Game Preview – KC at PHI

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The 1-2 Eagles host the 1-2 Chiefs today. Both teams have lost two games in a row and are desperate for a win. That is about where the similarities stop. The Chiefs have a couple of last second losses. The Eagles just got whipped on MNF and they’ve really struggled for the last six quarters.

This is a tough game for the Eagles. The Chiefs have a dynamic offense and they have to be feeling a real sense of urgency after the slow start. They have lofty goals and every loss can have a big impact on their season.

The Eagles are a young team with a new coach and they’re just trying to get back to winning. This is a major uphill battle for the Eagles.

The Eagles can win this game…but not without help from the Chiefs. KC had six turnovers in their losses. The Eagles will need to come up with some of those turnovers if they are going to win today.

KC has the #31 run defense in the league. This is a day to run the ball. If the Eagles can get their ground game going and have long, sustained drives, that will keep Patrick Mahomes on the sideline. You don’t have to stop him when he’s a spectator.

In order for the run game to work, the OL has to do its part. That got a lot more complicated this morning.


We are now likely looking at this OL:

LT Andre Dillard
LG Landon Dickerson
OC Jason Kelce
RG Nate Herbig
RT Jack Driscoll

It is possible Driscoll could slide in to RG and Brett Toth could be the RT, but that feels less likely.

The only good news is that KC will be without DE Frank Clark, one of their best pass rushers.

The Eagles defense will play soft and try to limit big plays. This strategy has slowed down the Chiefs the past few weeks and the NFL is definitely a copycat league. KC is still averaging 29 points in those games so it isn’t like they are getting shut down, merely slowed down.

Rodney McLeod returns to the field and not a minute too soon. The defense needs a player like him in the deep middle when trying to contain Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman. I’m sure Andy Reid has been working on some ideas on how to get explosive plays out of his receivers when going against these soft coverages.

Speaking of Reid…

I would love to see the Eagles come up with a huge win today, but that seems unlikely. The DL would need to have a big day and regularly pressure Mahomes. The secondary would need to cover and tackle well, and get their hands on any errant throws. The OL needs to play well and Miles Sanders needs to run like a madman. And Jalen Hurts would have to make plays and limit mistakes.

All possible.

Not likely to happen in the same game.

As much as the Eagles need a win, they need to play better than they did on Monday. That was a sloppy, ineffective performance. There were problems with the coaching and the execution. Even if they lose, the Eagles need to get headed in the right direction. How they play matters.

It would be ironic if the Eagles beat Andy Reid because they embraced the run game.


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