Gameday – SEA at PHI

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Here we go. The Eagles are beginning their pursuit of another Super Bowl. Unlike 2017, the Eagles aren’t the top seed and they are missing a slew of key players. But they do have Carson Wentz and that’s important this time around.

Wentz will play in his first playoff game in the NFL. He did play in the playoffs at North Dakota State and led his team to multiple titles. There is obviously a huge difference in FCS football and the NFL, but Wentz does understand playoff pressure. He’s also been dealing with that for the past month, as the Eagles fought their way from 5-7 to 9-7 and NFC East champs.

Injuries are going to be a factor today for both teams.

That means Seattle will have backups at LT and LG. That’s a bigger deal than the Eagles having backups at RG and RT because Seattle’s OL isn’t exactly great when the starters play. Also, the Eagles have the better DL so they should be able to exploit the situation more.

Should. We’ll have to see what actually happens.

As for the Eagles, here are the inactives.

So Ertz is officially active and will play. We’ll have to see what he can do.

Shelton Gibson is active. He’ll be in on STs. Don’t expect to see him on offense unless someone gets hurt or the Eagles have a special play for him.

The Eagles are going light at DE. Daeshon Hall tore his ACL last week and is done for the year. Genard Avery is sitting this week. The Eagles are going heavy at TE. They want Richard Rodgers active, in case anything happens to Ertz.

The Eagles need Sanders to play and to play well today.

Screen passes are going to be a huge part of this game. The Seahawks shut them down in the first meeting. The Eagles have done a much better job with screens in the past month or so. They need that to continue today.

Some WR other than Greg Ward has to step up. I’m interested to see who it will be.


Wind could be a factor. It has been windy all day in Philly, although it is supposed to die down as the day goes along. Seattle is more likely to throw deep so the wind is more of a factor for them. Both Wentz and Russell Wilson have strong arms so they can try to drive the ball down the field. They just don’t know how accurate the passes will be.


Home playoff games are fun. I expect a great atmosphere.

Let’s hope that atmosphere helps the Eagles to win and keep this thing going.


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