Super Bowl Bound!

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The Eagles beat the Niners 31-7 to win the NFC Championship. It wasn’t a pretty game. It wasn’t smooth or easy. But it was absolutely beautiful in its own way.

QB Brock Purdy was knocked out on the Niners opening drive.

Purdy was replaced by Josh Johnson (who is so old he once played for Jon Gruden in Tampa). Then the Eagles knocked Johnson out of the game and that was that.

SF’s defense played really well and made the game more challenging than it should have been. The Eagles never did throw the ball well, but the run game came alive and that was enough offense for the Eagles to control the game and get the win.

The Eagles only gave up 164 yards. SF had 25 pass plays. The Eagles were credited with 7 QB hits (3 sacks). The Niners couldn’t protect the QB and the Eagles made them pay for that.

SF had a bunch of costly penalties, which infuriated Kyle Shanahan. He complained non-stop. Every replay showed the Niners committing the penalty. I guess he wanted them to swallow the whistles and let his guys do what they wanted.

Nick Sirianni out-coached Shanahan and that’s a key part of why the Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl.

Wild game. Wild day.

One more game to go.

What a special team…


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