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I have Senior Bowl notes to post, but while I’m working on them, you might enjoy this info.

After practice, an Eagles scout talked to ILB Nick Kwiatkoski from West Va and DE Carl Nassib from Penn State. I spoke to Nassib to ask if they mentioned anything about the scheme to him. He said they didn’t. I’m still thinking it will be a 4-3. And the scout had a lengthy discussion with Kwiatkoski. He played SAM and WIL in college, but is working as an ILB here in Mobile.

Will this finally be the year the Eagles draft an OL? Sure feels that way.

A scout talked to Stanford LG Josh Garnett on Monday.

A scout spoke to OL Joe Dahl on Monday as well. Dahl now has a second meeting with the Eagles. He thinks it is with the offensive staff. Dahl played LT at Washington State this year. He played OG in the past. I asked him if moving was an issue. He said he’s glad to play wherever an NFL team wants him. I watched Dahl prior to coming to Mobile. The thing that stood out to me was how he battled on every snap. He isn’t a gifted athlete, but he is a tough guy and he makes the most of his ability. Real interesting mid-round OG prospect.

What about Cody Whitehair, who some think could be a target at pick 13? The Eagles have a meeting set up with him on Wednesday. He mentioned coaches, but wasn’t sure of who exactly. Whitehair played LT at Kansas State in 2015, but is slated by most to move inside at the next level. Whitehair actually thinks he can play LT or OG. He’s confident, but not cocky. I enjoyed speaking with him.

The Eagles are showing a lot of interest in OG prospects. This isn’t one guy. This isn’t one type of guy. Garnett is a 317-pound mauler type. Dahl is a scrapper. Whitehair is an OT/OG tweener and a technician.

I’m willing to go out on a limb and guarantee that the Eagles do draft an OL this year.


I stood next to Doug Pederson for a while at practice today. I didn’t get any scoopage. He was watching mediocre QB play (insert Eagles joke here) and didn’t offer any hints as to what he was focusing on or thinking.

Also, Mobile is a giant get-together for the NFL world. Pederson had 655, 321 people come up and congratulate him on the new gig. Howie Roseman had a few people come up and talk to him as well.

Jim Schwartz had a ton of visitors. He coached in the Senior Bowl a few years back and a lot of his visitors had Senior Bowl ties. Still, interesting to see.


Day 1 practice notes


107 Comments on “Eagles Interest”

  1. 1 Weapon Y said at 10:17 PM on January 26th, 2016:

    One of these years I’d like to catch the Senior Bowl action myself. How do you get to watch one of the practices in person?

  2. 2 D3FB said at 10:30 PM on January 26th, 2016:

    Practices are open to the public.

    For the rest (weigh-ins, interviews etc) you need credentialed media pass. They are pretty generous w/ these. They aren’t dicks like some places who only allow papers and major online publications. I’ve never heard of them turning down a blogger or draftnik w/ any kind of track record.

  3. 3 Media Mike said at 5:13 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    And Pat Kirwan coordinates a listener hangout for a ton of the regular callers to his show on Sirius NFL.

  4. 4 Joe Minx said at 10:35 PM on January 26th, 2016:

    These are always my favorite posts of the year from you, Tommy. Thanks for your hard work.

    Now all I want to know is if you & Howie locked eyes again & if you won.

  5. 5 daveH said at 10:40 PM on January 26th, 2016:

    Upvote t lawlor

  6. 6 BobSmith77 said at 11:21 PM on January 26th, 2016:

    What I learn and feel about these posts:


  7. 7 RC5000 said at 11:16 PM on January 26th, 2016:

    Per walterfootball, Philadelphia Eagles – West Virginia linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski (like Tommy said) and Notre Dame center Nick Martin.

    Read more at http://www.walterfootball.com/seniorbowl2016meetings.php#LxOgKGHyMzHrSS0Y.99

  8. 8 Media Mike said at 5:00 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Nick Martin walking in here and getting us rid of Kelce would be great.

  9. 9 RC5000 said at 11:22 PM on January 26th, 2016:

    Whitehair has very short arms at 31 3/8. Seems like he’s a guard at the next level although he is probably going to be a damned good one from what everyone says. I’ve seen but not much.

  10. 10 Media Mike said at 5:14 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I saw that. Seems like he’ll be bringing his aggressive brand of football to guard.

  11. 11 D3FB said at 7:53 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    He doesn’t have the feet to stick at T other than in an pinch anyways.

  12. 12 RobNE said at 9:46 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I know we like to make T-Rex jokes, but when I was reading about the Browns hiring DePosta someone talked about analytics and the example they gave was that the myth of needing long arms is not true.

    I have no opinion, just wanted to share.

  13. 13 Eaglesfannn66 said at 9:02 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Unless your a fireman ( insert – Danny Watkins ) with – short arms, thick ankles and NO BALLS.

  14. 14 Senior Bowl 2016: Carson Wentz among 11 NFL Draft prospects the Eagles have shown interest in - said at 11:42 PM on January 26th, 2016:

    […] • West Virginia inside linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski – [Source] […]

  15. 15 Koy: The Legend of Neckbeard said at 11:46 PM on January 26th, 2016:

    Just so everyone knows to take breathless reports about who the #Eagles talk to down here with a grain of salt. https://t.co/ycBQMYeaWW— Jeff McLane (@Jeff_McLane) January 27, 2016

  16. 16 Dave said at 8:47 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Just like we should take those breathless reports with a grain of salt by McLane that insisted Chip called Shady…even if said reporter stands by his unnamed sources after being called out as making it up.

  17. 17 Eaglesfannn66 said at 9:03 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Nice way to promote your occupation, Mr. McLane. SMH.

  18. 18 Mitchell said at 12:38 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I thought Garnett looked pretty nimble the few games i watched actually. He didnt seem like he had much of a mean streak though. A mauler yes a big meanie, no.

  19. 19 Bleeding Green Nation :: Senior Bowl 2016: Carson Wentz among 11 NFL Draft prospects the Eagles have shown interest in - Rainy Monster said at 12:38 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    […] • West Virginia inside linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski – [Source] […]

  20. 20 Mitchell said at 1:17 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Did you get a chance to see Cash play much on the field Tommy?

  21. 21 Eaglesfannn66 said at 9:04 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Yes, his spiral looked like a ” ring of fire. ”

  22. 22 A_T_G said at 1:33 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    The guy already talks in platitudes and cliches at an NFL

  23. 23 eagleyankfan said at 8:35 AM on January 27th, 2016:


  24. 24 A_T_G said at 11:46 AM on January 27th, 2016:


  25. 25 Bert's Bells said at 2:56 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    How many people congratulating Chip?

  26. 26 Media Mike said at 5:20 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Bruce Arians, Pete Carroll, and Jeff Fisher……………or where they congratulating themselves?

  27. 27 Greg Richards said at 7:21 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I think Baalke wouldn’t buy Chip a plane ticket to come.

  28. 28 Baloophi said at 3:26 AM on January 27th, 2016:


    Fellow Igglesblitzarians –

    It’s the time of year when our very own Tommy Lawlor stumbles out of the tobacco stalks of North Carolina on his annual trek to the Senior Bowl to scout draft prospects, haze Bryce Petty, trail a weaving Rex Ryan in his rental car, and initiate his very own power struggle with Howie Roseman on the sideline.

    This will be his fifth trip to the nation’s premiere all-star event where representatives from the Eagles will scrutinize the country’s top senior talent in hopes of unearthing the next maddening disappointment (SEE Hunt, Tony). Like other bloggers, Tommy will patrol the sidelines during the practices and post his observations, but unlike the rest he won’t have the luxury of expensing his trip. That’s where we come in…

    CHALLENGE: If we can generate 45 donations (one for every point Tampa/Detroit scored on us), I will donate $200 ($1 for every crushing third down drop!). Any donation, large or small, will go a long way toward helping Tommy out. Think of it as buying him a beer in exchange for his unique, on the-ground reporting that we all enjoy so much.

    To participate in this year’s Senior Bowl Challenge simply click on the “Donate” button along the right hand banner of the page (underneath the “Blog Roll”), give any amount, and then reply to this comment. No need to post how much you gave, simply that you have. And if you’re unable to donate at this time, please consider an up-vote so we can get eyeballs on this son of a gun.

    Hard to believe that just last year we were looking for an OT and a CB. Now we just need an OT and a CB, QB, WR, TE, GM, mascot, JUGS machine, and a defensive philosophy…

    Fly Iggles Fly!

    (looking for 8 more…)

    Koy: The Legend of Neckbeard
    Alex Karklins
    GaEagle1023 – Tom
    The original AG
    Ryan Rambo
    Nailed It!

  29. 29 Anders said at 3:47 AM on January 27th, 2016:


  30. 30 Baloophi said at 11:22 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Thanks as always, Anders!

  31. 31 Media Mike said at 5:13 AM on January 27th, 2016:


  32. 32 Baloophi said at 11:22 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Thanks M-square!

  33. 33 Crus57 said at 7:29 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Finally done. Here’s to another year of Tommy’s fine work!

  34. 34 Baloophi said at 11:23 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Thanks Crus!

  35. 35 slackerjoe said at 8:06 AM on January 27th, 2016:


  36. 36 Baloophi said at 11:23 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I knew you’d come around, slackerjoe!

  37. 37 FrenchEagles said at 8:34 AM on January 27th, 2016:


  38. 38 Baloophi said at 11:25 AM on January 27th, 2016:


  39. 39 doublgee said at 8:56 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Mission complete.

  40. 40 Baloophi said at 11:23 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Doublethanks! Doublethanks!

  41. 41 Rambler said at 9:11 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Done. And what about Trash Can… did we cut him? We might need a roster replacement for him.

  42. 42 Baloophi said at 11:24 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Thanks, Rambler! And I believe Trash Can has been retained as a quality control coach…

  43. 43 eagleyankfan said at 9:16 AM on January 27th, 2016:


  44. 44 Baloophi said at 11:24 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Thanks, eagleyank!

  45. 45 Christopher Miller said at 9:32 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Donated. Thanks for everything you do!

  46. 46 Baloophi said at 11:24 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Nice work, Chris!

  47. 47 RobNE said at 10:13 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I donated. Yeah me.

  48. 48 Baloophi said at 11:24 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Ha! Thanks Rob! Wicked good of you…

  49. 49 D3FB said at 11:30 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    WE HIT IT!

  50. 50 ChoTime said at 2:46 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    So is it bad that I’m kind of looking at the list and sort of noticing who didn’t… okay, that is bad, I am wrong for that…

  51. 51 Media Mike said at 6:10 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    The nuclear attack on Goff and Wentz ahead of 13 is for real. So here is one with trade downs. I know all this wouldn’t happen, so I’m more interested in general comments about the players I picked at the spots I picked them.

    Round 1 Pick 28 (K.C.): Josh Doctson, WR, TCU (B+)

    Round 2 Pick 20 (NYJ): Nick Martin, C, Notre Dame (B+)

    Round 2 Pick 27 (G.B.): Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford (B+)

    Round 3 Pick 14: Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State (A+)

    Round 3 Pick 16: Jayron Kearse, SS, Clemson (A+)

    Round 3 Pick 20 (NYJ): Deion Jones, OLB, LSU (A+)

    Round 3 Pick 28 (K.C.): Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech (A-)

    Round 4 Pick 15: Kamalei Correa, OLB, Boise State (B+)

    Round 5 Pick 14: D.J. White, CB, Georgia Tech (A)

    Round 5 Pick 23: Matt Judon, DE/OLB, Grand Valley State (A-)

    Round 6 Pick 13: Travis Feeney, OLB, Washington (A)

    Round 7 Pick 12: Tyler Marz, OT, Wisconsin (B-)

    Round 7 Pick 30: Brandon Allen, QB, Arkansas (B-)

  52. 52 D3FB said at 7:50 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Booooooo Hack.

    Doctson is 24. By that point it’s not a huge issue but if you’re taking a 24 year old there I’d rather have Whitehair.

    Not a huge Garnett fan

    Correa is going way before that.

  53. 53 A_T_G said at 9:22 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Really, though, what could go wrong with taking a 24 year-old at the end of the first round.

    Especially a guard…

  54. 54 D3FB said at 11:29 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Danny was 26.

    24 causes teams to be cautious. 26 was ridiculously old.

  55. 55 A_T_G said at 11:49 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I had the exact same thought looking at a couple of waitresses the other day. They said, “Stop staring at us, you old creep, and pay attention to your kids.”

  56. 56 Dave said at 8:43 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I don’t think their is any way Hacks lasts until the third. He has a big name and some GM/coach will jump on him earlier if they feel James Franklin’s coaching staff and offensive coordinator were the reason for his setback after BOB left PSU. I would argue that if Johnny football went in the first, Hack could definitely go in the first. BTW, I’m not advocating this, but just about everyone saw Manziel as a disaster except the Brows and Jerry Jones. It only takes one team to become smitten with him.

    Just out of curiosity, doesn’t every team have a different rookie salary pool? Does this get adjusted if they trade back and acquire more picks or trade up to acquire a higher draft pick?

  57. 57 eagleyankfan said at 8:15 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    White-hair(s) matter!

  58. 58 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:29 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Funny how the Eagles seem to be functioning on all cylnders without Lurie making the personnel hire he used last week as a cop out to pretend that HOWIE ismt the GM… LURIE talked like he couldn’t talk about the front office until he made some Important top secret hire that he didn’t want to compromise by talking about it… Seems to me the front office is already a full go, and nothing is being held up by some underwhelming personnel hunt to see which no name exec will sign on to work under Howie..
    Im fine with Roseman being the GM, so I really don’t get why LURIE is insulting our intelligence which is what chip did for years, instead of growing a pair of balls as an impeachable owner, have some damn conviction and let’s be honest and back Roseman as the leader of the personnel department which he is..
    Roseman may have some other silly title, but the responsibility of most GM DECESIONS is assumed by Roseman, regardkess of who he hires to be his “Marynowitz”
    I do think it’s a good sign as a pro bradford support that Roseman brought up how they talked to all the players who have told the front office that they believe in SAM and want him back…. After all the dysfunction, I have a hard time believing Roseman will seize this second Chance, and go against the QB the locker room wants and believes in, and go against the new HC who it’s prbably safe to assume wants Bradford more than a rookie to be his QB..
    The ONE decision the GM should stay out of is the QB… That decision should be always made by the HC because the career a coach spent years working to build up will come down to if he has a QB or not…
    I think that if we asked every starting offensive player, bradford support would be uninamos and I would bet a large majority of the defense also supports Sammy boy
    “Bradfiord HAS to be our QB”-a blessing from Pope Jordan,,,

  59. 59 Gian GEAGLE said at 8:30 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Dougie is talking to the media today
    VINNY Curry is about to get paid in the very near future
    Thinking that peyton Manning will QB the Texans next year…. I don’t buy the retirment talk

  60. 60 RobNE said at 8:58 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I know I said I would wait until Feb to bring this up again, but c’mon the Sixers are way too good right now. If they end up without pick 1 or 2 this is a disaster. Ish needs to go on IR.

  61. 61 Fufina said at 9:48 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Looking at the standings the worst we can realistically fall is 3rd worst odds. Suns are a dumpster fire but 7 game lead should be enough, 5 games over the nets is a decent gap and i cannot see us catching the T wolves. Sure we might catch 1 of the 3 but no more than that.

    Think what is toast is the Lakers pick being no.4, since we are 100% passing the Kobe retirement abortion of a team.

    Hopefully we get some kind of Karma lotto win but my gut instinct is it is something disgusting like LA 1st, TWolves 2nd (because they fucking luck into Ingram to complete their roster /vomit), and Sixers 3rd.. just so we can be stuck needing to pick Bender and getting the drama that will come with that…

  62. 62 RobNE said at 10:12 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    picking 3rd would be crushing. I don’t even care about the Lakers pick, let that roll over. I just want 1 or 2 so badly. If we’re going to be so bad for 3 years, we have to get 1 or 2. I don’t know why other teams can not so subtly tank but we can’t. We are basically being cheated out of an elite player. It really bothers me.

  63. 63 ChoTime said at 10:17 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I’m sorry, what are the karma ramifications of trying to game the system and degrading the NBA for fans?

  64. 64 Fufina said at 10:26 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Degrading the system is intentionally trying to throw games. Sixers have just gone young and developmental in a mans league. They are stupidly young but improve week by week, month to month. The slowness of the rebuild has been shaped by how the draft has worked out for the team so far… lotto balls a little different and we could have Noel, KAT and Wiggins, be winning 30 games this year and no one saying anything about this team.

  65. 65 RobNE said at 10:36 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    or ask the Lakers. Ask your own Spurs about 1996-1997. I can’t believe you actually bring this up. If you don’t have a hard cap, then teams play by the rules that are there.

    I mean it’s easy to sit there with Duncan the past 15 years and criticize other teams’ fans.

  66. 66 ChoTime said at 2:45 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    So David Robinson sitting maybe longer than he should when he has a legitimate injury is similar, karma-wise, to flagrantly tanking several seasons beyond any precedent. Interesting perspective.

  67. 67 D3FB said at 11:28 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    If we can somehow walk out of the draft with Ingram, Trimble, and Buddy I will die a happy man.

  68. 68 Gian GEAGLE said at 2:58 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Trimble ISNT a very good pro prospect,,, Isiah Briscoe much higher upside in that range, probably take Wade Baldwin at PG ahead of Trimble too… Briscoe has a lot of upside but both Briscoe and Murray are being hampered being in a 3 PG offense.. He would look much better running the show in a one PG system.
    Buddy Heild? … Jodie Meeks Jr.. A better Jodie Meeks, not a top 5 Wing prospect
    Draft both the international Wings,Lawawu and Kormaz, before Heild, if we are going to go with a polished college player, Valentine over Heild..
    But INGRAM is certainly the prize of the draft for us at least… Give me INGRAM, and Id rather wait Til next year to get the Lakers and Heat pick, although I assume we will end up with the Heat pick this year unfortunately

  69. 69 Gian GEAGLE said at 3:04 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Meh.. Whether we finish with the worst record, or the 4th worst record, we don’t get to come away with INGRAM without Luck in the lottery. Even with the worst record, we don’t get INGRAM without LUCK on Lottery night..
    Obviously I prefer the best odds on lottery night, but I don’t view falling to second worse as that big of a deal. Id rather have the #2 pick anyway so we are forced To end up with INGRAM, who I much rather land instead of Ben Simmons

  70. 70 A_T_G said at 9:09 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    And speaking of getting paid…

    Make sure everyone sees Baloophi’s noble campaign to get Tommy paid for this great work he is doing in Alabama (rarely do those words go together).

    It looks like most of the regulars have pitched in. Great work, guys. Lets meet that goal.

  71. 71 ACViking said at 11:34 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Peyton Manning is a student of football history.

    He knows — and his father remembers because he was a 2nd-year player at the time — that John Unitas, maybe the best QB in the game’s history, stayed at least one season too long (and probably two).

    After the 1972 season, Unitas — who’d gone 1-4 as a starter — told the Colts, whom he’d led to the AFC title game just one year earlier in ’71, that at age 40 he wasn’t done.

    The Colts thought otherwise. And traded him to the Chargers.

    Sadly, Unitas finished his career on the bench of a 2-11-1 San Diego team — going 1-3 as a starter with 3 TDs, 7 INTs, and a ridiculous QB rating of 40.00. (Unitas was replaced by a rookie from Oregon named Dan Fouts, who likewise became a HOF QB.)

    Watching Unitas try to throw the ball downfield his last couple of years was incredibly painful.

    I don’t see Manning repeating Unitas’s mistake.

  72. 72 RobNE said at 8:57 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    As far as value is concerned are we ok with taking a OL that projects as a guard with pick 13?

  73. 73 D3FB said at 11:25 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    That’s the only question with Whitehair. Kid is a stud. He’s about as safe a pick as there can be. He comps pretty similarly to Zack Martin or Joel Bitinio.

    Would it be great value to draft a 24 year old G at pick 13? No.

    Is it the end of the world if he’s good from day 1, plays 8 years and makes 5 pro bowls? No. Will people still hate the pick and any player taken from pick 14-256 that becomes a stud will be constantly touted as fuck howie blah blah

    He should probably be valued somewhere between pick 20 and 40.

    I think he’s an ideal candidate if they move back because the QBs are gone and they don’t like any of the premium players left and we move back.

  74. 74 Insomniac said at 9:04 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    @D3FB:disqus your thoughts on wentz?

  75. 75 D3FB said at 11:13 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Good player. Checks all the boxes. Franchise QB upside.

    Is going to have to sit at least one year. Only has like 20 career starts (Iowa St only FBS team he played). NDSU’s starting 22 is probably as talented as a low end Big 10 or really good MAC team but the level of competition he played. Like who is the most talented team he played? Probably Norther Iowa?

    I’m not sure I fully buy this sudden he’s a top 5 pick stuff. He’s got a big ceiling but is going to take some time to be ready. I take it with a grain of rice. Just like how after Goff had a couple bad games and Lynch beat Ole Miss suddenly Lynch was the surefire 1-1.

    If we get him. Awesome. Totally on board. If he goes crazy early, I’m not going to be too upset about it.

    For me this QB class is
    1. Goff

    2. Lynch
    2a. Wentz

    No interest in: Cardale, Hack, Cook

    So either get one of the top 3 guys. Or wait until 7th/UDFA because I think a Driskel or Frohnappel have about as good of a chance of being a good backup as a Dak or Hogan

  76. 76 ACViking said at 11:21 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    “. . . he’s a top 5 pick stuff. . . . I take it with a grain of rice.”

    To put that bit of doubt in perspective —

    A grain of salt weighs about 2.165 grams.

    A grain of rice weighs about 29 grams . . . or 13.39 times larger than a grain of salt.

    In other words, the Coach is calling B.S. — lots of B.S. — on the sudden love affair folks are having with Wentz.

  77. 77 BobSmith77 said at 11:24 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Pretty darn hard to pick up an individual grain of salt with your finger though . . .

  78. 78 D3FB said at 11:25 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I mean it only takes one team. And if you think he’s your franchise QB of the future don’t get too cute, but to me Goff is a far superior talent. Lynch checks the same boxes and is probably more advanced. He has to sit at least one maybe two years. I don’t see how a team, paticularly a GM or coach who has a record bad enough to be picking that high is comfortable spending a pick that may not see the field for a year or two and then won’t be fully formed until the end of his rookie deal. Do you still have a job in four years?

  79. 79 ACViking said at 11:50 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Only 1 team . . . That’s the bottom line.

    But, like you said, only 22 starts . . . against teams without players who even reach the level of “training camp fodder.”

    Huge projection. Bigger risk than the usual QB-at-the-top-of-the-draft selection.

  80. 80 Mac said at 1:09 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Jason Garrett would.

  81. 81 James said at 11:25 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    What did you think of Russell Wilson when he was coming out? Also are there any similarities to Brissett?

  82. 82 D3FB said at 11:43 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I was really turned off by the height. He was up and down at NC State and then had one year at Wisconsin where he was really good, but I took didn’t fully buy in because he was an experienced player, in a system built to run the ball behind a really good college OL, and good D.

    I figured he would be an intelligent guy who would be an good backup that would come off the bench a couple times and pique some interest due to smart decision and mobility. Basically stage 1 of his career would be Matt Flynn and would have a Tyrod Taylor couple of years after that.

    How Brisset compares to Wilson? Not terribly. I guess they both played at NC ST? They both transfered? Brisset is 6’3 240lbs. I’m not a huge Brisset guy. I haven’t watched a ton of his stuff but I’ve never sat up and gone holy shit that guy is the dude. To me he’s Ryan Nassib. Another big guy with a good arm decently mobile but incredibly inconsistent. Where if you squint and turn your head just right you see it but you kind of have to really work for it.

  83. 83 RobNE said at 11:45 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    sorry if you have answered this already, but what do you think of Bradford?

  84. 84 D3FB said at 11:54 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    I think he’s middle of the road. He’s talented. But I don’t think he’s good enough. Best case he’s Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco. If you’re lucky. Maybe he gets better but he’s 29. I’m letting someone else take that risk for 20 mil.

    Heres a repost of my full thoughts yesterday.

    Here’s the thing with Bradford:

    -He’s going to cost right around $20mil a year.

    -That’s the equivalent of 2-5 other starting players on non rookie deals.

    -He turns 29 this year. He’s never been better than mediocre.

    -It’s going to be yet another new system for him

    -He’s got an extensive injury history.

    -If Chip was still here, I could have lived with it.

    Butnow you’re looking for a guy who is not young, to perform at a level he’s never performed at. He’s one more knee or shoulder from very likelybeing done for good. Building a great team around him to make up for the fact he’s not a top 10 QB on his best day will be very hard because he’s eating up a large amount of cap.

    Basically youre looking for above likely positive variance on multiple fronts for it to work out and
    be a legitimate contender. With a much higher probability that it becomes a burdensome albatross hanging around the neck of the franchise.

  85. 85 RobNE said at 12:06 PM on January 27th, 2016:


  86. 86 GermanEagle said at 12:56 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Thanks, mate.
    However I will be absolutely stunned if the Eagles let him walk without getting anything in return for him.
    Tagging him sounds like a shot to the head (= no brainer) to me. A team like the Texans, who made the playoffs this year, are an above-average QB away from making serious noise next season. And even if we can’t find a taker for at least 2 2nd round picks, worst case we can always pay Bradford the $19m to see if a) our drafted QB turns out to be a Franchise-legit player or b) Bradford hits Matt Ryan level finally…

  87. 87 D3FB said at 1:02 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Oh I’m not proposing straight up cutting bait. I just have no interest in a long term extension.

  88. 88 GermanEagle said at 1:12 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Understood. How would you feel about another year with Bradford @$19m while our rookie QB can sit on the bench for one season?

  89. 89 D3FB said at 1:29 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Still not great. Because if we get one of the top 3 we’re going to be paper thin roster wise. Rather roll with Sanchez or Daniels for a fraction of the price.

    If we tag Sam I expect Howie to find the sucker in the room.

  90. 90 GermanEagle said at 1:36 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Sanchez, please no. You can almost tank the season if Sanchez starts 16 games for us..
    I still don’t get the love for Daniels. Fill me in for a second, what has he done lately?

  91. 91 D3FB said at 2:31 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Lot of NFL backup experience. Knows Pederson. Has some mobility. But if you want a guy for a couple million bucks to hold down the fort while you get a young guy ready he’s a good fit.

  92. 92 James said at 11:54 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    R. Wilson seemed to be a middle of the road talent in college, and yet is an unbelievable talent in the NFL. What if anything can we see from what he did in college well translated and evolved in the NFL? Was there one thing that stuck out from college like his decision making, his accuracy, his arm strength, everything?

  93. 93 D3FB said at 12:06 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Not really. Statistical outlier. If anything I think it speaks to QB development. Frankly up until the second half of this season he’s been a really good game manager with an element of mobility. But he’s had a historically great D and strong running game. I’m not sure Wilson is Wilson right now if he’s thrown into a situation where he has multiple head coaches and has to throw the ball 50 times a game to win.

    Jerry Reese was asked recently about how they knew Victor Cruz was going to be so good. He said they didn’t have a friggin clue. He was just a local kid with the requisite talent to earn a TC invite. And they got lucky. Sometimes things just click.

  94. 94 James said at 12:11 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Thanks, interesting stuff

  95. 95 ChoTime said at 2:42 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    “Russell Wilson, Wisconsin: 2,650 DYAR

    Important stats: 48 games started, 60.7% completion rate, senior passer rating rose 64.1 points.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the ridiculous projection that the Lewin Career Forecast spits out for Russell Wilson. Yes, that projection is even higher than the one for Robert Griffin. No, it doesn’t particularly mean that Wilson is a sleeper prospect. There are a few things going on here that the LCF is just not designed to account for.”

    More details about why he was projected so high by their system at http://www.footballoutsiders.com/nfl-draft/2012/lewin-career-forecast-2012

  96. 96 A_T_G said at 9:20 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    Hopefully this isn’t stealing Tommy’s thunder, but I read some discussion on Dadi Nicolas. So, when I saw a link for his game tape pop up in my Twitter, I watched it. I was surprisingly disappointed.

    Hopefully the more experienced among us can set me straight, because the prospect of commenting on plays where Dadi and Cox are lined up next to each other is tantalizing.

    To me I see a guy that has the quickness of a safety when rushing on passing downs, but also a guy that has the strength of a safety when setting the edge or holding his ground on running plays. Am I wrong? Is this normal for a college guy? Is the pass rushing enough that it doesn’t matter?


  97. 97 disqus_jB7dl5fzvO said at 10:37 AM on January 27th, 2016:

    As a student at VT, from what I know is that he was asked to “Jason Babin” it in our D-coordinators scheme, which focused on penetration to disrupt plays, hence speed/quickness/agility > weight or strength.

  98. 98 D3FB said at 12:00 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    I just want to take a moment and thank everyone on the board.

    We have hit the goal for “Balhoopi Challenge”!

    This is just our way as commenters of saying thank you to Tommy for all the wonderful content he produces year round.

    If you haven’t donated yet you still can. Button is on the right hand side.

    So to Tommy: Thank you once again for providing us a with such well reasoned and written articles in such staggering quantity, and for providing us a forum for respectfully yelling at each other about whether the 7th WR is better than the 5th DE. Have a PBR on me.

    To the community: You guys are all the best. Well except the troll. You can piss right off.

  99. 99 ACViking said at 12:14 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Hear, hear.

    And, Coach, you do a pretty good job as well.

  100. 100 D3FB said at 12:25 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    D3FB Challenge


  101. 101 A_T_G said at 12:32 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Your handle says FB, but your number says OL… I think your trouble might be your marketing.

    What sort of work are you looking for?

  102. 102 D3FB said at 12:36 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    I have a liberal art economics degree.

    So I’m simualtaneously kinda qualified for everything and a perfect fit for nothing.

    Some kind of sales/analyst type gig in the Philly/Lancaster/Allentown triangle.

    I’m not too picky, being a grocery clerk for our favorite Reading based grocery chain has run it’s course now that I’m getting my degree next month.

  103. 103 ACViking said at 12:15 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Hat’s off to Baloophi, too, for creating the “Baloophi Challenge”

  104. 104 Crus57 said at 5:08 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Not the first year he’s done it, either, so double hats off!

  105. 105 Eaglesfannn66 said at 8:58 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    Eagles need to swap 1st round picks with Texans ( so Texans can move up and draft quarterback. ) Texans move up and get Eagles 1st round pick ( # 13 pick ) – in exchange for their – 1st round pick ( # 22 ) and their 2nd round pick. Next Eagles draft – OT / G, with # 22 pick and then go ( BPA ) for next pick. Or the Eagles can trade their 1st rounder ( # 22 ) and their 4th rounder, in exchange for the Rams, 1st rounder ( # 17 ) and also get back ( the Eagles – original 2nd rounder. ) Either way, birds should – trade down, in a attempt to get a second rounder or another – high 3rd rounder.

  106. 106 2016 Senior Bowl: Eagles meet with Shawn Oakman, Carson Wentz (again), and six other players - said at 11:12 PM on January 27th, 2016:

    […] • West Virginia inside linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski – [Source] […]

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