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The Eagles lost, again. The offense struggled, again. Carson Wentz struggled, again. But there was something very different about this game. Wentz was benched for the first time in his career and Jalen Hurts played most of the second half.

I’d love to tell you Hurts proved to be a miracle and led the team to an exhilirating win. Will you settle for Hurts giving the offense a spark and leading the team on a TD drive that got them back into the game?

Wentz finished 6-15-79 and led the team to three points. Hurts was 5-12-109 with a TD and a pick. He threw a 32-yard TD pass to Greg Ward. Two other drives were promising, but failed to pan out. A questionable holding call wiped out a drive that had gotten down to the 10-yard line. On the final drive, the Eagles got down to the Packers 33-yard line before Hurts was picked off (his arm was hit as he threw). That came after Travis Fulgham dropped a pass that would have put the team inside the Red Zone.

Hurts didn’t do anything magical, but there is no question that he brought a spark to the Eagles. A lot of people focused on his mobility. The OL struggled all game and Hurts’ mobility helped him escape pressure and turn nothing into something. It was more than that.

Hurts brought energy and confidence to the field. That didn’t mean every play was going to work, but it gave the players hope. The whole team played with a bounce in their step.

After Hurts’ TD pass, the defense forced a 3-and-out. Then Jalen Reagor returned a punt 73 yards for a TD. What had been a 23-3 game was suddenly 23-16. The Eagles had momentum and the Packers were on their heels. Unfortunately Green Bay righted the ship and won 30-16.

The question immediately becomes whether Wentz will get his job back or if Hurts will start next week. Doug Pederson didn’t offer any thoughts in his press conference. He wants time to study the tape and think about things.

What do others think?

This isn’t personal. No one is looking to bury Carson Wentz. The Eagles offense has been awful since the bye. The team has now lost all four of those games and hasn’t scored more than 17 points in any of them. The offense looked the best in the second half tonight with Hurts playing QB.

Wentz is in a funk. There is blame to go to his protection, his receivers and his coaches, but the bottom line is that he’s the biggest issue. Wentz had Dallas Goedert wide open for a huge play today. He underthrew him. Play still went for 41 yards, but a better throw might have been a TD.

Hurts came into the game and the offense woke up. He had a 34-yard pass to Reagor. That drive stalled due to the holding penalty, but there was life.

On the next drive, Hurts hit Alshon Jeffery on fourth down to move the chains. Jeffery was called for OPI, leaving Hurts in a 4th-and-18 situation. Hurts moved in the pocket to buy time and then hit Greg Ward for a 32-yard TD.

There was energy, emotion and hope. There was a spark.

The result was the same, another ugly loss. But this one at least felt different. Doug Pederson should see that and make the switch to Hurts.

Pederson was very down in his PC after the game. Losing is tough on coaches. I’m sure he also dreaded all the Hurts/Wentz questions. I would be that Pederson is also tired of not having the answers to his team’s issues. His offense never snapped the ball inside the Red Zone. That is astonishing. I have no idea when that last happened.

This is going to be an interesting week, as we wait to hear Pederson’s decision. Hopefully he’ll give it to us Monday, but it won’t shock me for him to save that for Wednesday.

It has to be Hurts, right?

It has to be.

We hope.


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