More Wentz Speculation

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I’d love to tell you I have some juicy rumors, but that would be a lie. All I have is more speculation. We’re all tired of it, but at least this item could have some meaning behind it.

Daniel Jeremiah is well-connected around the NFL. He worked for the Ravens and Eagles. He’s got friends on a bunch of teams. He talks to people all over the league. When DJ says something like this, it isn’t a random guess. He must be hearing things.

This kind of deal would make a ton of sense. The Eagles get a solid pick this year and then potentially a first rounder in the future. If Wentz goes somewhere next year and struggles, the new team is protected. If Wentz thrives, the Eagles are rewarded with a high pick. Risk and reward for both sides.

The Eagles would be smart to get the first rounder next year. This is a weird year, with no Combine and unusual pro days. Teams aren’t going to know as much about prospects as they usually do. If the Eagles get an extra first, they need to make that pay off. The more you know, the better off you should be.

We still don’t know a timeline for this deal. It still feels like something that is likely to happen sooner rather than later. That’s purely my opinion.

We don’t know who might be pitching this offer. The Bears and Colts are the teams we hear the most about. We’ll have to wait and see if there is a surprise team making a late move.

More than a few people continue to see this as the Eagles simply trying to get rid of Wentz. That’s just not the case.

If he wants out, you have to make that deal and move on. I’m not excusing the fact that things got to this point. We’ll have a long discussion about that this offseason. For now, we are staying focused on Wentz getting traded.

I would love to see him go to Indy. The Eagles would then only have to face him once every four years. I’m not afraid of facing Wentz so much as all the over the top story lines about his revenge.

I also have no interest in Nick Foles coming back. He will forever be a Philly legend for leading the Eagles Super Bowl run, but he’s just not a good QB anymore. We don’t know what Jalen Hurts future is, but we have a pretty good idea of Foles future, and it isn’t pretty.


There is some speculation about Zach Ertz being included in a deal. I would be fine with that. Ertz had a bad year in 2020 and has said he would like a new deal. The Eagles need to focus on young talent. I hate the thought of Ertz going elsewhere, but it sure feels like his time in Philly is over. If you’re keeping older players while you’re rebuilding, they better be top players. Ertz was prior to last year, but it is fair to wonder if age and wear and tear are catching up to him.


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