Good Times, Bad Times – 2020 Draft

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Enough mock draft talk. Let’s deal with some actual, you know, facts.

The Eagles got some good news this week when the NFL made their announcement about compensatory picks.

That is the number we had anticipated thanks to the diligent (or disturbing) work of Jimmy Bama, who wrote about this subject a great deal. The team got a late third and a pair of late fourth round picks. That now gives them a total of 10 picks for the upcoming draft.

I’ve said this before, but I really hope Howie Roseman is judicious and uses as many of those picks as possible. The Eagles have not had a ton of success in recent drafts. Aggressively targeting players is great if you hit on them. I’d like to see the Eagles bring in a volume class. You know some will fail so give yourself room for error. The Eagles need starter and role players. They need youth. They need several players from this class to pan out.

If anything, I might want more picks.


For now, scouts are still planning to be on the road and at Pro Days. This is a very fluid situation and that could change. Heck, you wonder if schools will ever get to the point where they cancel the events.

Pro Days are not critical, but they definitely have value for coaches. Coaches go to the schools and either watch a workout or sometimes they get to run it. Jeff Stoutland and Duce Staley are very hands-on coaches who run a lot of workouts. Stoutland did that with Matt Pryor and Jordan Mailata. His time with them helped convince him to push the team to pick those players.

The Eagles were enamored with Carson Wentz prior to his Pro Day, but having a large contingent of people helped to seal the deal and convince them he was the QB they wanted. Nick Foles only got worked out by one NFL coach…then Eagles assistant Doug Pederson. That helped convince the Eagles to take him.

Scouts are incredibly valuable assets to organizations, but they aren’t coaches. There is a difference. Scouts identify prospects, evaluate them and do a ton of background research. Coaches know what they are looking for in players so spending time up close with prospects can help them figure out who they really like. Scouts might whittle 300 OL prospects down to 40 for a team. A coach can then find out if there are a handful of those guys that he really has interest in.

As for Pro Days in general, they do have value. You get to see backup players, small school guys and some other odd prospects you might not have a ton of info on. You can get measurements and accurate workout numbers.

NFL teams cannot rely on schools to run their own Pro Days. You couldn’t trust the numbers. One school might have a fast stopwatch and another has a slow one (based on the speed of the user’s finger). One school might be lenient with guys doing jumps and not sticking the landing, while another makes the players do it correctly.

You need an NFL presence at Pro Days to make sure the info is reliable and accurate.


Will free agency or the draft be affected any further by the coronavirus? We just have to wait and see at this point.

Free agency does involve players traveling to visit teams. They can do online meetings, but you would prefer to look a player in the eye before writing him a check for several million dollars. There have been some meetings that didn’t go so well and caused teams to change their minds.

I would be fine if the draft went from being a showcase event to just an announcement of the players being picked. Heck, I prefer that.

Crazy times.


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    […] Good Times, Bad Times – Repêchage 2020 – Iggles BlitzJ’ai déjà dit cela, mais j’espère vraiment que Howie Roseman est judicieux et utilise autant de ces choix que possible. Les Eagles n’ont pas eu une tonne de succès dans les dernières ébauches. Cibler agressivement les joueurs est idéal si vous les frappez. Je voudrais voir les Eagles apporter une classe de volume. Vous savez que certains échoueront alors donnez-vous de la place à l’erreur. Les Eagles ont besoin de joueurs de départ et de rôle. Ils ont besoin de jeunes. Ils ont besoin de plusieurs joueurs de cette classe pour réussir. […]