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After three preseason games, some things are becoming clearer.

Jordan Mailata is going to make the roster. I paid casual attention to him on Thursday night, but reviewed the game and wow. I have never seen a player come farther in a few weeks than him. Freaky.

This dude looked completely lost against the Steelers. Two weeks later, he looks like a veteran OT.

Watching him…the combination of size and athleticism…reminded me of Jason Peters. And I don’t say that lightly. Peters is a freak in his own right and has a shot to be in the Hall of Fame. Mailata has incredible potential. He just might be your starting LT in 2019.

There won’t be any IR. The Eagles are going to have him on the roster this year.

I will admit to wondering if the team was showing some hubris when they picked him. The Eagles just won the Super Bowl. Sometimes teams get arrogant and take chances on players in the draft that end up being a waste of time and resources.

Well, there was no hubris. Mailata might not pan out, but his potential is so special that he was worth the risk. This was a calculated business decision, not a flyer on a big guy with some athleticism. I look forward to watching Mailata play a lot in the preseason finale.


DeAndre Carter is making the Eagles think about keeping a sixth WR.

Carter hasn’t been great or anything close to that level, but he has played very well. He got time with the starting offense on Thursday and held his own. Carter is best suited for the slot. His lack of size and top speed makes him less of a factor on the outside.

Nelson Agholor has missed the whole month of August. If the Eagles want some insurance at WR, Carter could be the guy. He obviously knows the offense and he’s played well. Carter runs good routes and knows how to get open. He has good hands. Carter also has RS ability and that certainly adds to his roster value.

The Eagles might just go with five WRs, but Carter is making them really think hard about it.


All the Isaac Seumalo bashing needs to stop after Thursday night’s performance. He played LT, C and LG and looked good at all three spots. Seumalo is making this team and will be active on gamedays. His versatility gives him significant value.

Seumalo seems to be playing with more confidence. I hope the light has finally gone on for him because he is a talented player.

I don’t know what to say about Chance Warmack. I haven’t studied him closely but he seems to have played better the last two weeks. I just don’t know if the Eagles will be able to keep him. With the starting five OL, plus Big V, Seumalo, Mailata and Matt Pryor…that’s nine O-linemen. Can they keep a pure OG? I know Jeff Stoutland likes Warmack a lot, but I just think there is more value in keeping another player at another position.

The Eagles do believe in being strong on both lines so it is possible they keep Warmack.


Sure looks like Sidney Jones will be the nickel corner. He played well in Cleveland. I was especially impressed with how he handled the rub routes that the Browns tried to use against him.

Avonte Maddox had a good showing of his own. Both guys will be needed at times this year.


The Eagles could look for outside help at some spots where there isn’t ideal depth.

#4 RB
#6 WR
#3 TE
#2 MLB
#4 S

One big problem is that the Eagles will be dead last on waiver claims. Any players who could really help them will probably be claimed by other teams.

Howie will probably be making calls to see who might be available. Remember that we’re talking about backups so don’t expect big names. There is also the possibility the Eagles will stick with the young players they have at those positions.

The biggest need could be at TE if Richard Rodgers injury is more serious than first thought.


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