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Thank goodness the Eagles have a game tonight. The NovaCare complex has become rumor central the past few days. We are in desperate need of an actual game to talk about, even another potentially frustrating loss.

Let’s take a look at what all we are hearing.

There is a lot to unpack there, as the saying goes.

  • The owner is so frustrated with the team that he skipped a game for the first time in quite a while. He also has walked out of practices.
  • The coach is rumored to be so frustrated with things that he wouldn’t be disappointed to be fired.
  • The backup QB is getting more work with the first team in practice.
  • The backup QB is going to play some vs Seattle without Carson Wentz on the field.

Other than that, it was a quiet Thanksgiving break.

I’m glad to hear that Lurie is frustrated. He should be. Lurie stays away from the media during the season so we don’t have any actual quotes from him. I don’t see how any person watching this team couldn’t be frustrated, but it is good to hear it being reported. This doesn’t mean he’s turned into a WIP listener and is about to fire everyone.

Still, Lurie has to be extremely frustrated. There have been a lot of injuries for this team to deal with, but the problems go beyond that, as we’ve discussed all year long. This team has a lot of issues.

We’ll have to wait and see if Lurie takes action when the season is over, but I’m leaning that way as of now.

Will that include firing Pederson? Possibly. What do we make of this rumor that he would be okay with getting fired?

Being an NFL coach is tough. Coaching the Eagles is a whole other level of tough. Philly has a tremendous amount of media and very passionate fans. The Eagles are the #1 show in town and that means the coach is always going to be under a microscope and dealing with a lot of pressure.

Pederson has talked about this in his press conferences. He says he signed up for it and is okay with it, but it sure doesn’t look that way. Pederson gets snarky with the media and bristles at certain questions. What started off as a healthy relationship with the media has turned just the opposite.

Don’t go blaming the media for this. Pederson acts like they are asking “gotcha questions” to try to get a story. If you watch the press conferences, the reporters are generally asking questions that fans would ask. Who is going to start this week? What’s wrong with Carson? Do you think your play-calling is working? No one is out to get Pederson. Reporters are asking what readers want to know.

Yes, the questions do tend to slant in a negative direction. But the team is 3-6-1. They are a couple of plays from being 1-8-1. This is not a case of negative spin by the media. Pederson has been the delusional one. I will give him credit that he’s backed off some of his positive talk in the past week.

Beyond the superficial stuff, I’m sure Pederson is frustrated with internal issues as well. Howie Roseman is not an easy man to deal with in the best of times. I’m sure things have not been great in the past year. The coaching staff changes last year were awkward. Either Lurie or Roseman had some say in that. We don’t know who was pushing for Jalen Hurts in the draft. We don’t know if there were any personnel arguments, but that is certainly a possibility.

We don’t know if Pederson said something or is just giving off a vibe, but multiple people seem to think he’d be open to a change of scenery. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out.

One thing that does make you wonder about Pederson and management is how he’ll say something at a press conference and then the opposite will happen. He declared that Jason Peters was his LT moving forward. A few days later Mailata took over LT and Peters moved to RG. Was that Lurie or Roseman forcing his hand? Did Pederson just decide that on his own, not realizing it would look awkward at best?

Pederson was asked about Hurts getting more reps with the starters in practice. He said that wasn’t the case. Then we had multiple reporters announce that it was true. That’s just odd.

While Hurts has been getting those reps, don’t read into this that he’s going to start or play significant snaps. The Eagles offense has been a mess. Wentz has been a mess. The team is going to mix him in more to see if he can jump start things.

The Saints had a specific package for Taysom Hill (prior to the Brees injury). Watch the way the Colts use Jacoby Brissett. Teams with veteran starters can still mix in the backup QB. It gives the defense something else to deal with. This doesn’t mean the Eagles are moving on from Wentz.

It does mean the team is frustrated and desperate for a spark.

It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on Wentz at all. Maybe it will get his attention that he could be benched if he doesn’t improve. That hasn’t been the case, but the backup getting more practice reps and even game snaps might change that.

The best thing for this team right now is to get out there and play. Give everyone something to talk about beyond who is getting fired and/or benched. Heck, a win over Seattle would buy them at least two days of goodwill.



No game preview today. I felt this was more compelling.


If you want to read some stories on why Lurie could be so frustrated, Sheil Kapadia has a couple of pieces on the struggles of the team and Wentz.

The Stunning Decline of Carson Wentz

Disastrous Offseason Led to 2020 Results

Depressing and frustrating pieces. I’ve been meaning to link to them for a few days. Sheil is an excellent analyst and writer. When he comes down hard, you know things are bad.


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