Comparing the Big 3 CB Prospects

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Over at SB Nation Philly I wrote a column looking at the Big 3 CB prospects and how they compare to each other.  It would be ideal if the Eagles could land one of the trio.

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Jason at BleedingGreenNation has a post up with some info that Jimmy Smith’s character issues may be fading.   Make sure you check that out.  Hard to say if it is true or this is pre-draft mis-information being spread by teams.  Mike Mayock was on Eagles Live last week and said that Smith’s problems really concern him.  Mike talks to a lot of NFL people so that is worth keeping in mind.

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I watched some 2009 tape of Clemson while checking out a draft prospect.  I couldn’t help but watch Ricky Sapp some of the time.  I didn’t like him as a fit for our defense last year as a DE.  I thought he had to play LB.  This year is completely different.  We’ll let him get down in that track stance and fire off the ball from a wide angle.  That’s perfect for Sapp.  He looked good yesterday on the move.  I think he could really be a big help this year with Brandon Graham coming off the ACL injury.  Sapp isn’t going to start and deliver 10 sacks, but he can be a good situational rusher for us.

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I’ll answer some questions tomorrow.  Lots of draft work to do today.  The 28th is approaching fast.

Ricky Sapp gets ready for the IR.

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