Gameday – NYG at PHI – Divisional Round

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Game time is about 90 minutes away. The 2022 Eagles get to make their playoff debut. They had a great regular season. The goal is to now carry that over to the postseason.

This is a loaded team. They have weapons all over the roster. The Eagles don’t have to overachieve or pull off any miracles. They need to play up to their talent and avoid mistakes. Do that and they’ll win the game. That’s not meant to be arrogant. The team went 14-3 for a reason. They’re highly rated by raw stats and analytics. Jalen Hurts only lost one game all year.

The Eagles are good.

Hurts is all business and should have his teammates locked in as well. I would describe this group as hungry, but Hurts repeatedly told his teammates that he’s “starving”. He doesn’t want a cheesesteak. Hurts wants a win. He wants to keep this thing going. Losing to the Bucs last year was a good learning experience, but it sure wasn’t any fun.

I’m excited to see what these guys do tonight. This is an opportunity to show how good they are and how far they’ve come. This is a chance for them to take another step toward where they want to be.


There is one surprise on that list…Anthony Harris. The Eagles elevated him yesterday. There would be no reason to do that if you weren’t going to play him. Maybe something happened or maybe they just changed their mind and decided to go with K’Vonn Wallace.

Jalen Hurts and Lane Johnson aren’t 100 percent, but overall the Eagles are a pretty healthy team. I think Hurts will look like his normal self. He has had time to heal and pain seems to be the big issue at this point.

Johnson is the player to watch more closely. He hasn’t played since he got hurt. Johnson is a great OT in part due to his athleticism. Will the injury affect that?

The Giants are pretty healthy as well.


Scott plays his best against the Giants. Hopefully he’ll be able to make a play or two tonight and keep the good vibes going.


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