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The  Scouting Combine just wrapped up. There were a lot of really impressive athletes, making it all the more exciting that the Eagles have a trio of first round picks. I’ll be writing a separate piece on that. For now, I want to focus on some pro football topics.

Talk about incredibly deceptive.

Here is the relevant info from the piece:

Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman previously conducted significant due diligence on Watson before last season, even sending an investigator to Houston to look into the legal situation and contacting Rusty Hardin, Watson’s attorney, per sources.

However, Watson has never been inclined to waive his no-trade clause for the Eagles. Moreover, Philadelphia has committed to Jalen Hurts as their quarterback.


That is one of the best pieces of clickbait I’ve seen in a while. So what gives? Aaron Wilson wrote the piece. He is a good writer and I’ve met him at the Senior Bowl a couple of times. I can only guess he’s either desperate for clicks or is doing this as a favor to the Texans GM. I don’t think any team has currently expressed interest in Watson. That makes it tough for Houston to trade him. GMs will trade favors with the media. They might have asked Wilson to put something like this out there to see if it would get any kind of buzz or reaction. All it takes is PFT writing about it or someone in the Philly media asking Nick Sirianni or Howie Roseman about it and Watson starts getting talked about.

Hopefully this pitiful piece goes nowhere.


It’s that time of the year when agents will start leaking rumors to reporters around the league. “The Eagles are linked to free agent X.”

There is some truth to some of these rumors. Others are just agents trying to create a market for their clients. We all have to turn into Sherlock Holmes when this stuff kicks into high gear.


If you have 30 minutes to kill and you want to hear/see my incredible wisdom, here you go.


The Eagles might have some more free agent options in a few days.


Cooper could be in high demand. He is a terrific receiver. He’ll turn 28 in June so there should be plenty of good years left in his future. I don’t know that he makes much sense for the Eagles. Cooper wasn’t happy in Dallas because he didn’t get as many targets last year. Nick Sirianni thinks DeVonta Smith is a #1 receiver so the Eagles passing game will be built around him. Spending big money on Cooper would be awkward. He does add another receiver to the market and that could help the Eagles.

Lawrence will turn 30 in April and hasn’t had double-digit sacks since 2018, but he remains a talented, disruptive pass rusher. He would be interesting if the cost was right.

Interesting times down in Big D.


All the Russell Wilson talk might be over. Pete Carroll said the team has no interest in trading him. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler offered this update.

Russell Wilson still has not told the Seahawks he wants to be traded out of Seattle, and it’s possible he never will. Certainly the Seahawks are proceeding as though there’s nothing to see here and planning on Wilson as their quarterback in 2022. Teams have been calling, and the memory of the discontent he expressed last offseason will continue to fuel speculation unless and until the Seahawks extend his contract again. But for now, the Seahawks are telling interested teams they don’t want to move him and are proceeding with a relatively normal offseason.

Seems more and more like Hurts will be the Eagles QB this year.




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