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I wrote yesterday about DeMeco Ryans and my expectation that he would be cut. That might prove to be wrong.

Rapoport would have talked to Ryans’ agent and gotten this scoop. Obviously the agent would have been told by the Eagles…”We’re keeping DeMeco.”


Best guess is insurance. Mychal Kendricks missed one game in 2013 and 4 last year. Kiko Alonso is coming off a torn ACL. Backup Najee Goode is coming off a season-ending injury.  If Ryans will take a pay cut, you have him as your #3 ILB. You can rotate him into the defense to give a rest to the other guys. The Eagles play among the most snaps in the league. That’s a lot of wear and tear. You can also have Ryans play situationally (goal line, short yardage).

This isn’t an ideal use of resources. You’d be paying good money to a backup/role player. Still, Ryans does have value when he’s not on the field. He is a natural leader. That might be important when you think that the Eagles could be bringing in as many as 5 new starters on defense. You need the right person to help that situation work.

I guess it is still possible the Eagles could trade Kendricks. I don’t like that idea, but we can’t really rule anything out right now can we?

ILB would be pretty deep with Alonso, Kendricks, Ryans, Goode, Brad Jones and Emmanuel Acho. You also have Travis Long possibly in the mix, although he’s another player coming off a torn ACL.

* * * * *

The release of Trent Cole means the ROLB, or Predator position, is wide open.

Brandon Graham is a free agent. The Eagles have been talking to him, but it sounds like he might prefer to go play in a 4-3 scheme. From Tim McManus.

As for Brandon Graham: the two sides spoke earlier this week, we’re told, but no deal was struck. While the Eagles and Graham’s reps are keeping in contact, the 26-year-old is poised to hit free agency. If a 4-3 team comes calling with the right kind of coin (Chicago is one team to keep in mind), he’s probably gone.

McManus talks in that piece about Steelers OLB Jason Worilds as a target. There is a buzz that the Eagles will go after him.

I don’t know what will happen at OLB. And here’s why.

Chip loved Dion Jordan, who was 6-6, 250. The Eagles OLB coach last year worked out multiple guys that were in the 6-6, 260 range at their Pro Days (Will Clarke, Kareem Martin, etc.). Chip loves big guys with long arms and big hands.

Connor Barwin was 6-4, 256 coming out of college. I’m sure he’s up in the 265 range now.

Marcus Smith was 6-3 1/2, 251 last year. He’s got the frame to add 15 pounds and carry it naturally.  He had 34-inch arms (very long) and 10-inch hands (big).

Both Graham and Worilds are 6-1. Graham has short arms. Worilds is pretty good (32 7/8). Is Kelly really ready to commit long term to a guy who isn’t his ideal OLB? Maybe, but I don’t know and that’s what has me confused. What does Chip really want at the Predator spot?

One player that fascinates me is Greg Hardy, the DE from Carolina. He is a free agent, but has some baggage. Would Chip take a chance on him? Hardy is 6-4 and lists at 275. He has 34-inch arms and big hands. He is a very good athlete. He has the size/speed/power/burst to beat good LTs and get to the QB. It is rare that a guy like Hardy hits the market. Maybe you roll the dice on him.

No matter how this plays out, the Eagles must add a good OLB. The 3-4 is built on LB play. The Eagles seem to have addressed ILB well. With Cole gone and Graham probably leaving, OLB needs help.

There are some good options.

Jerry Hughes
Brian Orakpo
Pernell McPhee
Derrick Morgan

Back to Graham and Worilds for a minute. The Eagles could still work something out with Graham. He might see that the market isn’t as great as he hoped if teams don’t talk to him early. While Graham isn’t the ideal OLB, he was productive the last 2 years. He started in the WAS game. Watching live, I was disappointed. I recently went back and re-watched the game to study him. Graham played better than I realized. He didn’t beat Trent Williams with speed, but did bull rush him effectively on a regular basis and played the run well.

Under Bill Davis the Eagles have used the ROLB as a DE at times in a 3-man line. This requires good power and proper hand use. Cole was great at this due to all his DE experience. Graham also did a good job of this. You sacrifice cover skills, but Graham is versatile in his own way.

Worilds is a better athlete than Graham. He is light on his feet and moves naturally in space. He isn’t as strong or powerful as Graham. Worilds is a solid pass rusher, but I don’t see him as anything special. He had 8 sacks in 2013 and 7.5 last year. Most of the 2014 tape I saw had him at LOLB. It is normally easier to beat RTs in pass pro than LTs. Worilds could be good value, but I certainly don’t see him as a must-have free agent and I wouldn’t break the bank for him.

I need to do more research on the other FA possibilities.

* * * * *

Les Bowen wrote a terrific piece on Chip Kelly and what happened Tuesday. Kelly was giving a speech at an awards dinner, but the audience would have preferred Kelly to ditch the speech and talk about the day’s big moves.

In his speech last night, Kelly told a story about a man whose business was failing, and who ended up telling his troubles to a stranger. The stranger supposedly gave the man a $500,000 check, with the proviso that the man return to the same place a year later and tell the stranger how things worked out. The check was signed “John D. Rockefeller.”

In Kelly’s telling, the man with the failing business was so inspired, he went back and galvanized his workers, who turned the business around, the man never actually cashing the $500,000 check. He returned to the same spot a year later, saw the stranger approaching, but before they met again, the stranger was accosted by some “men in white coats,” one of whom explained that they were recapturing this deluded guy who liked to tell people he was John D. Rockefeller.

It was the sort of boilerplate bootstrap/inspiration story common to such events, but given the context, it was tempting to try to apply it to the Eagles.

We just don’t know yet if Chip is the guy who gets inspired and turns the business around, or if he’s the guy who gets led away by the men in white coats.

That’s great writing. And the ending is perfect. We don’t know.

I know some of you don’t like Kelly’s style or his moves. I know some of you get tired of me praising him. I fully acknowledge there is absolute risk in what Kelly is doing. Only time will tell if he’s making brilliant moves that will put the team over the top or if he’s ruining a solid team.

I’m excited to see what his vision is and how this all plays out.


721 Comments on “More LB Talk”

  1. 1 JettMartinez said at 7:43 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Is there risk with Kelly? Of course there’s risk. There’s also no Super Bowl trophies in the case so it’s time to take some risk and go for the gold. We’ve had enough of above average and a playoff loss. If you’re restocking the team, be the Sixers, not the Phillies.

  2. 2 370HSSV 0773H said at 8:23 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    That’s the way I’ve been looking at things. What’s been done hasn’t worked, it’s time to do things differently.

  3. 3 xeynon said at 4:44 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    There’s smart risk, and there’s dumb risk. The Sixers, realizing it’s a numbers game, have stockpiled high draft picks on the theory that the more cracks you get at the draft pinata, the more likely it is to finally spit out the franchise player you need to win a title.

    Assuming Kelly trades up for Mariota, he’s doing precisely the opposite – betting everything on one swing. If he doesn’t connect (and history suggests it’s more likely than not he won’t) it will get ugly.

  4. 4 GEAGLE said at 7:46 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    meco speculation to bed, he isnt going anywhere, and he was never going anywhere this year…. not sure what happens after this year, but Mufasa isnt going anywhere

  5. 5 Dominik said at 8:23 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    If he agrees to a massive pay cut, I can see it happening. 7m would be crazy, though, after he just traded for Kiko and has Kendricks. Also, Meco has no leverage.

  6. 6 eagleyankfan said at 8:25 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Unless — Kenricks won’t be here…

  7. 7 oreofestar said at 8:30 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Can we please stop saying this

  8. 8 KAJomo said at 8:34 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Seriously. The two defensive players that are untouchabel for me a Cox and Kendricks.

  9. 9 eagleyankfan said at 8:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    someone(who seems to know a thing or 2) said the other day — NOONE on this team is safe from a trade. I love Cox n Kendricks. I hope they go no where. To get talent, you have to give up talent. I certainly hope these guys stay. I don’t know where/why people started throwing Kendricks name around as “trade” bait. IF(not my hope) there is a trade to move up AND you don’t want to give away so many draft picks, you can only assume talent will be given up. Who on the Eagles is very talented? Cox n Kendricks. This is all just talk though….

  10. 10 GEAGLE said at 10:42 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    people have lost their friggin minds

  11. 11 Dominik said at 8:33 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yes, part of me fears that. It doesn’t help that Kendricks would be a pretty perfect fit for the Tampa 2 Lovie is still running (I assume, haven’t watched the Buccs last year, to be honest).

    But, let’s also be honest: sending Kendricks away would be the first really strange move from Chip. There are reasons for DJax and Shady, sending Kendricks away would feel really strange. Strange is a way: why would you do that?

    Chip didn’t have to part ways with Shady and DJax. But you could never ask: why would you do that? There was always a reason, if you agreed with it or not.

  12. 12 holeplug said at 8:39 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    If he is part of the package to tampa for the #1 pick it wouldn’t be strange

  13. 13 Dominik said at 9:35 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Well, I hope there’s a way to trade up without giving up the future of our Defense (Cox and Kendricks). Now, if Kendricks would be worth two first rounders for the Buccs (meaning, Kendricks + 20th pick this year for the 1st, or something like that), I say go for it. Love Kendricks, but if the Buccs freak out about him like Chip is probably freaking out about MM, let them have him.

    But that won’t happen. I’m not even sure the Buccs would look at him as 1st round value.

  14. 14 holeplug said at 9:59 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Kendricks has a lot of value. He is a pro bowl caliber 3 down linebacker still on his rookie deal. He easily has a 1st round value.

  15. 15 GEAGLE said at 9:05 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    never said he is a lock keep his current contract.. then again they can just give him the money up front and it not even really matter…i could see him restructure instead of paycut, but he wont be on the books for more then a year or two anyway.
    im really not sure if we will ask him to pay cut, like I said possibly a restructure but i could see them not even approach him about straight paycut…. but if we do ask for a paycut, im sure Meco will agree. The NFL saw that he looked bad his first year back from him last Achiles, he wasnt back to normal til year two, so at his age he knows if he goes to the open market no one will sign him to be a starter this year, no one will pay him close to 6mil… so its not going to be hard to save some money and keep him on our bench as some depth… kendricks misses at least 2 games per year, meco will come in handy.
    we need iLB depth, we dont build depth losing meco and adding Kiko, thats an upgrade, not depth improvement.
    since its soooo not theppular opinion, I wish a betting site would have offered odd on if players will be cut, traded or stay.. Meco would have been great odds to not get cut the moment after the kiko trade leaked and everyone assumed Meco would be gone… we could have bet the house at great odds that meco would be back next year since no one believes he will stay anyway lol
    could have made a killing with the odds that would have been released after kiko trade was announced.. he would have been a major underdog to be on our roster next year.. could have taken advantage and made a killing.
    people love draft predictions and roster decisions, wish a site would go to the next level for the degenerates letting them bet on who will be cut, who will stay, who will be traded, who we will draft, who we will sign…. the problem is too many people in an organization of predetermined inside info… its not like a sporting event where no one knows the outcome before it ends, relatives of eagles scouting department, secretaries at novacare. too many people would have inside traded info…. I need to start a “Pick-em Pool” for predicting the eagees offseason moves

  16. 16 JakFTW said at 7:46 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    As an Aussie Eagles fan, it’s pretty rare that I meet other Aussie Eagles fans – there aren’t many of us.

    When the McCoy deal went down, I happened to walk into a store in Melbourne wearing my Eagles t-shirt, and the assistant says ‘Hey are you an Eagles fan?’ and proceeds to tell me how we traded Shady to the Bills for some linebacker. Turns out he’s been an Eagles fan since he used to follow Iverson and needed a team to use in Madden. We spent like twenty minutes talking about the coming season and whether we trusted Chip’s plan.

    I cannot explain just how random this felt.

    I’ll say one thing for being an Eagles fan – it’s never dull, and I always feel like we are in with a chance.

    Bring on free agency!

  17. 17 GEAGLE said at 7:48 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    i used to always get a kick out of running into eagle fans in like Rome or Barcelona… when im overseas, the moment I see someone wearing some type of eagles clothes, I instantly walk up to them start flapping my wings and start singing fly eagles fly… its my M.O overseas repping the Birds

  18. 18 Phil said at 8:14 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I know the feeling. Not many Eagles fan in Quebec Canada either. Mostly Patriots fan…

  19. 19 bdbd20 said at 7:51 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    We haven’t won a playoff game since 2009. Let that sink in for a moment.

    We need to let Chip do what he feels is best. The current core has not done anything in the playoffs. Beating mediocre teams is not good enough!

  20. 20 GEAGLE said at 8:10 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    thats why i dont cry too much over losing Shady… few times he got in the playoffs, he never elevated his game, always came up small in the playoffs

  21. 21 GEAGLE said at 7:52 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    doubt Worlids is our true target…. takes some real hubris to think if he was that we would be hearing about it right now…. does chip look like boo boo the fool?
    i would LOVE the Kraken on the field, but come on? chip aint handing 50mil to someone he has to worry about getting arrested in the offseason. think we learned that by now

  22. 22 oreofestar said at 8:19 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Hardy isn’t a great fit anyway

  23. 23 GEAGLE said at 8:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    meh.. pay that man and you pay him to eat QBs… we do alot of our 3rd down QB hunting out of a 4 man line aka Hardys World… but you are right, i really have no idea how he would perform in our base… then again when you have elite talent and the measurables its not rocket science to learn to set the edge from a standup LB position instead of from a 3point stance on a 4man line..its really NOT rocket science… guy is athletic, i would be surprised if we can teach him to move backlwards and at the very least become competent at it like BG after a year…..but there is no shot in hell that chip kelly reads the details of his arrest report and hands him a monster check… i doubt Kraken will even be considered… he is going to one of the usual scumbags, franchises that have no shame like the Bengals, Brown, Patriots….

  24. 24 GermanEagle said at 7:59 AM on March 5th, 2015:


    please meet Brent Celek, the player of the month of March.

  25. 25 A Roy said at 8:52 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    What month is Shady?

  26. 26 eagleyankfan said at 8:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    The gave Shady his very own special day — Feb 30th.

  27. 27 A_T_G said at 8:03 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    For those of us who still think the vision of the defense has two Barwin’s and no predator, is there a player who fits that mold coming available in free agency?

  28. 28 GEAGLE said at 9:28 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    brooks reed. probably not hard to recruit another texan to sign with us… he its what you are looking for… trade for Dion Jordan is the obvious

  29. 29 James said at 10:24 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this but, I dont think we need to sign a OLB. It seems like the smarter play to use FA on CB, S, OL and have Marcus Smith II start to show what he is worth on the right side.

    Why not alternate Curry and Smith at Predator?

  30. 30 Media Mike said at 11:31 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Brooks Reed

  31. 31 GEAGLE said at 8:05 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    the simple minded approach is to look at the OLBs and start crossing out the guys that cant drop into coverage, not that simple… other factors, roster manipulations to consider..
    when the eagles are stock piling a plethora of LBs who can drop into coverage, moving backwards isnt going to play a factor in which OLB they have to break the bank open for…we will have Barwin, Marcus, Kiko, Kendricks, Goode.. that alone is 4 LBs that can cover… when the eagles have to pay big money for an expensive position they will care about the pass rush and setting the edge..
    while we can be simple minded and start crossing out the LBs that dont move well backwards, there are other important pieces of the puzzle being overlooked..Mainly WTF do the eagles plan to do about Vinny Curry? extend him long term? doubt it but i wish!!.. trade him for dion? trade him for a draft pick? let him leave in free agency after the season?
    people need to think a little deeper into the OLB picture for example, Pernell McPhee cant move backwards to dave his life, but you know what he can do? line up practically anywhere we want in our multi front defense, did you not notice how much Billy moved our pass rushers around? think the ability to lineuip any where and pass rush is just overlooked because he cant move backards? lol ok….well thew simple minded need to realize that if we lose Vinny after this year or trade him now, and keep Thornton, we have no one to lineup next to Cox as our interior pass rushers on 3rd down… while McPhee cant drop into coverage, he is versatile enough to also line up next to cox as our interior pass rusher, replacing Currys interior pass rush allowing two of our other OLBs to line up as the 4-3 DE’s… remember Cole often lined up inside next to cox to spell Curry… so while McPhee cant move backwards, he becomes valuable and attractive depending on if we plan on losing Vinny or not…
    hard to say he will be our target, without knowing what we have planned for Vinny… but say we see Vinny traded for a pick or a player right now, McPhee starts climbing up our OLB wsh list and guys we praise for dropping back become more expendable when we are stockpiling LBs that can drop into coverage.
    kind of need to know what our plans are with a few certain players to really have an idea which OLB we will prioritize targetting. i really dont have an opinion on which OLB is our number #1 target because i dont have all the pieces of the puzzle that is being put into motion
    i dont mind worlids, but the fact that he is being reported as our target, for me, that means i should automatically cross him off our wish list…

    wouldnt be the least bit surprised if BG is brough back

  32. 32 A_T_G said at 8:28 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I guess you will think me simple-minded, but I think we will look for a LB that can do all of the things we want a LB to do.

    If we were satisfied with a guy that could set the edge and rush the passer, we’d be keeping Graham. I know your people are telling you that a contract is immenent, but simple-minded fans like myself think it is not (and also think you simply don’t actually have people).

    To me, it seems simple to understand that the advantage to moving guys around is to disguise your intent. If you use a guy that can only rush the passer, it doesn’t matter where you line him up, there is no disguise.

    Replacing a situational player like Curry is something done in week 2 or later of FA, not with one of the top guys at one of the most expensive positions.

  33. 33 GEAGLE said at 8:43 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    l”look for” and “completely rule ou”t are two different things,..maybe not simple minded, but call it what you want not factoring in more then just the obvious…lack of critical thinking if you will…
    when you pay Thornton that cant play on 3rd down, and you might not have Curry’s interior pass rush past this year, probably not that absurd to think OLB priorities might change a bit… say Vinny Curry gets traded for a player or draft pick now… you are talking about Taylor Hart being the #2 interior DT pass rusher on our depth chart.. when we go to our 4 man lines on 3rd DOWN, that becomes a MAJOR problem that may change some of our priorities.
    now sure, you can just draft another 3-4 DE who can pass rush on 3rd down, but if he can also 2gap, you probably wont get that type of player outside of the top 2 rounds… big long two gappers who can also pass rush on 3rd go real quick….. We also have plenty of holes and needs to fill, you find it that far fetched that in order to spare us from having to invest in our DL when we have so many bigger needs, we switch priorities a bit and prioritize using the OLB signing that we have to add no matter what, to go with a versatile player that can move inside on 3rd down and be our interior pass rush ?A band aid to get us to pro long adding to the DL til NEXT year..

    but we’ll see… I have a feeling when we see the rest of the shoes that are going to drop we will have so many LB that can drop into coverage that we wont know what to do with them all…. people can talk that mirror stuff all you want, but if we pay money for a heckuva pass rusher, on 3rd and 10 you can bet the QB will just assume he is coming after him
    and if you do get an OLB who can cover, I have a feeling it would be a second tier Brooks Reed guy anyway and fans will complain that he isnt one of the elite pass rushing OLB beasts available
    but im just speculating on the thought process of our decision makers. I have No idea which OLB im leaning towards being at the top of mylist… kind of need to know a few of the other roster decisions we plan on making in the near future to be able to form an opinion on which of like 10 super talented beasts is at the top of our free agent wish list… really have no idea which OLB i should put at the top of our wish list… I like Worlids, I dont mind us sighing him at all… but because of the rumors linking him to us,I assume he is not one of our true targets…. but i guess there is always a slight chance an agent actually told reporter a truth
    just challenge fans to look closer, instead of just taking the simple approach of who is the best combo of pass rush, edge setting and dropping into coverage.. thats true on an individual players election basis, but that not the only thing that plays into our decision making process.. also have to factor in the big picture aspect, the roster building(position numbers) and fitting under the umbrella of our cap, resource allocation… if we need money to address other needs, instead of worry about getting the 7th LB who can cover, maybe you save some money or a draft picks by altering what you look for in a position sand specifically for this debate.. its not a horrible idea that with all our needs, instead of adding another DE who can also pass rush on 3rd down when the DL is a strength compared to some of the major weaknesses we have… instead of allocating resources to fix that 3rd down role, its not far fetched to consider changing your OLB priorities and look to kill two birds with one stone, upgrade edge rusher, who is also versatile to be an interior pass rushing band aid allowing us to fill other needs and and prolong investing in another DL til next year when hopefully we wont have this many holes to fill
    dont take this as me pashing who fans view at the top of their wish list, how could I, when i cant even tell you who my number 1 option would be after Justin Houston… i like so many of the OLBs on some level, but i feel like i dont have enough of the other pieces of the puzzle to be able to form an opinion on which i think the eagles will sign, and i dont know that i will even get those pieces of the puzzle before the draft… but for those that expect us to go the Barwin Mirror Route, Brooks Reed would be your target I would assume..
    please no one take it as me ripping who sits a top of their eagle OLB wish list, im in no position to because in my mind, I have no idea how to rate these guys in terms of who the eagles wlll put at the top of ther edge rusher wish list… because i dont know how the eagles will address a few other roster moves that directly could effect what we are looking for in an OLB

  34. 34 370HSSV 0773H said at 8:21 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t know if Kelly is a genius or totally mad, but like all coaches, he deserves to build HIS team and then succeed or fail. Luckily we have an owner who allows that to happen.

  35. 35 GEAGLE said at 8:31 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    agreed.. this is his lifes work, he built his reputatioon, he worked to earn headcoach status in the NFL, 2,3,4,5 years from now he will be judged on his success/the product he put on the field. basically his careers work is on the line.. its his neck on the line, he should be able to pick and cut whatever players he wants since he will be the one that is judged on the success of this next era of eagle football…
    its kind of insane to take a man who dedicated his entire life to football, worked his way up from small school to headcoach of a big franchise, he will be judged by the team he puts on the field, yet we have some GM picking the players for him? thats kind of ridiculous when you think about… if you cant trust your coach to pick his players maybe you dont have the best coach for the job anyway… there is no reason that chips life work and reputation should be effected by the players howie roseman or some GM who started paying attention to football at the age of 28 is bringing in for chip…. Its chips neck on the line, he should have complete roster control, and this is coming from someone who hasnt just agreed with everything he has done.
    im afraid of the unknown associated with Chips absolute power, but it is kid of absurd to have some GM choose the guys cvhip has to play and develop

  36. 36 Dominik said at 11:25 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Thing is, Chip is not really acting with his neck on the line. Give me one, a single one, College team with a HC opening who wouldn’t be interested in him if he’d become available. Heck, there are probably many teams who would fire their HC if they could sign Chip. Not Bama, Ohio State, Michigan, not every College team, but many. Chip is the real deal in College football, he revolutionized the College game.

    Now, that’s why most of us trust him. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. But it scares me a little bit to know that Chip COULD fail badly here in Philly and just sign the next 5+m contract and coach until he’s 70 in College.

    He’s working here with absolutely no pressure, except the fact he will never coach in the NFL again if he fails badly. Chip is an aggressive dude anyway, he probably will take even more chances the way it is. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it could.

    But you can’t have it both ways, you can’t have a coach with a great CV and expect him to have no option other than your franchise. Saban, Meyer, Belichick, Payton, Harbaugh brothers – they can walk away and still coach wherever there is a coaching opening. I still rather have one of those guys than Jason Garrett.

  37. 37 GEAGLE said at 8:24 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    i think alot of assumptions are getting thrown around and be very careful about false expectations, they effect your future opinions.. thinking eagles fans are setting themselves up for some major disapointments..
    think the notion that we are about to go all DREAM TEAM in free agency is utter and complete Bullshit, unfortunately.. (think I dont want to sign the top guys available?)… and if people are starting to judge our free agency sooooo wrong, wouldnt be surprised if people are also going to be let down by not trading for a certain hawiaan football god….

    people see that 50mil in cap space and fans loose their minds with the possibilities, but this is a man that cares so much about getting 22 year olds and molding him into his perfect soldiers over the next couple years, instead of pissing on the locker room he built by making a bunch of strangers the highest paid eagles in our locker room….. there is no way in hell chip would rather expensive arranged free agent marriages with players he barely knows, instead of extending and keeping the 22 and 23 year old studs he invested two years into developing already… i think we will wait til October to start extending our young gunners, but you can bet chip kelly will take that 50mil, and right off the top put Cox $ to the side, put Kendricks money to the side, possibly foles,boykin, curry… then he has to make sure he has enough to lockup Lane, ert, logan a year or two later… when we pay all our quality young players, atleast half of that 50mil will dissapear with the quickness

    i know everyone is expecting the best free agents money can buy at 3-4 positions… i just warn not to get your expectations too high, or you risk getting crushed when you see a solid free agent haul, but no where near the splash fans expect when they saw 50Mil in cap space…. and i already know its too late not to get [ep[les hopes up about Marriotta lol. bad enough fans will have to deal with that heartbreak, dont over estimate what the eagles will do in free agency… clearing the cxap space was more about being able to lockup all our young players longterm while also being able to make an upgrade or two…. when people see our free agent haul, i will assume fans will stop being so frivolous with the draft picks and young players they are willing to trade away so much for a QB prospect

  38. 38 eagleyankfan said at 8:38 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    2 — quality players is all I’m hoping for…maybe 3 🙂 … I know fans(not you) think they are funny/smart by constantly saying “dream team”…that is so far from what Chip is trying to do, it’s actually sad they think it’s what’s going to happen….

  39. 39 GEAGLE said at 10:40 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    fair enough… i hope to get some nice upgrades as well. heck, why wouldnt i want our team to improve..

  40. 40 370HSSV 0773H said at 8:38 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I agree. So many fans live in a bubble and don’t see there are 31 other NFL teams that need FA help. We can’t and won’t get everyone.

    And I have no idea why people are assuming we’re trading up and taking Mariota, like it’s a done deal. It takes 2 teams to trade and no matter what we offer, the other team will want to trade down to 20. And, there are other teams that may offer more.

  41. 41 GEAGLE said at 10:39 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    whats funny is other teams will just stand by and watch the eagles get marriotta… do people not realize that other teams will also want to draft up for him if he starts to fall to 4,5,6? watch Andy Reid Fuck chip kelly..just watch. Im going to laugh when Chip negotiates a deal with the Jets and trigger it if Foles falls to the jets pick, but Kansas City chiefs or a team like the Rams screw Chip Kelly over and agree to move up to #5 and pick Marriotta a spot ahead of the pick we negotiated to move up to if he fell to that spot,.
    ill die laughing if Andy Steals Marriotta from Chip LOL!!!!

  42. 42 James said at 10:15 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I really am not buying into the Mariota-move-up hype. I hope we beef up the o-line in FA and grab Iupati or Franklin. Then Marpet in the second round. After listening to Herremans, I think its safe to say that Chip values OL and QB the most. Since we have Foles for another 998 years, it would appear the o-line is going to be a point of emphasis.

    Or at least I hope. Would love to see Foles behind a nasty Oline again and a power runner.

  43. 43 GEAGLE said at 10:36 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    you speaking sweet music to my ears with a post like that..
    chip and Nick never even lost two games in a row together.. people are nuts… do they not realize what we can do with 50mil and not blowing a bunch of picks on 1 player? we have the ability to put a really really improved team around foles, with depth that can better handle injuries and still have enough on the field for Nick to win with..

    with all this cap space and spending our draft picks on positions around the QB, we have the chance to build a really really high quality team to stick around Foles a kid who is still growing as anb NFL QB going into year 3 of this scheme…
    You give Chip Kelly and Nick Foles a really talented roster and they can win games for us!!!! Stack the OL, put a band aid on the RB so we can draft Zeke Eliott next year lol im obsessed… get Nick Maclin and an upgrade for Coop next year, and a legit top defense…. and chip and Foles can be 5 times better next year then we would be if we sell our soul for marriotta, taking like half our assets that we need to build this team…. its so ridiculous.. we can use our cap and draft picks to take 3 steps forward with Foles, or we can trade half our picks and a few of our young players which means taking 5 steps backwards in hope of Later taking 10 steps forward? are people friggin insane?
    we have a chance to watch a top team you manicas next year, instead dudes wanna go rebuild, making Washington Redskin type moves its absuird… decision makers and coaches, part of the job is discipline and removing emotion from he ocassion… people are nuts and will fall flat on their face when they realize Nick is our QB lol

  44. 44 Jernst said at 11:29 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Don’t get your hopes up on iupati. He’s a big, slow mauler. Damn good at it too. But he in no way fits our scheme and doesn’t have the athleticism to pull, or get to the second level as quickly as we need our Guards to do.

  45. 45 370HSSV 0773H said at 8:31 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Interesting that they may keep Ryans around. I’m sure Kelly would love Ryans to mentor Alonso (and Kendricks), but that’s not reality. We can’t afford to keep 3 ILB starters. Theres no reason to do anything right now. Kelly is gonna need Mufasa to help teach our new defensive players our schemes. Our defense is gonna look a whole lot different this year!

  46. 46 GEAGLE said at 8:31 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    we can and we 100% will keep Meco this year…bet that!

  47. 47 KAJomo said at 8:37 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    You feel strongly enough to say 100%? That seems crazy to me. I dont understand why chip would spend money to keep 3 ILBs and why DeMeco would agree to a pay cut tha makes him a back up, but with Chip anything is possible. Yet somehow you are 100% sure of what Chip will do.

  48. 48 eagleyankfan said at 8:45 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think, when you look at ILB, you see injury upon injury upon injury. It started with the last pre-season game of the year last year. Signing DeMeco would be smart for the team and make sense. Unless DeMeco is thinking he can start somewhere for more money, the smart thing for him would be to sign here for less money and compete. He is betting the team and player makes the smart move…

  49. 49 KAJomo said at 8:48 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Im not against it really. If i’m Demeco I probaboy try to get a starting gig somehwere which would likely pay more than we will be paying our 3rd string ILB

  50. 50 370HSSV 0773H said at 8:50 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Nobody would sign Demeco if he were released. He’s a 31 year old linebacker coming off of a major injury, making over 6 mil.

  51. 51 GermanEagle said at 9:07 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    He would be making $0 if released.

  52. 52 D3FB said at 3:38 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If claimed off waivers the team would inherit his contract.

  53. 53 GermanEagle said at 4:06 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Does he still have to clear waivers? I thought such veteran guy would become a UFA instantly with his release..

  54. 54 D3FB said at 4:18 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Good catch, you are correct, I forgot vets don’t do waivers in the offseason.

  55. 55 GermanEagle said at 6:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    No problem mate. I thought I was losing my mind for a minute. 😉

  56. 56 GEAGLE said at 10:28 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    especially when he did really poor his first year back from the same injury 4 years ago.. he has to stay here a year because GMs probably wont even consider him for anything more then the veteran minimum and a bench role til they see him get back to his old self after the injury, and last time he had the same injury it took him two years.. no one will pay him and start him next year… his best move is to stay, prrove he is back later in the year in limited snaps or when Mykal K gets hurt for a game or two and try to rebound his stock and build a GMs confidence in him for 2016…meco stays. bet it

  57. 57 GEAGLE said at 9:43 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    this is Meco second achiles surgery and he is older now.. problem for him is he was really kind of por his first year back from his achilles.. so there is no point for meco to not take a paycut restructure, because the GMs wont be able to count on him starting after they saw how poor he was the first year back from this same surgery 34 years ago… now he is older he wont have a single offer for a starting spot with starting money.. best he can hope for is incentives… but Meco knows he wasn back til his 2nd year back from surgery so it could pay to let him sit the bench, not look bad in his return, and wait til his second year back when he could have a better chance at teams giving him any shot at a starting spot and starting money…. no one can pay him to pencil him in a starter next year after how he recovered from his last achilles surgery…
    plus the eagles told him to do all his rehab here with his trainers, we wonbt kick him out mid rehab, chips too classy.which leads me to, 1000% chip calledMeco as soon as the kiko trade was annouced knowing everyone would assume Meco is getting cut..chip would have either assured him not to listen to the noise and that he isnt going anywhere..or he would have the decency to tell meco we are moving on NOW, which in no way would be kept quiet til now, because Meco would have to start looking for a new team and he wouldnt have to wait for free agency to start to talk and visit with teams.. we would have had the respect for meco to talk to him after the kiko trade already,. he was either assured he will stay, or we would have gave him the respect to be honest and tell him tostart looking for a new team now, before the market opens.. in which case, it wouldnt be kept quiet… the phone call already happened because Kiko was traded for, and if Meco would have been told we arent bringing him back, it wouldnt be keot under wraps by now…
    1000% if you wake up tomorrow and Meco is an eagle, bet your house he will be here in september 🙂

  58. 58 eagleyankfan said at 8:36 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    these are a few of my LEAST favorite things….words like “functional” or “keep him because he’s a leader” or “he isn’t ideal, but productive” … I know — it’s the sunny side of things…but you can’t have a team with a bunch of players that are “eh, he’s not great but ok”. Graham needs to be in a 4-3. Stop trying to shoe horn him someplace he doesn’t fit. Throwing money at him won’t make him more productive(like Howie Roseman! JK). Nate Allen — Casey Mathews — they aren’t as brutal as I say all the time, they are “ok”. Graham – “ok”. Overall defense of “ok’s” is what we saw last year. There are some young, talented kids growing up on defense. Give them a better supporting cast than “OK” ….
    OMG!!! They let Avant go!!! What the f*** is this team going to do without there ACE- TEAM LEADER??? I said it before and I’ll say it again — thinking someone is important to keep around just because “he’s a leader” is garbage talk. I would imagine, on a few levels that Shady/Mac were leaders……

  59. 59 KAJomo said at 8:46 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I could not agree me. We wont compete with the elite teams until we have more elite talent. Stop with the mediocrity. It drives me nuts when fans want to waste first tound picks on solid football players. Go get guys with elite abilities and coach them. My favorite thing about the Kiko trade is I no longer have to hear people hoping we waste #20 on Eric Kendricks. He’s a good football player, but give me a potential game changer in the first.

    The leadership thing is so overblown. Plus if you really believe it you still have Barwin and Jenkins on defense. Logan was praised for uis leadership when we drafted him. Cox and Kendricks should be growing into these leadership roles as well. And what is the point of being so selective of players who need to fit your culture if they need such strong leaders. We keep drafting self motivated try hards.

  60. 60 Alistair Middlemiss said at 8:39 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I was listening to Adam Schefter talk on a podcast about breaking the Shady/Kiko trade and he basically said that Chip is making the decisions and he is not speaking to anyone. I do wonder how much ‘reporting’ is speculation at this point coming from Agents and other teams rather than from the Eagles.

    I would love to see DeMeco back, but he is not back at $6.9mil, and coming off his injury i think he has a limited market. If he is happy to come back on a 2 year $6mil deal to see out his career here and maybe become a coach great. Otherwise it is a situation of moving on.

    Remember the Eagles ‘wanted’ to bring back Trent, but did not offer him market value and let him go.

  61. 61 James said at 10:02 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    It is hard to put market value on a declining pass rusher, and liable pass coverage OLB in Trent. I’m not sure there is a market value for Trent, as he may even fall into the veteran’s minimum contract area with his 33 years of age attached to him. Maybe the Eagle offered to keep him for half his salary and he scoffed?

  62. 62 GEAGLE said at 10:05 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    we treated him much better then Colts treated Dwight Freeny who won a superbowl for them

  63. 63 GEAGLE said at 10:05 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    chip talks to no one..he is the all powerful wizard of Oz at Novacare. he cracks the whip.. no one on his staff would dare leak his intentions right now after how much power Lurie gave to chip… no chance in hell these leaks are true and come for us..

    and im sure we would tell teams that if they leak our intentions because of the convos we had talking business, the business we talked about is immediately off the table and we will leak everyhing we know about you

    no way Eagle intel is being leaked. its all bullshit, or posturing. if it is leaked 98% probably fake ocunter intel, using a moron like McLane or Elliot Parker tocreate a smoke screen for us
    TWO PERCENT OF WHAT WE HEAR IS PROB TRUE…and that two percent is people who throw shit against the wall hoping it sticks and due to broken clock being right twice a day syndrom, every once in a whlie our need is so big, that anyone can guess our true target..probably the best player available at THAT position.
    last year, the only leak i heard a week before free agency was that we wanted safety Mike Mitchell… NO SHOT IN HELL THAT WAS EVER TRUE… Jenkins was our #1 target… so the only leak I heard last year turned to be nonsense..and i knew it was nonsense. that kid never impressed me and the steelers hate themselves for paying him

    no way more then the obvious leaks are true for example, not hard to guess that a team that is going into free agency having lost both its starting Corners will most likely be salivatng over Byron Maxwell… doubt you really need a “source” to reach that conclusion… its all bullshit except for the obvious like on some level we will like Byron Maxwell.. the question will be is he worth the extra money compared to the guys right under him on the market like Kareem Jackson, or Davon House… if he is drastically better then them by a big margin, then you can pay him more then them by a big margin… but another example if McCourty gets paid 3mil more a year then searcy, McCourty has to be 3mil better for us to target him.. if you think searcy wlll become so good that its not worth paying McCourty 3mil more for a slight upgrade, then you have to be smart forget the top guy, and go with the top value… the #1 option has to be worth the extra money that he will get over the #2 option… if he isnt so much better that it doesnt make sense to pay more, then we let McCourty go somewhere else, save a few dollars and get a stud like Searcy… hopefully Kiko can recuit Searcy and Jerry Hughes..LOL could you imagine. the shady tarde would be the best trade ever if searcy could get us Jerry and Searcy #pipedream

  64. 64 Chiptomylou said at 8:41 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Chip is doing some off the wall things but it’s his vision, his plan. You have to respect that if nothing else. He’s been successful so far in his career and he must feel that the most he can get out of the players that he currently (or at least until recently) has is 10 wins. Now he’s going to bring in who he thinks fits his vision of the Philadelphia Eagles. It’ll be a bit cray cray but it’s going to be fun to watch.

    With that said, I hope you’re right Tommy about DeMeco that maybe he will be used as more of a backup now and let Alonzo and Kendricks play ILB. I would absolutely hate it if they traded a 24 year old LB that has Pro Bowl capability. Just wouldn’t see the logic in it. I believe if he really wanted MM they can do other moves without having to give up Kendricks of Cox. But then again, if this is a part of the plan, you have to roll with it and see what happens. Or I guess we’re all being drug back to the looney bin by the men in the white coats.

  65. 65 Alistair Middlemiss said at 8:46 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    What has he done that is off the wall this season? he cut a bunch of over paid guys to get younger, moves that were structured and planned into their contracts.

    The Shady trade is surprising but makes a lot of sense from an eyeball and analytic perspective as well as cap.

    I think the press is reading this is all part of a master plan to do some blockbuster for a specific QB, but so far it has all been good sound roster moves.

  66. 66 Chiptomylou said at 9:14 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I would’ve categorized the LeSean trade as off the wall. But you make a valid point. I guess I am saying that we all probably didn’t expect some of the moves that have been made but when looking at things closer they have so far made sense.

    But using Kendricks as a trade chip for MM….I would not see the logic in that at all.

  67. 67 new coach said at 9:00 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’m in on signing Ray Rice. Can get him for a minimum deal I would think. Why not? If he can handle the media storm, he could play like a hungry rookie

  68. 68 oreofestar said at 9:03 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    No thanks

  69. 69 jpate said at 9:04 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    besides the obvious he lost a step or two

  70. 70 A_T_G said at 9:22 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah, but he is willing to pound it into the teeth of the defense.

    (Sorry. I tried not to type it, I really did.)

  71. 71 Nicodemus_09 said at 9:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Never have I felt like more of a horrible person for laughing myself stupid. :)-

  72. 72 GermanEagle said at 9:05 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    No, coach.

  73. 73 mksp said at 9:34 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    UGH. C’mon man.

    The Vick stuff was bad enough, I can’t deal with a guy like Ray Rice on my team.

  74. 74 bdbd20 said at 9:56 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    He’s done. If he could still play, Ozzie Newsome would have found a way to keep him.

    Small guys with no burst are worthless.

  75. 75 Bert's Bells said at 9:56 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Exactly. It’s not like the Ravens are afraid of a guy with a poor public perception.

  76. 76 Tumtum said at 10:27 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I disagree. Just because I live Raven’s country doesn’t mean I really care about them. I do know a lot about them though. So believe me, I am objective when I say Ray Rice isn’t done. The year after the Super Bowl the Ravens changed things up dramatically on their entire team, including O-line and blocking scheme. Their line was hot hot hot garbage. To top that off Ray slacked off in the off-season, basking in the SB victory

    All reports last year were that he looked amazing…before the firestorm of a punched wife took place.

    With the year off I think he has 2 years of high-quality play left in him. He runs like Chip wants and catches the ball as good as any player in the league.

    There a bunch of good options out there this season. I would not be upset with Rice. Is he the best? Maybe not. He is far from the worst though. I wouldn’t be upset. Believe it or not he is a really high character guy too…

  77. 77 Tumtum said at 10:46 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I would also hope they are going to give Polk a shot at the number one spot, despite who they bring in. He deserves a look. The guy is hungry.

    Whoever they bring in should be a compliment to Sproles and Polk, with the possibility to run the show.

  78. 78 Jernst said at 11:16 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Even if I forget the fact that this peice of human shit spit on and the cold clocked his wife unconscious and then drug her ass casually out of an elevator…I’d still just want a young, fresh RB with some power and speed over old, washed up, hasn’t played well in a game in over 2 and half years Ray Rice.

    Can we please just not even entertain the notion that we’re going to sign that loser and then have to put up with the media going nuts over his return to football, the women’s advocacy programs protesting down at the Linc, having to look every other fan in the eyes when I travel and tell them I’m an Eagles fan that yes I’m embarrassed to have to cheer for someone that punches women in the face and spits on them. Just no…please no.

  79. 79 jpate said at 9:03 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t get why Kendrick trade is even considered seriously. Isn’t he on a cheap rookie contract? Same with Kiko. I understand Meco would be overpaid for his back up role but it’s not like we are sinking boat load of money on the starters here.

  80. 80 Engwrite said at 9:25 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    There are many shoes to fall. If Kelly goes after Mariotta, the rumor is that it will take picks and players. Likely players would be Foles, McCoy (scratch that), Cox or Kendrick. Free agency should give us a hint but we won’t know who is in this team until the season starts.

  81. 81 GEAGLE said at 10:06 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    its just peoples absurdity for Marriotta… doubt its real enough to where we have to worry… no worry bud, chip isnt as dumb as the fans and media seem to make him out to be

  82. 82 oreofestar said at 9:07 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    F Mariota if he’s gonna cost us Ken or Cox I swear you can take Desean from me because of character or whatever or take Shady and Todd because of money but when we start throwing away young defensive stars on the rise I got a freaking problem

  83. 83 GEAGLE said at 10:10 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    imagine what i will be like if they dare do some shit like that… chip isnt as dumb as people seem to think.. the problem is they dont realize they are disrespecting chip by the absurd expectations they are starting to have,,, the notion that chip would trade Cox, Kendricks, tons of picks is just so absurd… they dont realize that its so absurd that thinking chip would do something so absurd is a major insult to our coach and his intelligence…. thats the type of shit the bills do, trade away an extra first so that they can have Sammy instead of just letting ODB or Evans fall in our life…. the assumptions and expcetations people are having about chip is so absurd that its an insult to his intelligence. i wouldnt worry too much
    tho the small percentage that does worry me is the cap relief we get starting over with a qb on a rooki contract the next 4 years..and how willing chip was to over reach in drafts to try and get his guy

  84. 84 tball_man said at 10:23 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Excellent point. You are obnoxious as all can be, but objective all the way though. The problem with all of this trade the farm talk is that it’s contagous and pervasive… So happy not be in the Philly market anymore. The philly media en masse are donkeys. You have to read 95% BS to get to the 5% of interesting material form them. Unfortunately i still read “it all” but thank goodness I don’t dial into to talk show radio or DNL anymore, it’s truly infectious.

  85. 85 Tumtum said at 10:19 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah. I don’t think there is any chance that happens.

  86. 86 Bert's Bells said at 9:08 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    As much as fans talk about “smoke screens”, GMs tend to say what they’re going to do.

    Look at McCoy -after every game, Kelly said something to the effect: “We keep telling him to take the yards that are there and not try for a 20 yard run every time.” And it was clear he was unhappy with the player’s take on his coaching. It should be no surprise that he’s gone.

    With Ryans, it’s the opposite. Kelly has constantly and consistently said he’s a player that he values (same with Celek).

    Of course, there’s a point where the value:reward ratio tips so strongly in favor of cutting a player all of the cultural brownie points in the world won’t save you -but from everything Kelly has said he wants to make it work with Ryans.

  87. 87 Avery Greene said at 10:10 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    He did call Ryans “their Mufasa.” Now only if he could have James Earl Jones’s voice.

  88. 88 Tumtum said at 10:18 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    So if Ryans is cut does that make Kelly their “Scar”? Is that still Joe Banner? Im confused. Wasn’t Shady Simba. I’m dizzy.

    Dorenbos is def the tucan.

  89. 89 Avery Greene said at 10:21 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    LOL – Cooper is one of the hyenas.

  90. 90 GEAGLE said at 10:22 AM on March 5th, 2015:


  91. 91 Tumtum said at 10:43 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yep.. some sort of bumbling antagonist for sure.

  92. 92 Michael Winter Cho said at 4:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I would picture him as one of the animals singing Hakuna Matata…

  93. 93 Mitchell said at 9:20 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Well Tommy has always said LBs are the most important part of a 3-4. I’m glad we’re taking steps to attain some of them.

  94. 94 meteorologist said at 9:37 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    “Vince Wilfork tweets he is going to be a free agent. Don’t see him as a fit for #Eagles bc NE ran a 4-3, but he is def big enough for a 3-4”

    ahaha Eliot Shorr Parks tweeted this ^

  95. 95 Anders said at 9:38 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    ESP is a big idiot and know shit about football.

  96. 96 GEAGLE said at 10:17 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    bwahahahaha i cant believe he can possibly be as horrible as he is.. how can this be anders? how the hell is it possible that couldnt come up with anyone better then this? did he marry into the family? is he blackmailing someone for this job? how the F is this moron allowed to continusly pollute and taint fans mind with his crap.. a broken clock is right twice a day, a shattered friggin clock is NEVER right… Elliot “the shattered clock” Parks… should be ashamed of themselves.. and i cant imagine what type of fan would read his work… i never visited in my l;ife mostly because of this donkey

  97. 97 RobNE said at 9:46 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Wilfork tweeted himself pats told him bye.

  98. 98 Anders said at 9:56 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    The funny part is he does not see Wilfork as fit for the Eagles….

  99. 99 Tumtum said at 10:15 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Or that he thinks the Pats run a 4-3. That defense is as hybrid as it gets and they are mostly known as a 3-4.

  100. 100 Patrick said at 10:24 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    To be fair, I think one of the reason they switched more to a 43 based hybrid was that Wilfork wasn’t as good as a 3-4 NT anymore. Obviously that wasn’t the deciding factor, but i believe they wanted to free him up from the double teams because he couldn’t handle it as well as he used to. IIRC, they even played him a lot as a DE before they made the switch.

    Its still stupid, because he DID obviously play in the 34 defense. His point should have been, can Vince Wilfork STILL play in the 3-4 defense at his age and be the same player?

  101. 101 Tumtum said at 10:41 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I thought it was more to play to his strengths as the highest impact defender they had in the front 7. I dunnno.

  102. 102 GEAGLE said at 10:18 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    i wouldnt be surprised if the moron thought wilfork was on the Offensive line.. thats how incompetent he is..

  103. 103 Bert's Bells said at 9:55 AM on March 5th, 2015:


  104. 104 ICDogg said at 10:19 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    C’mon ESP

  105. 105 eagleyankfan said at 11:13 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    This Wilfork guy — I use to think he was just a big fatty that clogged the middle. He is much more than that. He’s very good, close to elite.

  106. 106 Michael Winter Cho said at 4:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Are you kidding? He’s a Hall of Famer!

  107. 107 mksp said at 9:37 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Paradoxically, I think Chip’s advantage is that there are still a bunch of old school football guys in the league who think Chip is a “college” “system” guy in over his head.

    So if Chip wants to draft a “system QB” like Mariota, well, “LOL, college coach, he can have him.”

    The league *should* be terrified of allowing Chip + Mariota to team up. Hubris obviously goes both ways, but I’d bet on Chip every time compared to those old school guys.

  108. 108 OregonDucker said at 10:50 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Preach! The old school guys will cut a deal with Chip “knowing” the college coach can’t win with a system QB. They will rue this day.

  109. 109 Tumtum said at 10:52 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Lol I sort of disagree here guys. Chip is already building an NFL coaching tree. There is a big reason for that. Guys will say what they want, but they really respect the hell out of what he is doing.

  110. 110 jpate said at 10:59 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Arians comes to mind here..

  111. 111 mksp said at 11:09 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Importantly, so does Lovie.

  112. 112 xeynon said at 11:36 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Arians has more wins over the last two years than Chip does, coaching in a much tougher division. Food for thought.

  113. 113 xeynon said at 11:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think you’re overrating Chip. He’s a good coach, but admits himself there’s nothing new under the sun and his approach to offensive football is a mishmash of ideas that have been around for awhile. Other NFL teams run no huddle offenses with read option plays, etc. and there are defenses perfectly capable of stopping them.

    As for Mariota, he may turn out to be a successful NFL quarterback, but it won’t be running the Oregon offense. Read option plays simply expose a QB to too much punishment to be used as anything more than an occasional auxiliary weapon at the NFL level. If Mariota succeeds it will be the same way guys like Steve Young and Russell Wilson have succeeded, by using his mobility to keep the defense honest.

  114. 114 Tumtum said at 9:38 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t know if Chip is a genius or a moron at this point. I guess the only difference between the two in this context are is the result. Are his moves so atrocious an objective person can outwardly say that they are bad? No. They are NOT even close to traditional, but you can see the logic behind them.

    So many time teams make decisions that just leave you scratching your head. They fall in love with a guy, or the idea of a type of player, or scheme fit. Chip has a plan. He doesn’t make any rash decisions, which it seems like you see in the NFL so often. If there isn’t a ton of science behind his decision to trade Shady, he has me fooled.

    Is Chip’s way the right way? No way to tell the future. We all bought in, now its time to show that we really have. We are separated from the pack now. What happens to this team will stand out. If this works CK is going to the HoF. If it doesn’t he will be on the NFL’s biggest bust top 10 show in 3 seasons. I can’t see how there will be much middle ground in the court of public opinion.

  115. 115 OregonDucker said at 10:44 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    He’s “Big Balls Chip” for a reason. Sometimes he doesn’t get the first down on 4th and 13 but he damn well tries.

    He’s not an incremental builder but an Egyptian Pharaoh who builds pyramids that last thousands of years. He will build a championship team but whether they make to the SB depends on the players and a little luck.

  116. 116 Tumtum said at 10:50 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Unfortunately for him, there have been a bunch of “championship” teams around here that have never got it done. The only way to separate himself from the pack is by going out and getting it done.

    I vary from most fans around here though. I am happy with a team that makes the play-offs every year and has a shot at the title. No need for Casey Jones. I’ll take Ichiro.

  117. 117 BlindChow said at 11:40 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Sometimes he doesn’t get the first down on 4th and 13 but he damn well tries.

    He certainly didn’t try this past year. In fact, he was quite often conservative and predictable.

    And if we’re talking literally, there were quite a few 4th and shorts where he didn’t go for it.

  118. 118 anon said at 11:45 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    see our line most of the year?

  119. 119 BlindChow said at 12:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah. Our line had its issues (especially early), but wasn’t as bad as people remember (I think it’s confirmation bias–they tend to remember the bad plays and extrapolate that to the entire game/season).

    PFF even ranked them the 2nd best (!) O-line in 2014 (10th in pass, 1st in run).

    Even when most of the starters were there (2nd half of the year), Kelly was outright Mike Smith-ish in his 4th down playcalling.

  120. 120 anon said at 12:31 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    1st in run? that’s funny.

  121. 121 BlindChow said at 1:04 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Weird, right? Must be all those Sproles and Polk yards…

  122. 122 Mac said at 11:55 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    And now McCoy is gone… correlation or causation?

  123. 123 Dominik said at 11:42 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Hey, OD, in all the hearsay you hear about trading up for MM etc, probably from out West (which isn’t to say there is anything wrong with it!), does it include Kendricks or Cox? As long as those two stay, I don’t mind players being involved (although to be fair, the only other player with a significant trade value would probably be Foles).

  124. 124 OregonDucker said at 12:54 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah it’s West coast hearsay. Both names have come up but just a list of possibles. If I knew, I would not mention names out of respect for the players. Friday or Monday we will know if a deal is done.

  125. 125 Dominik said at 2:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Do you know why it has to happen before Monday? In theory, why can’t it happen on Tuesday, f.e.?

    And I don’t expect you to name names you hear, I just wanted to know if the hearsay includes players except Foles.

    Thanks for your reply, mate! You got me excited, to be honest. 😉

  126. 126 eagleyankfan said at 11:09 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I really don’t under stand this “moron” stuff about Chip Kelly. No offense — but do have you(several of you written something like this) the pedigree Chip Kelly has? Or his success at several levels in college? We can question/ask if he’s NFL HC material — but to call him a moron is a bit tough…

  127. 127 GermanEagle said at 10:11 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    The good thing about Chip trading his farm for Mariota would be that we won’t be seeing those annoying 1000 mock drafts a day for the next two years…

  128. 128 Media Mike said at 10:12 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    German, please.

    We’ll just have to be trading down with our leftover 3rds to get more 4ths and 5ths.

  129. 129 GermanEagle said at 11:10 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yes, I cannot wait to see those MockDrafts for rounds 5-7 only. 🙂

  130. 130 Patrick said at 10:17 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Those attempts from that one site really, REALLY needs to stop. Its not fun, they are not enlightening or realistic. They are just stupid. Trae Waynes isn’t going in the 3rd round and you can’t trade into having every pick from no. 20 overall to no. 40 overall.
    If you’re gonna post an Eagles mock draft, at least do it yourself and put some effort into it.

    Its kinda like the off-season plan fan posts on BGN, where every plan literally is to sign the top rated FA for every position, trade our 7th rounder and Casey Matthews(who is a FA) to Tampa Bay for their 1st round picks until 2031.

  131. 131 CaliEaglesFan said at 11:10 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Trae Waynes goes like pick 14 on that site… what are you talking about? The problem with that site is the people who use it and trade back so we have like 5 second round picks. If you don’t trade much then you can get a somewhat accurate mock.

  132. 132 Patrick said at 11:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Trae Waynes was an example. I literally never go to that site and dont pay attention to it when people post. The point was that players on the site are valued ridiculously wrong.

  133. 133 wee2424 said at 10:19 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I love the moves that have happened so far. IF Kendricks is dealt (I highly doubt that) I would be extremely upset. ILB with Alonso and Kendricks could be a huge strength for us for years. The 3-4 as stated relies on good LB play.

  134. 134 Avery Greene said at 10:24 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I received an email that said CK wanted to trade Foles, 2015, 2016 1st round picks, 2015, 2016 2nd round picks, and Hank Baskett w/Kendra Wilkerson so that TB can have a Real Housewives tv show.

    Will someone retweet this? If anyone asks, I’m not sure if this email has any validity.

  135. 135 Bert's Bells said at 10:25 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    No way. Baskett is too good at blocking -and not JUST cockblocking.

  136. 136 ICDogg said at 10:30 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    ESP says he spoke to a number of agents who believe Maxwell and McCourty contracts will look something like what follows. These numbers sound low to me, FWIW. I think they’ll both get more.

    Length: 5 years
    Total value: $43 million (ninth among corners)
    Guaranteed: $21 million (eighth among corners)
    Yearly average: $8.6 million (10th among corners)

    Length: 4 years
    Total value: $31 million (seventh among safeties)
    Guaranteed: $16 million (sixth among safeties)
    Yearly average: $7.75 million (sixth among safeties)

  137. 137 OregonDucker said at 10:37 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    As you say, the numbers look low but I’m betting we get both guys.

  138. 138 GEAGLE said at 10:43 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    i wish…doubt it

  139. 139 Avery Greene said at 10:43 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    At that price we could afford both.

  140. 140 ICDogg said at 10:47 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    If those are the actual prices they should be done at 12:01 am on Tuesday

  141. 141 GEAGLE said at 10:49 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    you really think the Jags wont be willing to pay that for Maxwell?
    Half the teams in the NFL are desperate for safeties.. you think we are the only team that would want McCourty for that cheap?
    oh shit,.. never mind.. you sourced ESP…i thought you were saying this was an Espn report. I wouldnt even bother responding to those absurd numbers if they came from elliot parker…makes TOTAL sense that his “awesome sources” would give him those ridiculuos numbers considering he hasnt reported something that turned out to be true for as long as i can remember… i feel dumb responding to those numbers now that i know they came from the Donkey King..

  142. 142 Avery Greene said at 10:51 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t disagree, those numbers seemed low. Like IC Dogg said, if those are the real numbers this needs to be done by 12:01 AM Tuesday morning.

  143. 143 GEAGLE said at 10:55 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    if thats what we want to pay, better chance of seeing us sign Searcy and Davon House…both around those McCourty numbers

  144. 144 Alistair Middlemiss said at 10:58 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think FA is going to be far far hotter than people are expecting, and if those are the prices sign both up!

  145. 145 laeagle said at 11:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Remember that the cap went up quite a bit this year. That means every team has more money to spend than usual. I believe salaries will be inflated beyond normal expectations this year. Everyone will complain about the salaries, and in 3 years, they’ll seem low.

  146. 146 ICDogg said at 11:32 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no question

  147. 147 ICDogg said at 10:50 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Goldson will probably get traded for cheap or cut.

  148. 148 GEAGLE said at 10:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    not the type of safety you can line up on any WR and expect to be able to handle him man to man, which seems to be a requirement for eagle safties

  149. 149 GEAGLE said at 10:54 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    then again there were rumors in 2013 when Gamble first got here that we were interested in Goldson but we quickily dropped out of the picture when we heard the numbers his agent was throwing around… if thats true, probably cant rule him out

  150. 150 ICDogg said at 10:58 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    He’s more of a press-man guy than a center fielder. Probably would be OK as a stop gap.

  151. 151 GEAGLE said at 11:01 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    take your word for it. barely noticed him since he left san fran

  152. 152 Media Mike said at 11:36 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    New rules ruined his game.

  153. 153 mksp said at 10:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Good read on Davon House:

  154. 154 James said at 11:29 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    He does some like a really good fit! I wonder if we bypass Maxwell completely and go with House and Culliver.

  155. 155 GEAGLE said at 11:33 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    thats always been my bet..
    upgrade safety… start House and Nolan Carroll outside and draft a corner

  156. 156 Mac said at 12:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I was bummed when I read that House wanted to stay in GB… hopefully he shakes loose.

  157. 157 Tumtum said at 10:59 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t really get all this culture talk. Sure Shady did a couple dumb things but the guy showed up every single day, played through whatever, and generally is a model player.

    What’s the deal? He never vocally opposed Chip. I don’t get it.

  158. 158 ICDogg said at 11:07 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    It was mostly about the money

  159. 159 Tumtum said at 11:12 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I started to read that article, which prompted the post. Now that I have finished it I am pretty upset with the dude who wrote it. He had the audacity to pretty much lay Cole down as the same type of character as Cary Williams. He did the same with Brandon Graham to a lesser extent.

    Pretty garbage article in general.

  160. 160 ICDogg said at 11:15 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Marcus Hayes… nuff said

  161. 161 b3nz0z said at 11:17 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    never lets the facts get in the way of a ridiculous theory

  162. 162 Tumtum said at 11:18 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah I guess he is newer over there or just doesn’t get posted that often. I have intentionally been staying away from all things NFL for a while. This weeks shenanigans have brought me back early though.

    Anyway first article I have noticed him as the author. He sucks hard.

  163. 163 ICDogg said at 11:26 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    He usually posts about the Sixers and how Sam Hinkie doesn’t know what he is doing

  164. 164 laeagle said at 11:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Come on, man. Be reasonable. Marcus had a deadline. You think simple things like truth, readability, and a fucking point are going to get in his way?

  165. 165 GEAGLE said at 11:12 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    cowboys paid 1.7mil last year for the leading rusher in the NFL:… SHady was about to make 11mil, and with sproles here, we want sproles on the field on 3rd down, so shady becomes a two down RB, how can you pay 11mil for a two down RB? he announced publicly that he wouldnt take a pay cut… he is closer to thinking he deserves more money then he is to giving a pay cut…. he is a 3down RB, but with sproles here he can only be a 2down back, and you cant pay 11mil for that…btw, his production dropped 33% last year and the last two years he has more carries than anyone in the NFL.. how much longer can he go at this rate?
    im shocked anyone traded for his crazy contract/. i would have waited for him to get waived and i could end up signing him for like 6 mil, half what you are paying him to trade for him… but atleast for buffalo he can bring 3 down value for them

  166. 166 Tumtum said at 11:14 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I honestly am pretty optimistic about the trade. At the very least he is sure to fall way off before that contract is over. I think its a nutso trade, yes, but I get why he did it and am on board.

    I am just taking exception with the calling into question the character of the guys going away this off-season. Only Cary Williams is a dbag, and Chip knew that before he signed him.

  167. 167 GEAGLE said at 11:32 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    oh absolutely… takes a total blowhard to say that about guys like shady, cole..herremans..

  168. 168 GEAGLE said at 11:02 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Niners signed Darnell Dockett….YES STICK IT UP ARIANS ASS! hype that the niners signed him and will use him against Palmer twice a year…YES! YES! YES!

  169. 169 ICDogg said at 11:06 AM on March 5th, 2015:

  170. 170 b3nz0z said at 11:16 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    ol “college scheme” gets the humble pie

  171. 171 GEAGLE said at 11:27 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    i hope Dockett plays like a man possessed, seeing Cardinals Red like a Bull and just go crazy on the Cardinal offense, destroying their RB in the backfield and trying to hit Palmer with every bit of force he can generate..hope to see him dominant pig face Arians

  172. 172 Media Mike said at 11:36 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    There is no cheering for any team with Kaepertrash on it, ever.

  173. 173 GEAGLE said at 11:42 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    i can always cheer for defensive destruction… dont mind seeing any of the other teams offenses take a beating!!! i root for violence on defense, not success

  174. 174 Media Mike said at 11:47 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Ok. Arizona wins twice, but Dockett injures Arians on the sideline.

  175. 175 Alistair Middlemiss said at 11:56 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    no no no. 0-0 ties are what we are looking for, with a field littered with broken quarterbacks. Glorious Glorious!

  176. 176 Media Mike said at 11:57 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Can you get me that in a Dallas / Giants game as well?

    Also Carolina / Washington?

  177. 177 GEAGLE said at 12:02 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    roll into his knee? on some next level Tonya Harding ish? i like it i like it…..

  178. 178 Media Mike said at 12:06 PM on March 5th, 2015:


    I just emailed that plan to Hexy on how to get rid of Vinny’s contract on LTIR because nobody will trade for the dude.

    Great, now you’ve clued in law enforcement and Gary Bettman to my master plan to have Vinny’s knee taken out to get the Flyers out from the nasty impact of that terrible contract.

    Thanks for nothing dude.

  179. 179 GEAGLE said at 11:07 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    would you give up a future with Ced Thornton knowing he cant play on 3rd down, for a year or Two of Lagan and Cox at DE, with Wilfork in the middle eating up blockers for Kiko and Mykal Kendricks to torpedo fools!!!???!!!
    you could only really consider it if you are thinking of only extending thornton short term and look to eventually play big money to a DE like Cox who can also pass rush on 3rd… if you plan on replacing Thornton in a year or two anyway, be awesome to replace him now with A year of wilfork, and Logan at DE opposite Cox gives us insane size for guys like Barwin, Kendrick, Kiko and D’Norris Searcy LOL to fly around and do the dirty work.
    cant a fan dream??? i wanted to draft him instead of shawn Andrew so damn bad it still eats at me

  180. 180 anon said at 11:15 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    both wilfork and ngata hitting the market

  181. 181 GEAGLE said at 11:17 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    i know i know.. its just killing me..

  182. 182 ICDogg said at 11:18 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Both great warriors with high, tough mileage

  183. 183 GEAGLE said at 11:24 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    yup.. i only makes sense if you plan on stacking the roster with fre agency and the draft and take a run at the lombardi with Foles and significantly improved defense and OL… if you plan on trying to contend this year, you could add them to a two year deal yu get out of after year 1… other then that, its just nice to drool over… wonder how long Ngata has left playing at a high level?

  184. 184 Tumtum said at 11:16 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I by no means want to ditch Ced. I still think he could become a 3 down player.

  185. 185 ICDogg said at 11:19 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t but why does he need to be? He’s excellent at what he does.

  186. 186 Tumtum said at 11:20 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I love him just how he is, but he has only improved every year. I just don’t see that he has peaked.

  187. 187 GEAGLE said at 11:39 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    he hasnt peaked at all.. you can bet your ass we will see thornton, curry, logan, cox, Beau all turn it up a notch and improve from last year. thats what young players do while gaining experience nder their belt as their bodies mature and they get stronger and more technically sound, learning the tricks of the trade their position in this scheme.. a growing body getting more comfortable against NFL offenses, and getting more technical and craftier at your position with in a scheme is why you will see all your DL improve next year.. none are old enough to have maxed out yet… i just think i will see Improvement in Thornton is some other areas is all, we can def agree to disagree…. while i know we havent seen the best of Thornton yet, im not sure he will hold down a top spot as the 3rd down pass rusher next to cox… hopefully you are right and he surprises me

  188. 188 Tumtum said at 11:57 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Me too 😀

  189. 189 GEAGLE said at 12:01 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    believe me, Im thrilled to be wrong when it suits the Eagles

  190. 190 GEAGLE said at 11:21 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    he is awesome as long as we have someone like vinny Curry behind him… vinny and thornton form like voltron into a bad ass 3 down DE…thornton will be scary on 1st and 2nd next year… losing Curry is what worries me

  191. 191 anon said at 11:32 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    we’d easily have an unstoppable front 7 if you add ngata. it’d almost be too much.

  192. 192 GEAGLE said at 11:20 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Im a big time Thornton fan, but i see nothing that can confidently lead me to believe he will ever develop that. but he is so damn good against the run, a true technician out there which is crazy because he is still growing in this two gap scheme..guys like cox, thornton, logan, vinny, beau will all be better next year, that adds up to some nice improvement on an already tough DL

    as long as we have a guy like Curry who is a pass rush Monster, Thornton works… but when we lose Curry, I will be very worried..
    if we are losing Curry soon, pray we dont, instead of replacing curry with another pass rush specialust, maybe its smarter to get a well rounded 3-4 DE like Odrick who can be tough on 1st and 2nd, but also play on 3rd… instead of paying Thornton, and then what? dratt a guy like omigawbe from UCLA?… just trying to think ahead at potential concerns

  193. 193 eagleyankfan said at 11:20 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    give me Wilfork any day of the week — I don’t care about money for him…

  194. 194 GEAGLE said at 11:28 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    just be fun to watch Kiko/kendricks fly around behind:


    Thats soooo bad ass
    told you im going to the Dark side.. total fanboy mode.. sign them all! dream team!!!! lol

  195. 195 76mustang said at 12:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Question – could Wilfork survive Chip practices and maintain his weight?

    And, who is the better prospect right now, Wilfork or Ngata?

  196. 196 Media Mike said at 12:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’d need to see contract #s to tell you that if we’re talking as a free agent addition.

    But I think you’d be able to do more with Ngata.

  197. 197 GEAGLE said at 12:27 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    LOL…..Ngata!!!. Wilfork shouldnt even practice, just sit like a sumo down in front of the center and dont let anyone move him, let kendricks/kiko fly around and do the rest

  198. 198 anon said at 11:14 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    cole visiting the bucs, cary headed to seattle

  199. 199 BlindChow said at 11:33 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’d love for Cary to sign with Seattle and Maxwell to sign with us. Just to see what happens.

  200. 200 OregonDucker said at 11:15 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    First, I heard Monday was the BIG day. Now the murmur is Friday. This wait is driving me crazy!!! I don’t think the two teams can contain the info, too many leaks.

  201. 201 RobNE said at 11:15 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Titans right?

  202. 202 OregonDucker said at 11:18 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I honest to God don’t know. It’s one of the top two according to a couple of sources. It’s BIG.

  203. 203 the DONALD said at 11:22 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    they are gonna announce the trade up NOW??? really? or just Chip Kelly news in general?

  204. 204 RobNE said at 11:36 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    he is talking about announcing the Trade

  205. 205 GEAGLE said at 11:40 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    lol yeah which is why i dont get why everyone is getting all antsy about the “announcement”

  206. 206 eagleyankfan said at 11:45 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    it’s the “BIG” part that has me interested….if true — he can be playing an April Fools on all of us…lol

  207. 207 Media Mike said at 11:46 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    We traded for Chester McGlockton

  208. 208 BlindChow said at 12:02 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Too many people on here desperately want to seem “in the know,” yet are about as right in their predictions as someone flipping a coin.

  209. 209 RobNE said at 12:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  210. 210 OregonDucker said at 12:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    GEagle will need 3 Xanax and 20 cc of Thorazine BIG.

  211. 211 GEAGLE said at 12:28 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yea yea i know

  212. 212 the DONALD said at 12:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    just leak some info if ya got it.. quack quack man.

  213. 213 the DONALD said at 11:43 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    ooh?.. seems thats a done deal anyway.. thought it was something crazier.. Ducker is it anything crazier, seems its crazier.. ???

  214. 214 Tumtum said at 11:59 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    He says its for one of the top two picks. I hope it isn’t RG3ish, I really do.

  215. 215 Media Mike said at 12:02 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    That would be terrible. RG3, his style of play, attitude, and general existence are a disgrace to the entire history of proper quarterbacking.

  216. 216 eagleyankfan said at 11:18 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    driving YOU crazy? What do you think you’re doing to us? 🙂

    you don’t have to say who — but do you know the names being thrown around — referring to any current Eagles players?

  217. 217 RobNE said at 11:18 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    given that Chip is building his D to beat his own offense, and I think an offense like the Pats which just dinks its way down the field, having two speedy good ILB’s is such a big advantage. I know I’ve been one of the ones saying a Trade could well involve a player, but I hope 1) not or 2) it’s not Kendricks. I could see why Chip will think Kendricks is not available. Give up an extra draft pick.

  218. 218 unhinged said at 11:22 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Some if’s and then’s: If Scherf or A. J. Cann or Jake Fisher are available, then get one as starting RG next year; If Dawson is available at 20 round 1, then scratch the above and take him; If any pass rushers slide, like Dupree or Beasley or Armistead, then forget Dawson and take one of them; if any of the cited positions are adequately addressed in free agency, then forget this post.

  219. 219 anon said at 11:22 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    dwayne bowe getting cut. 6’2, 221, has been ok at times…

  220. 220 eagleyankfan said at 11:24 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    no thank you. Ok at times — disappoints the rest of the time…

  221. 221 peteike said at 11:48 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    ya what happened to that guy, went from tops at position to a nobody in no time. Id suspect work ethic there

  222. 222 GEAGLE said at 11:52 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    alex smith is worse at throwing than running bum QBs like Kap, Cam and RG3… they suck as passers but atleast they throw TDs by accident every once in a while… you cant blame every WR when the QB literally didnt throw a single TD to a WR all year… alex smith is a gimicky, junk QB..i would never play with him if i was a free agent WR
    how the hell does not a single WR catch a TD all year? how?

  223. 223 peteike said at 11:54 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I know, craziest stat ever. I took a flier on Bowe late in my fantasy draft thinking he could have a comeback year. Bowe may surprise for sure on a new team, Ive always liked the guy

  224. 224 GEAGLE said at 12:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    i picked him up for like 3 weeks too…despise him and Alex now lol… andy reid and his pass all day long offense cant throw a single TD to a WR in 16 friggin games..WRs ged a QB being paid Millions cant hook up for one stinking TD in 16 games…how the hell is that possible?
    alex smith wishes he was half the QB that Cahd Pennington was with his noodle arm

  225. 225 P_P_K said at 11:33 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    “We just don’t know yet if Chip is the guy who gets inspired and turns the business around, or if he’s the guy who gets led away by the men in white coats.”

    Great, great line. That’s our situation. We’ll know within a year or two. If Chip is, indeed the inspired guy, all will be well and good. If not, it’s possible the Eagles will be in rebuilding mode for quite some time while Chp would still be welcomed back into the college ranks. He’s got a strong hand in the organization and he’s defintely playing things his way.

  226. 226 GermanEagle said at 11:34 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I pray every day that if we are really trading up all the way to #1 it will ‘only’ cost us the entire draft this year plus Nick Foles, rather than trading away future 1st and 2nd rounders and/or our young playmakers like Kendricks, Cox etc….
    From a value chart point of view how many points would be all our Draft picks this year and provided Foles carries the value of a 2nd rounder?

  227. 227 Media Mike said at 11:35 AM on March 5th, 2015:

  228. 228 eagleyankfan said at 11:36 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I would think Chip has his own chart/process that he follows…

  229. 229 Media Mike said at 11:38 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Probably just all “1” as the value for every pick.

    And much like bitcoin found out, you can’t make up your own currency when dealing with an established market.

    Like it or lump it, this is the medium of exchange for the league.

  230. 230 eagleyankfan said at 11:42 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    agreed. The rest of the league can have it. But not one for Chip Kelly. He’s been running to his own beat for years. He didn’t come to the nfl and say “ok, give me the blue prints on how this is run so I can change everything I do to conform”….

  231. 231 Media Mike said at 11:44 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    That isn’t the point though. When talking to the 31 other teams, they’ll assign the Eagles pick the basic value on that chart when trying to trade. He doesn’t get to dictate terms to the rest of the league, he has to trade withing their system.

    He can choose to value his own picks lower when giving them up, but the other 31 teams are still basically using this system.

  232. 232 eagleyankfan said at 11:48 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    ugh. it is the point. Chip, for example, is going to try and sell ice to Eskimo’s. He isn’t going to tribe leader and pull out a chart that says “ice freezes at 32 degrees”. Chip is different — therefore — dealing with Chip is different…

  233. 233 Media Mike said at 11:52 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    So what if nobody deals with him as a result?

    There are a ton of things he can do his way, but he can’t change how other teams valuate draft picks.

    I also think he knows you can’t get rid of all of them, because then you don’t ever have any cost controlled high quality players on rookie deals. Unless people want to claim Chip can get top players to sign 2nd contracts for league minimum.

    Chip can totally do his own thing when it comes to what positions he values, when he’ll trade a guy for another guy, what plays he wants to call; but he can’t just say “draft picks have no value to me” when this isn’t how the point system works for the other 31 teams and the CBA compels teams to be good at drafting to be good.

  234. 234 eagleyankfan said at 11:56 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    no — the point is — Chip will deal with people and present things in his own way. He runs the team 100% different than any other nfl team. Everything Chip does “isn’t nfl process”. How can we conclude that when Chip deals with other NFL teams that he suddenly turns into “I must comply” mode? Chip doesn’t need that chart to make a deal. He’s smart enough to make a deal without that chart. He may reference the chart and point out it’s flaws…lol…

  235. 235 Media Mike said at 12:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    You’re missing the point that a trade involving any other team in the league is not a Chip only undertaking.

    He can’t Teen Wolf other organizations into giving him a keg of beer.

  236. 236 Avery Greene said at 12:01 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    This is an awesome meme dude, I will have to use this.

  237. 237 Media Mike said at 12:03 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Although if Chip can do that, I owe Eagleyankfan a HUGE apology.

  238. 238 GermanEagle said at 12:03 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    It always takes two to tango…

  239. 239 GermanEagle said at 11:36 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Lazy bum! I was hoping you’d do the math for me. Lol.

  240. 240 GermanEagle said at 11:52 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    According to my maths the Eagles will be short by ca. 1000 points. So they will have to throw in their 1st round pick next year as well..

  241. 241 Media Mike said at 11:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Or Kendricks!

  242. 242 Dominik said at 11:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    You are a bad man, you know that, right?

  243. 243 Media Mike said at 11:56 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I still don’t believe we’re going all the way to one, but the major cap concerns of being able to sign free agents now, re-sign Kendricks / Cox / Lane / Ertz / Matthews / Kiko over the next 2 to 3 years, and sign other guys we’ll need because we can’t draft any replacements due to lack of future draft picks doesn’t work.

  244. 244 Dominik said at 12:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t believe we’re going to 2. Chip doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would put his “destiny” in the hands of the Buccs. And I don’t think Winston fits what Chip is looking for in a QB – a little bit on the field, but especially off the field.

    Imho, Chip will pay whatever it takes to go to #1. I just really hope the price will be reasonable. It will be damn high, I just hope it’s reasonable.

  245. 245 Media Mike said at 12:04 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t think you’re wrong, I just think the ability to trade players with value has some merits that should be discussed rather than giving up every pick this year and two #1s in the future.

  246. 246 Dominik said at 12:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Generally speaking, you don’t build through FA. But since there’s FA and you can fix some things there, I’d rather give up a 1st in 2017 than Kendricks.

    If the Buccs value Kendricks like 2 1st rounders – let’s give it to them. I love him, but he’s not worth 2 1sts. But he’s worth than one 1st for us, imho.

  247. 247 Media Mike said at 12:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I agree that you don’t build through free agency, you build through the draft. My worry with the future loss of too many picks is that we won’t be able to build.

  248. 248 Dominik said at 11:52 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    You are german, for christ sake. We are famous for our work ethic, have you forgot?

  249. 249 A Roy said at 12:02 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    2015 1st, 2016 1st, Foles to NYJ for #6 pick MM.

  250. 250 anon said at 12:04 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    this isn’t terrible at all. can still get a wr and best rb in the draft, maybe a mid round guard.

  251. 251 Media Mike said at 12:07 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    The math and logic on that work.

    And still don’t see who is taking Mariota ahead of that……….unless the Skins move RGKnee and take Mariota at 5.

    But I don’t see Snyder moving on from RG yet due to his quest to actually reap some return in value from that stupid waste of off of the point value trade to the Rams.

  252. 252 A Roy said at 12:12 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Unless someone out there wants to take him more than Phila (and various ‘analysts’ have said he’s a project for most teams…) than #6 is a possibility.

    It would appear Snyder told Gruden that RG3 is the man.

  253. 253 Media Mike said at 12:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Figure; New England, Miami, Indy, Jacksonville, Houston (due to system), Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Cincy, Baltimore, Denver, San Diego, KC, and Oakland are all no in the AFC.

    Jets are a maybe, but we’re trying to get their pick.
    Buffalo has no number 1, so good luck making that happen.

    Cleveland is stupid enough to outbid anybody and already has two #1 picks to use this year in a trade up. Their GM, according to reports, loved Mariota. Their owner, according to logic, is in love with Johnny Streetball and is an insane maniac.

    So I’d worry about Cleveland in the AFC.

    Skins, Giants, Cowboys, Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Bears (due to scheme), Lions, Packers, Vikings, Niners, Seahawks, and Cardinals are all “no” on Mariota as far as I’d guess.

    That would leave Tampa (who could still take Mariota) and the Rams as who I’d worry about.

    I’d doubt the Rams would jump up considering how much they saw their own ability to job the Skins in a trade with the RG3 business.

    So I’d feel really comfortable at 6 as the spot I’d look to for Mariota, but Cleveland isn’t going to get outbid if they decide to get into the deal. So I’d resign myself to losing Mariota to Tampa themselves or psycho Cleveland if we want Mariota and are trying to trade up.

    But we actually have to want to trade up to get him and I’m not sure if that is the case or not.

  254. 254 Jernst said at 12:16 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    What you gotta worry about is some team leap frogging us to get Mariota ahead of 6 if they know we have a deal in place with the Jets. Maybe the raiders would move back to 10, instead of 20 with us, and trade with the Rams if they were secretly enamored with Mariota.

  255. 255 Media Mike said at 12:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    The Rams would be a tad gun shy about trading up considering how badly they were ripping off the Skins in the RGKnee debacle.

    They also strike me as a team that would like Winston or Petty more than Mariota or Hundley if I’m looking to match coach / system to QB.

  256. 256 Jernst said at 6:31 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    It was just a hypothetical. It doesn’t have to be the Rams any team can trade with the teams that have picks 3, 4 and 5. Just because those teams have their QB doesn’t mean we’re safe waiting for him to drop to 6.

  257. 257 Media Mike said at 6:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I hear what you’re saying, I’m just not sure how much any team besides us views Mariota as a “must have” in the top 10. I’m not even sure how much we see him as “must have”, but Kelly is more likely to know either way relative to another team.

  258. 258 anon said at 12:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    skins want to trade their pick.

  259. 259 Media Mike said at 12:31 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    They should target a team with a real hankering to not miss out on the WR or pass rushers they want.

    And the Skins are foolish if they pass up a stud OLB at 5 to trade down to a spot where all of those guys are gone.


  260. 260 anon said at 12:34 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    they have STL envy

  261. 261 Media Mike said at 12:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Then buy some tickets to see Nelly in concert.

  262. 262 GEAGLE said at 12:33 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Brilliant.. make it official now too… so when KC decides to stick it to us and Lets Andy Reid trade up to #5 for Marriotta… or im sure the skins owuld love to get extra pick trading back, but not having to trade back that far so why not let the Rams jump the Eagles at #6, screw us out of Marriotta, so we can pay all that for a OLB like Fowler…GENIUS, BRILLIANT… hopefully they agree to it now, so andy has a month to strike a deal with the skins to rape chip kelly and steal his boy…. as if the skins wouldnt love to trade down a few spots, still pick high and let a QB needy team like the Rams or KC steal MM….. I hope the deal is done two months ahead of so teams have plenty of time to work out a fair way to rape us and treat us like flat out amateurs screwing chip out of his golden boy
    AWESOME! I think the world of OLB FOWLER, I just didnt imagine trading Foles, and two first round picks for an outside LB… I cant wait!!

  263. 263 Media Mike said at 12:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    How can Andy Reid just sign Smith to that huge deal and then trade up to take Mariota?

    They defies logic.

  264. 264 peteike said at 12:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    The future but ya, KC never drafts QBs, not in their nature but do they finally change their tune. Possible

  265. 265 GEAGLE said at 12:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    fisher and the Rams, the Giants, heck the friggin Bears.. any tems in the 7-15 range could view MM falling to #5 as a steal for them if they are sitting at like #10 or 12, or dont even have to move up that many spots to steal a falling top QB prospect… eveyrone NEEDS QBs.. even teams with GOOD but older QBs like KC,Saints, Cardinals,Giants… so many teams that wont have to trade up half as many spots as we do can think getting him at 5, and let Eli play for another year or two could be a great move…dont the browns have two first rounders and are dumb and splashy? Browns steal goldenboy out from under Chips nose(skins as the accomplice)…you cant see that headline? lol

    the notion that we are the only team that values a quality QB prospet enough to trade something to get him is absurd.. people really act like the NFL is just going to stand by clapping, cheering chip kelly on to get his guy… i dont get it

  266. 266 Media Mike said at 1:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    To be very blunt, Mariota with a top top pick, is a very subjective situation due to how a team views the quarterback position.

    I don’t see West Coast Ben McAdoo / Tom Caughlin, Adam “I made my bones nodding my head to Peyton Manning” Gase, and/or the Rams being a team that moves up for Mariota.

    What about how Sean Peyton likes to call a game fits Mariota either?

    The pressure you put on your team to play a QB taken that high right away is at an all-time high. Why draft a guy to be put into position to fail if you’re system isn’t conducive to his talents.

    If I had my druthers, I’d forget a trade up for Mariota entirely and roll with Foles for the year.

    Objectively speaking, I don’t see as many teams as willing to move up for him as we would simply due to system fit.

  267. 267 Media Mike said at 1:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    To be very blunt, Mariota with a top top pick, is a very subjective situation due to how a team views the quarterback position.

    I don’t see West Coast Ben McAdoo / Tom Caughlin, Adam “I made my bones nodding my head to Peyton Manning” Gase, and/or the Rams being a team that moves up for Mariota.

    What about how Sean Peyton likes to call a game fits Mariota either?

    The pressure you put on your team to play a QB taken that high right away is at an all-time high. Why draft a guy to be put into position to fail if you’re system isn’t conducive to his talents.

    If I had my druthers, I’d forget a trade up for Mariota entirely and roll with Foles for the year.

    Objectively speaking, I don’t see as many teams as willing to move up for him as we would simply due to system fit.

  268. 268 Media Mike said at 1:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    To be very blunt, Mariota with a top top pick, is a very subjective situation due to how a team views the quarterback position.

    I don’t see West Coast Ben McAdoo / Tom Caughlin, Adam “I made my bones nodding my head to Peyton Manning” Gase, and/or the Rams being a team that moves up for Mariota.

    What about how Sean Peyton likes to call a game fits Mariota either?

    The pressure you put on your team to play a QB taken that high right away is at an all-time high. Why draft a guy to be put into position to fail if you’re system isn’t conducive to his talents.

    If I had my druthers, I’d forget a trade up for Mariota entirely and roll with Foles for the year.

    Objectively speaking, I don’t see as many teams as willing to move up for him as we would simply due to system fit.

  269. 269 GEAGLE said at 2:44 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yeah the eagles are the only team that want this kid.. thats why everyone talks about trading the world for him… if he doesnt fit anyone then sit at 20 and wait for him to fall to you

  270. 270 unhinged said at 2:50 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Putting a different spin on Geagle’s point, Chip has done enough in 2 seasons to get everyone’s attention. Folks think Arians is taking shots? Hell, I think he’s more curious than negative. I would bet even Bellichick is paying attention. Snider, Kraft, Lurie, Kroenke we’re talking big biGGER, BIGGEST egos. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if “Spoiling Kelly” became a major preoccupation of some proud, angst-driven alpha playas. Someone posted recently that Chip looks to avoid variance, well he shouldn’t be surprised if any one of the nineteen teams that pick before us grab MM just to spite him AND/OR to dangle MM for a lopsided trade. Chip hasn’t shown his hand, but if it becomes apparent that he is going for MM, then he’d better know that someone, anyone will try to make him regret it. And if Chip is insane enough to get to #1 so nobody can ruin his day, he’ll have ruined it himself and his alpha nemeses will all be laughing.

  271. 271 unhinged said at 2:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    There’s a lot of that going round.

  272. 272 anon said at 11:34 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    brandon marshall on the block

  273. 273 Media Mike said at 11:34 AM on March 5th, 2015:


  274. 274 GermanEagle said at 11:36 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Mate, can you please include a link in your posts?! I cannot find anything on twitter. thx.

  275. 275 the DONALD said at 11:39 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    just google the phrase and articles pop right up…

  276. 276 GermanEagle said at 11:43 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I. Am. 2. Lazy.

  277. 277 anon said at 11:45 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    roto. i’m not on twitter so for me it’s always roto.

  278. 278 GEAGLE said at 11:46 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    ITS ALWAYS ROTO..stop sourcing!! it all comes from the same damn place LOL

  279. 279 Greg Richards said at 12:04 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    The problem with rotoworld is they’re just linking to other sources and the rotoworld blurb often misrepresents the source as being factual when it’s often the opinion of a beat writer or some other “analyst”.

  280. 280 GEAGLE said at 12:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    this is true… but if the report is worth while, you can bet you can find it there, you will just also find alot of opinion and speculative BS…. if the news is interesting enough its always best to click on the link and get it from the original source

  281. 281 Avery Greene said at 11:55 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I understand. 🙂

  282. 282 the DONALD said at 11:56 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    haha that is awesome!

  283. 283 peteike said at 11:47 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    yes please. Id pay him over Maclin

  284. 284 Media Mike said at 11:48 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Until he commits another crime on goes insane again.

    Love the talent, hate the fit.

  285. 285 peteike said at 11:50 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    ya not a great history but he really seems to have matured. I think anyway

  286. 286 Media Mike said at 11:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    There seem to be some locker room beefs there as well, I don’t trust him here.

    I really think he’d be best on Seattle.

  287. 287 anon said at 11:55 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    def dealt with the mental illness portion, i don’t fault him for that at all.

  288. 288 eagleyankfan said at 11:58 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    I bet most don’t know what he dealt with but label him as “a problem”…

  289. 289 peteike said at 12:13 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    ya and he had a psycho girlfriend back in the day per the stories but he was no saint either in all that. Hes a smart guy and seems to have overcome all that

  290. 290 Tumtum said at 12:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He seems to have gotten his mental health in check. I still take a younger Maclin.

  291. 291 GEAGLE said at 11:49 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    chip wont have any interest in him unfortunately

  292. 292 peteike said at 11:51 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    but would he if Maclin walks

  293. 293 GEAGLE said at 11:57 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    No, he wont have any interest in him at all.. not 100% football all the time. he wants to go to NY every tuesday to film inside the NFL, he wants radio shows, he has his mental health foundation advocacy group…chip kelly is 100% football, all the time… and if you have other interests he wants nothing to do with you, because he wont be able to count on marshall to eat, sleep, recover, do all the little things chip requires from a dedicated football player..Brandon has too much going on
    Plus I hear Mac is going NO WHERE.. yesterday I heard chip talked to Maclin two days before and told him I want you Here! chip kelly gets what Chip Kelly wants, and with 50 mil in Cap, you can bet chip aint losing one of his guys for a mil or two of extra dollars…. Im under the impression Macln will be worked out

  294. 294 anon said at 11:59 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    every pro player has a foundation. plus going to nyc this year is an easy trip on amtrak.

  295. 295 GermanEagle said at 12:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Mate, I’d love to be wrong, but ‘Maclin going nowhere’ is a very brave projection…I will not be surprised if he leaves…

  296. 296 anon said at 12:03 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    bmarsh costs $7.5m this year, that’s cheaper than anyone you’ll get on the market. given the cap situation we have it’s going to be hard to get guys to take a discount coming here.

  297. 297 peteike said at 12:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    thats a great rate for his talent but age I guess is a minor concern. About to turn 31

  298. 298 GEAGLE said at 12:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    nope… when it comes down to it, I think chip will pay what it takes… If you are one of Chips guys, you are one of chips guys, and he dont care if he has to draft you 3rounds early just to make sure he gets you….Mac,Meco,Celek are chips GUYS!! ADOPTED DUCKS.. they aint going anywhere…what some other franchise is willing to pay Maclin, chip will offer him a mil less in the end and get it done… we have NO MONEY allocated in the WR position, he can afford to spend whatever on a WR. next year coops gone and you have two more years of huff and Pope on cheap rookie contracts less then a mil per year… under our Cap blueprint, he cant invest like 20mil in the WR between this year and next year when Coop gets cut….Mac stays!!

    Chip told him I want you here two days ago. he is one of chips guys/… but if you arent one of chips guys, he becomes a Mob Boss, kisses you on your cheak, takes you to dinner, and on the way out, two in the back of the head!!! chip will clip you witht he quickness if you arent one of his guys…. think Chip has alot of respect for Maclin as a WR talent, compared to what chip had to deal with for deseans talent… he saw how hard he even rehabbed..Mac stays.

  299. 299 GEAGLE said at 12:15 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    not really… both parties want him here, all the cap space in God, and you have zero money allocated into the WR position, especially when you cut Coop next year… two of your top WR are making less then a mil a year on cheap rookie deals for the next few years…chip can l;iterally pay what it takes to keep Maclin… Maclin wont be petty to where we have to match some bad teams exact offer… we just need to get in the ball park and he will sign… the hold up is only Maclin thinking it will benefit his negotiations with the eagles if he waits to agree to a deal until after he can show the Eagles what other WRs are gettng, and in the end Chip wont want to lose him and no one in a front office cares how much you pay one player.. they care that it fits into how much money we want allocated to the position as a whole..and we have two rookie contracts, maehls chump change, and coop off the bookls next year…basically NO TEAM can pay Maclin more then us, because we have Maximum space in terms of cap space allocated for a WR position as a whole… we look at how much individual players make, but in reality a GM just cares that what you have to pay him fits under the amount they are allocating being spent on a position as a whole…and we have nothing tied into our WR position with Coop gone next year…. he stays.. it gets done, it will just drag out a bit into the open market I assume….. Mac doesnt actually wnat to leave,.. he just wants to do what it takes to get the best deal from the eagles… it will get done, relax, no worries

  300. 300 peteike said at 12:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    ya I know he does Inside NFL. Good points. I was going to be really upset if we lost Maclin so thats good to know, hoping he stays.

  301. 301 BreakinAnklez said at 12:18 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I wish I shared your confidence on Mac…we’ll know soon enough though

  302. 302 anon said at 11:53 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    will lower some guys price tags. you gotta look at bmarsh, he’s a beast in the red zone.

  303. 303 GEAGLE said at 11:57 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    i would sign him yesterday….but chip wont

  304. 304 anon said at 11:54 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    though the fact that they had to say publicly on the market means no one wants to trade for him. wonder if they’ll cut him or keep him.

  305. 305 Dominik said at 11:55 AM on March 5th, 2015:

    Worked for the Saints last year. 😉 But you’re right, not the best sign if you have to go public.

    Shady was on the block, too, Arians confirmed it. Which is a good thing, if you think about the 20 minutes comment from the Bills.

  306. 306 anon said at 12:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yeah they must have shopped him, but you may be right.

  307. 307 Media Mike said at 12:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If you’d like to see Marshall’s contract

    seems affordable if you trust the dude not to go into bad locker room guy and/or straight jacket mode.

  308. 308 anon said at 12:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    been several years since he had an incident.

  309. 309 Media Mike said at 12:12 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

  310. 310 Greg Richards said at 12:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    In considering the possibility of having all 3 of Alonso, Kendricks, and Ryans on the team perhaps instead of Alonso at OLB in a 3-4 where he wouldn’t be protected, the Eagles would move back to more of a 4-3. With Barwin-Cox-Logan-Curry as potentially the starters on the D-line. When Davis was first hired, it was thought he would transition the team to a Seattle style 4-3 under eventually and they’ve been more of a traditional 3-4. If they went to the 4-3 under then Thornton would remain in the starting lineup as the 5-technique and Curry would freequently be used in a Michael Bennett type role. The issue with that is Barwin has excelled in a traditional 3-4 role and he’s not your traditional LEO defensive end. The Eagles also would likely need to bring in another pass-rushing DE option for pass-rushing situations(assuming Curry at DT with Cox). Or keep Graham.

  311. 311 FairOaks said at 12:03 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Why would we do that when we are just dropping Graham and Cole, both of whom would fit better in a 4-3?

  312. 312 Greg Richards said at 12:05 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think they’d like both of those guys back, but at their price. Regardless, I’m just speculating out loud.

  313. 313 BreakinAnklez said at 12:14 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Interesting food for thought for sure

  314. 314 Media Mike said at 12:12 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Good scheme thought considering that Davis has experience (allegedly) to be flexible enough to play that 4-3 under system that is 3-4-ish.

    Seems like a lot of messing around to fit in odd pieces.

    And I’m not convinced that Meco is here once they get done free agency and the draft. It just doesn’t behoove them to move him yet in case something else pops up.

  315. 315 BreakinAnklez said at 12:15 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Botch posting…damn

  316. 316 Tumtum said at 12:15 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    When Chip took the team over they were heavy 4-3. He forced the move to 3-4 2gap. You can bet changing now is the last thing on his mind.

  317. 317 GEAGLE said at 12:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    doubt it…kiko is a tackling machine..and 4 years ago Meco proved he wont get back from his Achilles injury to his old self til year two… he was not good his first year back from his last achilles and that was 4 years ago… he wont even want to play maximum snaps next year because it probably exposes him and turns teams off.. Meco will sit on our bench, maybe come in on goal line defense, practice get sharper and sharper, closer and closer to his old self and when Kendricks gets hurt for the two games he misses every season, Meco will hope to be able to show that he is recovered for his injury in those two games to use that as a resume to try and get a starting deal somewhere else next year…Mufasa,Maclin,Celek stay…. they are adopted Ducks.. if you are one of chips guys, you are one of chips guys, and he gets what he wants

  318. 318 D3FB said at 3:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Please explain.

  319. 319 GermanEagle said at 12:06 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    On SC Byron Maxwell said the biggest factor for him will be scheme. Wants to play Cover 3.
    Are the Eagles hence still considered to be his favourite landing spot???

  320. 320 Media Mike said at 12:10 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Billy Davis has to look up what “Cover 3” means and how he can mis-position his safeties before he can answer that for Maxwell.

  321. 321 eagleyankfan said at 12:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Money. Money trumps anything SC has to say…

  322. 322 GEAGLE said at 12:37 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    as if Gus Bradleys pockets arent deep enough
    get ready for Davon HOuse.. said it 3 months ago, phillymag starting to catch up..check it out

  323. 323 Bert's Bells said at 12:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If his scheme is to cover 3 counties worth of South Eastern PA broads with wads of cash then Philly is where its at.

  324. 324 ICDogg said at 1:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Eagles use the Cover 3 a lot.

  325. 325 Jernst said at 12:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Bills just traded for Vernon Davis…Rexy making some splashy win now moves…just doesn’t have a QB yet (i hear that’s a big deal)

  326. 326 anon said at 12:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    rexy not going to have a draft either. they have a halfway decent qb. and if he’s throwing to watkins and davis that’s not too bad. oh and running the ball with shady.

  327. 327 GEAGLE said at 12:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    lol he sucked last year…what did they trade for him? a 6th? lol

  328. 328 peteike said at 12:37 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    dont discount his blocking, hes solid there he just didnt flash the TDs. I think hes a tad over rated though.

  329. 329 GEAGLE said at 12:39 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    praying Virgil THE HULK green gets away from Denver… I know chip will chump at the chance to sign him with Casey gone…awesome compliment to Ertz

  330. 330 peteike said at 12:40 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Denver has zero TEs on their roster right now, all FAs. Kinda funny, they like Virgil too but with Peytons last go at it, they may bring in older vets on the cheap so they can clear them faster in a rebuild.

  331. 331 GEAGLE said at 12:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yup… Im real nervous… hope he hits the market. so many needs they need to have to shore for peytons last run, im hoping Virgil gets free….

  332. 332 Greg Richards said at 12:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Where’d you see this? That’s been a rumor lately but I haven’t seen anything that says they actually made the move.

  333. 333 Jernst said at 12:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    just confirmed by adam schefter on twitter

  334. 334 Greg Richards said at 12:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I follow Schefter on twitter and it’s not on my timeline. Are you sure it’s not a fake account?

  335. 335 Dominik said at 12:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Same here.

  336. 336 Jernst said at 12:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    whoops…my B, guys…friend just sent me a link on my phone to @adamschefiter … fake account

  337. 337 Dominik said at 12:34 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Not as good as Rowie Hoseman.

  338. 338 RobNE said at 12:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Bills got Matt Cassell. Or you don’t include him?

  339. 339 Jernst said at 12:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no he’s atrocious

  340. 340 peteike said at 12:38 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    game manager with a run game and solid D is what Rex is thinking. Not sure he had many FA options

  341. 341 RobNE said at 1:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    except for that time he threw for 700 yards against us

  342. 342 Media Mike said at 12:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    The Niners are going to suck so bad next year. It’s going to be fun to watch Kaepernick have metldowns every week as they finish 4-12, Tomsula gets fired after one year, and Kaep gets labeled as a coach killer who can’t learn NFL passing concepts.

  343. 343 anon said at 12:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    it was fake

  344. 344 Media Mike said at 12:29 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    The Niners sucking at life because Kaepertrash is their QB will always be real.

  345. 345 eagleyankfan said at 1:05 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I have figured out OregonDucks clues. He(or she) has said — No Eagle is safe. That would include — Chip Kelly. Chip Kelly is leaving the Eagles and returning to Oregon.
    Sources say – Bill Belichick is being traded to the Eagles for 2016 first round pick and cash considerations. Bill is the one behind all the current moves. Additional sources also say this explains why Howie was moved out.
    It all makes sense now. Sorry to have stole your thunder OregonDuck!!!

  346. 346 botto said at 1:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  347. 347 Javi Echie said at 1:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Maxwell in an interview with espn in regards to playing for Philly “Definitely. They run the scheme that I’m talking about. Cover 3, man press. And they’re committed to winning, so definitely Philadelphia. If they was to come at me, I would definitely have to consider them.”

  348. 348 wee2424 said at 1:10 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Lol me and you just did the same thing. You beat me to the post button.

  349. 349 ICDogg said at 1:12 PM on March 5th, 2015:

  350. 350 wee2424 said at 1:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Just read a report on Bleacher Report. In an interview Maxwell says he likes the scheme the Eagles run and it’s what he is comftorable with. He went on to say how he thinks Philly is dedicated to winning and that he definitely needs to consider Philly as a landing spot. Not over reacting saying it definitely means he will land with us, but it is good to hear from his mouth that he holds us in high regard.

  351. 351 ICDogg said at 1:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    It almost makes too much sense for it not to happen.

  352. 352 wee2424 said at 1:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    My thinking. Lol, everyone’s thinking. The fact that Williams is getting checked out by Seattle just proves that the schemes are so similar.

  353. 353 anon said at 1:40 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Purely based on that $50 m. In cap space on a 10-6 team is unheard of.

  354. 354 RobNE said at 1:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Why is Polk getting such a low tender?

  355. 355 Sean Stott said at 1:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He’s a RFA, like Cedric Thornton.

  356. 356 holeplug said at 1:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    he’s an injury prone 3rd string RB

  357. 357 Media Mike said at 1:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Because they can get away with it.

  358. 358 oreofestar said at 1:27 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He’s the third rb and chances are well get a rookie plus Spiller/Ingram I’m hoping for Spiller

  359. 359 GEAGLE said at 1:39 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Ingram wont happen from what I hear…. he is a volume runner.. need too many carries to get going.

  360. 360 Media Mike said at 1:40 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Agreed. Ingram sucks.

  361. 361 anon said at 1:40 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Aren’t we a volume run team?

  362. 362 Media Mike said at 1:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Not in that way.

  363. 363 anon said at 1:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Personally I grab a udfa and keep it moving. So many good ones in this league.

  364. 364 Media Mike said at 1:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    As long as it isn’t Barner!

  365. 365 GEAGLE said at 1:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no alabama backs.. Polk and sproles need touches

  366. 366 oreofestar said at 1:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t want him I want Spiller but I heard Ingram yesterday

  367. 367 mksp said at 2:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Here we go again with the “what I hear” nonsense……

  368. 368 BlindChow said at 3:30 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    In between telling him where to start the next fire, the voices sometimes talk about sports.

  369. 369 Media Mike said at 1:40 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Ingram is a massive turd.

  370. 370 BreakinAnklez said at 2:06 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Because he’s not that good…

  371. 371 Sean Stott said at 1:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’m sorry, but in no universe is Worilds a better player than Graham. Just because his arms are two inches longer… that is such an overrated thing to look at. BG straight up mauls people, Worilds isn’t that kind of player.

  372. 372 oreofestar said at 1:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I agree he’s overrated but he’s still better than Graham

  373. 373 Media Mike said at 1:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I understand moving on from Graham to get a better 3-4 guy, but you’re correct that Worilds isn’t the due to overpay to do it.

  374. 374 oreofestar said at 1:29 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Personally I want Sheard hell cost less than Graham, McPhee,Hughes and Worilds

  375. 375 Media Mike said at 1:31 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Sheard is quality and value. He’s 100% the best mix of affordability, potential production, and measurables.

    Worilds has shorter arms and is shorter overall relative to Sheard.

  376. 376 oreofestar said at 1:32 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    And he’s underrated in coverage I’ll gladly give him 5-6 mil vs 7.5-9 for the others

  377. 377 Media Mike said at 1:32 PM on March 5th, 2015:


    I think Sheard can be had for the 4 / $24 that Graham turned down.

  378. 378 oreofestar said at 1:38 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If we can get him for that then forget Worilds and Graham and enjoy Sheard/Kiko/Ken/Barwin

  379. 379 Media Mike said at 1:39 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Or Barwin / Kiko / Brooks Reed / Sheard if we’re looking at Kendricks being traded in a potential Mariota deal.

  380. 380 oreofestar said at 1:40 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Don’t even say things like that

  381. 381 Media Mike said at 1:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I wouldn’t do it, but I need to be ready for all combinations and permutations.

  382. 382 oreofestar said at 1:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I just don’t want to talk about it, it’s not even a forgone conclusion that we trade at all

  383. 383 Media Mike said at 1:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I also agree with that, but I need to establish my views on the subject as the standard by which we judge if the Eagles gave up too much, just the right amount, or clearly won the deal.

  384. 384 oreofestar said at 1:55 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I just think that Ken, Cox, Kelce and Lane need to be untouchable

  385. 385 Media Mike said at 1:59 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah, my only counterpoint to that is that if you HAVE to move up and don’t want to destroy your ability to draft cost controlled guys of quality in the future, you’d need to trade cost controlled guys now because you won’t be able to afford their extensions.

    Cap space left after free agency will dictate if they have to give up existing players or not in a trade.

    I just don’t see how we fill out a 53 man roster in the future without any draft picks in the next 3 years and sign a bunch of free agents now and have to get new contracts ready for Cox, Kendricks, Lane, Matthews, Kiko, Bennie, and Ertz.

  386. 386 oreofestar said at 2:14 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I just think that Ken, Cox, Kelce and Lane need to be untouchable

  387. 387 GEAGLE said at 1:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    love Sheard.. been my dude since college.
    devils advocate: worried about underachieving. I keep waiting for him to explode but it hasnt happened for one reason or another… is he going to be one of those late bloomers who needed a change of scenery to explode? I really like his game
    McPhee is valuable if we lose Curry because he can line up anywhere and pass rush into our multi front even if we sign him as an edge rusher, we can line him up next to cox alot on our 4man pass rush lines, until we get a real interior pass rusher to replace curry… but he can be a temporary inside rusher band aid for vinny..line up McPhee inside next to Cox, with two other OLBs as the 4-3 DE’s on 3rd down…giving us 4 quality pass rushers..
    if we are going to lose the power cole and BG brought, Id like McPhee..ESPECIALLY if Curry is traded

    .still dont rule out BG tho, but losing him is no big deal with all these options

  388. 388 Media Mike said at 1:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Sheard keeps underachieving because he’s never allowed to play for any stretch of games. They keep snaking his job out from under him via free agency and high draft picks.

    Plus he was a Holmgren draft pick, so he was never the current regime’s guy.

    He’d be fine here.

  389. 389 GEAGLE said at 1:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    thats why i dont rule him out,,., heck i remember getting bashed when we first signed chip and where switching schemes and i wanted to trade BG for him… you dont have to sell me…. especially when we are talking about a Brown. doubt he has been in the best position to be successful…

    but I think if they are going to trade Vinny for a pick or a player before next season, then the OLB has to be McPhee… just think of how Billy used to move Cole around, play him inside… if we lose BG and Vinny Curry, i think the decision is made for them and they have to go with McPhee… if not, then we have flexibility to consider guys like sheard….. unless we can lose Vinny and count on replacing him with another interior rusher then we can sign whoever we want at OLB…

    i would think it comes down to sheard,Mcphee,BG, Brooks Reed..
    ..but the fanboy dream is to get kiko to bring Jerry Hughes and Searcy with him from top ranked buffalo D..have Maragos bring Maxwell over….and the D is ready!! lol

    i worry that the big signings arent going to come and people will have to settle on something like:
    Davon HOuse
    Brooks Reed
    hope we can do better tho

  390. 390 BreakinAnklez said at 2:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I know it’s inevitable…but I don’t want to lose Curry. Love him and he got such a raw deal with us. I was STOKED when we grabbed him.

  391. 391 Tdoteaglefan said at 2:33 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Me too man..was excited to get him plus hes one of us, grew up an eagles fan and living his dream!

  392. 392 BreakinAnklez said at 2:28 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I wonder if Sheards lack of production can be partially blamed on the fact he’s changed positions/schemes what seems like each year he’s been in the NFL

  393. 393 mksp said at 1:28 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    2″ is a massive difference, I didn’t realize they were that different.

    And it’s hardly an “overrated” measurable. Not sure where one would get that idea.

  394. 394 Sean Stott said at 1:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’m not saying it’s not useful. But if you have two players, you can’t discount talent level just because someone’s arms are 2″ shorter.

    That’s like saying you don’t want Jessica Alba because she doesn’t have D-cups, you’d rather have some bimbo because she does have D-cups.

  395. 395 oreofestar said at 1:46 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    But Brandon isn’t Jessica Alba

  396. 396 Sean Stott said at 1:47 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Tell that to my #55 jersey that I’m desperately trying to keep relevant.

  397. 397 Greg Richards said at 2:08 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’d rather pay for Jessica’s surgery.

  398. 398 GEAGLE said at 1:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    dont worry.. people think the Eagles post their true free agent Targets online for the world to see… some reporter said its true, so obviously it cant possibly be false…sarcasm font

  399. 399 Greg Richards said at 2:07 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    IF they use Alonso as an OLB on early downs, then Pernell McPhee makes a ton of sense as a 3rd-down pass-rusher.

  400. 400 GermanEagle said at 1:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I am more worried with BG’s physical ability to be an every down LB. Worilds is for sure though.

  401. 401 BreakinAnklez said at 2:15 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    We’ll find out soon of the NFL universe agrees with you..

  402. 402 wee2424 said at 1:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Anyone think we trade for Marshall? Such a Chip WR.

  403. 403 Media Mike said at 1:50 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Except in terms of behavior.

  404. 404 GEAGLE said at 1:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    every team he played for ends up hating him… the opposite of a chip kelly guy

  405. 405 anon said at 2:18 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    hate to say it but…

    that said he hasn’t played on good teams.

  406. 406 peteike said at 2:54 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    ya Id hate Jay Cutler too. Heard just yesterday that about 10 guys…..10, ex staff and some players all speak poorly about Cutler. All said they would never want that guy to be a starter on their team again, they wouldnt do it. Thats really bad for Jay, Bears are so stuck with that contract.

  407. 407 anon said at 2:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yup. Not sure why GM chose him over the MUCH cheaper McCown who was beasting in Trestman’s system.

  408. 408 ShadyCrockett said at 4:47 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I randomly met one of his college offensive lineman at a hospitality trade show a few years ago (he now makes custom furniture for hotels.) He was a super nice guy and hilarious, so we wound up drinking late into the night. Long story short, he HATED Cutler and didn’t know anyone from his college team that still talked to him or ever became his friend.

  409. 409 Mac said at 4:44 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t want to be too down on a person with mental illness, but if you research borderline personality disorder… you’ll quickly see why Chip won’t touch him.

  410. 410 Avery Greene said at 1:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Nick Kayal (on wrote and article that said CK has the “smartest man in the room syndrome” and thinks the recent moves are a show of that.

    Stuff like this is why I stopped listening to sports radio. Now it seems the writers are picking fights with CK and Hinkie because they don’t have as much “access” to know everything.

    It makes perfect sense to tell everyone what you’re doing. That way everyone else knows what you’re doing and maybe they could help you out… /s

  411. 411 anon said at 2:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no access, need click bait.

  412. 412 Joe Minx said at 2:30 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Bunch of butthurt clowns.

  413. 413 botto said at 2:33 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yeah clearing out old guys to make cap space and getting a good ILB on a rookie deal is pretty smart…so…

  414. 414 Insomniac said at 4:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He could be right since Chip has yet to win a playoff game.

  415. 415 mksp said at 1:59 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    All the LBs….

    Tony Pauline
    Interesting note: Philadelphia Eagles had dinner with Stephone Anthony/LB/Clemson yesterday…more to come

  416. 416 BreakinAnklez said at 2:14 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    YESSSS!!! He’s my guy

  417. 417 D3FB said at 3:14 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  418. 418 anon said at 3:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  419. 419 BlindChow said at 3:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Inside Linebacker. We have three starters on the roster currently (including DeMeco).

    This implies either it was scheduled in advance and is just due diligence, or perhaps they might cut/trade one or more of their ILB’s before the draft.

  420. 420 Avery Greene said at 3:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    They have 2 ILBs (Kendricks, Kiko) and I think good depth with Goode and Long – unless they know something about Goode and Long that they don’t like.

    Which brings up another question. If Cole and Graham are gone, does Long move back outside?

  421. 421 D3FB said at 3:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    They have Kendricks and Kiko as starters.
    They have Meco, Goode, Jones, and Acho as depth.

    Anthony is a good prospect but is going to need to be brought along slowly. He’s still a better athlete than a football player. His instincts are questionable. He didn’t play alot of coverage at Clemson so he doesn’t really understand zone coverage (so unless you blitz him or give him the back you can’t play him in Nickel). And he is going to be a top 100 pick. It just seems weird to bring in a developmental upside player when you can’t really develop him.

    In all likelyhood it’s just Chip being a massive football nerd and doing research for down the road.

  422. 422 mksp said at 3:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    His measurables are insane:

    Maybe Chip sees him as an OLB. He could probably carry another 10-15 pounds….

  423. 423 D3FB said at 4:10 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    That brings us back to the point of other teams valuation likely exceeding our own. I have a third round grade on him. I know guys who think he could go in the early second to a team that needs a “see ball get ball” WILL.

    He has no experience as a pass rusher, so you have to factor in a position change to your grade on him if you view him that way.

    If it was last year with a really bad edge rusher class in the draft, and Anthony was a day 3 guy, I could see that, but there are so many talented edge rushers in this draft that it makes no sense to spend a top 100 pick and immediately convert him.

  424. 424 Media Mike said at 4:12 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah, because by the time the conversion is complete you didn’t get your money’s worth out of him.

  425. 425 Media Mike said at 4:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    As in building a book on a guy in case he comes on the market for a trade and / or future free agency?

  426. 426 D3FB said at 4:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Correct. The day after the draft all prospect reports get handed over to the pro personell department and filed away for later use.

  427. 427 Media Mike said at 4:13 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Pat Kirwan talks extensively about this on Sirius. This has to be a huge advantage to teams like New England who’ve had the same regime in charge for a while.

    I can imagine there have been some epic document dumps ordered by head coaches and/or front office guys on the way out the door over the years.

  428. 428 D3FB said at 4:28 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    A good rolodex is worth its weight in gold.

  429. 429 GENETiC-FREAK said at 3:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Odd coz Eagles have 3 good ILBs already or you dont see him as a fit..?

  430. 430 anon said at 2:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Free agent DE Ray McDonald won’t be charged after being accused of sexual assault in December.

    McDonald was accused of violence against women twice in four months last year, but escaped charges both times. December’s allegations cost him his 49ers roster spot.

  431. 431 BreakinAnklez said at 2:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think he’s had 1 or 2 other assault charges filed…don’t see anywhere near the outrage over him as we do other guys.

  432. 432 peteike said at 2:52 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    ya should be, guys an a.. No outrage per no charges unfortunately. Far too many of those cases are difficult to win.

  433. 433 anon said at 3:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    *win, not even enough evidence to charge (though undoubtedly he got the fairest shake from the police he could possibly get). be interesting if someone picks him up. Cinci seems to be the repository for no character guys.

  434. 434 the DONALD said at 2:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Why not trade NEXT years draft away.. first year Chip wont have knowledge of the players first hand… will have his players from 3 drafts 1 of which was his full control.. still gets his QB and we ride with what we got and pick up a few in FA next year.. but no draft picks.. keep this years and do what you want with them.. and BOOM. farfetched but an idea all the same.

  435. 435 anon said at 2:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    So raiders either paying for Suh OR Cobb + JT (TE).

  436. 436 anon said at 2:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Jets going to spend all their $$ on Revis.

  437. 437 Avery Greene said at 2:56 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Which is why they will never be good.

  438. 438 anon said at 2:57 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    they’ll be good at selling tickets. what else do owners really care about?

  439. 439 Avery Greene said at 2:59 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    True dat. But I have to say, I don’t see the Patriots doing this and they’ve been relevant since 2000. Get your QB and the rest should take care of itself.

  440. 440 anon said at 3:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    hahah yeah

  441. 441 Bert's Bells said at 3:12 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Woody Johnson is like an unethical version of Dan Snyder with less football acumen.

  442. 442 Avery Greene said at 3:13 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    That’s saying a lot because Snyder has none.

  443. 443 Bert's Bells said at 3:14 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  444. 444 Avery Greene said at 3:18 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I know, I went down a dark path there…

  445. 445 RobNE said at 4:13 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    is this done? cite?

    anything that weakens the Pats I am for it.

  446. 446 anon said at 4:18 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  447. 447 BreakinAnklez said at 2:59 PM on March 5th, 2015:

  448. 448 Media Mike said at 3:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Has some one on one coverage issues with deep speed. Not sure if that is what they’re looking for at safety. He might not have the recover speed to avoid getting Nate Allened.

  449. 449 D3FB said at 3:46 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He absolutely can’t tackle as a safety.

  450. 450 Tumtum said at 4:01 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Wow more garbage from …

    I used to think that website was pretty good. 2 strikes in one day. Strike 3 I am done with them. Too bad both articles have been by no names.

  451. 451 botto said at 4:05 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    this was an interesting tid bit on Bleeding green:

    People in contact with Kelly through his initial NFL coaching interviews say he gushed about Mariota even way back then, calling him the most talented player he had ever worked with, a tremendous kid and glowing quarterback whom Kelly believed “would win multiple Super Bowls.”

  452. 452 anon said at 4:07 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yeah i mean it’s clear that he likes him a lot and he’s trying to move mountains to get him. Mariota better not go all RGIII.

  453. 453 Media Mike said at 4:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Mariota, just based on attitude, isn’t going to arrive in the NFL thinking he knows everything and spending more of his time building a brand than he is working on football.

    Mariota could well turn into a bust, but it won’t be via a poor approach to the game.

  454. 454 botto said at 4:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    oh I meant the part where he says that Mariota glows…
    that should help in the snow games or the night games.
    I knew the kids was good, but glowing is something new

  455. 455 D3FB said at 4:12 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    It was just the Nike uniforms at Oregon.

  456. 456 Bert's Bells said at 4:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Griffin plays for a dysfunctional franchise. Much of his “problems” can be pinned to that.

  457. 457 anon said at 4:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    also character-wise not at the same level as mariota at all (based on the fact that chip loves mariota so much).

  458. 458 Bert's Bells said at 4:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Maybe. I don’t really adhere to fan’s ability to call out a player’s “character” (unless they’re out raping or killing or otherwise breaking the law).

    There are just too many variables at play -especially when a guy is dumped into a situation like Washington.

    Griffin could be a complete knucklehead, though.

  459. 459 anon said at 4:27 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think the way he approached the summer after his injury, forcing shanny to let him play, etc. I don’t think he’s a bad guy necessarily, i think he handled that situation poorly – maybe had an over-inflated ego.

  460. 460 Bert's Bells said at 4:31 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’ll agree with you there, he probably put himself above the team (like most guys in his position).

    If the organization down there were better-run it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

    Even if Mariota is a Mike Vick in Atlanta style diva, I think the Eagles can put a lid on it and get him to produce.

  461. 461 botto said at 4:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    my question is just that if Kelly thinks MM is the most talented kid he has ever worked with, why would anyone be mad if we traded the farm to get him.
    multiple superbowls! hello?

  462. 462 RobNE said at 4:14 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    wait, Kelly likes Mariota?

  463. 463 botto said at 4:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yeah I wasn’t sure if anyone heard

  464. 464 peteike said at 4:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    and he had it all, all that stood in the way was measly Ohio St. Welcome to the NFL son, its not easier

  465. 465 Media Mike said at 4:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Ohio State is a vile collection of scum.

  466. 466 botto said at 4:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    true. Ohio state didn’t look measly though, but you are right, it ain’t getting any easier

  467. 467 anon said at 4:28 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    think that tells you the importance of 1/ RB 2/OL 3/DL

  468. 468 botto said at 4:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    for some awful perspective, Eli has won multiple superbowls. barf

  469. 469 Media Mike said at 4:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Thanks again Rodney Harrison and Patrick Chung.

  470. 470 Insomniac said at 4:15 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Anthony is a smokescreen for Beasley.

  471. 471 D3FB said at 4:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If we draft Beasley I will be legitimately bamboozled.

  472. 472 Insomniac said at 4:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Maybe we just like to draft raw athletic OLBs in the first round?

  473. 473 D3FB said at 4:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    MSII can at least hold the point of attack.

  474. 474 Insomniac said at 4:36 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    True but Beasley is most likely the odd man out in the 5 pass rushers that will go top 15.

  475. 475 D3FB said at 4:37 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think he needs to be used in a Von Miller type situation. I don’t completely buy the 245, he was supposedly playing sub 230 during the season.

  476. 476 Insomniac said at 4:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He looks very top heavy but IMO he does have the frame to be around 250-255.

  477. 477 RobNE said at 4:36 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    what do you expect from MSII next year? do you draw conclusions from his lack of playing time or no?

  478. 478 D3FB said at 4:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think MSII should be a good option to give both starters a breather next year. It’s why I think we will go after a mid tier guy like Sheard who fits better as opposed to a big money guy who doesn’t fit as well. We know he can set the edge. We know he can cover. He just needs to continue to progress as a pass rusher. Once that lightbulb clicks he’s going to be a very good player.

    I don’t take too much from him not playing much last year. It was disappointing, but he was stuck behind three guys playing at a very high level. I don’t love that they moved him to ILB as I think it slowed his development.

  479. 479 Media Mike said at 4:54 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Let’s all keep lining up behind Sheard. Won’t be a waste of money and won’t c-block Smith II eventually taking over.

  480. 480 oreofestar said at 5:05 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    A Sheard, Smith, Barwin, Ken, Kiko, Ryan’s rotation would be deep and filthy

  481. 481 Media Mike said at 5:11 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If they don’t move Kendricks in a deal, Meco is gone. He’s just here because we don’t have to cut him yet, but he’s gone most likely.

  482. 482 oreofestar said at 5:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    But I thought he was willing to take a cut?

  483. 483 Media Mike said at 5:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’d be willing to take a cut as well, but if we have two legit starters there isn’t a reason to have Meco making $3 or $4 mil to ride pine. He’s not really a special teamer either, so what’s his value? He’s just insurance at this point.

  484. 484 oreofestar said at 5:30 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Well at 3mil his leadership in addition to the fact Kiko and Ken have had injury issues

  485. 485 botto said at 5:04 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I know he can hold a clipboard

  486. 486 RobNE said at 4:16 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    We all think Kelly is about to trade for Mariota (ok, maybe, ok who knows) and he’s just attending a college pro day. He is a cool cat.

  487. 487 anon said at 4:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Do you think his plan was to draft MM all along? Like literally ever since he got here? How well would Foles (or anyone) have had to play for Chip to pass on MM?

  488. 488 botto said at 4:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    that’s what im saying, it seems like he was telling in his interviews that he wants to get this kid no matta what

  489. 489 RobNE said at 4:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no I think he’s concluded this is what he needs. I think he is smart enough to try to do it without giving up tons of assets, but now he has concluded that QB is too important.

    Watching Wilson run around Cole for that 25-30 yard TD broke my heart. I think that’s when Chip went, yeah Foles can’t and won’t ever do that.

  490. 490 GENETiC-FREAK said at 4:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah man i like what your saying.. Like ive seen enough n know what works n what doesnt.. This is what i need

  491. 491 RobNE said at 4:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    then he said Mr. Lurie this is what I need to do. And Howie said hell no, we’re both get fired if that doesn’t work — too risky. And Chip said move your office to the other side of the building, I’ve got this and if it burns down it’s just me. Then he went back to work.

  492. 492 Mac said at 4:31 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    *they both went back to work* as you pointed out Roseman may have saved his job with this move.

  493. 493 anon said at 4:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah i felt bad bc we must work on read option all the time in practice, but he’s probably not used to (a) the QB keeping or (b) being athletic enough to run around him.

  494. 494 RobNE said at 4:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    right he prob just reaches out and catches Foles from behind after half yard gain.

  495. 495 Mitchell said at 4:31 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Tommy, If I don’t get that Stephone Anthony scouting report soon, I’m gonna round up a bunch of babies and punch them all. You don’t want that on your conscious.

  496. 496 Insomniac said at 4:33 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Belichick does that daily.

  497. 497 D3FB said at 4:33 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    whoa whoa whoa, no need to take it that far. just drown some puppies.

  498. 498 Mitchell said at 4:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    That was step 1.

  499. 499 D3FB said at 4:36 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If you really want it that bad I can email it to you.

  500. 500 Mitchell said at 4:40 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Haha, its ok, I’ll wait for it.

  501. 501 Mitchell said at 4:36 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Derron Smith soon?

  502. 502 Media Mike said at 4:37 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    That would be clutch!

  503. 503 D3FB said at 4:38 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Probably not a full write up but I’ll do the tape work and give you my impressions.

  504. 504 Mitchell said at 4:39 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Cool, sounds good.

  505. 505 RobNE said at 4:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    where is OD? is he being quiet b/c he knows something?

  506. 506 D3FB said at 4:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Or work. It is only 130 on the west coast.

  507. 507 botto said at 4:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    oh, uh are we all supposed to be working?

  508. 508 Mac said at 4:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I demand free internets for all homeless people!

  509. 509 BlindChow said at 5:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’ll fill in for him in the meantime:

    I know something but I can’t tell you what it is! Na na na na! It will happen tomorrow, but if it doesn’t, well, uh, it must have been postponed until next week…

  510. 510 RobNE said at 5:10 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Nice job.

  511. 511 BlindChow said at 5:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Imma start saying stuff like that more often so I trick people into thinking I actually know something, too!

  512. 512 OregonDucker said at 5:27 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    What he said……

  513. 513 anon said at 5:05 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Man PFT hit piece on B. Marsh. hopefully he gets cut and we take him on cheap deal. Only 800yds last years but (a) injury and (b) Jay Cutler. There were plenty of malcontents in that lockerroom caused by Jay Cutler’s poor play.

    Would love to see him here.

  514. 514 Media Mike said at 5:07 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Love the talent, but I don’t see him being the kind of guy we bring in.

    I’ll stand by my first call on this; Seattle.

  515. 515 Mac said at 5:14 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I wouldn’t wanna fight with him… err have him as a teammate.

  516. 516 GEAGLE said at 5:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    colts is my guess

  517. 517 GEAGLE said at 5:08 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    as if we dont know he will end up in seatle, the Colts or Pats… the teams that are serious about trying to win a SB….

  518. 518 anon said at 5:06 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Percy Harvin getting cut MJD retiring.

  519. 519 Media Mike said at 5:07 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    MJD isn’t already retired?

    Now Percy Harvin is a VERY interesting name for what Kelly does. If he’ll play for scumbag wages, I’d love him here.

  520. 520 GEAGLE said at 5:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yeah cuz chip will sign one of the most selfish players in the NFL

  521. 521 Media Mike said at 5:10 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    See, I think you can get Harvin to humble himself and take a “prove it” type deal like Ted Ginn had to do in a few cities. Kelly would 100% know how to deploy Harvin………….or blow him out the door if he didn’t take marching orders.

  522. 522 GEAGLE said at 5:18 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    he knocked out a teammate during superbowl week… how the hell does that even happen?

  523. 523 Media Mike said at 5:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He’s good at throwing punches, what do you want?

  524. 524 GEAGLE said at 5:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    i want to invest money in players smart enough not to risk giving one of our players a concussion during the week of a big game … shame, stylitically you know chip would have a fun time with him

  525. 525 Media Mike said at 5:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    But I don’t want to invest in him really, I just want to see if I can get him for a one-year el cheapo contract on spec.

  526. 526 GEAGLE said at 5:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    talented kid, im down with more talent, just doubt chip would even consider such a defiant little shit

  527. 527 ICDogg said at 5:18 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’m having migraines just thinking about it

  528. 528 GEAGLE said at 5:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Back to the RB dilema… maybe what Back will the eagles target (if they sign one in free agency as all) is the wrong question we should be asking.. but we should be looking at which RB would be comfortable signing on with a team that will run him out of shotgun the entire time?

  529. 529 Media Mike said at 5:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  530. 530 peteike said at 5:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no thanks, would rather have Ingram I think and thats no fun. Dont trust Spiller to stay on field.

  531. 531 oreofestar said at 5:47 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’d take Spiller over Ingram

  532. 532 Media Mike said at 5:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Spiller is indeed hurt too often, but Ingram is a straight up slow poke. Kelly didn’t like McCoy dancing before he got upfield, Ingram can’t get upfield at all.

  533. 533 peteike said at 5:55 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    ya he def doesnt excite, no doubt. He did play better at times last season though. Spiller is all glitz no gold

  534. 534 GEAGLE said at 6:16 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    please no alabama RBs or DBs… PLEASE NO!

  535. 535 ACViking said at 7:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    “No Alabama running RBs or DBs . . . ”

    Not a pearl.


  536. 536 oreofestar said at 5:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    CJ! CJ!

  537. 537 Insomniac said at 5:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    3 year stop gap!!

  538. 538 oreofestar said at 5:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I just like the idea of CJ and a mid round rookie

  539. 539 Media Mike said at 5:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    And that is an interesting POV to take for looking at guys in the draft.

  540. 540 GEAGLE said at 5:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    i thought the same thing,… atleast in draft you can draft whoever you want and tough shit, he will have to play in the scheme you run… I assume in free agency that there are certain backs who probably arent to thrilled about running out of the gun exclusively making it easier to fill via the draft

  541. 541 anon said at 5:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    lots of college backs run spread so probably almost better for those guys.

  542. 542 ICDogg said at 5:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t think they’ll sign a back, at least until close to the start of the season (the way we wound up with Dorsey Levins a couple of times)

  543. 543 GEAGLE said at 5:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    probably only if they lose Polk, which shouldnt be a problem
    id slap on a band aid, make sure i get Zeke Elliot next year and tell the kid, tough ish, welcome to the shotgun offense..

  544. 544 ICDogg said at 5:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    They’re not going to lose Polk.

  545. 545 Media Mike said at 5:28 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Such a major level of collusion with restricted free agents. Nobody ever signs them, even the guys who were undrafted and won’t cost you a pick.

  546. 546 GEAGLE said at 5:30 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    wish chip would tell the league to piss off and sign Tashuan Gipson to a monster offer sheet and tell the browns too kiss our ass. chip never agreed to this colusion crap… i hope he starts poaching RFA’s and pisses everyone off

  547. 547 oreofestar said at 5:31 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    They’ll give him a high tender

  548. 548 Media Mike said at 5:34 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    That would 100% be a “rule” I wish Chip would break.

  549. 549 GEAGLE said at 5:29 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    good..thats my dude.. “Baby Huey”

  550. 550 peteike said at 5:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    interesting that we release McCoy at 27 (will be this summer) and all those carries the last 2 years. MJD retires at 29. I still think Shady has a few years left but its a smart move all things considered and with that contract. Not that anyone here really debates that, just couldnt believe MJD was only 29.

  551. 551 RobNE said at 6:01 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Who is mjd.

  552. 552 oreofestar said at 6:02 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Maurice Jones Drew

  553. 553 GEAGLE said at 6:15 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    wouldnt be surprised if shady has a big year for the bills and then his abilities start to rapid nose dive..
    good business is getting rid of a guy a year early, not a year late… im fine with the decision.. why would i be upset..great RB and chip seems to think thats not good enough and we can do better… works for me, so show me

  554. 554 ACViking said at 7:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:


    Kelly and Banner may have nothing else in common, but you nailed one view they seem to share.

  555. 555 KAJomo said at 10:46 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think Chip wants a big back. He saw What Blount and Beast Mode did for their teams in the playoffs. I would love to see Tevin Coleman in this offense. Think he’d be a great fit

  556. 556 GEAGLE said at 10:56 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    oohhh i like him!!! but ideally I wasnt to stick a BAND AID on our RB position and make sure we get Zeke Elliot in next years draft..4
    Iid be fine with polk and Sproles this year and some rookie as the 3rd…. just make sure we get Zeke next year

  557. 557 oreofestar said at 5:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Apparently Eagles and Giants are serious about McCourty

  558. 558 ICDogg said at 5:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    How they would not have interest would b a bigger surprise

  559. 559 Media Mike said at 5:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If McCourty is serious he won’t waste him time in dead end NY. But I believe he grew up near that cesspool, so he might want to return to it.

  560. 560 anon said at 5:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    he can, twice a year.

  561. 561 GEAGLE said at 5:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    apparently so are the patriots

  562. 562 Media Mike said at 5:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    But they have their kicker in place.

  563. 563 Bert's Bells said at 5:32 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    And the guy would handles their balls.

  564. 564 oreofestar said at 5:28 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If they were they would’ve tagged him, that are still over the cap and I suspect they’ll try and resign Revis

  565. 565 GEAGLE said at 5:31 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no… we didnt tag Maclin, doesnt mean we arent trying to keep him

  566. 566 oreofestar said at 5:34 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    But let’s be honest McCourty is worth 7 mil Mac isn’t worth 13 plus we didn’t go tag another player over Mac

  567. 567 GEAGLE said at 5:38 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    i just read a report that says Pats are trying to figure out how to keep him… since people believe every single report around here, i figured id stop being a rebel and join in….lets trade everything for Marriotta, ILL THROW MY HOUSE in to sweeten the pot

  568. 568 oreofestar said at 5:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    As an Oregon fan I like Mariota but once you guys started throwing around Kenny you destroyed me emotionally I literally get pissed each time you all mention it. Oh and f*** the Pats

  569. 569 GEAGLE said at 5:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    im doing my part… we are going to trade away our franchise, I might as well trade my house… ill live on the street so we can get the Great Hawian Hype (remninds of of the great white hype movie)
    wonder if we can trade 51 pl,ayers for 1? we can start all over with Marriotta, Dorenbos and cody Parky

  570. 570 ACViking said at 5:32 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If New England terminates Revis’s contract before 3/10/15, that will mean not only are the Pats are letting him hit the FA market . . .

    But the Pats will have more money for McCourty. And will try to lock him up before he hits the market, too.

  571. 571 Media Mike said at 5:34 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    That’s why you have to be really good at tampering.

  572. 572 ACViking said at 5:38 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Not sure what you mean?

    Both these guys are New England Pats.

    Revis is under contract. McCourty — like Maclin — is coming out of one and so still exclusively limited to speaking with NE.

  573. 573 Media Mike said at 5:40 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    There is that window where you can tamper with a guy before he can sign with the team.

    And I was suggesting you actually illegally tamper by pumping some info to his agent.

  574. 574 ACViking said at 5:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Thought the window applies only to teams talking to *other* teams’ free agents.

  575. 575 Media Mike said at 5:46 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    What I was trying to communicate is that I would either get into to McCourty’s agent on the sneak that we’re all-in on getting him (if indeed we are) before the legal tampering window opens to keep him from signing with them too early. If that was successful, I’d totally full court press him (again provided we’re interested) once the legal tampering window opened up.

  576. 576 oreofestar said at 5:48 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Honestly if you make it past the tag date no point in not testing FA for him, Maclin too

  577. 577 Media Mike said at 5:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    You’d think, but who knows if they don’t already have an agreement in place that needs a lesser cap number for Reavis to happen first. Via cut or re-sign.

  578. 578 ACViking said at 6:03 PM on March 5th, 2015:


    Gotcha. (And sorry for being so dense today.)

    And I have to believe the Birds are on it!

  579. 579 ACViking said at 5:42 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Or are you referring to the Jets?

  580. 580 Mac said at 6:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I doubt McCourty shakes loose from NE. Belichick may be a miracle worker, but he can’t play both S positions himself.

  581. 581 ACViking said at 7:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:


    I never thought he’d get out of Dodge, either.

  582. 582 anon said at 5:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    49ers take Jerome Simpson — what are they doing? I guess that means no crabtree?

  583. 583 Media Mike said at 5:27 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He gone.

    I cannot wait until they’re 4-12 this year.

  584. 584 GEAGLE said at 5:32 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    saw a report that says they want to keeo Crabtree today since the signing

  585. 585 ICDogg said at 5:42 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Bovada odds (as reported by Jimmy K)

    Will Marcus Mariota be on the Eagles’ roster for game one of the 2015 regular season?

    Yes: +400 (4/1)
    No: -700 (1/7)

  586. 586 GEAGLE said at 5:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no is the favorite? fock!! i wouldd have bet BIG on NO if it was a nice enough underdog… im not taking no at -700 with this crazy coach,,, who knows what he will do… waiting for him to trade away the rights to the franchise nickname Eagles… and officially turn us into the Ducks.. Chip “Gordon Bombay” Kelly……. “Marynowitz, find out if I can trade Lurie… is there any precedent for trading owners?'”-chip gordon Bombay Kelly

    everyone keeps talking about this dumb trade and i cant get somne decent NO odds? WTF? im willing to put my money where my mouth is…why dont all the MM people start betting Yes so i can get somne better odds… lets all put our money where our mouths is… everyone visit the site and bet two weeks of your salary on your feelings of the MM trade… allagedly everyone thinks its happening, so ill wait til everyone bets yes so I can get better no odds..lets go,… im ready.. +400 in your favor, what more can you people who spend days talking about trading for this kid want? you are so sure… if i could get +400 odds on no, id be posting my betting slip on this site by now… for +400 how can all the YES Men pass it uip?

  587. 587 jshort said at 6:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Wow! Sparkling water really burns when it squirts out your nose. Stop with the “trade the rights to the franchise nickname” . Funny! Eyes still tearing.

  588. 588 ICDogg said at 6:16 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    LOL looks like they stopped taking “Yes” bets

  589. 589 oreofestar said at 5:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If things get ugly with Mac I’d settle for Cobb for less money

  590. 590 Media Mike said at 5:50 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Cobb is slot only. I’d use Torrey Smith as plan B.

  591. 591 oreofestar said at 5:52 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Sure if the money is right

  592. 592 GEAGLE said at 5:53 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    sucks.. you might as well not even sign anyone if lose Mac… whats the point>? you aint doing anything with Torry and Riley

  593. 593 ACViking said at 7:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Is Bowe worth a 1-year $5M “show me”?

    (If Mac escapes)

  594. 594 GEAGLE said at 7:36 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    he isnt worth a minimum wage ballboy job

  595. 595 ACViking said at 7:56 PM on March 5th, 2015:


    I’m saving that one.

  596. 596 GEAGLE said at 8:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    WR corp that didnt catch a single TD in 16 games, they should all be ashamed of themselves with that noodle arm QB not escaping the blame of course… great andy passing offense.. back to the torrence small days i guess for ANDY

  597. 597 ACViking said at 8:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Torrence Small . . . reading that’s almost as painful as seeing the name Ronnie Brown

  598. 598 Jason said at 9:48 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think that would be an interesting approach, especially if Chip gives up pursuit of Mariota and retains first and second round pick in rich WR draft class.

    The one drawback of signing Maclin is that you are likely taking yourself out of the pursuit of Green Beckham or another high ceiling WR in this class. Riley can/will be discarded after this year, but you know that Chip wants to include Huff in a three WR rotation going forward and you’d be drafting a WR slated to displace Huff or waste his talents with limited snaps as a WR4.

  599. 599 GEAGLE said at 5:52 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    cobb is bitching about money with GB…. they scoffed at 10mil for him…

  600. 600 oreofestar said at 5:53 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I thought I heard ( correct me if I’m wrong) that Mac wants even more

  601. 601 peteike said at 5:54 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think when Cobb turned down 9.5 everyone assumed Mac will demand 12ish. Im just guessing here but the market is set based on demands/signings

  602. 602 oreofestar said at 5:55 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Honestly if it comes down to Cobb at 4/38 and Mac at 5/60 I might be leaning towards Cobb

  603. 603 GEAGLE said at 5:56 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    depends on how the 5/60 contract is written… it could be bogus

  604. 604 oreofestar said at 5:57 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    But would 4/38 be any less bogus

  605. 605 GEAGLE said at 10:47 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    4 for 45 for Mac.. write it so you can get out of it in 2 years when its time to extend Jordan and huff

  606. 606 GEAGLE said at 5:55 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Mac wants to work it out with theagles. all he is doing is being a smart businessman. his agent is a hack if he agrees to anything now, Mac holds all the cards,… watch how well he ends up doing for himself while also staying in Philly.. so far Mac is making all the right moves, no reason to be alarmed, he is doing exactly what he should be doing at this point in the process

  607. 607 oreofestar said at 5:57 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I hope you’re right I just want a fair contact I prefer Mac to anyome else

  608. 608 GEAGLE said at 6:04 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Mac deserves to get overpaid and the eagles will give it to him to in the end.. watch… when they botched it and gave money to coop, while jettisoning Desean, and triued to lowball maclin and take advantage of his injury..he bet on himself, proved it and now they are stuck dealing with the monster they created.. and truth be told if he gets 12.5 we are still getting a deal, If Nick Foles had never got hurt, his numbers would be astronomical and he would cost 15mil… should have offered him a fairer extension last year…you made him prove it, time to man up
    i wouldnt say this if i didnt know the eagles could aford to give him 20mil… they can give him whatever we want and it doesnt matter. we have no money allocated into the WR position,Coop will be cut and replaced with a rookie contract next year, few years of Huff and Jordan making less then 1mil a year, Maehl is paid chump change… they arent paying any WR’s they have ton of excess money that they allocate for that position as a whole that hasnt been spent and wontt be spent if you have a handful of WRs on cheap rookie deals… THey can afford to pay Mac anything, dont feel sorry for them if they end up having to give him 12.. he friggin deserves it…. and its a discount because if Foles played every game, just imagine his numbers if you project them with Foles playing the last 7 games… Mac is going no where, it will get done we have no money invested in the position past this year… there is no reason not to pay him…and if he keeps playing like last year, the truth is he should continue to be paid handsomely

    and if they dont want to pay Mac, then go spend some money on the position, if not, shut up thank him for the great year and pay the man what it takes

  609. 609 anon said at 6:33 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Plus Mac sees all the cap room so we can’t even argue that we don’t have it.

  610. 610 GEAGLE said at 8:04 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    we have no money allocated into the position.. thats how the front offices view it… they dont dwell on this simple approach we take.. they let other players at the position set the market but those are just loose negotiating guidlines…and why the hell would anyone expect chip to do things the normal way and value normal things that we are used to GMs valuing? we hired him, because he wasnt normal and would do things different.. people need to get used to there will be times chip values things different then the consensus popular opinion.. no way of knowing whos right, chips way, or the old boys club way until it plays out

  611. 611 anon said at 8:16 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    that’s what i’m saying,hurts us from a negotiating standpoint, like why won’t you pay $12, you have $50, and he played for $5.25 last year which is…

  612. 612 NinjaP said at 7:16 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He deserves to be overpaid? Why? I am sure chip kelly couldn’t care less about jeremy maclin. He’s not one of his guys and his system is what produces the numbers. Why should be overpay anyone?

  613. 613 Media Mike said at 7:19 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    HOLD UP! I should totally be overpaid at my job. But you and Maclin can go pound sand.

  614. 614 GEAGLE said at 8:02 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Your value is what you can negotiate

  615. 615 GEAGLE said at 7:59 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    he wont be overpaid…you are worth what you can negotiate in life… if he is “overpaid” the eagles wont sign him… my guess, is that when all this is said and done, they eagles pay Maclin more then people seem to expect… but we’ll see. what you are worth to one franchise doesnt have to be the same as what you are worth to another…. Maclin is one of Chips guys.. when you are chips guy, you will be here even if he has to draft you 3 rounds early…Mac,Celek, Meco adopted Ducks aka Chips guys… tyhey work it out. chip wants them here and if you havent noticed chip gets what he wants.
    grand pumba, big baller shot caller!!!

  616. 616 botto said at 7:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I bet andy wants him

  617. 617 Media Mike said at 8:02 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    If he’d like to clear out some salary space, we can talk Tamba Hali

  618. 618 Andy Six Score and Four said at 8:44 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I do. But not in a sexual kind of way.

  619. 619 mksp said at 6:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Cobb is a better WR than Mac. You guys all realize this, right?

  620. 620 GermanEagle said at 7:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  621. 621 Magmafromthedepths said at 7:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  622. 622 oreofestar said at 6:03 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Olsen just set the market for Julius

  623. 623 HelpWantedAllDay said at 6:36 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Another issue with Keeping Meco….somebody made the point that the
    Birds could run a lot of Nickel next yr with just MK and Kiko at LB
    (Barwin obviously would be at end) , Which makes a ton of sense to me,
    and lessens the need for Demeco even more

  624. 624 anon said at 6:38 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    why would the run a lot of nickel? think they’d prefer to stay in base. Not sure what the plan with Meco is. It’s interesting they are making it a priority to keep him, even though they have two pro-bowl calibur ILBs but aren’t keeping T. Cole / BG even though they don’t have back ups.

  625. 625 HelpWantedAllDay said at 6:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    On passing downs we did well with Barwin, Cox, and 2 of either Trent,BG, and VC, and generated a good rush. It’d be a solid formation for us, particularly if playing with leads, to get 4 man pressure, still defend the run, yet play the pass better than we could in base.

  626. 626 HelpWantedAllDay said at 6:52 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    the OLB plan is gonna be interesting. total mystery at this point

  627. 627 Andy Six Score and Four said at 8:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Not so much running nickel instead of base, but nickel instead of dime.

  628. 628 Media Mike said at 6:39 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Don’t believe we’re actually keeping him (and his $6.9 mil) here until we break camp and he’s still on the roster.

  629. 629 KAJomo said at 10:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’m terrified we willtrade Kendricks. Its the only way keeping Meco makes sense to me

  630. 630 GEAGLE said at 10:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    doubt chip is as dumb as people seem to think he is with the absurd trade packages being thrown around..

  631. 631 oreofestar said at 6:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I definitely think we’re getting Maxwell for better or worse

  632. 632 GermanEagle said at 7:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Don’t jinx it!

  633. 633 GEAGLE said at 7:46 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    “he’s a brick…..HOUSE!!!!” Davon to be exact
    i have less confidence in the dream team 2 free agency that most are expecting…
    Searcy or Rahim, worst case gilchrist
    Brooks Reed or Sheard (unless we trade Curry then its McPhee)
    Virgil Green
    Meco restructure
    maybe a guard but i doubt it..
    nothing too flash, but some substance.. dont believe they will disrespect guys like Barwin by bringing in some 45mil outsider…seem to be conscious about not making all the new free agents we bring in the highest paid players and rattling feathers.. the front office is being ROCKED enough.. think people are expecting a little too much.. sure we have 50, but come october we have to make Cox and Kenricks rich men, maybe foles.. the year after Bennie, Ertz, Lane…. people are acting like we are about to go into free agency and dont stop shopping til we spend every penny.. I WISH, but not going to happen
    i expect Marcus Smith to start getting backup OLB snaps next year.. play on 3rd down

  634. 634 oreofestar said at 7:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I don’t think we go Dream Team 2.0 but I’m thinking Max is coming plus Peters at 50mil is the highest paid player . I think we will be rolling over 15mil again and it’ll piss people off

  635. 635 anon said at 7:54 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    i think we have to roll, b/c we gotta pay people next year or we can give a couple of players huge signing bonuses this year and then be cap-lite after this year, that’d be the smartest thing.

  636. 636 GEAGLE said at 7:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    thinking Cox and Kendricks get paid in like October

  637. 637 oreofestar said at 8:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Let’s say you give Max 8.5 , Mac 10, Sheard 5 and random dudes combine for another 10 that’ll leave you with 20ish which is good

  638. 638 GEAGLE said at 8:07 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    bet sheard still gets his 20mil guarenteed…the going rate for any edge ruysher worth a damn… If he doesnt get 20 guarenteed, it wont be less then 18… dont think he will be as cheap as the numbers being thrown around..he plays a very expensive position..but hopefully the big supply at his position does lower his price…we’ll see

  639. 639 oreofestar said at 8:10 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Well not everyone will get big money look at last year when Verner and Wars signed for way less than we thought, honestly I’m fine not paying any OLB big money we have Smith, Barwin,Kiko and Ken locked up so we can build on that and just spend big in the secondary

  640. 640 anon said at 8:15 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    i wonder if the amount of cap space we have makes it harder to nickel and dime players.

  641. 641 GEAGLE said at 10:23 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    going rate for free agent edge rushers typically starts at 20mil guarenteed. sheard is a good player at an expensive position.. no idea where people get the idea that he wont copst 18-20 in guaranteed dollars

  642. 642 GermanEagle said at 8:04 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Who will we have to pay next year after we trade away everyone?!

  643. 643 Brian Pillion said at 7:06 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Does anyone know whether it’s possible to filter out the posts of certain users from the comments section? I used to read through them pretty religiously, but it’s gotten too tedious and time consuming to mine through the clutter that gets thrown up by a couple of users to get the truly valuable insights of the community.

  644. 644 oreofestar said at 7:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I think you can press the – on the top of a comment

  645. 645 Brian Pillion said at 7:25 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah, I know you can do that manually at the top of a thread, but it’s more the overall cluttering of the whole comments section on every post phenomenon. Going through each post and manually collapsing threads would be just as tedious as simply skipping over those started by the users you’d prefer to avoid.

  646. 646 Michael Winter Cho said at 11:37 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    It’s not a perfect solution, but you could just friend the people you want to hear from and just read the digest.

  647. 647 botto said at 7:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    we would need to know who you are referring to first….
    just for fun

  648. 648 lonfident said at 7:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    You can’t ignore anyone on Disqus.

  649. 649 Magmafromthedepths said at 7:28 PM on March 5th, 2015:

  650. 650 A_T_G said at 7:45 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Sorry, I will try to show a little restraint in the future.

  651. 651 Bert's Bells said at 8:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I thought my constant “Cox/penetration” lines were pretty clever. Too much?

  652. 652 Avery Greene said at 9:05 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    No likey my jokies?

  653. 653 botto said at 7:48 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    don’t you think andy would take a run at maclin in KC?
    everyone knows they need recievers

  654. 654 oreofestar said at 7:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    They have no money

  655. 655 botto said at 7:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    they are cutting bowe right? Maybe we could trade for Jamaal?
    I realize thats not realist or what we would want anyway.
    we need mac back

  656. 656 oreofestar said at 7:53 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    They still don’t have money they are over the cap as soon as Houston signs his tag, cutting Bowe isn’t going to be enough to get them the space for Maclin

  657. 657 botto said at 7:53 PM on March 5th, 2015:


  658. 658 oreofestar said at 7:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Yeah I was looking even if the cut Bowe and Hali they would still only be a few million under they’d have to do serious magic to even make a respectable offer

  659. 659 anon said at 8:14 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    i forgot about Tamba Hali, he’s gotta go right, surprised haven’t heard anything about that *licking chops*.

  660. 660 GEAGLE said at 7:57 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    bowe? they cut every WR they had…

  661. 661 botto said at 8:43 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    oh I don’t follow other teams really but I just figured andy would see mac and say that’s my guy

  662. 662 oreofestar said at 8:44 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    unfortunately it’s not that simple

  663. 663 botto said at 8:56 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    you’ll see chip do the same thing come draft day… “that’s my guy”

  664. 664 oreofestar said at 8:56 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    unfortunately it’s not that simple

  665. 665 botto said at 8:57 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    big chip is going to simplify this whole thing..

  666. 666 oreofestar said at 8:59 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    God I’m scared about this potential trade

  667. 667 anon said at 7:52 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    The more i read about cutler’s contract the more i like howie. How teams let GM’s f*** them so bad with bad QB contracts i’ll never understand.

  668. 668 Media Mike said at 7:53 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Amen. We just blew a mega bucks RB out the door and had zero concern about dead money creepin.

  669. 669 anon said at 7:55 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Cut a veteran pass rusher, all pro running back very few dead dollars.

  670. 670 Greg Richards said at 9:01 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’ve always wondered if maybe a team that managed their cap well and had extra cap room could take advantage of it by basically selling it for draft picks. Not with Cutler since if he’s on the roster sometime next week, his 2016 salary becomes guaranteed. But if another team had a player that had a large 2015 salary that was guaranteed but wanted the money to use on other players, would they trade the player to us with a significant higher draft pick for essentially nothing(fringe player or 7th round pick)?

  671. 671 oreofestar said at 9:05 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Lot easier to do in the NBA , that happens all the time there

  672. 672 anon said at 9:39 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    have to be no dead $$ to the trading team and if there’s no dead then you just cut the guy. Happens in Bball b/c salaries are guaranteed.

  673. 673 GermanEagle said at 8:05 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I didn’t remember the big purge we had in 2010:

    cut or traded McNabb, Westbrook, Andrews x2, Curtis, Howard, Clemons, R. Brown, S. Brown, and Gocong.

  674. 674 scratcherk said at 8:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I feel confident Mac is staying. He’s doing the smart thing by waiting to get every dollar he can out of the Eagles. It is a business after all.

  675. 675 Insomniac said at 8:53 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    And that’s why he won’t be one. Plenty of WRs that do more than he can in this draft.

  676. 676 botto said at 8:55 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    how do people have such a low opinion of maclin?
    he made some of the best catches I’ve ever seen him make last year. the guy is clutch and a baller

  677. 677 oreofestar said at 8:56 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I like Mac but if this dude is trying to squeeze out every dollar and trying to get elite money we have to be honest he isn’t elite

  678. 678 botto said at 8:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yeah but you know these guys have to try to get the most they can.
    it’s hard to get another job with brain damage.

  679. 679 oreofestar said at 9:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    sure but we’re being honest I like Mac but he isn’t a top 10 wr and if he wants 12mil that is top 5 wr money. I will gladly give him 9-10 if that’s all he wants though

  680. 680 botto said at 9:05 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    ok, it just seems a little too cut and dry, but you’re probably right its just a business and people have a number on what they are going to pay someone at a certain position.
    there is always talk about a guy giving a hometown discount, when do the players ever get a hometown bump up? what’s a couple mil among friends?

  681. 681 oreofestar said at 9:08 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Can’t do that because then everyone will feel like they are entitled to being overpaid, Brandon Marshall, Randall, Cobb, Torrey Smith, Andre Johnson, Devante Parker, Jalaen Strong, DGB there are a lot of wrs available makes no sense to seriously overpay Mac just cuz…hopefully we resign him though;

    12mil is A LOT like only 5 wrs make that much and 2 are about to get cut because of it

  682. 682 oreofestar said at 9:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Just so you know I really want Mac back, I’m just hoping he doesn;t price himself out of here and ultimately I still think eh is coming back

  683. 683 GEAGLE said at 10:21 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    mac will remain an eagle

  684. 684 Insomniac said at 10:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I love how people start jumping down your throat because you want Maclin to come back for the right price.

  685. 685 Mitchell said at 9:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    It all comes down to what Chip thinks he can get out of the WR position. If he thinks he doesn’t need Mac, so be it. It’s just hard to see Shady gone and look at this team without Mac before free agency. Because Mac and Shady being gone leaves us with hardly anything on offense, again, before free agency of course. I don’t think he is worth 12 mil either. 10, sure but not 12.

  686. 686 anon said at 9:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no wonder they all join espn (no offense b. dawk).

  687. 687 GEAGLE said at 10:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    legit #1 WR and he will be paid as such by the eagles… take that to the bank

  688. 688 unhinged said at 11:24 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He’s our #1, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling him legit #1. He’s a baller, not a stud, a pro, not a game-changer, love the guy, but there’s half a league full of legit #1’s and he isn’t on that list.

  689. 689 anon said at 11:51 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    djax makes $7m a year, you think Maclin is worth $12m?

  690. 690 Insomniac said at 11:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I’m actually terrified at how expensive WRs will be if Maclin gets $12m from us. Even if he did, we’ll eventually cut him since he won’t be worth that money like Shady was. WRs like Maclin aren’t a rare breed too.

  691. 691 anon said at 11:59 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    yeah the problem is if we give up all of our draft picks for Mariota you sort of have to pay b/c it’s hard to get talent after round 3.

  692. 692 Insomniac said at 12:04 AM on March 6th, 2015:

    Overpaying is something Howie doesn’t do though. He’ll likely structure Maclin’s contract to be backloaded like Shadys was.

  693. 693 unhinged said at 8:57 AM on March 6th, 2015:


  694. 694 Insomniac said at 8:59 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Read oreofesters comment.

  695. 695 BreakinAnklez said at 9:20 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    We don’t have a low opinion. It’s managing $ vs talent. Here are receivers making over $12M

    Calvin Johnson – $16
    Percy Harvin – $13M
    Dez Bryant – $13M
    Demaryius Thomas – $13M

    Percy is the outlier, but Mac isn’t near the level of the other 3. I don’t see him being worth paying him $12M+.

  696. 696 oreofestar said at 9:22 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    only other one’s ever making that money were prime Andre and Fitz who obviously are not on Mac’s level

  697. 697 unhinged said at 9:29 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Has that figure been quoted, or are you connecting dots that I haven’t seen?

  698. 698 Insomniac said at 9:29 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    $13 mil is the franchise tag price.

  699. 699 unhinged said at 11:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    And he hasn’t been tagged, so where does the number 12 come from?

  700. 700 Insomniac said at 11:53 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I can’t speak for him but it’s just an educated guess? That’s the market right now and it’s bound to change as WRs like Dez/DT or even Cobb set the market in a few days.

  701. 701 anon said at 11:58 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    It’s really just Mac and Cobb at that level. great change they get paid hansomely. Once Cobb goes we’ll know what Mac is worth. Cobb’s agents have made it clear he’s looking for $12m.

  702. 702 wee2424 said at 10:35 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Are you a scout that can verify that? How many WR come out and aren’t as good as REAL scouts think they may be. Maybe one day the receiver you are taking MAY put up his numbers, doubt the rookie year. So it’s not they are better then Maclin, it’s they may be at one point. This is assuming we take a receiver high, instead of going high for Oline in which this is not a deep draft for. I think it’s obvious we desperately need good young talent on that line. I’ll stick with Maclin. You were probably also one of the people that thought he couldn’t do what he did this year. His numbers were better with Foles, if he had Foles throwing to him all year his stats would have been even better. What you are suggesting is VERY risky and may not even work, yet you talk like it’s a guarantee. With the state of the Oline we may not even be able to go WR early.

  703. 703 GEAGLE said at 10:37 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    no worries, the eagles would never do what he is suggesting

  704. 704 anon said at 10:41 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Djax had great numbers with vick, dissapeared wtih foles, i think it’s all offseason chemistry. Undoubtedly if Matthews / Huff get more first team reps in the summer, or if they work with Foles in the offeason the chemistry will be better and the stats less one sided.

  705. 705 GEAGLE said at 10:44 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    if foles didnt get hurt, Mac would probably be a top 5 WR last year.. pro rate his stats if Foles had never got hurt… If Nick didnt get hurt Maclin would make stupid money

  706. 706 anon said at 10:47 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    nah it’s chip kelly stats, everyone knows. If Vick stays djax does the same numbers in 2013 (fewer tds maybe).

  707. 707 GEAGLE said at 10:49 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    if foles played the entire year instead of Vick desean would have had a scary year..
    if its this great offenses doing, remind me why hell everyone talks about trading our souls to the devil for a young QB when we have a good one? Its the system, its chips offense… if thats the case then i cant be convinced that MM is the only kid walking around on earth that can win with our shotgun ZR offense.

  708. 708 anon said at 10:52 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    it could be even more crazy / even more easy. Andy Dalton [Matt Ryan?] is good but wouldn’t you rather have Russel Wilson?

  709. 709 GEAGLE said at 10:53 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    its supposed to be “allegedly QB friendly”, “allegedly WR friendly” so why the hell did we spend a 2nd round pick omn Jordan Mathews? Its a WR friendly offense so we should be able to wait til round 5 for a WR and just plug him into this genius offense no?

  710. 710 anon said at 10:55 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    See Peyton’s stats with the Colts vs his stats with the Broncos.

  711. 711 wee2424 said at 1:28 AM on March 6th, 2015:

    Agreed but I think its also based on the QBs style of play. Foles was more willing and able to go to outside therefore Maclin got more targets. With Sanchez the offense was very limited and he worked the inside of the field more, hence more targets to more shallow routes to Mathews. Alot of that had to do with Chips play calling due to Sanchezs limitations.

  712. 712 Insomniac said at 10:55 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    I love people basing arguments on assumptions. Lol.

  713. 713 wee2424 said at 11:10 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    That’s 100% what you did. Read your comment. I’m basing mine on history. Rookie WR for the large most part do not put up those numbers. Are you telling me we need young Oline is an assumption? Are you telling me this year’s Oline draft is not deep? Because that is a fact. You aren’t a scout. That’s not an assumption. Tell me your history that backs up your statement. Tell me which WR you know this year is going to put up 1300 yards and 10 tds. Tell me which part of your giant assumption is not an assumption. Maclins numbers were better with Foles. Also not an.assumption. Saying his numbers would be better with Foles all year long is an educated guess, with numbers to back it up. I love it when someone tries to say something back and can’t say anything that has to do with what was said like your above comment.

  714. 714 Insomniac said at 11:17 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Oh god the hypocrisy is off the damn charts on you. Another person to ignore.

  715. 715 wee2424 said at 11:26 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Please explain. The dumb uneducated comments you make are off the charts with you. Please prove me wrong and explain your point. Say something intelligent to back your argument. Your silence on the matter is already saying you don’t know what you are talking about. Point out one thing that I said is not true. Never be an attorney or sales person. Stay away from jobs that may require you to debate or prove a point.

  716. 716 GEAGLE said at 10:37 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    need to draft a WR to replace Brad smith, and move up the depth chart next year and replace Coop… going into the season with Coop, rookie and two sophmore WR’s is INSANITY and no shot in hell chip puts a bunch of young WR and Coop around our young QBs…developing QBs will get to keep Maclin, and we will still draft another WR….. we arent trying to replace good players. We are trying to add to our good players and build depth
    all this Mac worrying I bet ends up proving to be silly/… two sides want to work it out, they will…. chip wants Mac, and it should be obvious by now that chip gets what he wants…
    there is no play, we have to sign Mac PERIOD… we can sign Cobb to similar money but he is too small, and we have jordan and huff to work the middle of the field… if talks break down with Mac, Cobb is the only WR worth a damn… its bad enough Maclin isnt a giant WR, doubt we pay 10mil for a WR smaller then Maclin… and after Cobb there is no one else… Bowe sucks, Torrey Smith thinks he is alot better then he is doubt we have interest… there is no other WR to sign..
    Maclin is a legit #1 that we havent had since 2004… crazy to think we will lose him over an extra mil or two
    you cant go into the season with Coop, a rookie and huff and Jordan,
    you cant go into the season Coop and Torrey Smith, we would suck..

    Cobb and Maclins price tag wont be drastically different., if you pay big money for Cobb, might as well pay an extra mil, keep Mac and build on the continuity he started to build up
    whether you have foles in year 3 of this offense, or Marriotta in year 1, probably a wise idea to make sure they have a quality #1 to throw to… you dont play young QBs and short change their WRs..

  717. 717 anon said at 10:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Jay Culter on the block, Chi. would have to give up picks to get rid of him probably, that salary is atrocious.

  718. 718 anon said at 10:57 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    Sam Bradford not trying to take a paycut…some people.

  719. 719 GEAGLE said at 10:59 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    bwahahahahaahaha then again i wouldnt take a pay cut either, not like he will be seeing too many more of these pig paychecks..might as well get as much as you can with the little you have left before they axe you

  720. 720 Insomniac said at 11:00 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    He’s made more money than like 80% of the QBs in the league already.

  721. 721 Charlie Kelly said at 11:09 PM on March 5th, 2015:

    chips speech was good, he even made it known he wants too stay in philly and loves it here.