Worstest QB Ever

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Carson Wentz is clearly the worst QB in the history of football. He can’t win close games. He keeps throwing INTs. He has bad mechanics. The Eagles ought to go ahead and cut him so they can try to find someone less awful.


QBs get too much credit and too much blame. Wentz wasn’t on his way to Pro Bowl when the Eagles were 3-0 and he’s not a pile of hot garbage now with the team struggling. Some fans are worried that he’s regressed. That’s not the case at all. The situations are very different.

Early in the year the Eagles were a team in sync. The offense moved the ball methodically and kept the defense off the field. The defense was outstanding when they were on the field and they really limited how much opponents scored. STs gave good field position to the offense and kept opposing offenses backed up. The degree of difficulty in those games was much lower than what we’ve seen recently.

Think about the last 3 games. Wentz had to go against Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Andy Dalton. I know he wasn’t on the field against them, but those are talented, veteran QBs who could lead their teams to points. When they scored it meant Wentz had pressure on him to lead a scoring drive. The Eagles defense struggled in each of those games. Wentz couldn’t simply manage the game. He had to go get TDs for the guys in green.

That was even more difficult without his starting RB, best WR and a reshuffled O-line. Essentially you are asking the QB to carry an offense built like that. Wentz might be able to do that in a year or two. As a rookie, he needs help. And he’s gotten very little.

In the first month of the season, Wentz was asked to be a point guard. Distribute the ball. Make the occasional play. Don’t turn it over. Now he’s being asked to run the offense, score points, get rebounds and everything else. That’s tough on any QB, but especially a rookie. How many “wow plays” have Eagles receivers made this year? Quite the opposite. He’s had to deal with more drops than any other QB. Think about the pressure that puts on the QB. It is going to affect him.

With that in mind, let’s talk about some issues with Wentz.


Arm – Wentz can make every throw in the book. He’s able to get the ball downfield and also to work the sidelines. He can fit the ball into tight windows. He will make some wow throws. His deep ball to Jordan Matthews in the first Skins game was a thing of beauty. There have been some passes to DGB and Matthews on the sidelines that have been really impressive. Just last Sunday Wentz made a great throw to DGB. He put the ball over the defender and gave his guy a chance to make a play. That didn’t happen, but it was a really impressive throw.

Athleticism – Wentz won’t be mistaken for Randall Cunningham anytime soon, but he’s shown the ability to make plays with his legs. He actually should do more of that. His scramble and throw to Darren Sproles in the Steelers game was a sign of how he can be a playmaker.

Intangibles – This may seem like a weird category, but it’s important. JaMarcus Russell partied and drank too much. Joey Harrington didn’t connect with his teammates. Wentz seems to “get it”. He works hard off the field and his teammates seem to love him. Wentz understands you can’t just show up and be good on Sunday. He’s willing to pay the price during the week. Building good work habits as a rookie will pay off big time down the road. Wentz also seems to handle the spotlight well. He’s comfortable being the team leader, but isn’t overly cocky.

Toughness – Wentz is big and strong. He’s been sacked 26 times this year and has taken some big hits. He hasn’t missed any games. I don’t think he’s even missed a snap. Some young QBs struggle to sit in the pocket. Wentz will do that. He is willing to take a big hit while waiting for a receiver to come open. You can teach a guy a lot of things, but you can’t teach toughness. It’s crucial that Wentz already has that.

Adjustments – Pederson likes to have his QB make a lot of adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Wentz is only a rookie, but the coaching staff challenges Wentz to see the defense before the snap and then make adjustments to the blocking or the routes or formation. Usually this is an area where veteran QBs are much better. So far Wentz has held his own this year. He will get better as he learns to read defenses and their alignments even better.


Ball placement – Too many people mistake accuracy and completion percentage. Wentz completes 63.1 percent of his passes. Donovan McNabb only topped that figure once in his entire career so that should give you an idea that’s pretty darn good for a rookie. That’s good, but Wentz needs to improve his ball placement. That’s the true sign of accuracy…putting the ball in the exact right spot. Too often we see receivers having to go high or behind them to catch the ball. These aren’t good WRs. It helps when passes are right where they need to be.

Mechanics – This has become a hot topic recently. Not many QBs have flawless mechanics. There are definitely things that Wentz has to improve on. He does drop the ball too low at times. His motion could be more compact. There are times when his footwork is off. When he gets sloppy with his mechanics, the ball comes out high. The coaches can work on small parts of this during the season, but Wentz’s throwing motion is an offseason matter. You don’t adjust that during the season.

Decision-making – For some reason, Doug Pederson loves to blame Wentz’s INTs on mechanics. I think close to half of them are more about his head (vision and decision-making). There are some plays where Wentz either panics or forces the ball into coverage. The good news is that he’s not afraid to throw into coverage. It is much easier to teach a QB to be less aggressive than it is the other way around. Still, Wentz needs to get better in this area.

Vision – Wentz has had an issue with being picked off by LBs and Safeties. It seems like he doesn’t see them. He needs to do a better job of knowing where the underneath defenders are going to be. Those guys love to play the passing lanes. Wentz has to see them before the snap and then anticipate where they will be after the snap.

Deep accuracy – Wentz hasn’t thrown a lot of deep balls, but he needs to improve his accuracy on them. A good throw to Bryce Treggs in the Giants game would have been a TD. Instead, Treggs had to slow down just a bit. He got the ball, but the DBs then got him. The deep ball in the Seattle game was off-target (too far). The deep ball at the end of the Lions game was too far to the right. Part of this issue is simply that Wentz didn’t have a lot of time to work on chemistry with his WRs this summer. He was the #3 QB and then got hurt.

Late game situations – Situational football is hugely important to winning. You have to think about what you need and what the situation is. Wentz was too aggressive at the end of the Lions game. The Eagles needed a FG and Wentz threw a deep INT. There was just no reason to put that ball up for grabs. Wentz has had a few chances to win or tie games late. Hasn’t happened yet. That’s typical for a rookie. Wentz did a good job of this in college so I think it is something that will happen in the future. He’s just not there yet.

I really do believe Wentz has shown the traits needed to be a successful NFL QB. He needs to improve his game quite a bit, but when you remember that he’s a rookie and has a very limited set of weapons, that makes you appreciate how well he has played. We still don’t know what his ceiling is, but Wentz is physically gifted, hard working and smart. Those are all key traits in good QBs.

I think the sky is the limit for Wentz.


If you don’t like what I have to say, go read Fran Duffy’s take on Carson Wentz.

Great stuff from Fran.




Judgment Day

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Remember when Chip Kelly was revolutionizing the NFL? The 1st half of his first game was something straight out of a Hollywood movie. Remember when Todd Bowles looked like a great coach last year? Remember when Gus Bradley was coveted by teams? Remember when Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 and the entire NFL laughed at him as Joe College in way over his head?

You need time to evaluate a coach. A big part of being a good coach is being able to sustain success. Ray Rhodes motivated the heck out of his 1995 and 1996 teams, but that wasn’t sustainable. You can only go to that well so often. Good teams play smart and execute well. Trying to “get up” for every game is something that might work at the high school or college level. Not in the NFL.

A good coach installs offensive and defensive systems and then finds and develops players for them. If a coach is lucky enough to inherit the right players, he can win right away. Other coaches have to completely rebuild. Pederson was somewhere in the middle. With Sam Bradford, I thought the Eagles would go 9-7 or something like that. When they dealt him and went with Carson Wentz, I thought this would be more like a 6 or 7 win team. Rookie QBs are going to have some long days. Remember that Peyton Manning had a HOF runner (Marshall Faulk) and a HOF receiver (Marvin Harrison) and he still went 3-13 as a rookie. He lost 3 games by 23 or more points.

The popular talking point right now is to question if the Eagles have gotten better. They started 3-0 and have gone 2-7 since. Based on that, no the team isn’t better. But I think that is being short-sighted. The 3-0 start was a time when the Eagles were healthy and things were going well.

  • Lane Johnson was the RT and playing at a high level. Allen Barbre was the LG and playing well. The OL had good chemistry.
  • Ron Brooks was the nickelback. That let Malcolm Jenkins sit back and play S.
  • Josh Huff was the KOR and part of the receiving corps.
  • Nelson Agholor’s confidence hadn’t fallen apart. Remember he had that great TD in the opener that got us all excited.
  • Bennie Logan was healthy and playing really well. He was dominant at times vs PIT.

What you saw in the 3-0 start is how well this team could play when they were healthy and things were going well. What you’re seeing now is how this team looks when it is struggling. Andy Reid was 3-11 in his first 14 games. There were some close losses, but a few stinkers as well. That team won the final 2 games and offered promise for the future.

This team could get hot any week now. The Packers lost 4 in a row and have won their last 2. The Bengals were a 3-win team that played great on Sunday. You never know when a team is going to snap out of its funk and play well. That could happen Sunday or the Eagles might not win another game. We’ll just have to wait and see how things play out.

Some individual players have improved. Several rookies have impressed. Halapoulivaati Vaitai has shown that he could be the RT of the future. Isaac Seumalo showed promise in his start and has been an effective role player. Wendell Smallwood looks like a good RB. Trey Burton is playing the best football of his career. Mychal Kendricks has turned things around this year and is playing better. Jason Kelce is playing his best football of the year in the last few weeks.

There is no question that the overall team is in a funk right now. I just think we have to be careful about falling into the trap of thinking this definitively means Pederson can’t coach and needs to be replaced. We give rookie players the chance to learn from their mistakes and develop, but we seem to think that rookie coaches should know exactly what they’re doing.

Being an NFL coach is hard. You need the right players. You need the right assistants. And a little luck doesn’t hurt. Doug Pederson hasn’t had a whole lot of luck this year. He’s had to deal with suspensions, arrests, injuries, a poorly timed bye week, facing teams coming off a bye, etc. This has not been anything close to a normal season. Pederson has had good moments and given us all hope that he can be a good coach. He’s also had some bad moments and made us all wonder if he’s in over his head.

The next month will give us some clues, but we’re not really going to have a strong feel for Pederson’s ability until at least the middle of 2017. At that point we’ll have seen enough to have an idea if he is the answer or not.




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Chip Kelly didn’t believe in watching game tape as a team. He let the positional assistants do that with their groups. Doug Pederson comes from the Andy Reid school of coaching. There is some tape watching done as a team. I would suggest Pederson do that today, with an emphasis on critical and stupid errors. Players need to know that certain mistakes are not acceptable.

No team or player is perfect. A coach has to choose what is acceptable for his team. Here are some of the errors I would point out.

Carson Wentz didn’t get hit on the play. A block from Zach Ertz wouldn’t have made much of a difference, if any. But this is football. This is a physical, tough game. When you have a chance to hit an opponent and you’re 250 pounds, you sure as hell better do it. The next time that guy goes to chase someone, he might go slower because he’s focused on not getting lit up. Doing nothing there is simply unacceptable.

Unless there is some unknown factor I’m missing, Zach Ertz should be embarrassed by that. I know he was injured in the season opener, but this is December and the season is on the line. This is the time to sell out. He needs the team watching that and to have Pederson point out that is not Eagles football. If this team is 10-2 maybe you laugh at that play. But this team is 5-7 and there’s nothing funny about that.

Nigel Bradham had 2 penalties, one for a horse collar tackle and one for hitting a player out of bounds. Dumb. Times 2. He handed the Bengals 30 yards. They were already getting chunks of yards yesterday. You can’t help them out with yards and 1st downs. I would have considered benching him after the second penalty. Repeat stupidity is something I wouldn’t handle well.

He made other mental errors in the game. Bradham is really talented, but he has to play smarter. This team isn’t good enough to make stupid errors and still win on a regular basis.

Allen Barbre had false start issues. I don’t know if Jason Kelce or Carson Wentz was doing something weird, but Barbre is the one who went early twice. Can’t have that on a day when the offense is struggling to get yards and score points.

I would show Wentz’s 3 INTs and the 3 other passes that should have been INTs. The QB can’t be giving the ball away. Throw the ball out of bounds or into the turf. Punts aren’t the worst thing you can do. Don’t throw it to the other team.

Buddy Ryan said he knew his Bears defense was going to be great when they took responsibility for mistakes on their own. They would watch the tape and the players would talk about what they did wrong with Buddy having to point anything out or question what happened. The players held themselves accountable to each other.

Back in 1999 rookie coach Andy Reid cut DT Bill Johnson after an embarrassing 33-7 loss to the Carolina Panthers. That was a miserable game. Afterward, Johnson was joking around in the locker room. Reid found that unacceptable and cut him the next day. Johnson was a popular player and his teammates weren’t happy, but Reid’s message came through loud and clear.

I’m not saying Pederson should necessarily cut someone. You only do that if you feel like the player deserves it and the move will send the right message. But the time has come for Pederson to take a tougher tone with this team. He needs to get players out of their comfort zone. The most obvious ways to do that are cutting playing time, taking their jobs or calling them out in front of their teammates.

Pederson talked to his team after the Monday night loss, but the message either didn’t get through or didn’t stick with them. He needs to change up the delivery and make things more personal. This team needs to play better. And smarter. And tougher.


The heat is really getting turned up on Pederson, but he’s figuring this team out as the season plays out. No coach knows his team completely, let alone a new coach dealing with a lot of new faces.

The last month will give us a good idea about his ability to get through to his players when things are not going well.


Bad Day

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The Eagles played their worst game of the year on a Sunday when they were supposed to win. Instead the team was down 29-0 at one point, eventually losing 32-14. This is now the low point of the season.

There were very few positives to take away from a game like this. The defense couldn’t stop the Bengals for most of the game. Cincy scored on their first 6 possessions. That’s an astounding stat for a team with a mediocre OL and missing their best WR and RB. The highlight for the Eagles offense in the first 40 minutes of the game was a missed FG.

This was an embarrassing performance.

The 2016 season isn’t over mathematically, but it’s not far off. The Eagles were a long shot to make the playoffs even before today, but it was discouraging to see the team play so poorly in a game they needed to win.

Carson Wentz played one of his worst games of the year. He threw 3 INTs and was lucky the Bengals dropped several others. He made bad decisions and some bad throws as well. He finished the game 36-60-308. Throwing 60 passes was not the formula for winning this game, but that’s what happens when you fall behind 29-0 and have to play desperate football.

A few people hit me up on Twitter asking if they should worry about Wentz.


All players have bad games. That’s especially true for a rookie QB playing in a game without his best WR. It also didn’t help matters that his defense couldn’t get a stop. That put a lot of pressure on Wentz and he didn’t respond well. Please understand that a bad game is a bad game. It doesn’t define a player. Wentz has had too many good games and too many good moments for anyone to panic in regard to him. Wentz is the real deal. I can’t guarantee you that he will be an elite QB and lead the Eagles to titles, but he looks like a franchise QB, someone you build a team around.

Who do we blame today’s debacle on? Everyone.

Doug Pederson did not have a good day. Nor did Jim Schwartz. Nor did the OL or the RBs or the WRs. Or the DL or the LBs or the DBs. This was a bad team loss. Everyone had a hand in it. So how does this get fixed? Can this be fixed this season?

First, the Eagles need some key guys to get healthy. Jordan Matthews is a critical piece of the passing game. The offense missed him in a big way. It would help to get Ryan Mathews back at RB. Wendell Smallwood has played well this year, but Mathews is a better player right now. Getting Big V back at RT would allow Allen Barbre to move back to LG and would help the O-line out.

I don’t know what the solution is on defense. Last week the Eagles couldn’t get the Packers into 3rd/long very much and that made life less challenging for Aaron Rodgers. Today the Eagles got Cincy into 3rd/longs. Unfortunately that meant nothing. 3rd/9 led to a 23-yard gain. 3rd/8 led to a 50-yard gain. 3rd/11 resulted in a 21-yard pass play. And on and on and on.

The coverage wasn’t awful on those plays. There were some where the DBs were in the right spots. They just never seem to be able to find the ball to make a play on it. That’s what happens when a unit struggles. The rush almost gets there. The DB just misses the ball. Someone almost makes a big tackle. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, as the old saying goes. The Eagles D just isn’t making key plays to get off the field.

I talked early in the season about how Doug Pederson had a knack for pushing the right buttons. He made the right decisions and knew what to say to get the best out of his team. That is not the case right now. Pederson doesn’t seem to know what to say or do to get the team out of this funk. More than a few of you want to know if he’s the right guy for the job. We aren’t going to know the answer to that this season, whether the Eagles go 9-7 or 5-11. You need time to accurately evaluate a coach.

Pederson needs to figure out something to get this team back on track. Whether the team can close with any kind of a winning streak or not, they just need to play better. You can live with a loss if you play well, but the other team is just better. That’s not happening right now. The Eagles are playing their worst football of the year. They should be getting better, but that’s not the case.

We all agree the Eagles need more talent, but the current group should be playing better. That’s on the players, the coaches…everybody has a piece of this failure pie.


Halftime – CIN 19, PHI 0

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I thought this might be an ugly game, but I didn’t see the Bengals whipping the Eagles. Unfortunately that is exactly what’s happening.

Highlights so far today:

  • Trey Burton has 3 catches for 34 yards.
  • Nelson Agholor hasn’t dropped a pass.
  • The Cincy PK missed an extra point.

That should give you an idea how bad this performance is.

Doug Pederson better wake this team up in a big way or he is going to feel a level of heat he’s never imagined.