Eagles A Good Fit For Reggie Bush?

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A few people have asked about whether Saints RB/RS/athlete Reggie Bush could be a player the Eagles will be interested in.  He’s still under contract in New Orleans, but is due a salary of $11.8M this year.  The Saints aren’t likely to honor that figure so chances are Reggie will be cut when the offseason gets underway.

Reggie clearly has the skill set to play in the Eagles offense.  He is a very good receiver and is a dynamic weapon when he’s got the ball out in space.  He is a great punt returner.  You don’t get Reggie to feed him the ball on I-formation running plays.  This guy is a weapon and must be used accordingly.  Andy Reid doesn’t know a lot about the running game, but he does know how to use offensive weapons.

I’d love for the Eagles to make a play for Bush.  He’s the kind of guy that can thrive despite getting limited touches.  Bush would be an interesting fit.  He would be the primary PR.  He would be the backup RB.  He would be the #4 WR a lot of the time.  You could use him on end arounds, WR screens, deep balls, as well as standard RB runs and pass routes.

Value is the big issue with Bush and the Eagles.  We’d see him as a luxury.  We’ve already got Shady, DJax, Maclin, and the rest of the gang.  I think a team that is starved for offense could see Bush as a really important target.  Young, ascending teams like the Rams, Bucs, and Lions might think of Reggie as a guy who could put them over the top.  I’d have to think the Dolphins would love to have him.  Bush would instantly be their best offensive playmaker.  Those types of teams might offer Reggie more money and more touches.  He’d have to fight for touches here.

The Eagles are going to have a lot of money to spend in free agency.  There would be some wisdom to going after a guy like Bush.  He would free up DeSean from returning punts, but you would still have a dynamic guy back there.  Bush would be a matchup nightmare for defenses.  Andy could slide him from RB to the slot to out wide.  And Reggie might want to play for a creative offensive coach.  Sean Payton did a great job with him.  There are no guarantees that some of the other teams will use him the way he wants.  I think Reggie would like Andy’s offense.  We also know that NFL players love Mike Vick.  Reggie might think it would be awesome to play with him.

We know the Eagles go into free agency looking for bargains or special players.  They don’t go after players that are just “solid”.  Bush is a special player.  I don’t think this is a likely move, but it would be interesting.

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I did a post-draft podcast with the guys from EaglesFanCast.  Here is a link to the page where you can download/listen to it.  Show lasts about an hour.  I apologize if my voice is too sexy.  I have no control over that.