Some Love for Reagor

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Now that a few days have passed, people seem to be more comfortable with the Eagles first round selection of WR Jalen Reagor.

Of course, it helps when you have experts explaining why they think he is a special prospect.

Good stuff there from Dan Orlovsky.

Here is a long video breakdown from former NFL scout Dan Hatman.

He shows the good and the bad of Reagor. He shows the areas where Reagor needs some work.

Dan also shows where he thinks Reagor fits into the Eagles offense. Good stuff.

If you just want some quick highlights, this is fun to watch.

Some people tried to compare Reagor to Nelson Agholor. I just don’t get that at all.

Watch these college highlights from Agholor. You see talent. You see NFL ability. You don’t see explosive speed. You don’t see someone who attacks the ball in the air. Very different players.

I think Reagor has a chance to be a star for the Eagles.


Some non-draft news.

The Eagles remain high on Barnett, especially Jim Schwartz. We’ll see if he can take a step forward and become more of an impact player.


The Eagles really did focus on athleticism when it came to rookie WRs. They added Khalil Tate, the QB from Arizona, and will be putting him at receiver.

A couple of years ago Tate was arguably the most dynamic player in all of college football. You had to catch part of any Arizona game that was on late on Saturday night so you could see him in action.

Tate averaged 9.2 yards per carry in 2017. As amazing as that number is, think about this. In college, sacks count against QB rushing totals. If remove sacks, Tate averaged 11.4 yards per carry. That’s insane.

The Eagles had luck in converting Greg Ward from college QB to NFL receiver, but that did take a few years. Tate could be a long term project as well. Some guys are such special athletes that they adapt quicker, but you certainly can’t count on that. Think of Tate as a project.

A really talented project with some amazing upside.


Good quote here from Andy Weidl on K’Von Wallace.

“You know, the thing about K’Von Wallace is his tape, and what stuck out was his physicality, his tackling, his ability to play around the line of scrimmage. The mentality he played with, the motor he played with. He’s a guy that likes contact. He gets to the ball. He passes people to the ball, and when he gets there, he strikes. We saw that. It was consistent with the motor that he played with, the mentality he played with, and we really enjoyed it and thought he fit what we were doing and what we’re putting together here.”

He’s not an old school safety that is 220 pounds and a semi-LB, but Wallace is physical and athletic. He can hit and tackle. Good blitzer.


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