Josh Adams

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The Eagles wanted to find a RB in the draft, but with limited picks they weren’t able to find the right guy. They were aggressive in going after a UDFA they liked.


Josh Adams was a weird player in 2017. He ran for 1,430 yards and averaged 6.9 yards per carry. Those are impressive numbers. At the same time, he ran behind the best O-line in all of college football (two Top 10 picks) so there was almost always running room. How much of that success was Adams and how much was the OL?

The Eagles were willing to take a chance that Adams deserved a lot of the credit. They didn’t give him some mega-deal, but they obviously were aggressive in trying to add him. That shows more than casual interest.

Last year the Eagles had great success with UDFA runner Corey Clement. One of the things they did was have him lose weight to he would improve his quickness and speed. I’m curious what the Eagles will want Adams to do. He was 6-2, 213 at the Combine. He reportedly was up in the 220-range during the season. Will the Eagles want him down at 213 for athleticism or will they prefer he get up to 225 so he’s got more bulk and power?

Keep in mind that Corey Clement is 5-10. He needed to drop from 225 down to 215, or so. Adams has a bigger frame. The Eagles might prefer that he go heavier.

We didn’t get to see Adams in the OTAs. He was banged up. He remains a total mystery at this point.

Put on the USC game and I think you can see why the Eagles liked him.

Adams showed the ability to be a north-south runner and hit the hole. While he’s not explosive, he doesn’t get caught from behind when he’s out in space. Adams is a long-strider and just chews up yards when he’s out in the open.

He also showed the ability to run outside and then turn upfield. The Eagles like to mix in runs like that.

There were some plays where Adams showed good footwork and cutting ability. You’ll never mistake him for Shady McCoy, but he’s also got a bigger frame. The bigger you are, the harder it is to cut.

He runs behind his pads. He lowers his pad level at the point of contact. Adams is strong enough to break tackles and he uses his off-arm to fend off tacklers.

Supporters will say Adams is patient at the line of scrimmage. Critics will say he’s slow in traffic.

We’ll find out in August.

I think the Eagles are fascinated by his combination of size and speed. They do love big plays.