Move Over, Carson!

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Carson Wentz might be the Eagles franchise QB, but only if Luis Perez lets him.


No more easy street for Wentz. Having a slacker like Nick Foles behind you is one thing, but having one of the best QBs in the AAF chasing after you is a different story. Wentz better be ready for action.

Joking aside, this is a smart move by the Eagles.

They wanted competition for Nate Sudfeld. The Eagles like Sudfeld, but they can’t just hand him the backup QB job. Finding the right competition was challenging. The Eagles didn’t want to invest in a Ryan Fitzpatrick type for big money. That would have affected the comp pick formula they’ve been watching so closely this year.

Perez has seen action this spring so he will come into the Eagles offseason ready to play. The problem with many young backups is that they haven’t seen much action since the previous summer. That’s not the case with Perez.

Let’s see him in action.

There is good and bad.

Perez makes some tough throws. He has good accuracy. He’s willing to throw into coverage. So many young QBs want their receiver to be wide open. Perez isn’t afraid to take chances. He makes good reads. He puts good touch on his passes.

The bad…he’s just not special physically. Perez doesn’t have much velocity on his throws. He’s not driving the ball downfield with a big arm. While he can move around, he’s not the most mobile or agile QB.

Perez is a long shot to pan out in the NFL, but he does have some good traits.

Is he a good fit for the Eagles? That’s a tough question. Doug Pederson seems to prefer big, strong pocket passers with some mobility. Perez isn’t big or strong. He is a pocket passer with some mobility.

Perez was on the Rams practice squad last September for a few weeks (insert Sean McVay joke here) so he does have a bit of NFL experience. This will be his first chance to play for a Super Bowl-winning head coach.


Perez’s backstory is pretty darn amazing.



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