Slow Progress

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This might be the wildest offseason in NFL history. We’ve seen star quarterbacks and elite players moving all over the place. You could build an amazing roster out of the players who have changed teams. This level of change is unprecedented.

Except in Philadelphia.

The Eagles made a big splash when they signed pass rusher Haason Reddick. And then they went into stealth mode. There were some attempted moves, but nothing happened until…

Boom. Super Bowl, here we come.

Okay, that might be pushing it a bit. I’ve talked about the Eagles need to add weapons this offseason. Reddick? Yes. Pascal? No.

This isn’t meant to insult Pascal. He’s a good addition and solid role player. I’m glad the Eagles signed him. He’s just not a weapon. The Eagles know that. They know Pascal isn’t going to be a difference-maker. He gives them a versatile receiver who can play in the slot or outside. He is a good blocker. Pascal has solid size at 6-2, 214. Essentially he is in Philly to replace JJAW.

It is easy to get frustrated at the Eagles lack of moves. Some of that involves bad luck. Some of it is due to players not wanting to come to Philly. That is a reflection on the state of the team…solid, but not compelling.

I do think the Eagles are being smart by not forcing matters. One of the sayings I love is “Don’t confuse activity with achievement”. The goal is to improve the roster, not just make changes.

There are still moves to be made. You never know when someone is going to become available.

Hill did go to Miami so that might make Parker expendable. If so, he would be a good target for the Eagles. Parker is physically gifted and has good experience. He could step in and contribute right away. At the same time, he’s not a receiver that expects a ton of targets. He can be part of a good receiver corps. We’ll have to see if anything happens here.

Some are critical of Howie Roseman, doubting that he’s got a plan. He doesn’t. Not in the sense that he’s still got specific targets lined up and is just waiting to pull the trigger on deals. He is letting the market settle down to see what free agents he might be interested in at a lesser rate. You only want to pay top money for top talent. After that, you need to be a disciplined shopper.

Beyond that, there is the unknown that happens. You have to react to situations. The Eagles have the cap space and resources to make moves if the right one becomes available. All you can do is be ready.

Roseman and the Eagles front office have turned most of their focus to the draft right now. They are going to Pro Days and lining up pre-draft visits with prospects they have serious interest in.

Are the Eagles interested in Pickett? He is very talented and a very high character guy. Nick Sirianni is a huge believer in culture. I guarantee you Sirianni is at least a bit intrigued.

More importantly, the Eagles want the teams behind them to think they are interested in Pickett. They would love some team to trade up for pick 15. This is lying season. Teams are showing interest in a ton of players, but not all of it is legit.

The Eagles have shown a lot of interest in DTs. I think they brought Fletcher Cox back so he can be a bridge player to allow a rookie DT to learn for a year before needing to be ready to start. This is a very good DT draft so I’m hoping they add one, possibly two.

The Eagles are also showing interest in WRs. If they want another weapon for Jalen Hurts, it would likely have to come from the draft.

There is still plenty of time for the front office to improve the Eagles. Roseman has used late March, April, May and even the summer to make some really good moves in the past.

He’s also missed badly while bargain hunting.

The coaching staff really embraced young players last year. If they prefer to focus on young guys, I’m fine with that. Howie and the scouts just better have another strong draft. Find us the next BG, Cox and Kelce and we’ll be good.

Another DeVonta Smith would be nice as well.




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