

Urban would likely be a good fit in terms of personality and style. He worked with Pederson and Lurie before. If they had any problems with him, he would not be someone they considered bringing back. If they do see him as a real candidate, that tells you they thought highly of him when he was here.

Urban worked with Hue Jackson in Cincinnati and Greg Roman in Baltimore. The Bengals offense was good under Jackson and could be creative. Roman runs one of the most creative attacks in the NFL, especially in terms of the run game. Urban has a strong background in Andy Reid’s version of the WCO and now has been around coaches who are more vertical in the passing game and more creative in the running game. That makes for a good combination.

The Ravens used multiple TE sets as well as any team the past couple of years. Urban could bring some of those ideas to Philly.

Urban coached Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick in Philly. He coached Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. All of them played at a high level. All were gifted athletes who could play within the system and be creative. That sounds a lot like what the Eagles want for Carson Wentz.

The case against Urban

The Eagles did a really good job with TEs in 2019. He could improve that area, but it wasn’t a weakness.

The Eagles already have a creative run game. As with TEs, Urban could bring in some new ideas, but it wasn’t a weakness.

In my mind, the Eagles need to get more out of their WRs. I just don’t know if Urban is the guy to help with that. This is where the interview would be critical. He might have some great ideas and maybe he is the guy. You just can’t tell that from his resume.

Would this be a comfort hire? Let’s bring in someone we know and are comfortable with? There is value in that, but I’m more interested in finding the best candidate.

If he is a candidate, he’s not overly compelling. The Eagles might have already interviewed him, but clearly they are waiting for something, likely to talk to a coach whose team is still alive in the playoffs.


I could certainly live with Urban if he got the job. I do think he makes some sense.

I just hope the team interviews a variety of candidates so they can really compare and contrast their options. Bring in a long shot or two just to pick their brains.

You never know who might impress you.


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