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Summer football is normally a time for optimism. Ifeanyi Momah was going to be either a small TE or huge WR, but definitely a unique weapon for the passing game. C.J. Smith looked like he could be a solid CB or NB. Jake Knott was going to be a starting LB. Paul Turner was the Paul Turner of Paul Turners.

None of that panned out as hoped, but it was fun to watch those young players shine for a week, a month or even a whole offseason.

This summer will be different. Rosters are going to be limited to 80 spots. We’ve already seen some moves.

The Tate move hurts. He had the chance to be a Training Camp star. Tate is freaky good with the ball in his hands. Watching him in non-contact sessions would have been glorious. His ability to run around and make guys miss would have been so much fun. He was a major project to be sure. Former QBs don’t become good receivers very often, but he would have been fun to watch.

Williams had the talent to challenge for a roster spot. Render is a player I liked last summer. These guys are gone and more will be joining them.

Beyond that, we don’t know what kind of practice reps will be available.

A lot can still change obviously, but if that schedule is anywhere close to accurate…yikes. Undrafted players and street free agents are going to have a major uphill battle to make any kind of impression on teams.

Beyond practice, usually the first and last preseason games are mainly for backups and UDFAs. There won’t be any preseason games this year. Young players are going to have tremendous pressure this summer. They must find a way to stand out with limited chances.

UDFAs will still have a chance. NFL teams love young, cheap talent. The salary cap next year will likely be coming way down so finding young talent will be at a premium. It will be interesting to see how NFL teams balance this out.

There are probably going to be some heated arguments between coaches and personnel staff. Coaches love veteran players. Personnel guys tend to love young players with upside. Coaches want players they can trust. Personnel guys want to see their long shots pay off.


Freeman would be a nice addition to the Eagles backfield, but as Mr. Bama points out, the Eagles want cheap RBs. Freeman recently split with his agent and you have to think that was over his frustration with the lack of a market for his services.

Freeman is a talented RB. He could help a lot of teams. He just doesn’t seem to understand that teams aren’t paying RBs very much money right now. You basically have to sign an incentive-laden deal.

We’ll see what happens. With limited reps, the Eagles may not get to see as much of Corey Clement, Elijah Holyfield and Michael Warren as they want. That could help Freeman’s situation.


The Eagles do have all their draft picks signed. They took care of that on Monday.

I’m not sure who is more excited…Reagor to play for the Eagles or Eagles fans to see Reagor in action.

The rookies are ready to start working out…whenever things are fully straightened out and everyone is on the same page.


Things didn’t work out as hoped when he came to Philly, but he did have a terrific NFL career.


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