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Horrible, horrible loss. I’ll analyze it later. Too ticked off to write something at this point.

Tempers are going to be high for the next couple of days. Please remember that we’re all Eagles fans. We can argue about the team, but let’s keep it civil, please. If you’re full of rage, go yell at the wall. Don’t take that out on other readers.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



PHI 14, WAS 10 – 2nd Half

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Some good, some bad in the opening half. The Eagles ran 45 plays and went 2 for 2 in the Red Zone. Unfortunately they still had a turnover, committed dumb penalties and gave up big plays on defense.

The Skins get the ball to open the 2nd half. I think it is important to get a stop there and go score. This team is 3-11. You can emotionally deflate them if you get up by enough points. That isn’t to say they’ll quit, but they’ll definitely lose some bounce from their step. The longer the game is close, the more they stay fired up.

The Eagles have the lead. They’re healthier and have more to play for. No excuses for not going out and putting this game away.


PHI at WAS – 1st Half

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Saturday football. Weird, but whatever. Eagles need this win no matter when, where or against who.

Let’s hope Brandon Graham looks good in his first start in a long time.

Go Eagles.


Should Win and Must win

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Can the Skins beat the Eagles today? Yes, absolutely.

While Washington is 3-11 and on a 6-game losing streak…while they are very beaten up and missing key players…while they are an ongoing QB shuffle…this is a division game and that means anything is possible.

Banged up? Yes, but the Skins still have some good pieces. RG3 is not a consistent, efficient QB, but he is still a dynamic athlete with a great arm. He can create big plays with his arm and legs. Alfred Morris is still a tough, downhill runner. Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson are a talented duo of WRs. The offense is 12th in the NFL in yards.

There is one huge problem…blocking. The Skins have allowed 53 sacks, which is second in the NFL. RG3 went down 7 times last week. There is uncertainty as to who will be on the field today.

Meantime, left tackle Trent Williams (strained right shoulder) has been listed as questionable. Williams suffered the injury late in the third quarter of last Sunday’s loss to the Giants. He had yet to regain full strength in the shoulder as of Thursday afternoon, but he remained hopeful that he could play Saturday.

If Williams can’t play, Tom Compton would start at left tackle (moving from his starting spot at right tackle), and Tyler Polumbus would step in at right tackle.

The Eagles should be able to get pressure on a regular basis today. RG3 will use his mobility to escape some sacks, but he’ll also run into others. And if he holds the ball in search of big plays, that could lead to more hits.

The Eagles front seven must play well. They don’t need 7 sacks or whatever, but they must keep enough pressure on RG3 that he can’t get comfortable and into any kind of passing rhythm.

DeSean’s speed will be a big test for the Eagles. Neither CB has the speed to run with him so whoever is at FS will be parked 25 yards down the field. And that player has to stay deep to keep DeSean from getting behind him. There was a blown coverage in the first meeting. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen today, but it is hard to have much confidence in this secondary.

This game will be an interesting test for the Eagles. In the last 11 games, Washington has scored more than 20 points just twice (26 vs MIN, 27 vs IND). If this team puts up 28 or 31 or 34, that’s going to look pretty freakin’ bad.

The Skins defense is odd. They are 10th in yards allowed, which looks pretty impressive. But they are 28th in points allowed. Not so good. They only have 5 INTs all year. Not so good. They allow 5.7 yards per play. Not so good (Eagles at 5.3). Opposing QBs have a rating of 109.9 against them. That’s flat out dreadful. Even the 2012 Eagles can’t believe that.

If you take out the one game where WAS just dominated the Jags (only 148 yards), the Skins would drop down to 19th in yards allowed, which sounds a lot more like how the defense is playing this year.

It is hard to look back to the first meeting for clues on this game. That was Nick Foles and a banged up OL. The Skins had Keenan Robinson, Brian Orakpo, Brandon Meriweather and Jason Hatcher. The Eagles scored 34 points in that game. Chip Kelly’s offense put up 33 and 24 points in wins last year. The Eagles offense works vs Jim Haslett’s scheme, WAS’s talent or both.

The Eagles are way down in plays run in the last 2 weeks. Kelly has to be desperate to see his offense run 65 or 70 plays and show some consistency. Mark Sanchez won’t have the pressure of facing the Seattle defense or competing with the Dallas offense so that will help him out. However, he’s got the pressure of a must-win game. We’ll see how that affects him.

Jordan Matthews was big in the first game, but he’s been shut down the last 2 weeks. Sanchez might try to get him going early. You can bet all the Eagles WRs would like to make a play with DeSean Jackson looking on. There is a rivalry there, which might or might not be friendly. Huff and Mac delivered big plays last week. Riley Cooper has been quiet for a while now. I’m sure Matthews is itching to get back to being productive.

Can the Eagles limit turnovers? They only had one in the first game, a Darren Sproles fumble that seems like it happened years ago. I don’t think the Skins win this game unless the Eagles help them with turnovers and other mistakes.

The playoffs start today for the Eagles. Let’s end that 2-game losing streak and see them put a W on the board.

* * * * *

Tim McManus wrote a great story on Chip Kelly and a tragedy that changed his life. Really good stuff. Make sure you read that. Sometimes we need a bit of perspective in our lives.

* * * * *

If you need something to listen to today…I’ve got a couple of things for you.

I also did a show with the EaglesFanCast guys.

Jimmy and I will be doing our show every week. EFC has a variety of guests on their show. I just happened to be on this time around.


Detailed Game Review – DAL 38, PHI 27

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Preview for the Skins game will be up in a while. Had to get this out of the way.

* * * * *

What an utterly frustrating game. Mistakes, mistakes and more mistakes. The Eagles had breakdowns on offense, defense, and STs. Heck, the Eagles couldn’t field the opening kickoff. That should have given us a clue of what was to come.

It is easy to think of this loss as being mostly on Mark Sanchez, Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams. They made THE mistakes that really hurt, but unfortunately there were others that contributed to the crapfest. This was the biggest game of the year. The Eagles needed to come out and play smart, tough football. They were tough, but smart? Forget that. There were mental mistakes all over the field. Missed blocks, missed coverages, poor choices on where to throw the ball, poor choices on where to run after getting/catching the ball. It was pretty miserable to see this live and even worse to study it a second time around.

There were some positives. I loved the run defense. They really bottled up DeMarco Murray. 31 carries, but only for 81 yards? That’s some good run defense. It was great to see Josh Huff make a big play on offense. You can really see his RAC potential. It was great to see Chris Polk run for 2 TDs. The Eagles were 3 for 3 in the Red Zone.

Coming back from down 21-0 was huge. In the past, it always seemed like the Eagles would cut into a lead, but never catch up. This time the Eagles got out to a 24-21 lead and had control of the game. Dallas finally responded at that point and took the lead back, 28-24. The Eagles had no answer from that point on. There were 3 turnovers and some big mistakes.

This game wasn’t a complete debacle, but it was a bad performance in a huge game. What has to infuriate Chip Kelly is how many unforced errors there were. It wasn’t like the other team overwhelmed the Eagles. Dallas didn’t play a flawless game. This wasn’t Green Bay, pt. 2. This game was there for the taking.

Instead of taking it, the Eagles gave it away.

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