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I think most people agree that the biggest need for the Eagles is help at OLB. Unfortunately, many people are caught in the idea that change equals upgrade and that is absolutely not the case. Let’s review the situation and try to all get on the same page.

The Eagles have 2 OLB spots. The LOLB is called The Jack. Connor Barwin plays that role. His job is to rush the passer, cover TEs/RBs and set the edge on run plays. He isn’t going to rush the pass exclusively so he needs to be a true LB with well-rounded skills.

We haven’t heard an official name for the ROLB spot. Bill Davis previously called it The Predator so we’ll use that for now. This player is a pass rusher. He needs to be able to drop into coverage from time to time. He must be an effective run defender. But make no mistake…the ROLB needs to be the team’s best pass rusher. That’s his primary job.

Barwin does a good job as the LOLB. Trent Cole did a solid job as the ROLB. So what do the Eagles need?

The team could use an explosive edge rusher to take the ROLB job from Cole. Focus on the word “explosive”. Whenever we get into a discussion about OLB, people will list all kinds of players they want the Eagles to sign or acquire. Some wanted the Eagles to go get LaMarr Woodley. Huh? He totaled 9 sacks over the previous 2 seasons. He mainly played LOLB for the Steelers. He’s 29 and has missed 14 games over the last 3 seasons combined. How exactly is Woodley an upgrade on Trent Cole?

The goal is to get better at ROLB. Cole is still an effective starter. He had 8 sacks last year. Cole remains a great effort rusher. He will do everything in his power to get to the QB. Cole just doesn’t have the explosion off the ball to make offenses fear him. He will beat the LT from time to time, but not consistently. The Eagles need someone who can get the best of LTs on a regular basis.

I didn’t get fired up about any OLB in free agency because no one was clearly what the Eagles needed. Brian Orakpo was the closest, but the Skins tagged him and made that a moot point. Jason Worilds might have been worth rolling the dice on, but the Steelers kept him. Beyond that, the choices were less ideal. Now that all the top choices are gone (and Woodley as well), the Eagles have only a few odd choices to consider.

Or the team can just focus on the draft. There are a slew of players the Eagles could like in the first few rounds. Anthony Barr won’t make it to 22, but could fall to the 15 range and be someone to trade up for. Dee Ford could make sense at 22. Jeremiah Attaochu and Marcus Smith both make a lot of sense.ย Demarcus Lawrence, Chris Smith and Scott Crichton are all players that would make some sense. Chip Kelly recently went to the Mizzou Pro Day. Does he think Kony Ealy could be a 3-4 OLB?

There are plenty of mid-level and late round targets the Eagles could go for. I won’t even get into all those names at this point.

You never know how things will play out in the draft. It is possible the Eagles won’t find a stud pass rusher early on. They can get through the 2014 season with Cole and Barwin as the starters. The Eagles do need to fix the backup situation if they can’t find a starter.

Brandon Graham was the #3 OLB in 2013, but he only played 304 snaps on defense. Cole played more than 800. You might love Graham, but it sure appears the coaches don’t. I think the Eagles need to deal him or embrace him. Get the guy on the field more or find someone you do want to play. I would love nothing more than to see Graham become a star for the Eagles, but that just seems like wishful thinking at this point. He’s more of a 4-3 DE than an OLB. I think keeping him for 2013 would be a mistake unless the coaches feel he’s going to be different this year.

The backup to Barwin last year was Casey Matthews. Clearly that will change this year. UDFA Travis Long could win the job, but I’d sure like to see the Eagles bring in someone even better to challenge for that role.

So let’s summarize:

* The Eagles are looking for an explosive OLB to play the right side. He needs to be able to consistently beat LTs.

* The Eagles should deal Brandon Graham and find a new backup for ROLB. If they add a stud rusher, Cole could be the backup. Or the rookie could be the backup initially, until he takes the starting job from Cole.

* The Eagles need depth at LOLB. This doesn’t have to be an explosive rusher.

The Eagles don’t just need to sign any 3-4 OLB on the street. The point here is to find an upgrade for ROLB or depth for LOLB.

* * * * *

A couple of rookies got mentioned in previous discussions.

* Kareem Martin was a 4-3 DE for UNC this year. He had a terrific workout at the Combine. I didn’t expect that kind of athleticism. Based on tape study, he looked like a 4-3 DE to me. I need to re-check after the Combine to see if I was missing something. I didn’t see him as 3-4 OLB material during the season.

* Kyle Van Noy is a player that confuses people. I love the guy…but not as an edge rusher. I think he could be a very good 3-4 ILB. He could be an effective backup OLB. I just don’t see him as an answer to the Eagles need for better pass rushers. His Combine workout was disappointing. He wasn’t nearly as athletic as I expected. He does have terrific instincts and is a true all-around LB.


217 Comments on “Updated Thoughts on OLB”

  1. 1 Anders said at 8:43 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    I remember watching an ESPN video in January where Cole called his spot the predator.

  2. 2 GermanEagle said at 11:32 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Are you sure it wasn’t the hunting channel?!

  3. 3 Sokhar20 said at 3:55 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Is it wrong that I want to picture him 7 feet tall with dreadlocks, hunting Arnold through the tropical jungle?

  4. 4 Anders said at 4:09 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    We really need to draft a ROLB with dreads

  5. 5 Sokhar20 said at 6:41 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I like the way you think.

  6. 6 Vick or Nick said at 11:55 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Best comment I’ve ever read from you.

  7. 7 greenblood0118 said at 8:50 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    It’ll be interesting to see what another year at this playing weight, and in this system, does for Cole.

  8. 8 Joseph Dubyk said at 9:03 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    That’s the problem, he’ll be another year in decline. It’s not like he’s 25 and just learning the game. he’s 32 or 33, not good

  9. 9 Kevin said at 8:56 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Tommy – what are your thoughts on kill-maim-destroy Braham? I saw a few highlights where he had a sack and looked explosive. His measurables seem to fit. Just curious if you saw any tape that might give you a thought on his ceiling…. back-up? STeamer only? Potential spot starter?

  10. 10 Anders said at 9:18 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Barwin said that he thinks Braham has untapped potential, so it sounds like he is in the discussion for more than just ST. I doubt he is starter potential, but you need at least 1 good backup to every spot.

  11. 11 Jerry Pomroy said at 9:37 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Guess I should’ve scrolled down before I basically just said the same thing above. But, I had to ask as it was the first thing that stood out in my head after reading Tommy’s take and not seeing Braman’s name even mentioned as Barwin’s backup.

  12. 12 myartz04 said at 8:59 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but isn’t it well past the point of no return regarding the whole Desean saga? Given his personality and the Eagle’s lack of “killing the rumor,” it just seems like he is already gone. More related to this article, I am hoping they can trade him for enough ammo to move up in the draft and get a “stud” OLB.

  13. 13 Anders said at 9:16 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    It really depends on what type of talk there has been internally.

  14. 14 eagleyankfan said at 10:02 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    the ONLY interesting thing about this non-sense — is the perception of the outside world on DJ worth vs. fans perception….

  15. 15 Joseph Dubyk said at 9:02 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Cole is the most underwhelming 3-4 pass rusher in the league. He wasn’t even chipped or doubled this year, that just shows the lack of fear Cole puts into offenses at this point. We simply can’t be a good defense if we can’t get to the QB and our last two games of the season proved that. Dallas almost beat us with Kyle Orton and Drew Brees had the cleanest jersey on the field. Cole’s 8 sacks were against really mediocre talent. It’s the most glaring position of need on the team. We NEED an edge rusher.

  16. 16 DanJ3645 said at 9:08 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Do we NEED to take the highest rated edge rusher regardless of the other BPA’s?

    I don’t think that we should. There are plenty of areas on the team that could really use a genuine difference maker.

    Hopefully a ROLB prospect will be BPA at our 1st or 2nd pick. But we are still in the early stages of the programme development. I don’t believe there is a rush to force a pick.

  17. 17 Anders said at 9:16 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Agree, we shouldnt reach for a pass rusher. While it is not optimal, having two Barwins at OLB wouldnt be too bad either.

  18. 18 Jerry Pomroy said at 9:24 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Whose your other Barwin though? I’m guessing your meaning if they don’t manage to land the stud pass rusher early, to then possibly target a guy that may be more rounded in his game, in the mid rounds?

  19. 19 Anders said at 10:30 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    A Christian Jones has the size and the experience lining up all over the place. KVN, Jordan Tripp, Lokombo, Attaochi

  20. 20 anon said at 1:33 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Can’t have two Barwins our secondary is too weak. Need to have great secondary or great pass rushing (unless you are seattle then you have both).

    However, Seattle’s run D is probably the weak link.

  21. 21 Jerry Pomroy said at 2:17 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I like KVN & Christian Jones, but those are guys that you can’t exclusively leave at ROLB. They’ll get mauled. You either have to pay them inside exclusively, or move them around. I also don’t see them as Barwin types. Barwin is a strong side OLB. The other two are better suited as inside blitzers, NOT taking on RTs head on & setting edges. I get what your saying in that they’re versatile, but a different kind of versatile.

  22. 22 Anders said at 2:46 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Of Course they aint exclusively ROLB, but they are 100% Barwin types who can move all over the place, stuff the run, cover TEs, blitz.

  23. 23 Joseph Dubyk said at 5:34 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Look at any great 3-4 team..What do they have? The answer is great LBs who can make plays and terrorize the QB

  24. 24 HipDaDip said at 1:42 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Isn’t the whole point of the 3-4 that pressure comes relatively more from the scheme and relatively less from personnel than in the 4-3? I think we are stuck using a 4-3 mindset to evaluate our defense. I believe that having more players on D that can credibly rush and cover (i.e. replacing Chung with Jenkins) allows for a more “multiple” front, as they say, so the fourth pass rusher can come from more places. I believe that is how you generate more sacks in this scheme. Obviously having a beast at ROLB will always help your pass rush, but I find it hard to believe that another year in the system for everyone will not help milk more sacks out of the scheme. That is to say, while we didn’t get enough pressure last year, I have to believe we will improve our pressure based on improved versatility in Bill Davis’ 3-4. I would argue that replacing Demeco with an ILB with more coverage skills that can blitz as well would generate as much pressure as replacing Trent Cole (not saying we wouldn’t miss Demeco’s run D).

  25. 25 Sifter said at 3:53 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Great comment. I totally agree. Generally I think Eagles fans are placing too much faith in this ‘white whale’ of an edge rusher who will solve all the problems on D. It’s not one man, it’s a scheme, and having that versatility in your players helps sacks come from other positions. I feel Cole and Ryans embody that lack of versatility, and that’s why their replacements need to be sought in this draft. I think Ryans is the bigger ‘need’ before Cole – Trent had a decent year last year, Ryans was disappointing.

  26. 26 Joseph Dubyk said at 5:35 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Scheme helps but it’s not always the case. You need talent. Was Gus Bradley’s jags D as good as his seattle D?

  27. 27 HipDaDip said at 5:51 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Can’t argue with that. My main point is that scheme fit might mean more in the 3-4 than it does in the 4-3, especially regarding quarterback pressure. As an extreme example, consider the Wide-9. As far as I understand it, many snaps are a pre-determined 5 on 4 battle at the line. There isn’t much help to offer the rushers in terms of wrinkles, you are just counting on them to get home. The more options the scheme affords a player, the more the scheme can fool the blocking (get him unblocked or avoid double team). That only works if a player is a credible threat to drop or rush.

  28. 28 Joseph Dubyk said at 9:46 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    The better the player the more options there are for the scheme. For example if you have a Revis that blanks a WR than you can do more with your safety. Or if you have a pass rusher like Clay Matthews now you have to use 2 guys to block him on passing downs. So yeah, a good scheme is essential, but the talent needs to be there also.

  29. 29 DanJ3645 said at 9:20 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    With the various trade discussions, Graham, Curry, Brown etc, the big driver for them appears to be maximising resources in this draft. Deepest for 30 years etc etc.
    With so many underclass declarations does this mean that next year’s draft will be weak – compared to an average year?
    If so should we be expecting Howie to try and trade future draft picks for picks this year?

    I think I would be supportive of this move as it would generate a larger nucleus of players that will peak at the same time. 2012 and 2013 draft and then a large 2014 group. Potentially this could speed up the programme.

    Speeding up the programme development, by drafting, is a good thing to my mind. Part of the success of last season was Chip Kelly’s offence. I think its safe to assume that over the next 2 seasons these concepts will proliferate through the NFL. This means an Eagles advantage will reduce, bringing us closer to player talent driving success.
    Given this assumption it makes sense, to me, to increase the player talent now driving to peaking in 2015 and 2016 seasons. This probably being the latest we will have a significant Offensive advantage due to concepts.

  30. 30 Jerry Pomroy said at 9:54 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    As the salary cap is expected to continue to grow, you’ll find that more teams will want to build through the draft as that buys them players at a low dollar figure, while FAs will start to see their salaries rise. So salvaging picks from future drafts to select in this draft, while it makes sense on the surface, you don’t want to get too overwhelmed in a few years with having too many players coming up for FA at once. That being said, they only have 6 picks at the moment, so they could use at least 1 or 2 more, preferably a high #2.

  31. 31 Baloophi said at 1:15 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Some believe that you should never trade a future pick for a pick this year. In a regular draft, your future pick is automatically devalued – so, as an example, if you want an additional 3rd round pick this year it’s going to cost you at least a 2nd next year. If other teams believe this is the deepest draft in 30 years than the price will go up, since they would prefer to pick this year and not next year. So – as an example – a 3rd this year will cost you a 2nd next year AND something else. An additional factor is that we will be expected to play well next year, meaning teams will view our future picks as bottom-rounders, which will, in turn, drive the value of our future picks down.

    It’s also an “eggs in a basket” scenario. Whatever player you take with the acquired pick represents 1-2 other ghost players you don’t take with that future pick. As an extreme example, look how many ghost players RG3 cost Washington (and continues to do so).

    Lastly, I’m also wary of “deepest draft ever” observations. This draft is certainly deep at some positions (WR) but it’s also thin at others. Forking over a higher pick next year for a lower round pick this year can be costly when next year’s draft rolls around and you have to sit out a high round, and miss a chance to add talent to your team.

    So while I certainly think we should look to add to our pick total this year, I’d be hesitant to do it with early round picks from next year.

  32. 32 D3FB said at 1:16 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    This draft considered so deep because 30 or so more underclassmen came out, alot of those guys should have stayed in school and got an extra year of development, as right now they will be UDFA’s but in a year they could have been solid mid round players. So there are now fewer seniors. If juniors decide not to declare in large numbers next year then the draft will not be very deep. However as long as underclassmen keep coming out in large numbers the talent pool will be similar. It’s almost like a game of musical chairs. You don’t know when it’s going to stop but you need to be ready.

  33. 33 Baloophi said at 1:23 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I wonder if next year will be a good year to scoop up this year’s underclassmen who are sitting on practice squads or playing in the CFL because they simply weren’t ready yet… sort of a secret draft that won’t cost us actual picks.

  34. 34 D3FB said at 3:04 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I’m not sure how aggressive you are allowed to be with futures contracts but that could definitely be an underrated to acquire more talent.

  35. 35 Jerry Pomroy said at 9:32 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Tommy- What about Braman? I know he’s not the answer for our need at ROLB to be the pass rusher we need. But where does he come into the fold? While I understand that STs is important, I gotta believe that we aren’t following the same method of just adding guys that are great on STs, but offer nothing in the other areas of the game but take up a roster spot. Is he a guy that we’d expect would be the backup to Barwin? Or is he just the guy that gets buried on the depth chart to only be counted on towards STs?

  36. 36 eagleyankfan said at 10:01 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    great article. Thanks for all the insight about this stuff.
    Let me ask this…Was that Cole’s first year in a 3-4 and as a predator? Would there be expectations of him improving?

  37. 37 Iskar36 said at 10:23 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    I’m not entirely sure that he didn’t play a 3-4 OLB in college, but in the NFL, it definitely was his first year, and at this point in his career, what he did in college is basically irrelevant to him adjusting to a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. In terms of improving, he should get more comfortable in the scheme this year, but that has to be balanced with his age. At some point, his skills will decline faster than he can improve on by adjusting to the scheme. Hopefully he has a couple more years and the end of last season was encouraging to see, but I can’t imagine him having a ton more years left in the tank.

  38. 38 Iskar36 said at 10:28 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    My concern with OLB is that with such few options available both in FA and in the draft, I worry about the Eagles reaching for an OLB early in the draft. I know we all want to think that the Eagles don’t do that, but depending on how much they feel Cole has left in the tank, especially considering the lack of depth at the position, HR and CK may start to feel a bit desperate.

    And not to go back to a tired conversation, but to make matters worse, if we do trade DeSean, a starting WR becomes a need on this team. Makes you wonder if they could reach for two positions in that case. At least with WR though, there are a ton of options.

  39. 39 GEAGLE said at 4:03 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I think Odell is going to Pitt, and cooks is going to Jets. Don’t want ford or any of the DBs at 22….feel free to reach for Marcus smith in round one(and get called crazy until he develops into a be east)…or trade back as many times as possible

  40. 40 Anders said at 4:10 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    You do not want a guy like Fuller, Dennard or Haha at 22?

  41. 41 GEAGLE said at 4:13 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Don’t think we will pay 5mil first round dollars for a DB, not with 3 veteran CBs on the pay role, who allow us to take a later pick and spend a year developing…..it’s more so, that I don’t see us drafting one, more then I wouldn’t want one…at the end of the day,draft five kids who can play football at whatever position and I’ll be happy. Do it again next year and the positions will all even out

    But I’m a defensive maniac,so sure I’d take one…I just think we put more emphasis on front 7

  42. 42 Anders said at 4:17 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    but why not draft a guy like Fuller who projects as a pro bowl type CB?
    CB take a year to develop anyway and next year Williams will most likely be cut and Fletcher might not be back and then you have Carroll.

  43. 43 Mike Roman said at 11:23 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Some people suggest that it may be hard to deal Graham because he’s in the final year of his rookie deal and you don’t want to give up to much for a guy who’s going to become a free agent after the season. However, I think if a 4-3 team thinks he can help them this season then a 4th round pick may not be unreasonable and then you extend his contract.

    My gut tells me at this point that DeSean will be traded. The Raiders are an inept franchise so I can see them plucking down a 3rd round pick. Also, at #22 the Eagles aren’t in great position to land a blue chip prospect. I could see them trading down to the late 1st / early 2nd and picking up an extra 3rd round pick there.

    If the Eagles can added two or three extra picks in the 3rd / 4th round of this year’s draft they have an opportunity to add some very good players to the core of an already young and budding team.

  44. 44 James Adair said at 8:33 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I think with the dearth of pass rushers in the draft even though is deep in most other areas boosts his value a little more. They can always extend him to mitigate the last year of his contract thing. I think they can get a 3rd for Graham.

  45. 45 ICDogg said at 11:37 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    Anyone have an opinion about Kareem Martin?

  46. 46 Cafone said at 11:57 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    off-topic: Cam Newton, Comfortably Numb: http://kissingsuzykolber.uproxx.com/2014/03/cam-newton-sings-comfortably-numb.html

  47. 47 Poppi said at 11:59 AM on March 21st, 2014:

    I would love to see them draft a MLB high, like 3rd round, maybe the Bullough kid from MSU to replace DeMeco in 2016, He has a little questionable history but IF that not a real issue, he is a great leader which every D needs.

  48. 48 Mitchell said at 12:02 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    CHRISTIAN JONES!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49 GEAGLE said at 4:02 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    CHRISTIAN KIRKSEY!!! Screw jones!

  50. 50 Mitchell said at 4:40 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    JONES!!!!!!!!! Screw Kirksey!!!

  51. 51 James Adair said at 8:35 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    All three option are good! As would be Borland.

  52. 52 D3FB said at 1:09 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    People want to move on from Demeco because he has lost a step and isn’t what we need in coverage. Bullough isn’t any faster than Meco, and is not impressive.


  53. 53 Poppi said at 1:12 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Admittedly Bullough may not be the best available replacement for DeMeco in a year or two, but he is not too slow and his anticipation and play read factor is off the charts making him play very fast as he gets to where he needs to be sooner than slower thinkers. He is a real leader which you need at Mike.

  54. 54 D3FB said at 1:48 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    You didn’t watch the Ohio State film I posted in my comment. He’s perfectly fine attacking downhill in a straight line. Look at him when he has to redirect. He redirects like an average DT. It takes him 5 steps to change direction. His instincts are pretty average. He does a nice job and reads his guard keys but then fills the wrong holes. For a big strong linebacker like he is, linemen latch onto him and take him for a ride. As far as the leadership? Leaders don’t get suspended for their bowl game, and then refuse to talk about it (ie he didnt just miss curfew). Leaders don’t show up 20lbs heavy (not good weight either) for the Senior Bowl.

  55. 55 Poppi said at 7:43 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    You are correct that i didn’t watch that video because it wouldn’t open for me, but thanks for sharing it. In any case, do you agree we need to address this now, or wait for the need to be more evident in a year or two? I was thinking we draft now to be ready in a couple years.

  56. 56 D3FB said at 2:31 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Depends on who is available. I think picking a two down ILB isn’t worth it. Those guys are a dime a dozen and can be had as UDFA’s. If Mosley is there at 22, you run to the podium. After him there are no guaranteed answers. Shazier is the next closest thing, but I’m not comfortable with his physicality. Borland is a midget. Unless Skov get that extra step back that his ACL injury robbed from him, he’s only a two down ILB. Jones and Van Noy are conversion projects, which is inherently risky. Avery Williamson is raw. Zumwalt will get overdrafted due to his hitting ability, has a really strange build (tall, short arms, tiny hands) and isn’t as polished as someone with his experience should be. Telvin Smith weighs less than some safeties. Christian Kirksey needs to be a 43 Will who can just run and chase. Jordan Tripp played FCS. Khairi Fortt is a better athlete than football player.
    So to recap, I jump on Mosley and celebrate. Everybody else, I only take if they are extreme BPA.

  57. 57 Poppi said at 12:06 AM on March 23rd, 2014:

    Thanks – thats very helpful – i will pay more attention to Mosley and Shazier

  58. 58 Insomniac said at 4:52 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Another slow 2 down player to replace a proven one? No thanks,

  59. 59 Richaud Jeaffreson said at 10:32 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Shazier, Mosely

  60. 60 ChaosOnion said at 12:08 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    So is ROLB a bigger need than S now?

  61. 61 theycallmerob said at 12:10 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Judging by the actions of Kelly and Howie, it seems the front 7 is the bigger focus, yes. Having a great and versatile (aka confusing) rush will make the mediocre DBs look better.

  62. 62 Baloophi said at 1:24 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    You know what else would make our DBs look better? A MAKEOVER!!!

  63. 63 ICDogg said at 2:11 PM on March 21st, 2014:


  64. 64 Mike Roman said at 2:58 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I used to love that show!

  65. 65 Iskar36 said at 12:11 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    No question. With Malcolm Jenkins in the mix, while safety is not “solved” it is not an absolute need position. ROLB is a much bigger question mark. In addition, it is also a much more important position on the defense.

  66. 66 Greg Richards said at 12:12 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    We should use the draft to find an upgrade/eventual replacement for Cole but we also need a true backup to Barwin. If he had gotten hurt last year, we would have been hurting. Rob Jackson is still available in free agency and he seems like he’d be a good fit on the field at least.

  67. 67 ceedubya9 said at 12:59 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Don’t forget about DeMeco. They will need to find his replacement soon, too. I wouldn’t be too upset about them doing that sooner rather than later.

  68. 68 anon said at 1:31 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Problem with the 3-4 is that it’s really hard to find guys for the system. Way fewer 3-4 teams than 4-3 team and it’s hard to find versatile guys. Why i think 4-3 under is probably a better way to go but whatever.

    Can’t believe houston is moving to a 3-4, so silly.

  69. 69 Mitchell said at 1:58 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Half the league runs a 3-4…. Pretty sure the Texans have been running a 3-4 for a while. That was the speculation as to why they gave up on Meco.

  70. 70 ICDogg said at 2:09 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Age, recent injury, and the fact that they had a younger, better guy at his position were other factors.

  71. 71 Anders said at 2:21 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Cushing didnt replace Ryans per say, they was on the field together in base, but Ryans was too expensive too pay 6-7 mill per year for a 2 down LB

  72. 72 Mitchell said at 2:24 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    see above

  73. 73 ChaosOnion said at 2:22 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Which is ironic, because that younger, faster, stronger guy has missed large portions of the past two seasons with major injuries.

  74. 74 Mitchell said at 2:23 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    That’s why I said speculation.

  75. 75 Tumtum said at 3:22 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    According to Wikipedia these are the 3-4 teams as of this year..
    Atlanta Falcons
    Arizona Cardinals
    Baltimore Ravens
    Cleveland Browns
    Green Bay Packers
    Houston Texans
    Indianapolis Colts
    Kansas City Chiefs
    New Orleans Saints
    New York Jets
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Philadelphia Eagles
    San Diego Chargers
    San Francisco 49ers
    Tennessee Titans
    Washington Redskins

    That is exactly half of the league. Fairly certain that percentage sky rockets in the college ranks.

  76. 76 Tdoteaglefan said at 12:48 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Apparently a Team of Eagles scouts were just spotted at the WVU pro day putting Will Clarke through a serious of LB work outs. Looks like Converting college ends to OLB may be a possibility with this staff. hoping we can get Marcus Smith in the 2nd.

  77. 77 Jerry Pomroy said at 2:42 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    That’s a common practice as most pass rushers are either playing as an OLB or DE. You can’t limit yourself based on position, but rather ability. Can that DE play in space, rush from a stand up stance, etc. Some DEs just cannot pay OLB. Either they’re stiff in the hips, rely on the leverage & burst gained from coming out of 3pt stance. As a stand up LB, you need to be able to generate force without that aid. Some guys can do it, some can’t. Just nature of the beast. But again, you’re limiting yourself not looking at those DEs to see if they have the ability.

  78. 78 Anders said at 2:45 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Clarke is 6-7 273 tho

  79. 79 Jerry Pomroy said at 2:52 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Which is why I’m sure they’re running him through the drills. Would you rather have an Andy Reid special (guys built more like a fire hydrant), or would you rather have an oak tree? ROLBs rely on vertical play & batted passes too.

  80. 80 Anders said at 2:59 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    How many 6-7 273 guys have ever played OLB? The biggest OLB I have heard about is Mario Williams, but he is a super freak of nature and he played ROLB in a scheme where he never had to drop back.

    If Will Clarke or some other very tall player could play ROLB, I would be all for it, but I doubt it happens.

  81. 81 Jerry Pomroy said at 3:20 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Dion is 6’6″ & now hovering around 265-270. Can Clarke move? I haven’t looked at his numbers. If the guy has enough speed too get after QBs & keep up with the occasional TE and he happens to be 6’6″-6’7″ & can not lose in the leverage game, all the better. I think Chip has an affinity for long guys at OLB, especially after his experiment with Dion at Oregon.

  82. 82 GEAGLE said at 3:22 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Micheal Johnson could have Been that 6’7 OLB for us..dude got a fair contract too. Should be an eagle smh

  83. 83 Anders said at 3:26 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Clarke cant move enough to be an OLB imo.

    I really think Kelly would love his OLB to be minimum 6’4

  84. 84 Jerry Pomroy said at 3:45 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Well there you go. Clarke is actually 6’6″-270lbs. As a mid-rounder he’s certainly a guy that I’d keep my eye open for if we miss out in the early rounds. He’s got a good first step, is a good character with leadership qualities, coachable. Faired well in the combine, and looked good at the senior bowl. If you can’t get the big names, he’s a very good developmental alternative that could be solid role player or possibly turn out to be even better, a la Michael Johnson.

  85. 85 Sifter said at 3:56 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Well he’s not 6’7, but Mike Neal played OLB for the Packers last year at 285lbs. Julius Peppers might play there too and he’s almost 6’7″ and 280+. All depends on how you’ll be using them I guess.

  86. 86 Anders said at 4:05 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Problem is a guy like Peppers is a freak athlete, where Clarke is just a good one. If you are that big, you need some serious athleticism to play OLB

  87. 87 Sean Stott said at 1:08 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    OLB is a need, but it’s not a glaring need. BG and T.Cole are both good OLBs. There are teams out there running a 3-4 who would legitimately covet these guys. Cole wasn’t great early on, but he was looking like a stud toward the end of the season.

  88. 88 Tumtum said at 2:06 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    That’s why I like Rob Jackson. He is a true OLB has always been a back up and always played well when called upon.

  89. 89 ICDogg said at 2:13 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    still available

  90. 90 GEAGLE said at 3:45 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Don’t like him at all. I want young backups

  91. 91 Tumtum said at 4:26 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    He and I are the same age. You are calling me old. That hurts my feelings.

  92. 92 RobNE said at 2:28 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Tommy are you near any good BBQ places in NC? On Monday I was driving thru and stopped in Goldsboro to eat at Wilber’s

  93. 93 GEAGLE said at 3:11 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Marcus smith, in round 2, Christian kirksey in round 4…problem solved!
    Marcus will be an heckuva ROLB in a year or two, I adore him. I’d take him over Ford(who will need like two years until he can set the edge and play the run), Murphy..or any of the pass rusher. Attachuo is the next best IMO…

    Kirksey from Iowa is fascinating, I never seen a college LB to what he does in coverage. They lined him up over the slot WR and he would just bully them, turn and run stride for stride with TEs and Slots all day. Billy Davis will love him as a cover option in subpackages..he played OLB at Iowa but he is only I like 6’2, 230…I want him to take over Casey’s role of backing up Barwin and the ILB…kid can run, cover like no ones business, play in space, tackle…Billy Davis will adore him

  94. 94 GEAGLE said at 3:21 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Anyone watch wake Forrest NT Nakita Whitlock yet? Like 5’11 260lb Incredible Hulk of a nasty SOB? Benched like 45reps, tiny ass NT who is Ridonkulously strong. This kid is so mean and strong it’s scary…patriots took a similar sized NT in the 7th next year and he got playing time…I wonder who takes a flier on this angry, undersized mean mONSTER! Fun guy to watch…this little person, beats the shit out of big people lol

  95. 95 Ig_l said at 5:55 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Patriots may consider him at FB

  96. 96 GEAGLE said at 3:46 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Anyone know anything about the Dowling, safety from western Kentucky?

  97. 97 D3FB said at 3:55 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Got kicked off the Florida team by Urban Meyer. Seriously. So there’s a huge character concern. High cut safety. Plays like Taylor Mays acts like D.J. Swearinger. I’ll Pass.

  98. 98 GEAGLE said at 3:57 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Thank u,.you have to be a bad guy on criminal minds for urban to kick u out

  99. 99 Anders said at 3:57 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    The game I have seen, he looked more like a CB playing safety. He took bad angles too the ball carrier all game

  100. 100 GEAGLE said at 3:58 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    That’s my opinion of him as well…that safety with CB skills we seem to like

  101. 101 Anders said at 4:02 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Problem is, he do not have any safety skills, he should be a CB in the NFL.

  102. 102 GEAGLE said at 4:06 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Lol neither do our safeties..welcome…we shut down run games with non exsistent run support last year…I literally starting to think all we care about is coverage with our safeties….well rounded ones cost to much, in FA and the draft…..but we can’t take him at 22, and he won’t last til 53 so it doesn’t even matter…

  103. 103 Anders said at 4:08 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Allen was a good tackling safety last year and Jenkins takes much better angles than Downling.

  104. 104 GEAGLE said at 4:10 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I would hope so…but will Dowling 4 years from now take better angles then those,two? I just hearing his name talked about a lot as an eagle sleeper..not sure why, I don’t see any must have qualities

  105. 105 Anders said at 4:11 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I think he might be as a CB/S hybrid type.

  106. 106 Mitchell said at 4:13 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    And for that I would rather have Dontae Johnson from NC state.

  107. 107 Anders said at 4:15 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    my favorite is Jimmie Ward. I know he is only 5’11, but he is superior coverage skills to any safety in this draft. I say only Fuller, Verrett and Dennard has better coverage skills

  108. 108 Mitchell said at 4:19 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    You gotta get on the Justin Gilbert train. If he falls to 22 do you take him? He is such an upgrade on returns and at cb in a couple years. Also, I’m a bit of a fan of Tre Boston if only for his takeaway skills. Would be a project but would be solid back there in the future.

  109. 109 D3FB said at 5:09 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Don’t make me ether you over Gilbert. Just say no.

  110. 110 Mitchell said at 5:51 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    He doesn’t really fit our scheme anyway does he? He doesn’t play press man not physical enough.

  111. 111 Anders said at 6:16 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Gilbert is pretty much DRC 2.0 in terms of physical play.

  112. 112 Mitchell said at 10:37 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Idk where people get this. He isn’t the most physical but he isn’t the worst ever.

  113. 113 Anders said at 11:47 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Because Gilbert cant get physical with a WR at all imo. He wins with his pure athleticism. Maybe he learns to be more physical, but I doubt it. Rather have Fuller, Verrett or Dennard

  114. 114 D3FB said at 8:24 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Lines up in press but makes no contact. Athleticisim allows him to get away with it and just turn and run. That may work against Iowa State but it won’t in the league. Also incredibly unwilling to tackle and when he does he’s a fake tough guy. Refuses to get off blocks.

  115. 115 GEAGLE said at 8:08 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    He won’t make it past 12

  116. 116 Mitchell said at 10:40 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    That’s fine . I dnt think he fits what were trying to do anyway.

  117. 117 D3FB said at 3:59 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I had to turn the film off, he wasn’t impressive and borderline painful to watch.

  118. 118 GEAGLE said at 3:59 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    That’s how I felt watching Wolffs college tape

  119. 119 Anders said at 4:01 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I like Wolffs tape better than Dowling

  120. 120 D3FB said at 4:04 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Wolff was raw but definitely had tools.

  121. 121 GEAGLE said at 4:07 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    He absolutely had tool, but he drove me nuts..

  122. 122 Tom W said at 9:51 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Horrible angles. Bad tackler Looked like more of a corner

  123. 123 Mike Roman said at 4:38 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Anyone else feel that Tommy needs to write more articles? Like maybe 5 or 6 a day?

  124. 124 GermanEagle said at 4:46 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    As it looks like he will only have to write one more DeSean article. ๐Ÿ™

  125. 125 Insomniac said at 4:49 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Ugh I’m losing faith in Howie.

  126. 126 Iskar36 said at 4:51 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Howie and Chip have done some great things but “I trust those guys” is not a sentiment I will like reading anytime soon if/when this DeSean thing goes down.

  127. 127 Insomniac said at 4:54 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    The damage to Djax has been done already. If they wanted to send a message to Djax then there’s about a hundred better ways to do it. This isn’t just about Djax too but the way that we might handle star players in the future.

  128. 128 holeplug said at 5:58 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    He doesn’t have a choice. Chip wants him gone

  129. 129 BreakinAnklez said at 10:04 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Of course he has a choice. This isn’t college. WR are divas. No way we are better with Mac, Cooper and a rookie. It’s stupid. We don’t even know what Mac will look like. The entire offense benefitted from the threat of Djax getting deep.

  130. 130 RobNE said at 4:51 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I still don’t see how this make sense or how we get back enough to make it worthwhile. So I won’t believe this is happening until it does.

  131. 131 Iskar36 said at 4:54 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I agree it makes zero sense, but not saying a word with all these ridiculous rumors being brought up makes equally zero sense.

  132. 132 Iskar36 said at 5:02 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    DJax hinting at his desire to go to Seattle?


  133. 133 shah8 said at 5:11 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    A lot of these guys do recruit or do other work with youth. Joe Webb has a similar instagram.

    As for Carroll, you pretty much know he’s a high energy guy who likes to have fingers in pies. He’d do this stuff for fun, almost.

  134. 134 RC5000 said at 6:21 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    He also has a pic up with him and Cam Newton

  135. 135 RC5000 said at 6:37 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Vick signed with Jets …no surprise obviously

    Adam Schefter โ€@AdamSchefter ยท 10s
    Jets gave former Eagles QB Michael Vick a one-year, $5 million deal, per source

  136. 136 shah8 said at 6:42 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    And Joe Webb signs with the Panthers, as QB.

    Mark Sanchez got cut, and he and Josh Freeman are the last worthwhile FA targets left.

  137. 137 SteveH said at 7:07 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Are you hurting right now Shah? I know Joe means a lot to you…

  138. 138 shah8 said at 7:16 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Why would I be hurting? When I can catch them, I’ll be watching Jets games and Carolina preseason games, just to root for Vick and Webb.

    I know Carolina fans are scratching their heads, but that’s because they only know what loudmouths say. I do not believe Joe Webb will have the least bit of difficulty displacing Derek Anderson. There’s only so many times you can show gifs of that awful GB game you know. I will bet you, if I was the betting kind, that more GMs care about his 2011 games.

    Where I’m really hurting is that I’ve the fucking sneaking suspicion that the Eagles don’t plan to compete this year, and I’ll be watching a trainwreck at some point in the season. We haven’t gotten better where we need to be better. More than that, we’re, at this point, fundamentally dependent on hitting draft picks and Foles becoming a better passer. I think it’s…unlikely…that either Sanchez or Freeman will come as backups here. Cleveland is sure to snap up one, I think, and Chicago as well. So if Foles melts down at any point, we are in very deep shit with Barkley or a rookie.

  139. 139 shah8 said at 7:20 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Ah, if you were thinking along those lines, yes, I was hoping that the Eagles would pick up Webb, for both fandom and team reasons. Webb really, really, really, is not chopped liver at backup QB. That’s why he was signed before some more prominent names, as some twitterati noted. I would not have felt secure with Webb, because he’s not a reliable passer, however, I think that a lot of it was because he never had a real string of starts, and I have ever reasonable confidence that hoping for better passing isn’t a wasted emotion. A reliably passing Webb is a major step up from Foles, so it would have been a good signing.

  140. 140 SteveH said at 7:35 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Well I’m glad you’re not too upset we didn’t get him. I’m not sure if we had to rely on Sanchez or Freeman this year that we’d be competitive because of them. They are young QB’s who are on the market for a reason after all. I’d rather throw Barkley into the mix and see what we’ve got with him.

  141. 141 mksp said at 7:41 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Defense has gotten better, offense will be better w/ growth of Foles & addition of Mac/Sproles & ODB, even w/ loss of DJax. But schedule will be tougher. Luckily division hasn’t really improved. Feels like another 10-6 year. Eagles will *really* be ready to compete in 2015.

    I don’t think they’ll be a train wreck at any point, definitely not more so than the DEN/NYG/DAL stretch train wreck…..

  142. 142 anon said at 7:42 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    NYG got better, they need ol and wr but they made moves in the secondary.

  143. 143 shah8 said at 7:46 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Defense has only gotten better because we have a bit more backfield depth and we don’t have Chung. This is not enough.

    Sproles is not, I think, a very useful addition, given how crowded his niche is. More than that, using him well is going to be about Foles making true full reads and pulling triggers on more demanding passes into windows from time to time.

    Next year probably will not have teams weak for the reasons they were this past season, and every team now has a tape of Kelly’s tendencies, and will have custom solutions. It will be just much harder to win next year the way we’ve won last year, so we really had to get better. If DJax is gone, there is no fucking way I will not have antipathy for Kelly or the FO. There aren’t good reasons for him to be gone. Unless we find out he’s been ordering hits or addicted to blow or something like that…

  144. 144 mksp said at 8:06 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I don’t think we’ll ever know why DJax is headed out.

    I’m in the camp of trusting Chip on this.

    Can we get a moratorium on whether Foles will progress / make throws into tighter windows until camp starts?

    Nothing is going to change between now and camp (really preseason, if we’re being honest), at least nothing that we’re privy to.

    At the end of the day, Chip may prove to us that he doesn’t need QBs who make “true full reads”, whatever that means but I’m assuming means some antiquated notion of what an “NFL Offense” is (“THIS IS THE NFL!!!”).

  145. 145 shah8 said at 8:24 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    The rough sort of offense that Chip Kelly wants to play is not new. It also does not traditionally have a great deal of success in the postseason. Scheme is not a replacement for talent, and guys like Boomer Esiason or Jim Kelly were really good QBs, with great WRs, and there was Thurman Thomas. As it was, they both flourished in a generationally weak AFC era.

  146. 146 D3FB said at 8:31 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    How is it not new? It has flavors from lots of different places but Kelly is the first coach to run a high volume of “packaged plays”. He’s a run first coach, but uses alot of spread run game concepts, with a passing game adapted from the WCO.

  147. 147 mksp said at 8:32 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Just because you say it with an air of knowledgeable condescension doesn’t make that statement true.

    I think Chip’s track record thus far speaks for itself with regard to his offense.

  148. 148 shah8 said at 8:39 PM on March 21st, 2014:


    Perhaps you might type a few characters into Google and see for yourself.


    That’s just the most obvious hit. I didn’t need that, because I made sure to be well versed in what his mentality entails. Just because I’m not an ignorant yapper talking out of my ass, doesn’t mean that saying things that are true and logical represents some sort of lecturing condescension.

    I mean, seriously, what’s wrong with you?

  149. 149 shah8 said at 8:40 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    and already typing?

  150. 150 A_T_G said at 10:40 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    So the link you provide to support your classification of Chip’s offense is an article highlighting the fact that Chip’s offense defies classification?

    You support an assertion that scheme can’t replace talent with an article concluding that his scheme will be devised to maximize talent?

  151. 151 shah8 said at 11:09 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    /me eyerolls

  152. 152 mksp said at 1:27 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Your argument is essentially that the sum of parts is no more innovative or valuable than the parts themselves.

    You might as well argue that there is nothing innovative about the iPhone because all those parts existed prior to its invention.

    “all Steve Jobs did was slap some circuits together, and there was a similar motherboard in a 1998 cellphone”

    There is real innovation behind combining ideas, techniques, methods, programs. The pieces need to fit, they need to work together, and they need to collectively advance the art (or science, or product category, or whatever).

    And it takes an iconoclast, a true “thinker”, to put those pieces together in a novel, productive way.

    Or, you know, whatever, “Chip’s offense will be derailed in the playoffs because Jim Kelly.”

  153. 153 GEAGLE said at 8:17 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Defense could have added NO one, and they would still be better next year. You can’t possibly think that you saw the best our young kids and new players had to offer, in year one of a brand new scheme, incorporating like 6 new players….

    Our defense will be better then a lot of people think, assuming we will still add personel to improve our ability to pressure QBs on 3rd down

  154. 154 Mac said at 11:53 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    does anyone else see it?

  155. 155 anon said at 7:39 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane reports the Eagles have “intensified efforts” to trade DeSean Jackson in the last week.

  156. 156 Insomniac said at 8:37 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    I feel sorry for Djax, the fans, our WRs and Jimmy K.

  157. 157 Ark87 said at 10:52 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Kempski: http://img.pandawhale.com/post-30824-Jack-Nicholson-Creepy-Nodding-SRXv.gif

  158. 158 spatto said at 9:35 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    This is my first post but I have been a long time fan of Tommy’s articles. I was more than happy with Cole’s play last year. I would rather have him than orakapo. Trent played the run very well as usual and good rushing the passer and trended favorably getting more sacks the 2nd half of the year as the team got use to the new scheme. I would rather have Trent next over a rookie. I do think we need some depth. I think in an ideal situation it would be great to have to Connor Barwins so that you can rush or cover equally well on either side and not tip off the offense. Similar to How Chippa said he wanted a safety that could play both free and strong so that QB’s can not read so easily. Tommy I was hoping you could help me understand what skills Cole or Graham lack that would prevent either from playing middle linebacker? Ryans is not particularly fast. How come Graham does not get snaps backing up Trent and Ryans?

  159. 159 EaglesHero87 said at 11:27 PM on March 21st, 2014:

    Tommy, I think I speak for myself and the majority of the fans here that we would love to have some reassurance from you that DeSean is NOT going to be traded, but then that would probably be, what, “wishful” thinking? Please, please say something where you think Chip and Howie will speak to the press conference and say something like, “On behalf of the Philadelphia Eagles organization, we apologize that recent reports have escalated out of hand, but we were simply just gauging other teams’ interests. Please be assured that we will NOT be trading DeSean Jackson as our only intentions, at the end of the day, were to TROLL the other teams! Thank you for your time.”

  160. 160 GEAGLE said at 8:08 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Chip Kelly will speak at the owners meeting and give fans assurances that he won’t be traded. At the owners meeting, he has to be serious, he can’t just joke and talk crap to our local media(love him when he does that)…so you will hear next week how none of this is true…but that doesn’t mean we still won’t trade him. I’m sure they will say that teams have been calling so they do their due dillegence and listen but this isn’t looking good

    If this were about money, we would ATleast try and negotiate and find a compromise that both parties can live with…that’s not going on. We would have ATleast tried to resolve a financial problem before ever letting it get to this point, that hasn’t happened.

  161. 161 Flyin said at 1:24 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Michael Vick has signed with the Jets. He has a quote that may not be as innocent as the common public would perceive …

    Vick said he doesn’t have any inside information, but added: “If there’s
    an opportunity to get DeSean, I’m pretty sure the New York Jets’ fans
    would be in high favor of that. … If he ends up in New York, I’d be
    happy, just as happy as he’d be.
    But who knows? You can’t say.”


  162. 162 Insomniac said at 1:44 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I’m sure a lot of 20 something year old football players would have been happy to play with one of their icons. I hate these conflicting reports. Today could be all negative reports and then the next would be all reassuring. BURN IT WITH FIRE ALREADY.

  163. 163 Flyin said at 2:10 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    “just as happy as he’d be”. Vick is saying Desean would be happy to play for the Jets. My interpretation is that… Vick knows DeSean would be happy to leave the Eagles.

  164. 164 ICDogg said at 8:14 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Nah. He’s just talking about reuniting with Jackson as a teammate and deep target. Desean is ideal for a QB with a very strong arm, especially

  165. 165 Mac said at 3:43 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    And an OC who likes to air it out multiple times per game ๐Ÿ˜‰

  166. 166 GEAGLE said at 7:41 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Giants signed Jon Jerry lol, what a joke. They may as well give me a camp invite. Dude can’t block to save his career

  167. 167 GEAGLE said at 7:54 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    One theory I hear a lot about the Desean situation is money which I find dumb. If that were the issue, we would have tried to fix it and see if we could resolve it before we got to this point. we owe him 20mil, the next two years..I seriously DOUBT he wants more money, he just wants some Guarentees or upfront dollars…front office knows fans will hate them for trading him away, so if he was making absurd financial demands, front Office would be leaking for a smear campaign..

    I think this would have more to do with chips vision..I think he has no interest in the traditional, 3’Wr, 1 TE, one running back, and then a bunch of backups at those positions who never see the field…I think Chip wants a plethora of weapons! no wasted roster spots who we can throw at people in waves….

    I don’t care who you are,part of an arsenal that looks something like:

    You will have to sacrifice snaps and stats…..if Desean was a malcontent this past year when we really only had him.coop,shady and the TEs in lessor roles….how will he act in the future when we have a stacked arsenal that we want to use and guys will have to sacrifice some numbers for the good of the team?

    Money is way way more negotiable then a coaches offensive vision. If if was about money, there is no way we wouldn’t try to negotiate and reach a resolution before EVER ALLOWING IT TO GET TO THIS POINT…..

    That’s the best I got, Trading away such a special player makes no damn sense to me. I hope this is all a smoke machine, instead of a fire, but it’s not looking good..

    I don’t believe he was some intolerable cancer this year. Yes he is high Maintence but I don’t think it effects our club. Like Sal pal said, I think our players just look at him as “manny being Manny”..

    So if he wasn’t doing sit-ups in his driveway this past year, and we have tried to even talk about resolving the money…then I see no other plausible theory….hopefully it’s all BS, and Desean ain’t going anywhere.

    I would much prefer stacking the arsenal before trading him, instead of counting our chickens before they hatch…

    If some has other plausible theories I’d love to hear them, but that’s the most sense I can make out of a situation that MAKES NO DAMN SENSE!!!

    And NO, I don’t actually think robbers stole ALL his money. Believe it or not, even Thug Gangsters have bank accounts and don’t keep every dollar they have under their mattress, so I view that theory as ridiculous

  168. 168 Tom W said at 9:44 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I wouldn’t DOUBT the new contract want….. Very easily could have demanded a new contract like mike Wallace say 5 years for sixty million w 27 mil guaranteed… Basically same age same player. C’mon geagle even your source said eagles won’t give out over twenty mil guaranteed …..and then his agent starts throwing around teams names that never called bc desean wants to play for a winner like niners and pats but Albert breer gets reports they never called ….now we hear about the shitty teams that actually did call ……none of this shit would ever leak from the eagles front office.

    And to think he may not be broke is silly … Takes alot of money to back a music label and employ 10-15 people

  169. 169 GEAGLE said at 10:51 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    It’s to soon to have given up negotiations if that was the case, this flat out seems like we flat out don’t want him….if we were ok with keeping him, we would try to keep negotiating til near the draft…I don’t think it would have gotten to this level, before even making it to the owners meeting which is when this drama will only intensify

  170. 170 GEAGLE said at 8:13 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Really hoping we aquire another QB, Freeman, Terrell Pryor…whatever. Not that I actually want any of those players, not that I’m against Barkley as our back up…IM AGAINST spending one of the he few draft picks we have on a QB this year…we have two young QBs already, develop them before you go spending a draft pick on another one…

  171. 171 ICDogg said at 8:25 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    DeSean’s recent instagram posts:

    Highlights of him w/Vick
    Pic of him w/Cam Newton
    Pic of him w/Marcel Reece

    This is what we call “trolling”

  172. 172 GEAGLE said at 8:42 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    He also tweeted a pic of when Pete Carroll was in his living room recruiting him

  173. 173 GermanEagle said at 9:34 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    You still think the reports / rumours about DeSean are not true?!

  174. 174 GEAGLE said at 10:49 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I’m way more worried then I was 5 days ago…put it to you that way.

  175. 175 Tom W said at 9:33 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Wonder why he is stoking the flames along w all the leaks from his entourage and all the trade revelations is very non-eagles front office. Maybe he wants a brand new deal playing him top 5 wr money and knows he isn’t getting it from the eagles

  176. 176 jshort said at 9:45 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Classic divorce syndrome. Might start off friendly, usually ends up ugly. Never thought the story had legs, now have come to the conclusion there is no turning back for either side. Bama is the greatest tea leaf reader of all time…Bet he knows where that plane is.

  177. 177 GEAGLE said at 10:57 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    People are still tAlking about that plane? Hasn’t anyone seen “Lost”

  178. 178 GermanEagle said at 2:19 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    The whole DeSean saga has me lost.

  179. 179 GEAGLE said at 10:53 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Doubt he expects to earn more then the 20mil we owe him these next two years.l assume it’s about wanting some of it upfront, and GUARENTEED…Btw, I said we wouldn’t give 20mil in Guarentees to outsidersl not our own players, so quote me correct please ๐Ÿ™‚

  180. 180 GermanEagle said at 9:12 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I still cannot and do to not want to believe that our starting WRs will be someone who almost got fired because of using the ‘N’ word and a self-tackling WR coming off an ACL injury, rather than one of the faces of this franchise and a fan favourite who’s coming off the 2nd best receiving season in Eagles history.

    Can someone pinch me please and tell me this is all not true?!!

  181. 181 barneygoogle said at 9:59 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    People need to take some Prozac here. Didn’t Kelly take a 4-12 team and make it 10-6? I think I would have to trust him if he wants to move Jackson. We do not know what went on in the locker room, film room, sidelines, etc. Maybe DeSean is a bigger problem than we know. All I ask is that we get FAIR value in return.

  182. 182 A Roy said at 10:09 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    He had an easier schedule.
    Everyone stayed healthy.
    The NFC East imploded.
    FOles played beyond his capabilities. (homage to shah here.)
    The league hadn’t caught up to his schemes yet.
    I dunno, the stars aligned.

    Just trying to be the best Negadelphian I can in these slow days between Super Bowl and Phillies annual injury explosion. (Oh wait…)

  183. 183 GermanEagle said at 10:21 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    How far does this trust go? Don’t you think DeSean was playing a major part in contibuting to these 10 wins, with Coop benefiting from him significantly?
    DJ is a rare talent, you don’t throw this away for nothing…

  184. 184 barneygoogle said at 11:19 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    We’re building a team here for the future. This is not a one year proposition. Maybe we move up in round one if we trade Jackson, and get an impact defender. Lots of good wideouts in this draft, even in round 2.
    Yea, I hate to see him go. But maybe the whole league knows something we don’t know. Maybe that robbery at DeSean’s house had darker implications. Maybe the Eagles fear he will eventually be suspended by the league, or self destruct.
    Maybe DeSean will be doing situps in his driveway this summer.

  185. 185 GermanEagle said at 11:49 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Maybe you’re reading too much into all this.

    Fact is that it’s hard to find any pro bowl WR with Desean’s Talent beyond round 1.

    Now if we get Sammy Watkins in return, I won’t be bothered that much, but the likelihood of that’s happening is as high as being bit twice by a shark in your life.

  186. 186 Michael Winter Cho said at 11:55 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    GE, I think the argument is… getting rid of DJ is so stupid on the surface, that Chip _must_ have a good reason (that is not accessible to us out here) to want to do so. So the proper course is to give him the benefit of the doubt until he shows us that he’s actually a bungler and last year was just luck.

  187. 187 GermanEagle said at 12:11 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I get the argument.. Doesn’t mean I agree with it though. However this ‘benefit of doubt’ will be on very thin ice grounds should the Eagles not repeat the successful season this year.

  188. 188 eagleyankfan said at 12:21 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Pro Bowl is what your hanging your hat on? Come on. I want DJ here. But let’s not get carried away about “how” special he is. So far, since DJ has been here, a different team with different WR’s are winning the SB. Let’s not act like if DJ leaves this team will go 0-16. DJ had his best year because of CHIP’s OFFENSE — PERIOD! He didn’t have his best season because DJ is this immense talent. Under Chips offense — DJ can thrive like no tomorrow(IMHO) but I do believe Chip can make a winning team with other WR’s as well.
    Was DJ voted into the pro bowl last year or was he “added” to the roster?
    The outside world (meaning, those without green glasses) view a 3rd rounder as a trade. 3rd? I was thinking late second but reading out the outside view of him is only a 3rd kind of gives an all around thought on DJ’s talent.

  189. 189 GermanEagle said at 1:01 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I couldn’t care about the pro bowl any less. Just used this as an example that you won’t find ‘pro bowl’ type WRs in the draft as easily, let alone replacing DeSean’s special talent. And hell yes, this sort of talent is rare.
    By the way I wouldn’t go that far that Chippah’s offense is solely responsible for DeSean’s career year. It’s probably more of putting all things together, ie focusing on football (especially on the field), paired with Foles’ monster season.
    If the Eagles offense can sustain successful without DJ any day of the week, that will be fine with me. However the jury is still out there…

  190. 190 barneygoogle said at 1:38 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    DeSean was drafted in round two. Where was Jerry Rice drafted? Pretty low.
    Things change fast. Last year nearly everyone was desperate for the Eagles to draft… Geno Smith. Thank God that passed!
    I’ll miss DeSean if he goes, but I take the long view.

  191. 191 GermanEagle said at 2:18 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Where was Tom Brady drafted? Your argument is a moot point.

  192. 192 barneygoogle said at 5:02 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I think you argue just to argue. Everything I said is exactly on the mark.

  193. 193 Maggie said at 6:30 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Why do you and others say the Eagles are “throwing DJax away” or “getting rid” of him? Trading a business asset for the possibility of an upgrade in another area of the business is common practice. Wonder what you’ll have to say when the draft pick (or 2) turn into a killer OLB?

  194. 194 GermanEagle said at 6:47 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    You mean those killer OLBs like the ones we have drafted in the past…like…exactly.

  195. 195 Tom W said at 10:06 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Could definitely see Barr falling to the cards at 20 if he gets past titans at 11. Won’t have to move up far.

    Then we looking at whoever is left from attaboy, Marcus smith, or Trent Murphy. Stanford PAC 10 Oregon chip connection w Trent Murphy .. A leader mean sob who is a tall olb w long arms great college production and looked much more athletic at his combine in drills and had a ridiculously fast three cone for an edge rusher. Gotta feeling chip pounces on him.

    Next chip could look at physical freaks like Hubbard or Aaron lynch who underperformed in college or converting a de

  196. 196 GEAGLE said at 11:16 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Draft ODB or Brandin or trade out of round 1…

    Petrified that Manziel will be on the board when we pick….
    Why the hell would any GM draft him? If Manziel was on the board with Matt Barkley in the 4th, I’d still rather have Barkley.
    Seen some mocks like Jeremiah who have Teddy falling to 27

  197. 197 GermanEagle said at 11:59 AM on March 22nd, 2014:

    If Eagles end up cutting DeSean this will go down as the worst decision since Reggie White.

  198. 198 eagleyankfan said at 12:22 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Just cut him? I’m not sure where you’re getting that info — but I’d have to believe that’s far fetched. HOWEVER — in Chip I trust.

  199. 199 Tumtum said at 12:24 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Pft has been musing.

  200. 200 GermanEagle said at 12:38 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I don’t think cutting DeSean would deserve a ‘trust’ or ‘faith’ in Chip. Similar to the promotion of Castillo…

  201. 201 Maggie said at 6:15 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    DeSean is being traded for 2 draft picks. Younger, stronger, cheaper, while DJax’s value to OTHER TEAMS will decline soon, like his speed.

  202. 202 GermanEagle said at 6:44 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Ok. Ein. Stein.

  203. 203 D3FB said at 7:27 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Your having one beer? I think you should probably have funf oder sechs. It will make this whole thing less painful.

  204. 204 GermanEagle said at 8:04 AM on March 23rd, 2014:

    Du hast Recht. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  205. 205 A_T_G said at 1:29 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Some of us see DeSean as a special player. Some of us think our FO must be crazy to consider trading him, and even crazier for not demanding a king’s ransom. If our FO is making such a terrible evaluation here, why is this still dragging on? Why haven’t other teams’ FO pounced? I think maybe we don’t have key information.

  206. 206 kevinlied said at 1:37 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Limited market? The team that takes deshawn has to have the cap room for his contract (which he won’t restructure if you believe the latest) and consider themselves close enough to the next echelon — championship or playoffs — that it’d be willing to put major resources into a field-stretching WR with some limitations. Plus, he’s 27 and likely to decline precipitously when he does decline. Plus, the character concerns, which I considered way overblown until the eagles decided to give him away. Plus, you might be able to wait a few months and get him for nothing beyond his salary. There just aren’t many obvious fits.

  207. 207 A_T_G said at 1:45 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Aren’t those all reasons why our FO might not be being so stupid? If there was an overwhelming bargin available, almost every team could cut someone who is correctly valued to make room.

    A common complaint of our FO is that they overvalue our own players. Maybe this is what happens when we don’t.

  208. 208 kevinlied said at 4:00 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I think I agree. I don’t view Desean as a great value for a trade partner when you figure in his salary and the draft pick he’d cost. Fair value? Sure. For the right team.

    An interesting related question to me is whether the eagles have totally misplayed this situation by letting the Desean hate trickle into the media or whether they knew what his value was already and haven’t bungled things as badly as it may appear.

  209. 209 SteveH said at 3:21 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    My sources deep within the Eagles organization tell me that Chip listened to Diamonds on my Neck and grew concerned about Desean spending so much time hanging out with his D-boys, saying “fuck the Cowboys”.

  210. 210 Insomniac said at 3:49 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Guys I’ve figured out the puzzle. We’re entering the Jameis Winston sweepstakes this year. Trade Djax and Shady because we’re building for the future.

  211. 211 A_T_G said at 8:15 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    I don’t know, I think he has character concerns. I saw somewhere that Jameis’ daughter, Bailey, and Jamies’ son were involved in car bombs in Ireland.

  212. 212 SteveH said at 5:39 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Newest reports state Desean hasn’t been returning Chips calls since the start of the offseason.

    By the time this is all over we’ll be able to write a Spanish telenovela.

  213. 213 Baloophi said at 7:51 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Era una noche oscura y tormentosa…

  214. 214 Maggie said at 6:26 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Just a thought about the real world. 300 million Americans and 7 billion other peoples all say, “Who the **** is DeSean Jackson?” “And why should we care?”

  215. 215 SteveH said at 6:45 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Well those people aren’t Eagles fans, and therefore are immoral and wrong.

  216. 216 A_T_G said at 8:17 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    A big part of the reason that we care, though, is that none of those people live in NYC.

  217. 217 A_T_G said at 8:20 PM on March 22nd, 2014:

    Well, I figured out why we are only looking for a third rounder. I clicked onto Birds 24/7 and, if you look closely, I think there may be a concern with DJax’s left arm.